Sitting at work listening to a couple of ladies talk about their sex lives and what they wasn't getting had me tuned in to listen. Angela and Joyce both married and fine as hell but they say that they aren't getting the loving that they desire. Angela was telling Joyce that she never gets foreplay from her husband and Joyce blurted out mine doesn't know what it is. They both started laughing out loud when Angela looked over and caught me looking at them.

Yes I was curious to know why two married women weren't being satisfied at home and why they wanted or why they had sex toys. That was beyond me and with my being divorced I couldn't get in their conversation to ask those questions. However, it was long before Angela came over to me an asked me what I thought about foreplay. We have been working together for a long time and this is the first time that she had ever mentioned anything about sex to me. Since she asked me I was going to tell her. Foreplay is an essential part of lovemaking. It can be fun if done right I told her. Both partners has to be on the same sheet of music and can't be afraid to touch a certain part of the others body I went on to say.

On the way home that evening I couldn't help but to wonder about their conversation. This was on Thursday evening and we had a long weekend. I was going to meet some guys later on that evening for drinks and shoot pool. Didn't have any solid plans for the long weekend. I started laughing to myself thinking that I started to ask Angela if she wanted lessons about foreplay. After I had showered and got dressed, I headed on down to the local place where we hung out. Getting there with the guys and having our drinks is something that we only did once a month. Normally right before a weekend especially when there was going to be a long one. Most of us didn't have to work on Friday and Monday was a holiday so it was going to be long.

Then there came a lot of beautiful ladies in the club. We were over at the pool table talking while others were busy on it when I looked up and there also came Angela and some of her friends. Angela made men turned their heads and look at here regardless of where they were and she was passing. She was just that beautiful and fine. I don't believe that there was a man in the club that wasn't looking at her. My thoughts went back to her conversation earlier in the afternoon. For the sake of me I couldn't understand why she wasn't being satisfied at home.

I wasn't going to worry about it. She wasn't mine and if so she wouldn't have to talk about not being satisfied. Then she came over to where we were standing to speak. She said that she didn't know that this was a place that I came. I said we normally come in here once a month to shoot pool and have a drink or two is about all. Then I asked her about the ladies that was with here, were they married, attached or otherwise. Only two of us are married she said, the other are divorced. With that I called the waitress over and sent them a round of drinks. As she walked backed to the table, the men on the tables couldn't shoot pool for looking at her. She was wearing a short red skirt with matching v neck sweater. Her legs were well proportioned all the way up to her hips. Instead of being named Angela, she could have been called hips. They rolled when she walked and the bad thing about it she was beautiful and new it.

As I sat there at my table alone the waitress came over with a drink and said the lady in red had sent it along with a note. It was her cell number. When I looked over at her she smiled and winked her eye at me. This is a married woman and why does she want me to call her unless she was going to tell me about the other women that was with her. Since she was married and didn't want to cause trouble I sent her my number. Bowing her head as if saying ok.

After being there for about two hours I decided that it was time to leave. There was nothing there for me and my friends were over talking to ladies that they had met. Walked over an told them that I would talk with them later for I was going home. Walked out of the club and never looked back. Got in my car and drove straight home.

Cut on the television and got comfortable to let it put me to sleep. I wasn't going to call Angela regardless of how fine she was. She was still married and I wasn't about to get involved. If she wasn't getting what she wanted at home I couldn't help her. Suddenly my telephone ranged and when I was about to answer it when I thought about my giving Angela my number. However, it wasn't her but a doctor friend of mine. When I said hello, she said it took me long enough and started laughing. I asked what was she laughing at so hard and was told that I must have company. No I said, just lying here relaxing. She said that she had someone that she wanted me to meet, and if they could stop by on the way from the hospital. Yes you can I told her, I am not doing anything and it is the weekend anyway.

Naomi is a very close friend of mine. She is always trying to get me hooked up with either a nurse or someone at the hospital where she worked. I got up and got dressed again an turned on some music. I knew that when she got here I would be in trouble. She acted like a sister that always wanted to check on me and see what I was doing. When they arrived and I opened the door, Naomi walked in with her friend and started looking around. Then she introduced me to Judy. She said Judy is one of our new doctors that has been here for about two months now. Realizing that they had just left work and I didn't know if Judy drank or not so I just asked if they wanted something to drink or a glass of wine. Naomi had already fixed a tall glass for herself telling me that I was slow. Judy said that she would have a glass of white wine if I had it. After we had our drinks and were sitting there making small talk when Naomi said that we just stopped by to say hello and now we must be going. Understand I said and told Judy how wonderful it was meeting her and hoped that I would see her again.

They hadn't been gone a full hour when Naomi called me. What are you doing tomorrow she asked? Nothing I said. Then she said I was told to ask you if you wanted to go to a party tomorrow evening. Perhaps, I said depending on what kind of party it is and where it is. She said it is going to be at Judy's apartment and she wants you to come. Ok I said I will come. Couldn't wait until I saw Judy with something on that she was comfortable in. All that I was able to see through the smock that she was wearing was absolutely nothing. She different than most doctors. I hadn't seen any that was as cute as her and Naomi.

