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Forever We


I would like to thank Oediplex 8==3 for his help and assistance in editing my true account to enable me to share it with you

This is not a fictitious story of incest between an eighteen-year-old well-hung stud and his very young mum, as I am fifty and she sixty-eight years old.

This is an actual true account of our incestuous love that which has just recently commenced and shall continue between my mother and I.

Before we became lovers we had both been "normal", in that mother and I were both married. She to my father, and myself to my wife of twenty three years, Patricia. We all had fairly normal lives, with separate work and home activities taking up most of our time. Mother and I met at least once each week, either with dad and Patricia, or on our own. We were always very touchy-feely when together.

Dad and I both being Free Masons, the four of us attended many Ladies Nights and other social functions together as a family. At most of these, mother and I would enjoy the opportunity of dancing together. I have to admit that each time we danced, mother always danced so close I could feel her body rubbing against mine, which resulted in a huge erection on my part. I knew she could feel it brushing against her, and she knew that I knew. Nothing was normally mentioned; however on one occasion, when she was a little the worse for drink, she pushed hard against my penis as we danced and whispered, "Patricia is such a luck girl."

Then two years ago our lives changed dramatically. Dad was taking Patricia to visit her mother, who was ill in hospital, when the car that dad was driving was struck by an enormous truck. Both Patricia and dad were killed.

Mother and I were devastated; but time is a great healer and we did have each other.

We lived within walking distance of each other. Over the last two years it became normal for us to see each other most days. We soon drifted into a routine where we ate together, we spent most of our leisure time with one another and on weekends as well. I either slept at her house or she at mine. A cuddle in front of the television in the evening became normal, as did kisses on the lips rather than cheeks. It wasn't unusual for people to perceive us to be a couple, rather than mother and son. Indeed, we were so, other than at that stage we never slept together.

It soon became apparent that it would prove beneficial for us both if we set up a home together. So after not too much discussion, we decided to sell both of our houses, and with the proceeds purchase a new place, a dream home together.

At that time I was offered, and readily accepted, an early retirement with a fantastic separation and pension package. The company which I worked for wanted to downsize due to the economic climate.

I suggested to mother that as we were now to be free of any day-to-day responsibilities, other than to one another, we ought to consider purchasing our new house in a warmer climate, even perhaps a different country. She thought this a fantastic idea, which would, as she put it, "give us a new start".

As such after two months of hard searching, we found our new home. It was situated in on a beach near a town called Algeciras in the south of Spain opposite Gibraltar. The house being beautiful and fully furnished was without doubt our perfect dream home.

Our original family homes were eventually sold. The completion dates of each were two weeks apart. As my old house was first, I became homeless and duly moved in with mother to help her with the disposal of her furniture.

We really enjoyed being together all the time. Organizing the removal of all the furnishing by either selling, or disposing most of it to charity shops, or taking it to the local tip to dump and have done with it. Only remaining were her double bed, linens etc., and various items of kitchen bits and pieces in the house. Just enough to enable us to camp-out for a few days, before we departed for our new home in the sun.

We both agreed readily and on my part eagerly, to share the only remaining bed on the final night in the house.

On the day before we left, we spent most of the time cleaning and supervising the moving company we had contracted as they carried out of the house most of our clothing and personal items. So come that evening we were in an almost empty house, with virtually no clothing other than what we wore, and just a few items to change into for our traveling to Spain.

After a long day spent cleaning each of the rooms in the house, we were both tired and in need of a bath, so we took it in turns to utilize the bathroom prior to retiring to bed. Neither of us had any proper night wear so I elected to wear a pair of boxer shorts and mother decided on a bed shirt similar to an old fashioned man's shirt with a tail and no collar.

Mother occupied the bathroom first and after what seemed an age she eventually emerged with her long very thick grey almost white hair combed out, hanging in ringlets down past her shoulders. She slipped into bed wearing only her bed shirt. On completing my bathing I turned out the bathroom light, the better to try to hide the erection that had erupted at the thought of sleeping next to my mother.

