Fore Post Play

byNakod Apa©

Walking back from the restaurant they passed an antique shop. There it stood in the window - an ancient four poster bed with a bold notice, 'QUEEN ELIZABETH SLEPT HERE?'.

'Bet she didn't,' he said.

'No, but think Max, wouldn't it be fascinating to know who did,' she said.

'Pick the right companion and you wouldn't get much sleep in it,' he observed.

'And would I be the right companion,' Liz squeezed his arm.

Max backed off and swept her a low, gracious bow, 'The most desirable I can imagine.'

She tugged him back to her, 'Well don't keep me waiting. You can prove it to me at my place.'

'Your wish is my command. Oh, sexy one!'


They next noticed it a month later while window shopping.

'That bed's still there,' she said.

'Too big for most places.'

'Not really Max. Not for your new warehouse conversion.'

'Maybe not, but I'd feel lost, all alone in a bed that size.'

'Who said you'd be alone?'

'Is that an offer to move in with me?'

'If the conditions are right,' Liz said.

'What conditions?'

'Only one, this Elizabeth gets to sleep in her ancestor's bed.'

'Only sleep?'


'Shouldn't it have a canopy,' Liz lay back and stared at the ceiling.

Max raised his head from her breast, rolled off her and looked up. As he inspected the top of the bed his hand continued to stroke the pussy he had just filled. 'You know I think you're right. What's the point of curtains to shelter us from draughts if the top's left open?'

'We could get some material and fit one.'

'Sure, though be difficult to match that brocade,' he said.

'Aren't there lightweight plastic mirrors around now. We could fit one across the top.'

'Real kinky that would be. But why not? Be too dark though, with the curtains drawn.'

'We'll clip small lights to the top of the posts. Three to avoid shadows - maybe put a video recorder on the fourth,' she decided.

'Mmm . . . might be nice to get a different view of our exploits, though I'm not sure I'm ready to record them for my dotage. Anyway I haven't got enough cash left for a camera as well.'

'On the sales bonuses you get. Come off it! You're just afraid your performance isn't up to standard.'

'You've never complained.'

'I think more testing is required,' she reached down and grasped his tool. 'Yes, that should be stiff enough to resume its duty.'


'That was fantastic.'

'It was fitting the mirror that did it.'

'Sure Max, if you say so. If tomorrow's photo call weren't so early I'd demand a repeat, but I better get some sleep or the camera will show the bags under my eyes.'

'Well I'm always willing to oblige, however if you're really going to sleep I'll switch the lights off.'



'Look up in the mirror. What do you see?'

'With the lights off, nothing.'

'No, I mean it. Open your eyes and look.'

'Mi . . . gawd, there's a couple having it off.'

'Yes. But if it were a reflection it would be us, but they're not us.'

'You're right. Say, he's really pounding her.'

'I never thought I would be a voyeur, Max. But somehow I feel with her.'

'Know what you mean. It's like a film, yet more real, more immediate. Could do with some sound though.'

'There is some, if you listen hard.'

'You're right, I can just hear her moaning,' he said. 'Look at her expression, she's coming. And, yes, so is he.'

'It's getting dimmer.'

'Perhaps if we turned the lights on.' He reached up to the switch clamped onto the headboard. 'No, all I can see now is us.'

'Turn them off again.'

'Aye, aye, Mam.'

'Doesn't make any difference. They've disappeared.'

'You know she was some woman, though I think you've got bigger boobs.'

'That's how you like them - big and bouncy.'

'You know me too well.'

'Keep to the point.'

'I thought I was. Bit limp right now but it could be ready to resume any minute.'

'Not that point. The reflection. Where did that come from? We both saw it, so it can't be imagination.'

'I don't know. All we can do is wait and see if it happens again.'


'Three times tonight. You're doing well.' Liz said.

'We pride ourselves on our customer service.'

'Max! Did you hear that?'


'I thought I heard someone say "Come and be fucked".'

'I didn't, but what a good idea.'

'Look there! In the mirror. It's at it again.'

They gazed up. In the reflection the curtains along the side of the bed were parted. A middle-aged figure in doublet and hose had his arm around a young, pretty maid in a long drab dress. She stood passively as he pulled her to face the bed and unlaced the bodice, letting it slip from her shoulders to the floor. Her camisole followed, then her pantalets. Naked, he urged her onto the bed while he swiftly shed his own clothes, then leapt after her.

