tagNonConsent/ReluctanceForcing Aunt Lisa Ch. 02

Forcing Aunt Lisa Ch. 02


Lisa was so ashamed that her pussy still reacted to her nephew's monster cock. She just saw the disgusting pig for the first time since he repeatedly raped her a couple of months ago. He had forced her to suck and fuck his cock and take load after load of his cum which knocked her up and now her pussy was remembering how incredible it was. She never felt so much pleasure in her life despite the pain from the initial penetration. She never told her husband that she must have cum on their nephew's cock about a thousand times and they were also the strongest orgasms she ever had. She was so ashamed that she felt this way and she was trying to control her pussy but was losing.

She decided that she would fix this problem by having sex with her husband for the first time since the ordeal. Her pussy was just recovering from the brutal assault from her nephew's monster cock that tore her pussy up. She told her husband she was ready and they both ran to the bedroom ready for action. They quickly tore their clothes off and she laid down spread her legs and watched in anticipation as he pointed his cock to her pussy. It was the first time since her ordeal that she could really size up her husband's cock compared to her nephew and her husband just didn't measure up. She didn't care if he wasn't even half the size of her nephew's monster cock. She loved her husband and the sex was always great. She always came and many times had multiple orgasms. He rubbed his 6" cock that was on the skinny side on her clit and up and down her slit to get it wet and then pushed it in. She watched it go in all the way without any resistance at all. She started to worry that the doctor who told her she would never be the same was correct. Her husband started to fuck her and she pretended to be aroused and moved with him so he wouldn't know she was not feeling anything.

The minute her husband Jim penetrated her, he knew her pussy was forever changed. There wasn't any resistance and he could hardly feel anything. It was warm and nice but what a disappointment. He fucked her and got into it but it wasn't like the old days and he came in her pussy after a few minutes and rolled off of her. He knew she didn't come close to cumming and was sad for the both of them. He loved her and wanted her to be happy including her sex life.

Lisa was trying to get into the fucking but she hardly felt him and was sad for the both of them. Her bastard nephew had now wrecked her love life with the husband she truly loved. She didn't cum and she couldn't feel him shoot his cum in her.

They were silent after the sex, both of them lost in their own thoughts about their situation. She didn't know what she could do to make their sex life better and he was thinking that she would never be satisfied with a cock his size. They both knew there was trouble between them but neither expressed it to each other.

They went about their lives over the next month as normally as possible. He was putting a lot of hours in at the office and she was dealing with her pregnancy. They had sex about twice a week but it just wasn't very good.

Jim was at the office and remembered that is was about three months since the rape of his wife by his nephew and started to get hard thinking about it. He remembered the doctor had told them that she could have sex with that monster cock after three months. He suddenly got an idea that would help them all. He would set up a "situation" where CJ would be alone with his aunt but this time, Jim would film the rape. Jim called his nephew and told him to meet him at his house in an hour in his bedroom to help him move some furniture. CJ wanted to make up with his aunt and uncle so he agreed right away. He called his wife and told her to meet him home in 45 minutes for a nooner. He asked her to put on her sexy outfit that consisted of stockings, crotchless panties, push up bra, high heels and mask to cover her eyes and wait for him in their bedroom. Jim drove home in 30 minutes, parked around the corner, grabbed the video camera with its tripod, opened the bedroom window and pulled up the shade enough to videotape the "meeting" and went outside to set up the equipment.

He had just finished his setup and started the camera when his wife walked in and started to get ready for her liaison with her husband. She stripped down naked and then put on her push up bra she showed her nipples and she put on the panties that were crotchless and then put on her stockings and high heels and lie down and put on her mask and waited for her husband to come fuck her.

A few minutes later, my nephew walked into the bedroom and stopped dead in his tracks. His eyes bulged out by what he saw; his aunt was dressed up ready to fuck. He immediately got hard and decided to take advantage of his good luck. He quickly stripped out of all his clothes and moved over to the bed. He wanted to fuck her before she knew what was going on but he knew she wasn't lubricated enough for him and he didn't want to rip up her pussy again. He then saw a bottle of Astroglide on the night stand next to the bed (thanks to his Uncle Jim) and quickly applied it to his monster cock. He then got on the bed and his aunt said "what took you so long stud." He couldn't believe his luck and he quickly positioned himself between her spread legs and brought his cock up to her pussy. He pushed it in and was surprised that the head actually went in this time without too much pressure.

