tagNonHumanForest of Faunus cH. 02

Forest of Faunus cH. 02


Forest of Faunus Ch. 2 (Feast of saturnalia)

Leah put down the book and lifted her face to the small breeze that rocked the small domed cage she sat inside. Her mind wandered to the night when she was captured by the forest dwellers reliving the nightmare of her All Hallows eve...

"No!" She cried, the threat of being made into Faunus's pet making her find extra reserves of energy she did not know she possessed and she ran through the trees as they ripped at her flesh. She would die before she would be kept as a pet. Her lungs filled with cold morning air as she burst from the trees into dawn's first light. A cheer went up but she looked at the watchers in anguish and howled as she felt the wicked tendril of an assassin vine curl about her ankle and dragged her back into the murky depths of the forest.

The forest shimmered as dawn's first rays lit the sky, and disappeared. The anguished cries of Leah echoed out onto the plain, now empty save for the watchers and wounded hunters. Leah was trapped in a world of myth and legend. She struggled against the vines as they ensnared her stretching her arms and feet widely, her howls loud and uncaring of bringing the Faunus closer. She knew she was doomed and would not make it easy for those who had taken her from the life she knew.

She had railed at her captors as she was collared and leashed as a pet and dragged behind them, the earth shifting under her feet and the forest shimmered and settled once again. Pulling Leah free of the forest her captor strode into a small village. Leah looked around in wide eyed wonder, the plain she had known was gone and terror gripped her stilling her tongue. The village was populated by creatures of myth and legend. Fauni brushed past them into the forest to search for hunters trapped within while the forest shifted and moved from the plain to this place and she had stumbled behind her captor blinded by the tears in her eyes.

Leah shook her head to dislodge the painful memory. She sat straddling the perch in her gilded cage. She had learned the hard way that her life was now about obedience and gratitude. At first she had thought to cheat her captor by taunting him into ending her life, she felt she could not let herself be kept as a pet by any man or beast. Her harsh early life had built within her a need for independence and freedom and seeing no escape from her captivity, she had wished only for the peace of nothingness. Her captor though had punished her to the point of making her beg for oblivion before walking away and sending a fauni to nurse her back to health. She had been fed a diet of unusual foods and given a pale pink water to drink while being supervised at meal times to ensure she drank and ate all of what she was given.

She healed quickly under the soft ministrations of the fauni and the magical ointments that were applied to her wounds, within two days her body was repaired. He came to her again and demanded she sing, she refused once more and struggled against him as he bound her wrists with leather thongs and strung her up from a beam in the ceiling. Leah cursed and glowered at him as he unfurled his whip, "You will learn your place, beast. You will sing because I demand it. You will sing because you need to, to know who you truly are," His voice was a low bass and it rumbled from him like a growl as he spoke over her curses.

"You do not have feet, you have the cloven hooves of the devil himself," Leah raged at him. The whip struck her silencing her curses with a scream of pain as white light flashed before her eyes and she danced on her toes. The whip struck her twice more, the third cast of his whip wrapping around her waist and pulling her to him. He stepped in close and licked the tears from her face. His hand trailed down her body over the wicked red welts left by his whip to her sex.

"You will obey me because I will not tire of your tears or your heat," his voice was deceptively quiet as he listened to her sobbing mewls for a moment before thrusting two fingers within her. The citrulline laced water was affecting her already, he noted. His fingers were coated in sticky fluid as she cried out her body trembling in pain and longing. Looking deep into her eyes, he curled his fingers inside her sex and pressed his thumb against her swollen clit. He brought her to swift climax before stepping back and demanding "Where is your spirit, bitch?" Whipping her again as the orgasmic high wracked her body until she passed out.

After two weeks of such punishments, she had been broken to his will and began to sing for him at his command. Due to her aphrodisiac laced diet during this time, she had almost begun to crave his brutal attentions. Her breasts had swelled and she felt a constant itch and wetness between her legs that made her rock her hips as she straddled her perch like a song bird in a gilded cage. She had given up the fight, now all she could do was survive each day the best she could and pray that her captor, the Faunus, Favius, would grow tired of her and release her back into her own world. Rather than please him, the breaking of her will seemed to enrage her captor further.


