Forced Nudity


I read a story a couple of months ago by a woman titled "My Strip Search and How It Affected Me". Great story, if you haven't read it. What I found interesting is that at the end she lists her current day interest (fetishes) and they are nearly identical to mine. I have a few stories I would like to tell, mostly centered on my military experiences. I'm pretty sure I had already developed my fetishes. I don't think they are a result of the stories I am about to tell, but I truly love to participate in or read about things like strip poker, nude forfeits or dares, being forced to be naked while others are dressed, CFMN/CMNF/CFNF/CMNM (you letter it I like it)medical nudity, and of course BDSM.

I am old enough to have been caught by the very last military draft in 72/73. I never knew the exact workings of the system but you were assigned to a "local" draft board; so when I reported for a classification physical it turned out a lot of the guys there were people I had graduated from high school with a couple of years earlier. One of them was my best friend who I also worked with every day, Bob. We all had friends who had been through the same process, so we pretty much knew what to expect.

After spending time doing paperwork and taking written test we were moved to the area for our physicals. I'm thinking there were probably 60 -- 75 guys. We were told to strip to our shorts. There were baskets for us to store our clothes and we were given a paper bag to carry any valuables. We also each had records to carry where the medics would document our height, weight, and that stuff.

We moved from station to station for blood pressure, eye test, hearing test, and so on. No, there weren't females in the facility. (I know some of you were expecting that.) But I did see another high school buddy walk through the room in an army uniform. He must have joined right after school and gotten himself assigned here. There were so many people I don't remember if he saw me or not.

About 20 of us are moved into a section that is simply an open room with benched along one wall. Other guys are still dong the eyes/ears/height/ stuff. Men in white coats who are obviously real doctors come in. We are told to stand, take off our shorts and leave the on the bench. So I'm in a line of about 20 naked people all facing these doctors. I'm standing next to my best friend Bob both of us nude. We never had PE or sports together so we had never seen the other naked, but it really wasn't a big deal.

The doctors were to examine us and "exercise" us. The exercise part was very basic stuff. Raise your hands over your head. Bend over and touch your toes. Hold you arms out and move your wrist up and down. They needed to make sure everything worked right.

They moved up and down the line feeling our nuts, turn your head and cough, and so on. As a group we were told to face the wall, bend over and spread our cheeks. I'm sure that was a sight, 20 assholes sticking up. There wasn't any insertion but the docs walked the line checking everyone. The final exercise I am guessing was to test our balance and mobility. Several guys were moved to the opposite wall so there were about 10 on each side giving us more room between us. We were told to squat and duck walk to the center of the room, turn and duck walk back. There's Bob and I naked, duck walking toward each other with our dangles on full display along with all the other people in the room.

After that we put our shorts on and finished up what ever to go home. I know I am both an exhibitionist and a voyeur so I kind of enjoyed the whole thing. It was never a big deal between Bob and I, we remained best friends for several years after that.

I ended up enlisting in the USAF and as a result processed through the same center two additional times.

I have some other stories I'll write about in separate post so if you didn't like this story, don't read the others.

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