Lisa was ready for sex with her husband and had gotten ready like he asked and heard him come in the bedroom. She waited and then felt him spreading her legs getting ready to penetrate her. She suddenly felt something big pushing into her pussy and loved the feeling of the big cock... OH MY GOD! That can't be my husband's cock and she pulled of her face mask and was shocked to she her nephew with his monster cock head already in her pussy. She screamed "CJ! WHAT THE FUCK! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! GET OUT OF ME! PULL IT OUT! TAKE YOUR COCK OUT! GET YOUR COCK OUT OF MY PUSSY! NOT AGAIN! NO! NO! NOOOOO!"

I had a front row view taping the ensuing struggle with Lisa screaming and trying to get disengaged from his monster cock in her pussy. They had lain on the bed at the proper angle where I could actually see her cunt being penetrated; I couldn't have planned and directed this any better. CJ grabbed her hands and moved them above her head and held them with one hand. He then started to push his cock deeper into her and it was going in an inch at a time, much faster and easier than the first time. He had it in all the way up to her cervix in short notice. She was calling him every name in the book but he wasn't paying any attention to her. His only desire was to fuck his aunt until he dropped one of his monster loads into her.

She was screaming at him "TAKE IT OUT! TAKE IT OUT YOU MOTHER FUCKER! I'LL KILL YOU! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD YOU FUCKING RAPIST! GET YOUR COCK OUT OF MY CUNT!" but it kept going deeper. She could feel his monster cock filling her up and she was already close to cumming with her pussy rippling with pleasure. His head finally pressed against her cervix and she had a huge orgasm. Her cum started to bubble out of her pussy with each contraction of her pussy on that monster cock that filled her up to the breaking point. She was moaning through her orgasm as CJ held his cock in all the way to her cervix and her pussy was making squishing sounds with each contraction while her hands now set free by her nephew where rubbing his ass and trying to pull him in as far as possible.

His aunt finally stopped cumming and said "CJ, don't mistake my cumming on your cock as approval of you raping me again. I can't go around fucking my nephew no matter how good it feels. Your uncle would kill us if he saw your cock buried in my pussy." She suddenly got very frightened thinking about meeting her husband for a fuck and said, "CJ! PULL IT OUT! NOW! UNCLE JIM IS GOING TO BE HERE ANY SECOND! I was supposed to meet him here like this so we could fuck; it was his idea for a nooner."

CJ didn't pull out; he couldn't pull out without finishing in her pussy. He thought about what his aunt said about his uncle and said, "Aunt Lisa, Uncle Jim asked me to come over to help him move some stuff in the bedroom. I think he set this up which means he wants this to happen!"

I thought to myself; smart boy.

Lisa began to think about this and agreed with her well hung nephew that was buried in her stuffed pussy that this might be a set up. She began to wonder where her husband was and looked around the room to see if he was hiding while watching them fuck. She finally gazed out the window and saw her husband filming them! She screamed "JIM! YOU FUCKING BASTARD SET THIS UP! YOU SET UP ME BEING RAPED BY YOUR NEPHEW YOU SICK FUCK! FUCK YOU! FUCK THE BOTH OF YOU!" She started to cry and I took the video tape equipment and brought it in the room and set it up much closer to the bed and got a better angle where it would get everything.

CJ in the mean while was whispering to his aunt "Aunt Lisa, don't cry, don't cry, Uncle Jim must know that you need my monster cock. We just want you to be happy."

I finally spoke, "Lisa, you haven't been happy with sex since CJ raped you and clearly I wasn't getting the job done. You need a big hard cock once in a while to keep you happy and I thought this was the best solution. Would you rather be with a stranger who can satisfy you? Your nephew can satisfy you and clearly loves you and I thought I needed to force this situation before you went looking somewhere else to satisfy your needs."

Lisa thought about what her husband said and even though it made sense to her and CJ's cock clearly was taking care of her needs and she was going to his baby; she just would never let her nephew or anyone else other than her husband fuck her with her consent. She finally said "You actually want somebody else's cock in me? You want to watch another man's cum in my pussy? You want me to cum on another man's cock? You're a sick bastard. JIM, you might be OK with CJ fucking me but I never will let him or anyone else other than you fuck me without my approval."