Favius watched his prized pet critically from a distance as she brought herself to climax. Turning his head over his shoulder he bellowed, "Picus!" The fauni who had nursed Leah back to health after each punishment appeared, "She is ready," Favius said and the fauni disappeared as he opened her cage and attached a leash to her collar. He led her to the room she had come to think of as an infirmary. It was here she had been brought to recover each time he punished her severely.

Laying on the padded table that served as a bed of sorts, her wrists were bound in soft leather and stretched out from her sides before being secured between the posts there. She said not a word as she docilely let them pull her legs equally widely and secure them to the legs of the table. This was her life now, there was no escape. They would not even kill her when she had begged for oblivion. A wide soft leather strap was pulled from one side of the table across her belly and another loosely across her throat to the other side rendering her totally immobile and she felt her over aroused body betray her once more as his hand caressed her swollen breasts.

Holding up a golden ring before her face the deep bass voice of Favius rumbled, "Will the bull ring alter her voice?"

"There is no way to know for sure, until it is done," Picus had been busy opening alcohol swabs and laying out different gauged needles on a tray beside the girl. "You should give her a name, Favius. It will help her forget."

"Not yet," he grunted. "No bull ring until after the Saturnalis festival either," he threw the ring back to the tray. Manhandling her breasts again he looked at the tray, "Give me the 14g and go increase her heat," pinching at the nipple he pulled it up from her body making her arch painfully against the restraints and whimper as the nipple was clamped tightly and she was released. The process was repeated on the other nipple.

The light touch of soft warm lips on her sex made her moan her drugged arousal always so close to the surface flamed brightly within her. Panting, she closed her eyes lost in the feelings of the soft teasing mouth. Feeling her orgasm closing in on her senses, her eyes flared back open as the pain of a needle being thrust through her tender flesh shook her body a second flaring of pain pushed her over the edge as the insistent tongue lapped and teased her oversensitive clit, the orgasmic high making her strain between the leather that bound her at their will as the rings followed the needles painfully through the holes in her tender pink nipples. The pain combined with the release the mouth on her sex gave her sent her into a wild bliss that made her writhe and float in that haze she had never been able to achieve without his cruelty. It was as if he was trying to send her to another world with the unbearable sensations.

When she came back to her senses she was being unbound. Favius stared hard into her eyes as they refocused before roaring and stomping away. A small dull ache remained in her breasts and her sex as she was helped unsteadily to her feet and taken back to her cage, where she lay down on her pillows and slept. Her dreams were full of the forest and the strange encounter she had with the assassin vine. She still did not know if it had been truth or a dream of the enchanted forest. The vine of her dreams stripped her and clothed her in a cape of shining green caressing and teasing at her body softly over again until she woke hot and horny wishing she could ask her captor about her dreams and that night in the forest. Her eyes closed again and she relived her flight from her captors and the words he had called... "I will not kill you, beast," the harsh voice rang out, "the forest itself has loved you and let you live so prettily you sang for it. You will stay and I will keep you as a pet."

Her eyes opened suddenly, 'the forest loved her,' the thought bloomed in her mind. An escape plan formed in her mind, it was irrational, it made no sense, but neither did being the pet of creatures from myth and legend. Settling back down her on cushions, she stared at the bars of her prison. She knew she would no longer fight her captor as she had, but maybe if she was compliant enough she could gain some freedoms, eventually. She looked at the urn in the corner that held the pink tinged water she was allowed free access to and sighed again as she roused herself, and crawled to the urn.

Her breasts protested as they moved against her arms and she found herself purring at the sensation. The constant pain and discomfort in her sex she had felt since becoming his pet was amplified by the painful pull of her clitoris. Stopping she lowered her hand to her sex to discover a small ring had been placed there as well. The constant pain Favius rained on her was becoming synonymous with her pleasure and she squirmed as she lifted the ladle to slake her thirst and crawled back to cushions.