I went into the darkened bedroom and climbed into the bed beside her. I snuggled up to her and inhaled her clean womanly smell. She was lying on her side with her back to me, I put my right arm over her and snuggled up to her feeling the warmth of her soft body against my own. My open hand soon discovered that her shirt was not buttoned leaving her body naked to my touch! My hand gently alighted upon and cupped her round breast feeling the fullness of it.

I expected her to move away from me but she just snuggled further into me. She must have been able to discern my very hard erection resting in the hollow of her warm buttocks. I could feel her nipple growing erect under my palm. Taking it in between my thumb and finger, I gently massaged it. Mother sighed a soft sigh and turned to face me.

We cuddled with each other, looking into each other's eyes, no words were spoken. Our lips met in a soft sensuous kiss our lips parted our tongues probing and touching. My right hand fell to her buttocks cupping them and pulling her to me. Her hand was in between us and in full contact with my very hard penis, which had poked free from my boxer shorts.

We broke the kiss. She said coyly, "That was nice".

I responded softly, "I have been waiting for so many years to hold you like this, and tell you how much that I love you. How I have wanted to make love to you all of my adult life".

I expected her to be annoyed at what I had whispered, but she responded, "Oh darling and I you! It has been so difficult to want you and not to be able to have you". She then whispered "Kiss me again darling". After that long and sensuous kiss, with our tongues entwining, each of us knew in that moment that we had crossed a boundary.

I said, "Shall we make love?"

Mother looked at me, and taking my very hard penis in her hand, stroking the length of it, said, "Darling, I would love to so much . . ." She took my hand and placed it between her open thighs. I could feel the wetness of her on my fingers ". . but no," she said, "not here, not in this bed."

I realized that we were in the very bed that my mother and father had shared; so I understood why. We kissed another long wet kiss. Mother looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, "I love you so much, darling Colin, and tomorrow, in our new home, I will show you just how much." Before I could respond, she turned over. I cuddled her and gently massaged her full breasts as I drifted off into a deep contented sleep.

Morning came to me gently with a kiss, first on one closed eye then the other, followed by a wet kiss planted on my mouth. On opening my eyes, beauty filled my vision. Mother's face looked down on me as she straddled me, her naked breasts with their dark nipples gently touching my chest. She said, "Come on sleepy head its time to get up!" I held her and rolled her over, coming up on top and above her.

After kissing her soft mouth I said, "That's how you used to awake me when I was a boy."

"Yes" she replied, "Come on, move! We have only three hours before our taxi to the airport arrives.

Hurry, you need a shave and I need a pee."

I ran my hand down to her Mons and gave it a gentle stroke and joked, "You also need a shave."

I rolled off her and stood beside her, and indicating my hard penis which was pointing at her said, "And I also need a pee."

She exclaimed, "Oh, I thought that I had caused that!", and planted a kiss on the end of it just sucking the end into her mouth before scampering away to the bathroom. I followed and on entering the bathroom there mother was sitting on the toilet naked, with her disheveled hair cascading down her back, as she emptied her bladder with the sound of tinkling as her stream hit the water in the bowl. I thought it one of the most erotic things I had ever witnessed.

She entered the shower and placed her hair in a cap to keep it dry. As I shaved, I looked at her via the mirror. She was so tall and with a slender waist, feminine full-bottomed. Shaved Mons at the top of long slim legs, large full breasts that slightly sagged to rest on her chest, with huge dark auroras surmounted by long purple nipples. Her long neck was crowned by her beautiful face.

I joined her in the shower as the water cascaded over us. I took the soap from mum and started to rub it over her body, reveling in the feel of the slippery suds covering her torso under my hands. After a few minutes I was kneeling before her as the suds were washed away by the warn water. I placed a kiss at the junction of her legs, my lips feeling the prickly sensation from the slight amount of stubble left from her pubic hair.

As my tongue sought entry, she crouched just enough to part her legs. I parted her lips and ran my tongue the full length of her delicious pussy, eventually settling on and lapping at her clit. I heard her moan as she pulled my head toward her. I attempted to rearrange my position as I pulled her to me with my hands on her buttocks.