CJ was getting really worked up listening to all this, his uncle was letting him fuck his aunt against her will and he was fine with that; he liked forcing his aunt and now he had permission from his uncle and there was nothing she could do about it. He started to swell up and jammed his cock head against her cervix and screamed "I'M CUMMING, OH I'M CUMMING, TAKE IT AUNT LISA, TAKE MY CUM IN YOUR TIGHT HOT CUNT! OH FUCK, OH FUCK, I LOVE YOUR PUSSY AUNT LISA."

Lisa felt CJ suddenly swell and then push up hard against her cervix and cum. She screamed "DON'T PUSH YOUR COCK IN MY WOMB AND CUM IN THERE! You'll hurt the baby. Just cum in my pussy." His first spurt felt tremendous as he shot his cum against her closed cervix; she felt it actually tickle her cervix. Her pussy started to make squishy noises again as he shot spurt after spurt into her cunt and it started to bubble out.

I was filming them inches away from where they were coupled and my nephew's cum started to bubble out of her and spurt all over their groins. CJ was grunting as he came in her and you could see his balls contracting every few seconds as he spurted stream after stream of cum in her.

She couldn't believe that her nephew was cumming in her pussy again while her husband was taping it. She was so disgusted yet turned on by this situation that she had the biggest orgasm of her life. She was now screaming "FUCK ME CJ! CUM IN MY PUSSY! OH GOD, I'M CUMMING ON YOUR COCK! KEEP THAT MONSTER COCK IN MY CUNT AND FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM! FUCK YOUR AUNT'S PUSSY!"

The combined orgasm went on for another minute and then it was quiet. The only noise was my wife's pussy making noise as their combined cum kept bubbling out of her pussy with the lips of her cunt stretched tight around his cock.

My wife started to cry and said "Jim, my mind will never accept CJ as a lover because I'm married to you. I want you for my lover, not my nephew. Just because my pussy wants his monster cock doesn't mean I can ever accept this in the end. He's raping me every time he forces me and I'll never change my mind about this and will always fight him. You set me up to be raped and filmed it and I know you were trying to help me but this is wrong."

I was going to answer her but I started to see CJ moving in her. He must be getting hard again and his cock was starting to saw in and out of her pussy. My wife groaned in pleasure and wrapped her legs around her nephew's back and started to fuck him back and said "Jim, his cock feels great in my pussy and I can't stop him so I'll let him fuck me but this doesn't mean I want this. This is rape even though my pussy wants this."

CJ was now fucking her hard and they were both grunting and his aunt finally said "CJ, stick it in all the way, through my cervix and into my womb but don't cum in there, you might hurt our baby."

So CJ jammed it in and really started to push as I kept on filming. They were both quiet now, concentrating on getting his cock all the way in. I heard a sound which was her cervix being forced open and they both gasped as I started to see his cock go deeper until he finally was all the way in. His balls were right up against her ass and I knew his cock head was in her womb.

CJ kept still for a minute letting his aunt get used to him busting through her cervix and lodging the monster head in her womb. They were both groaning and my wife's cunt was making squishing noises and she came over and over on his cock. Their combined cum was again bubbling from her pussy and onto his balls and it was a slimy mess of cum down there. CJ then started to fuck his aunt, pulling all the way out and driving back in. They were grunting and groaning; really getting into it. This hard brutal fucking went on for a long time (over 30 minutes) until Lisa could feel his cock start to swell


He shot about 5 loads of cum in her womb before he pulled out. It felt so good to cum in there and he thought a little cum in there wouldn't hurt the baby and then he finished cumming in her pussy. They groaned in their mutual orgasm as cum was now spurting out of her pussy which was still wrapped tightly around his cock. After they were finished, my wife quickly pulled away from his cock which made a popping sound as it came out and cum started to pour out of her wide open hole. She squatted and stuck her finger up her cunt to help the flow of cum out of her and said "I need to get the cum out of my womb so it doesn't hurt the baby. CJ, stick your finger in and out of my cervix to keep it open so the cum comes out."