Saturday morning I didn't want to get up. The party didn't start until around seven so I had a whole day to just lay and relax. I came out of the shower to a ringing telephone. When I answered it Angela said she hope that she didn't wake me. When I told her that I was getting out of the shower that is when she said I should have been there to dry you off. Not thinking about what I said I told her that it wasn't too late she could still dry me off. After I had said it was to late to retract that statement. Angela said give me your address and I will be right there. I gave her the address and she said she would be there in a few minutes and wanted me to be still wet. I wasn't going to be sitting there in a towel when she arrived. So I got dressed. Still didn't know why I said what I did to her. Knowing that she was hot as fire and was looking for something. Within a few minutes she was there.

When she walked in she appeared as if she was on her way to work. Wasn't dressed for the weekend or even for a Saturday. So I asked her where she was going all dressed up. No where, I dress like this all the time she told me. I wanted to ask her about her husband but I said I would leave that one alone. Just seeing her got my dick all excited and throbbing. It had been a while since I had any and maybe I was just as horny as she was. Looking at her legs above the knees had me want to touch them. She was wearing a tight beige skirt above her knees and hips sticking out. As she sat down I couldn't help notice her hips and how they moved and swayed. I wondered if they moved like that while being made love to. Come on back to reality I told myself. I offered her a cup of coffee and she said thanks. While sitting there sipping on the coffee she began talking about why she wanted to see and talk to me. What you had overheard at work was actually the truth. Joyce and I have been discussing forming a club for married women that is doing without at home.

I asked her where did I fit in with this. One I am not a woman, and two not married and don't know what is going on at your houses. That is when she said you could be our model. More of like a teacher to the women and explain to them how things are suppose to be instead of wham bam and not even thank you ma'am. Then she got up and walked over to where I was sitting at the table an looked me in the eyes and said it has its benefits. I knew then that she wanted to be fucked. Wanting to reach up and just grab her by her hips was on my mind but held back and asked her where would all this take place. There is a lot of things that goes along with this I told her. What about your husbands, where will they be when this is happening. She said that they had thought about it considerably and it will be like going to a sorority meeting or something like that. Not an every night thing but maybe once or twice a month. No one will know anything about it except the individuals involved and right now it is only three of us. We are the ones that is concerned and want to know what we are missing.

She went on to tell me about how they had all had ordered sex toys from some of the magazines. In fact she said, I have used mine when he would get off me and fall asleep. So now tell me before I leave here this morning, will you at least think about it she asked me? I am sure that you will like the benefits and what comes along with them. Benefits, I wondered what benefits were they going to give me. Lunch ever day at work or what. But I wanted Angela to tell me about the benefits so I asked her. I figured that she was the president of this club and what she said the others went along with. With her answer that she was going to give me she bent down and let her lips touch mine and as soon as they touched her tongue was in my mouth. Upon breaking from the kiss she said that is part of the benefits that you will receive an there is more. I got up from the table standing right next to her and put my arms around her so that I could feel the softness of her body.

Let me get out of this she said. I don't want to get it wrinkled and smelling like your cologne as she laughed. Standing there in nothing but a bra and panties had my dick swelling to no end. The head was throbbing like for whom the bell tolls. When I ran my hands across her hips I couldn't believe how soft they actually were. Why was I doing this I ask myself. Was it because I had a hard dick and wanted some pussy or was I trying to show and prove something to her. Regardless of why I was doing it she was showing me that I would have no problem in getting in between her silky thighs. Sweet chocolate I thought about looking down at her thighs, and I told her that we needed to go in the bed room.

On the way to the bedroom I told myself that I would just do without and not fuck her. Tease her pussy yes let her see how foreplay is done and what it is all about. Once on the unmade bed of mine, we lie there kissing and fondling. My hands were all over her breast then down her side in between her thighs. I began talking to her telling her what I was going to do and how I was going to do it. She still had on her panties and bra and I would kiss the outside of the bra and then put soft kisses on her legs. I am still dressed and she is lying there glistening in the brief sunlight that was coming through the shades. I asked her if her husband did this to her and let my tongue roam up and down her inner thigh. With her legs not yet apart I licked the other thigh while I massaged her breast. Looking up at her breast seeing that her nipples were hard I began wondering if I was going to have to spread her thighs or would she. When I started licking in between her right inner thigh she opened her legs as if to say here is what I want you to have. Still with her panties on and they were wet. I knew that she was dripping if not already cumming.

I took my hand and massaged the outside of her vagina and never let my hand go inside her panties. The palm of my hand rubbing up and down and feeling the pubic hairs surrounding her wetness. I asked her had she ever been here before meaning the wetness. She said no she had never felt this good before. She kept on talking about how wet her pussy was and started rubbing on the outside of her right thigh. What is it that you want me to do I asked Angela? I want you to tell me what you want and how you want it. I want you to be in control not like when you are home but I want you to release all that is built up in you. Whether it is words or some of your hot juices. Then she said I want you to suck these as she unhooked her bra an let those beautiful hard nipples fall out. She said her husband doesn't kiss her or suck on her breast. I only see in movies where men are sucking on breast and have never felt it she said. Taking her right nipple in my mouth and letting my tongue do a circling motion around it then sucking on it slowly and gentle. While sucking her nipple I watched her take her hand and stick it in her panties and start playing with her pussy. Then she started arching her hips to her hand and moaning.