But she said loudly, "Oh no! Don't stop now!"

So I plunged my tongue back in; within just a few seconds she called out, "I'm cumming! Oh yesss . . ." She pulled my head into herself, with my face so hard against her it almost cut off my ability to breath. At last she relaxed and I gave her pussy a departing kiss, arose and with my lips all covered in her juices kissed her full on the mouth.

She eventually spoke in a low embarrassed voice, "Darling that was so good I have fantasied over this happening for years, especially after we had danced together and I could feel you hard against me through my dress. When dad and I got home he always went straight to bed. I would go and shower where I would play with myself until I climaxed, always thinking about you and me doing this and more".

I hugged her naked body to me and knowing that we were short of time I turned to get out of the shower. Before I could get out mother grasped my hard penis and said with a grin on her face, "No Colin be a good boy and let mother finish playing out her fantasy." She turned me to face her, knelt in front of me and took the end of my penis into her warm mouth. She took it out again all wet from her mouth and looking at it she said, "I have always wanted to do this, you are just right. I adore the pink circumcised end, it looks so inviting!" With that, she took me into her mouth as far as she could, swirling her tongue around it. Almost immediately my legs were trembling and I could feel my balls tightening at the start of what I knew was going to be a huge orgasm.

I exclaimed "I'm going to cum" expecting her to take her mouth away, but on hearing that she sucked me in further. I gripped hold of her head in both of my hands, pushing deeper into her mouth. I started to ejaculate, it seemed I was pumping gallons of it. I looked down at her as she swallowed my offering; mother looked up into my eyes as she continued to milk me of all I could give.

All too soon, I was quite tender and started to go soft in her mouth. She rose off her knees and kissed me as I had her with her mouth open and her tongue covered in my ejaculate found mine. I tasted me on as our lips and tongues met. I said, "We have to go!" So we both spent a few moments washing away the residue of activities from each other. As we exited the shower, Mother said, "Well darling after that perhaps you should call me Ursula not mother."

"Yes, please" I said, "but just some times when on our own I would like to call you mother."

"OK" she said, "when?"

I responded by whispering in her ear saying, "When I make love to you tonight in our new home."

"Oh?" she said, "have I to wait that long?"

The next few hours flew by with us both getting ready to leave; clearing the last remaining items from the house, disposing of remaining trash, and contacting solicitors and banks regarding the completion of the house sale of mother's house. Then it was all finished, all our bills paid, the money from the house sale deposited in the bank, and the new owner's moving truck had arrived. We handed over the keys, wished them well, and after a last look at the house we departed with our travel bags by taxi to Heathrow Airport.

Arriving at Heathrow shortly, we then had the normal aggravation with checking, we boarded our flight to Gibraltar. Two and a half hours later, after a pleasant flight, we laded at Gibraltar. Passing through the airport with our hand luggage we walked hand in hand in the sunshine, crossed the few yards to the border with Spain, then flashed the passports at emigration and passed through customs. In La Linea we engaged a taxi to take us via the coast road and motor way on the pleasant journey to our new home.

Arriving we stood in front of the fence, we kissed before opening the small pedestrian gate and entered the garden we had. The sprinklers were watering the lawn. The surface of the pool was rippled by the breeze off the sea, it sparkled in the sunlight. Our house was built on stilts, constructed above the parking area. Climbing up the stairs we passed through the door to our new home and flew into each other's arms. I said to mother, "Why don't we shower and meet in the master bedroom in half an hour." Therefore, we each went to smaller separate bedrooms, each of which had adjoining bathrooms.

I stripped off my clothes unpacked my bag and showered in the big wet room, then put on a lightweight kimono. I made my way to the kitchen, in the fridge were two bottles of Cava, which I had placed there during our last visit and collected a couple of glasses from the cupboard. Looking out the huge windows over the sea I realized that the sun was setting and it was getting dark, I proceeded to join the love of my life, my mother.