Leah thrust a cushion between her legs and rolled to her belly humping her hips at it, whimpering as the newly pierced clit sent waves of pain into her. The climax was better than she had been able to generate herself in some time but was still unsatisfying and left her frustrated, wanting more. Laying back down and tossing the sodden cushion away in her frustration, she cringed hearing the feint deep bass chuckle of her captor in the darkness surrounding her cage.


A second cage was built on the front portico of Favius's home and it was here she was to be kept during the day and early evening of village life. Favius knew his fellow Fauni well, however, worshipped as demi-gods of fertility they would each want to trial such a heated and willing beast, so he had taken precautions to safe guard her from exhaustion. He had her fitted with leather headgear that strapped under her chin and kept her mouth effectively from opening more than half an inch her long flowing hair held up in a tail that hung from the headgear down her back. Favius had also wrapped a wide thick leather belt around her waist lacing it up like a loose corset highlighting her hips that flared out below it. The leather belt held an equally thick leather strap that was bound between her legs.

Being held to her perch by a chain that not quite reached the edges of the cages she would be held on display but untouchable by all who came to hear her sing. Her melancholy voice and soft curves attracted attention from the other fauni in the village who often came to view the pet of Favius. It was the fauni Picus who tended the pet as Favius went about his daily business, making sure she had water and food and was not taunted by the watchers. It was during the times he disappeared into the house to prepare food or other simple chores the other randy fauni of the village would press their hairy thighs against the cage and tempt the heated bitch with their youthful cocks covered in highly decorated codpieces.

It was Picus who had discovered the pet could read as he tried to teach the girl some of the melodies of the songs required for the Saturnalia festival. The pet had shyly asked if it would not be better to have the words written down for her to learn. Favius had not been happy to encourage his pet to read or think of herself in terms of the life she had but consented to child like picture books that Picus could add pages to of the songs and prophecy she must learn for the festival. Picus also gave her information on the history and custom of the festival and so it was that Leah found her days spent in study and song.

Leah tried to ignore the fauni that had come to watch her like an animal in a cage, by picking up the book and rereading the page Picus had added today.

Early Romans first introduced the holiday of Saturnalia, a week long period of lawlessness celebrated between December 17-25. The festival began when authorities chose "an enemy of the people" to represent the "Lord of Misrule." The customs of this holiday included widespread intoxication; going from house to house while singing naked; rape and other sexual license; and consuming human-shaped biscuits.

Christianity imported the Saturnalia festival hoping to take the pagan masses in with it. Christian leaders succeeded in converting to Christianity large numbers of pagans by promising them that they could continue to celebrate the Saturnalia as Christians, deeming the last day of the celebration the birth of their spiritual leader and renaming it Christmas. The earliest Christmas holidays were celebrated by drinking, sexual indulgence, singing naked in the streets, etc. as it had been as Saturnalias.

Because of its known pagan origin, Christmas was banned by the Puritans and its observance was deemed illegal and even though Christmas is celebrated by most Christians, most depraved customs of the Saturnalia festival were intentionally lost through time. Saturn himself full of chagrin at having his festival tampered with in such a way placed the burden of its revival on his favoured earth bound children the faunus giving them an enchanted means to traverse the human earth seeking out and converting the puritans back to the worship of the God of wealth, agriculture, liberation and excess.

Leah sat back on her pillows. It was one thing to be kept practically naked in an enchanted village it was quite another to go carolling amongst her own kind nude. She couldn't do it. She looked up at Picus. Maybe Picus would help her, Leah shook her head. As far as Leah could tell, Picus was loyal to Favius, but he had also shown little touches of kindness to her. Sadly Leah realised that her only hope for some sort of escape from her torturous existence lay in the hands of the soft spoken fauni and a deadly assassin vine both of which had brought her back from the brink of death so she could be kept and tortured as the pet of Favius.