I stopped sucking her nipples and watched her finger fuck herself. Her eyes were closed and her finger was going in and out of her pussy. I told her to take her finger out and suck on her finger with her juices on it. When she did this she moaned again saying how sweet it tasted. I asked her if she ever tasted her pussy before and she said no. My husband has never tasted it either. When he gets in bed he just gets on top of me sticks it in and gets his and I am left there wanting to cum so bad. I asked her if she wanted me to fuck her now. She didn't answer me but said that she had never been this wet from kissing talking with your hands. No one has ever done this before she said. All a part of foreplay and there is more to it as well I told her. She couldn't believe that there was more to it. Then knowing that she was hot as hell and wanting to fuck but wouldn't say it she said show me. If there is more I want to experience it as well. Before she new it I had taken her panties off and had spread her beautiful chocolate thighs apart and was kissing her pubic hairs. Taking my hand and spreading her pussy lips I let my tongue go inside her pussy and wiggle around. Doing this had her gasping.

With my tongue in her pussy I then took my index finger and stuck it in here pussy as well and finger fucked her while licking and sucking. Moving up towards the top of her pussy lips I wanted the clit to emerge. When it started coming out I immediately before it was all the way out started sucking on it slowly and very gentle. When I ran my tongue across it she started arching her hips up to my face telling me that she was about to cum. When I felt the hot cum, I stuck my tongue all the way in her pussy. Her hips arched up to me as if saying here it is take all of it. As she lie there licking her lips and still trembling from her orgasms, I continued to kiss on her breast then to her lips. Didn't want her coming down all alone. I was hurting. Dick acted like it was going to jump right out of my trousers but I managed to keep it under control.

Sitting on the edge of the bed I watched Angela as she lie there looking so beautiful and so naked. Thinking that not one time did she say that she wanted me to fuck her. In a way I was happy and then again I wasn't. If she was asked one night when her husband was in her pussy was it all his she could say and not lie that it was. Opening her eyes and looking over at me she said you know what I need now. I need to be made love to. I want to feel all of you in me. I wanted to be in her pussy bad ut I had promised myself that I wasn't going to. so I lied to her. Angela, I said, that will have to come later because I have to get dressed and go meet someone. Walking over to the bed I then said when I make love to you then you might not want to go home. From the foreplay then the lovemaking will began. It is going to be something that you will never forget. She understood and said that she needed to be going as well and that she would be in touch with me.

My thoughts were well into the evening. Wondering about the party and who would be in attendance. I really wanted to see Judy again. I guess that was one of the main reasons why I was going to the party. I see Naomi all of the time and as long as I have known her I have never wanted to go to bed with her. It was just like a sister brother relationship that we had.

I arrived at the party early. In fact, I was the first to arrive and felt out of place. Judy let me in and said that she was still getting dressed and didn't mind that I came early. She said that I could help her get things ready since I was the only one here. Yes I would love to help her I thought. Here it is still summer time and the party was going to be on the patio some parts of the house. She told me to go ahead and make myself at home and fix myself a drink she would be right out. That I did, poured me a double of some crushed ice and sat on a bar stool overlooking the pool. When Judy came out to greet me again I almost dropped my glass. She had on a pair of short shorts and a halter top that was only tied around her neck. Nice firm breast, long brown legs and short wavy hair. She was absolutely beautiful! As she sat down on the bar stool next to me. I couldn't take my eyes off her body.

Judy told me about the party and who was invited. Just some doctors and nurses from the hospital that wanted to have a little get together away from the work place. She volunteered her place for the party since she had a pool. Then she asked me if I had my swimming trunks with me and I told her I wasn't told to bring any. All Naomi told me was that I was invited to a party. No problem she said, you don't need any and smiled. People started coming in and I got up and walked outside next to the pool. Suddenly, there was Naomi standing there next to me. She said what do you think of my friend? I said what is there to think she is a beautiful lady. Then she said I want you to understand something first about Judy before you start trying to get her in bed. If she likes you then you will be in control of her. Don't give her a reason to dislike you and if the two of you hit it off she will not want you seeing any other women. Just devoting all your time with her. Now can you handle that she asked? Damn, this is like being married then I said. I am not going to rush into anything ok, I will let the ball bounce where it wants to and go from there. Then Naomi told me that Judy wanted me to invite you to the party cause she liked what she saw when she met you.

People were mingling around snacking and drinking. I was outside looking in at them, when all of a sudden someone jumped in the pool and said it is a pool party. They started jumping in the pool with clothes on and everything. The women as well and when they came out one could see everything that they wanted to through the wet clothes. Judy came up to me and asked if I was going to jump in as well. No I replied, not the place nor the time for swimming. She then said ok, we can go swimming after they all leave then if you like how's that? Couldn't wait to see her in a bikini or bathing suit.

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