Softly opening the door, on entering the darkened room I immediately detected the subtle fragrance of roses and jasmine, mother's perfume of choice Coty L Aimant. I always brought her a bottle of this particular skin cream perfume for each of her birthdays. My eyes on becoming accustomed to the darkness were filled with her presence sitting upon the large bed. She was silhouetted against the whiteness of the full-length net curtains, which were billowing from the evening sea breeze passing into the room via the open wall-to-wall windows.

Mother rose to her feet with no apparent effort, elegantly unfolding until she stood facing me, a sensual woman belying her sixty-eight years. Dressed in a similar kimono to my own, her silhouette was framed by the view of the sea and Gibraltar in the close distance, visible through the net curtains. "Come to mother, darling Colin." she uttered, and held out her arms wide open.

I took the few steps toward her into her arms, no need of words to be spoken as we embraced. Her perfume invaded my senses. The feel of her breast soft against my chest inflamed me as I cupped her buttocks with my right hand, whilst my left placed in the center of her back drew her to me. Our lips met full and wet, not the kiss of mother and son but more with the passion of lovers, lips parted to allow our tongues to slither past, to explore and taste.

I could feel the heat emanating from her body, stirring my manhood, as her breasts and pelvis pressed into my own. I pulled away from her and stepped back, leaned forward and taking hold of her kimono by the lapels looking directly into her eyes; smiling I gently slid it from her body, letting it pool around her feet leaving her naked to my view. I appraised her, from her sensual face above a slender long neck, with her many ringlets of her thick gray hair cascading over her shoulders, to fall over her magnificent full breasts almost hiding her large dark nipples where I had once fed.

My eyes traveled down, passing her womanly plump waist and for an instant settled on the junction that her long, long legs made with her body. Just a glimpse was available to me of her Mons now perfectly shaved and so inviting that I became in an instant fully aroused and so hard. I directed my view to her eyes and stepped back another pace holding her eyes with mine, I slowly removed my own Kimono tossing it aside to stand proudly naked before her, the son of fifty years with a what I hoped was a defiant but naughty boy look upon my face.

Mother tore her eyes from my gaze and looked down at my naked body as I stood before her. I know that I looked so much like my father, her husband, tall with broad shoulders, a slim waist and long legs but smaller framed than my father. Unlike dad, whose body had been covered in a mat of dense hair, I had little body hair and that which I did have under my arms and on my pubes, I shaved. She directed her gaze at my naked body and fully erect penis with its circumcised pink head held almost vertical against my navel. Again I knew that it was the same but different to my father's 'cock', as Dad had called his own penis, for his had been a more modest uncircumcised male organ surrounded by dense hair.

I stepped forward lifting Mother with my arms around her and moved her back until I felt her legs come into contact with the side of the bed, sitting her down so that her head became level with my erect penis. She leaned forward and kissed it on the pink hard tip. I gently push her onto her back to lay on the bed with her legs bent and feet still in contact with the floor. I leaned over and my hand slipped between her legs gently pressing on her Mons as I kissed her on her full lips, yet again our tongues intertwined tasting each other's sweetness.

I broke the kiss and trailed my lips down her neck to her left breast, gently sucking on her nipple, feeling it expand in my mouth. Whilst the index finger of my hand played at mother's Mons. I slipped it inside her hot wet vaginal passage as my middle finger softly stroked against her tight bottom button. She writhed in my grasp, whimpering as she opened like a flower to my administrations.

Continuing down with my lips and kneeling, I rearranged her legs over my shoulders, my mouth searching for and then covering her pudenda. My tongue found the entrance between her engorged lips and slithered into her as I sucked and savored her sweetness. Meanwhile, my hands moved up to her breasts where, taking her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, I teased them even more erect.

I lapped at her pussy sucking on her like a ripe peach, my tongue penetrated deeper. I sensed her climax coming, so taking her clitoris between my lips I gently sucked on, it as I plunged two fingers deeply in and out of her vagina, another finger gently vibrated just inside her bottom. Mother writhed and moaned bucking her hips against my mouth and hand, she screamed out, "Yes, now!" as she climaxed against my mouth.

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