CJ lay down and got his face real close to her wide open pussy and pushed his finger into her cervix and started to finger fuck her cervix. The cum that had been forced into her womb now started to drain through her cervix and pour out of her pussy. CJ's hand and arm was now covered with their cum. His aunt was moving her pelvis faster while she was being finger fucked in her cervix and started to scream from another major orgasm which caused the remaining cum in her womb to explode from her and spray everywhere including his face. I've heard about a woman having an explosive orgasm but I never saw one until now and it was incredible.

CJ wiped the cum off his face with the bed sheet as he watched his aunt moving her pelvis over his body. Finger fucking his aunt's cervix and watching her have an explosive orgasm had gotten him hard again. He moved his body underneath hers until his cock was lined up with her pussy and he grabbed her hips and pulled her down on his cock.

She screamed for him to take it out "CJ, TAKE IT OUT YOU MOTHERFUCKER! I DON'T WANT IT ANYMORE! YOU'LL HURT THE BABY AND I'M SORE AND SPENT FROM CUMMING SO MUCH. TAKE IT OUT! NOW! CJ, you can't keep on fucking me, it hurts again, you're cock is just too big for me to be continually fucked by you. I'm going to get some of my girlfriends to fuck you all the time and that way you'll stop raping my pussy. A couple of them love big cocks and they can handle you without any trouble."

CJ wasn't listening to her babbling and just kept on pushing his cock in while he pulled her down on it. He finally was all the way in and just held his aunt there for a while. He then started to move her up and down like a rag doll fucking her with nice long stokes.

I was behind them and could see everything including my wife's butt hole which was opening and closing with each stroke. I decided that there was a way I could use my cock to please my wife and immediately decided to try and fuck her ass while CJ was fucking her pussy. She never allowed me to fuck her ass before because she thought it was dirty so here was my chance. I set the camera on its tripod and made sure it was at the proper angle to catch this and quickly stripped. I lined up my now hard cock to her asshole and pushed in. Her asshole was so wet with cum that the head popped right in.


I ignored her and kept pushing into her tight asshole while she was still screaming and bucking to try and get me out. I got all the way in and starting to fuck the literal shit out of her. CJ and I started to fuck her hard; like you would a slut who you didn't care about and was trying to break her.

Lisa was grunting like a pig while she said "oh my god! Oh my god! I'm being raped in my pussy and ass. Oh it hurts, too much cock in me, too hard, slow down please."

We fucked her like this for about 20 minutes and all three of us were grunting and getting close to cumming. My wife was the first to cum as I felt her ass lock down on my cock over and over again. I then felt CJ's cock swell and he pulled out of her womb and came in her pussy. I could feel him spasm with each spurt. This finally pushed me over the top and I rammed my cock in a far as possible and came in her ass. We stayed there for a minute and all was quiet except my wife's pussy making noise from the cum pouring out of her. I pulled my cock from her ass and then she got off CJ's cock and fell on the bed. CJ and I watched as she lay on the bed with cum pouring out of her pussy and a little dribbling out of her ass. The pussy was wide open and you could see the cervix opening and closing. Her asshole was also opening and closing in synch with her pussy and cervix and the small amount of cum that I deposited in there was being forced out. She stayed like that for a few more minutes and I got some real good close ups of her creampies.


We both decided to get out quick so we got our clothes back on and left the room. CJ asked me if Aunt Lisa would be ok with what happened.

I replied "give her a few days and we can plan another rape. Her pussy loved it and the rest of her will come around soon enough."

Lisa was thinking about what just happened; her husband set up and videotaped the rape of her pussy by their well hung nephew and then joined in to fuck her ass. She never felt more disgusted that she loved the sex that fulfilled her more than any time sexually in her life. The second time with her nephew was best sex ever and her husband joining them was even better. Feeling two cocks in her for the first time was the most incredible sexual experience of her life. How was she going to deal with this? Would she break down and allow this to happen again and could she even stop it because her husband approved of it? Would she actually tell her husband to set it up again? She wondered what the movie would look like. She wondered if she could stop herself from calling CJ to come over and fuck her without her husband's knowledge or did she want her husband to always watch and fuck her ass while her nephew stuffed her pussy. She pondered all these issues as she rubbed her cum filled pussy to another orgasm.

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