Picus watched the little beast in the cage. Favius seemed to enjoy the defiance in his pet as well as the punishments he meted out at her continued inability to find her lost spirit. The pet had slowly bent to Favius's will over the last weeks. Enough so that he had decided she would practise with the Saturnalia sacrifices and join the festival troupe. The voice that came from the beast even as she was punished day after day was pure music. Perhaps after the festival, Picus mused, the petgirl would be different.

Favius emerged from the training room with a leash, unlocking the cage he barked one word, "Heel."

Leah reluctantly moved to his side and stood still as he fixed the twin leash to the large gold rings dangling from her nipples. Without another word he strode off into the village, giving Leah little choice but to follow him. Leah had not been allowed out of his house into the village before and looking around she tripped and fell crying out. Favius did not slow his walk and she scrambled to her feet taking better care as she followed him the grazes on her knees and hands weeping blood.

Leah stumbled into a large stone building, and was immediately awed by a large gold statue of a muscled older man. The beard and hair were wavy and wild, the toga swept from one shoulder to waist and was drawn back from the body to reveal a loin cloth of vine leaves that did little to disguise a huge phallus.

"Saturn", the deep bass voice of Favius said as he watched her, "He is father of the Fauni and it is he who we worship with the festival of Saturnalia." He pulled her closer to the statue as another fauni stepped from the shadows. "Sing for your God, beast," Favius said loudly.

Leah trembled, opening her mouth the words escaped her as her eyes took in the beauty of the statue. The leash whipped out at her making her squeal and jump. Opening her mouth again she sang...

Flickering light of candle glow

Background music soft and low

Dancing shadows have no mass

Forgotten wine warms in the glass

The fiery caress of lovers hands

What the other needs each understands

Impassioned lovers harsh embrace

A thirst for bodies interlace

Excitement burns to wild desire

Lips and fingers fuel the fire

Urgent needs and wanton lust

Inhibitions wane in misplaced trust

The world shut out from this magical tryst

This place and each other are all that exist

An sensual bond that transcends the flesh

Where Gods, men and beasts enmesh

Her voice trailed off and she looked around in wonder at the voices that had accompanied her song. A cage poised several feet above the floor held half a dozen men or so men of various races naked but for the collars of pets like herself. Leah gasped recognising hunters that had been in the tavern on the night of All Hallows eve's before the hunt had begun. Their voices had crooned low in the background like accompanying musicians as she had sung. Her eyes locked with one that she knew momentarily but she quickly looked away seeing the hunger in his eyes.

Leah looked up at Favius who was smirking at the look of shock on her face. "Did you think you were the only beast in this village?" Favius' voice rumbled. His smirk remained as her eyes clouded, in truth she had not thought about the possibility at all, so wrapped up in her own captivity had she been and she looked back toward the cage of men again. "They are training to be the priests of Saturn during the festival. They are only caged temporarily," he smirk remained place. "You will practise the festivals songs with them and my friend, Livvy."

The fauni smiled toothily at her as he took the leash from Favius, "What a pretty little pet. No wonder you have kept her to yourself for so long," he grinned. Livvy lead Leah to a stool as Favius took a seat on a stone bench along the side of the temple. Leah's hands were bound behind her back and her thighs and feet were bound widely in place on the stool before the leash was removed and handed back to Favius.

Sing!" Favius commanded again. Leah opened her mouth to sing but the hand of Livvy lashed out with a crop against her breast, making her gasp and stop.

"Not yet, beast, let the male beasts begin you will know where to come in or I will teach you," his voice had lowered menacingly and Leah nodded silently hearing the distant chuckle of Favius from the shadows. The group practised a variety of songs for what seemed to Leah like hours and her breasts and thighs had become a patchwork of welts from Livvy's teaching and she sat in a puddle of over heated pussy slime as a result.

Favius suddenly called a halt to the singing, stood and walked forward and untied her, attaching his leash to her breasts again as Livvy spoke, "Yes she does sing like an siren but she is not tame. Will she adhere to the customs?" he sounded concerned.

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