Placing a knee alongside each of her ears, he lent forward into the sixty-nine position and lowered his mouth to her fleshy, downy mound. She raised her head to his tool, where it hung just above her lips, and began to lick its knob. She moaned as he found her clit, circling and flicking it with his tongue, then sucking it as he pushed first one then two fingers inside her cunt.

Pulling his fingers from her and lifting his head he turned face to face with her. 'Don't stop,' she moaned grabbing his hand and trying to force it back inside her.

'Don't stop what?' He looked down on her.

'Fucking me, my Lord. Please, please fuck me now. You said you would.'

'So be it.'

Grasping her knees he pulled them high and wide and drove his weapon in deep. Her cries of pleasure rang round the rafters as he hammered her hard, forcing his cock in up to the hilt before drawing it almost out again. Meanwhile his hands were mauling her shapely tits, pulling them, squeezing them, pinching their nipples.

'Yes, sir. Yes, sir. That's it, but harder, harder. AHHHH!' She cried out as she came. He didn't pause but again and again rammed into her until suddenly, stiffening, he clearly filled her with his seed.

'Thank you my Lord. Thank you.'

Mesmerized Max and Liz watched as the reflection? image? picture? slowly faded.

'Who were they? Liz asked.

'No idea. If it was a film I'd have said a master and maid saga of the Middle Ages. But as it is . . . . .'

'Where is it coming from?'

'Beats me. Must be some form of ESP. Can't be anything else.'

'But you're normally a rational guy. You don't believe in that mystic stuff.'

'I don't. But right now I can't think of any other answer.'

'Well, it doesn't seem dangerous. So perhaps we just wait and see what happens next.'


'Thank you, darling.'

'No, thank you,' Max said. 'I wonder if the mirror will perform tonight?'

'We won't know unless you dowse the lights. Good. Yes, look it's already started.'

'But it's another couple.'

They stared at the couple in the mirror as the man gathered the woman in his arms, and lifted her from the pillows, her full breasts flattened against his chest. Slowly, deeply, he kissed her open mouth. His hands went to her shoulders and eased down the straps of her night-dress, but the pressure of her nipples on his flesh held it trapped until he lent back and the silk slid to her waist. Kneeling he lifted her to ease it from under her buttocks then gripped the edge of her briefs and ripped them off leaving her naked.

Laying beside her the man propped himself on one elbow, his other hand cupping a breast, the tip of his long, hard cock brushing her leg. For several long minutes they lay quiet the only movement his finger and thumb slowly massaging her nipple. Liz and Max could almost taste the sex, or was it the lingering scent of their own coupling?

Then his hand slid slowly down from her breast to her swollen pussy with its sparse sprinkling of dark hair. His middle finger found her the lips of her mound and slid in to stroke her clit. She reached her left hand up, and put her fingers deeply into the thick hair on the back of his head, pulled his face down and kissed him, thrusting her tongue in his mouth. She tugged him on top of her, pulling him down onto her ripe young body. 'Take me, take me now,' she moaned.

His hands were touching every part of her. Her hips, her legs, her thighs, her pussy, her breasts. Pausing and lingering nowhere. She eased her hips; spread her legs wide to accept his big, rock hard erection inside her wet cleft, then stretched them up and round him, arching her back and locking him to her.

He pushed her back down, fought her to get the space to withdraw and re-enter, to pull out and drive in, to rub her clitoris. He rose on straight arms and thrust into her repeatedly.

Watching Max and Liz saw his face change - he had lost control - he was going to come, to fill her. Legs stretched up high in a vee she climaxed with him. Empty he slumped down on top of her then rolled to one side panting with his exertions.

With a sigh Liz let out the breath she had been holding. 'That's two couples. How many of them do you think there are?'

Max thought a moment. 'How would I know? You're the one who wants to know who had slept here in the past. Perhaps it will show us all of them.'

'Makes me reluctant to go away - even for the couple of weeks the shoot will take,' Liz said.

'Don't be silly, you'll enjoy the sun, sand and sangria. If you notice it only happens after we've fucked. A quiet night and we don't get a performance, so I doubt you'll miss anything Liz - except my shaft.'


'Rachel, Rachel, Rachel,' Max moaned as his seed cascaded forth. Empty he slumped on top of her.

She lowered her legs and pushed him off. 'Well and how do I compare with your Liz?'

'Err . . . different.'

'Of course, but different better or different worse? Oh, don't bother, it doesn't matter. There's no competition. We're each only a bonus, a bit on the side, for the other. You'll never give up your Liz of the long legs and tight ass, and I'll never leave my husband.'

Rachel snuggled close to Max and sighed, caressing him with a feather-light touch. She could feel his tool once more growing stiff and hard.

'What's it like with the curtains closed, and the lights out,' she asked.

'Wait. I'll show you.' Max said.

She traced his ear and cheek with a delicate finger before reaching down and firmly moving his hand to one full breast - she wanted the joy of being fondled and prized before he again took her.

'What's that in the mirror?'

'It's an oddity of this bed, I think it's trying to educate us. It only appears after we've been humping. Liz and I call it our 'post play'. You know 'fore play' before we fuck, then 'post' or after 'play' to encourage us to do it again.'

Together they watched the image of a man easing a naked woman to the foot of the bed and fastening her wrists to silken cords hanging from the top of each post. Pulling on the other ends he forced her to stand with her arms stretched high above her head.

'Open your legs,' he commanded. 'Wider.' He tied her ankles to the base of the posts leaving her anchored in a large X. Kneeling he reached through the curtains to the bedside table and grasped a silk scarf with which he blindfolded her.

The woman produced quiet squawks of pain as the man first rolled and pinched a large pink nipple, then leaned in and blew across the stinging bud. As she shivered and tried to turn her heavy breast away from him he transferred his attentions to the other one. Her whimpers changed to ones of pleasure as her nipples grew firm and erect and her breathing become ragged. Suddenly he dragged his finger down to stroke her lower lips and clit, the pliant flesh hardening as the blood surged in.

'Oh . . . oh . . . yes, don't stop . . . please master.' Max and Rachel could barely hear her whisper.

Faster and faster he rubbed then suddenly stopped, paused a moment and pinched her centre hard. She screamed.

'Don't you dare come until I give you permission.' He ordered.

'Yes, Master.' She thrust her pussy against his hand. 'I'll try.'

'You'll do better than try or suffer for it, slut.'

Rachel and Max stared in consternation as the man produced a slim bamboo cane. With one hand feeling, flicking, probing her cunt the other swung the cane alternately across her ass and tits. She bucked and screamed, 'Thank you, master. Ohh . . . please, don't stop, . . . let me come.'

Rachel turned and buried her face in the pillows. 'I can't watch any more, Max. How can any woman let a man do that to her?'

'Some women like it,' Max said switching on the lights. The picture immediately disappeared from the mirror. 'They like being dominated and ill-treated, just as some men like to dominate.'

'Well not me. If my husband ever tried that he . . . I'd probably take a knife to his cock.'

'I better be careful then.'

'Oh, unless your Liz goes away on many more assignments you won't be having me often enough to worry. Come on, I need something to get that taste out of my mouth.' She slid her lips down his chest past his navel and found his ready tool.


'I don't know about absence making the heart grow fonder,' Liz said, 'but it certainly makes my cunt crave your cock.'

'How poetical. My turn - how about "it renders my rod rampant".'

'Not bad. But let's see it in action.'

'Again? Give it a chance to recover,' Max objected.

'If you're going to be a weakling. . . . What's the mirror been doing while I've been away?'

'Nothing. It needs a copulating couple to come.'

'Give over, you fool. Switch the lights off.'

'Yes, mam.'

'Oh, that's us. . . . . No! wait a minute. It's you all right but that's not me.'

Desperately Max fumbled for the light switch and turned them back on.

'You bastard. Don't bother with the lights, I've seen enough. That was your bitch of a secretary you were screwing.' Furiously Liz climbed from the bed.

'Hey, wait a minute.'

'No, you wait, or rather you couldn't wait. The moment my back's turned you're inviting other women into my bed.'

'You look rather magnificent with your boobs heaving like that.'

'Don't try and change the subject.'

'All right, so I fuck my secretary. Isn't that part of what I pay her for. You're just jealous that it's Rachel starring in the mirror and not you. Anyway don't tell me you've never opened your legs for another man.'

'It was only twice and . . .' Liz stopped aware of her admission.


'And nothing. At least I didn't have him in our bed.'

'So it's fine for you to take your cunt off to some other stud's bed, but if I find an understudy to service me while you're getting poked I'm in the wrong.'

'You don't think I do it for pleasure. The casting couch isn't dead you know. How do you think I get the plum jobs?'

'You whore!' Max slapped her, sending her sprawling across the bed.

'That does it, you can keep your bed. Entertain who you like. I'm going to my sister's.'


'You've been gossiping Rachel. I don't expect that from my secretary.' Max frowned at her from behind his desk.

'I haven't. '

'Then how do the girls in the office know about my bed. I'm getting some pretty pointed suggestions.'

'Oh that! I thought you meant work. Your bed is different, that's too good a story to keep to myself. First time I've heard of a mirror ending a partnership.'

'Liz was right, you are a bitch.'

'Why? The girls are most intrigued with the built-in picture show. They want to see it for themselves.'

'Do they now?

'Why don't you invite one or two. Might get rid of your blues. You've been a real grouch since Liz left you.'

'And do they know it will only show itself after the dues have been paid? That anyone who wants to see it will have to put out?'

'I think so.'

'Right then, since your gossiping started this, you can act as my manager.'


'You normally make my appointments so it's only an extension of your secretarial duties.'

'I suppose so, if that's all.' Rachel is hesitant.

'Take their applications; make sure they know they will have to spread their legs for me; then arrange a time and day.'

'All right,' she is still unhappy.

'What? Having second thoughts? Afraid they'll see our sessions? Who knows, you might get some good feedback and suggestions. On the other hand they might learn a bit from you - you're not at all bad in the sack.'

'As long as it's me they talk to and not my husband.'


Emma giggled as Max settled beside her and began to trace her ear with his lips, then sighed deeply as he ran his hands down her arms and began to explore her breasts with strong masterful fingers. He bent his head down and took a nipple into his mouth, his tongue expertly playing with it, while his hands smoothed down to part her thighs and caress her centre. She responded by sliding her hands around his arms and stroking his cock. Her fingers traced the shape of his tool as, happy for her attention, it grew hard and long.

He bit, licked, pinched, squeezed. She sighed, moaned, trembled, gasped, then said, 'Now! Now! Fuck me now.'

Afterwards he hid his letdown; she couldn't compare, none of them could compare, with Liz.

'Happy? Satisfied?' He asked Emma.

'Yes. Thank you, Mr Magrie.'

'Emma, Emma, Emma. I told you - out of the office it's Max.'

'Sure . . . Max. Where's this picture show then'

'Let me turn off the lights. . . . There you are, in the mirror.'

'Oh, yes. It's rather faint though, isn't it? I expected it to be clearer than that.'

'It's been getting that way recently.'

'Is that Elizabeth Goodbody you're shagging?'


'Don't you want her back?'

'Don't ask.' He felt desolate. Would she come back if he groveled, apologized? Could he?


He found it on his desk when he arrived back from lunch. A small gift wrapped parcel with a tag that said 'From The Girls - With Thanks'.

'Rachel. What's this?'

'It's a present. They thought you deserved a small reward for the fun you've given them the last couple of months. It's to go on the bed.'

'What fun? It's almost as if the bed has been sulking. The pictures have been getting dimmer and dimmer. Anyway, all they showed was Liz and me.'

'But you enjoyed having the girls?'

'Well . . . yes,' he said. 'But I think the bed's trying to tell me something.'

Max tore the fancy paper from the parcel. Inside was a metal plaque wrapped in a page torn from a magazine. Unfolded the page showed a large picture of Liz modeling a new line in lingerie. He stared at it for a long while.

'That's it. The bed's telling me it wants an Elizabeth. Rachel, can you get Liz on the line?'

'Ah, you've come to your senses at last. I'll see what I can do.'

While he waited he turned over the plaque and traced the neat inscription. He would definitely fix it to the bed.


'You've not lost your touch.' Liz eased from underneath him as his tool softened.

'It's not something you forget.' Max lent over and sucked a still erect nipple.

'No you wouldn't, especially with all the practice I hear you've been getting.'

'You mustn't believe all you hear.'

'I don't. It's not really important except when it's rammed down my throat like the pictures of you and Rachel.'

'If that's an apology I accept. Anyway I was partly to blame. I suppose it happened because when something, or someone, means a lot to you then your emotions take over.'

'Yes, we won't make that mistake again.'

They lay quiet for several minutes then, 'Is the mirror still working?' Liz asked.

'Last time I looked it was getting rather dim. Here I'll turn the lights off. . . . How's that?'

'Don't recognize them, they're new.'

'No, neither do I, but the image is full strength again,' he said. 'Looks like the bed's happy you're back.'

Once more content he held her close with one arm while they watched the couple in the mirror. With his other hand he absently stroked the newly attached plaque which boldly stated, 'ELIZABETHS FUCKED HERE'.

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