tagFetishForget Me Not

Forget Me Not


"Hey baby boy," I exclaimed as I ran into you at the pub. "What are you doing tonight?"

"You maybe," you answered in your matter-of-fact way, your look letting me know you approve of the pet name I came up with. It fits with the idea of your calling me 'mom'.

"Well finish off that drink and let's go then," I replied. Just seeing you in the bar made me wet. I couldn't wait to get you alone so we could have some fun.

You downed the last of your beer then announced, "Just let me hit the can and we're out of here."

I grabbed your hand and pulled you towards the door. "You can go when we get there." We jumped into the blazer and headed to "our spot." When we pulled up and parked I reached in the back and handed you a gift-wrapped package.

"Oh mom, what is this?" you asked surprised.

"It's just something for my baby boy. Open it!"

You ripped open the paper to find a box inside. When you had the box open you found a beautiful leather collar with metal spikes and a leash. Not knowing what to say you just took it out of the box and looked it over.

"Try it on," I commanded.

You took the collar and hooked it around your neck. It looked incredible. I reached over and took the leash, handing it to you. Without being told you hooked the leash to the collar.

"Now where does the other end of that leash go?" I asked, testing you. Without a word you handed it over to me.

"What a good little pet you are," I praised, and then leaned over to kiss you. "You look so good in your new toy." Our tongues danced as we enjoyed our kiss. I let my hand slide to your groin to find your cock swelling. I knew you still had to go so I let you loose saying, "We'd better let you pee before you get so hard you can't." I hooked the leash over the gearshift saying, "Stay." Walking around to your side I opened the door. "Good boy," I praised once again before kissing you. I removed your leash from the gearshift and led you out to the front of the blazer. "This looks like a good place to pee," I announced.

You undid your fly and reached in to get your cock out for business. I slapped your hand away and you looked at me questioningly as I explained. "Did I say you could touch that?"


I slapped the back of you head. "No what?" I demanded.

"No mom," you answered.

"That's better. Now who's cock is that?" I asked pointing to the ever-growing shaft in your jeans.

You looked at me to be sure you gave the right answer. "Yours?" It came out as a question.

I slapped you again. "Who's?"

"Yours mom," you said this time with more conviction.

"Good boy," I praised. "And who should be touching it?"

"You mom."

"Good boy." I reached into your jeans and took out your cock. It was hard as a rock. "This should be interesting," I commented. "We are going to stand out here until you pee."

Somehow you managed to relax enough so you could pee. I held your cock and aimed it towards the ground as you urinated for me. When you were done I shook it and stroked it until it was nice and hard again, all the while telling you what a great cock you had, how much I wanted it, and how great you looked in your new toy. You were incredibly turned on when you felt something cold around your cock and heard a snap. Looking down you saw the cock ring I had wrapped around your raging hard-on.

"This will keep you up until I am ready for you to cum," I explained. "Now lets have some fun," I said as I tugged on your leash.

When we got to the door of the blazer I stopped you. "Get naked for me." You hesitated and I slapped the back of your head again. "I said get naked. Don't make me tell you things twice."

I dropped the leash and watched as you pulled your shirt off over your head and stepped out of your jeans. You stood there wearing only your collar, leash and socks.

"Look at that nice hard cock," I purred taking it in one hand as I picked up your leash in the other. "Soon I am going to have you fuck me with that hard cock of yours. But first I want to feel your tongue sliding through my smooth, wet pussy." With that I pulled on your leash until you were on your knees on the ground. I opened the door and tied your leash off on the handle while I stepped out of my jeans. Sitting on the edge of the seat, my pussy inches from your face I took up your leash again and pulled you forward. When I had your face almost in my cunt I grabbed your hair and pulled your face up to look me in the eye. "Eat my pussy good baby boy and I'll let you fuck me with your nice hard cock."

With one leg on the door and the other on the doorframe I settled back and pulled your leash so you had no choice but to bury your face deep in my pussy. I moaned loudly at the first stroke of your tongue through my wet slit. "That's a good boy. Eat mommy's pussy." I opened my legs as far as I could to give you the best access. "Oh fuck yes. You eat pussy good my little pet," I encouraged. My hips started to buck against your face. I tugged on the leash to get you even deeper.

"Fuck my pussy. Slide your fingers in there and fuck my pussy while you eat it." You didn't have to be told twice this time. No sooner were the words out of my mouth and you had your fingers shoved into my wet cunt. I could hear your muffled moans as you ate like a starving man enjoying your last meal. When I felt the first waves of orgasm rushing over me I pulled your leash tight and grabbed the back of your head to hold you in tight. I flooded your face with cum and you gobbled up every drop. You even chased down the river that was running down the crack of my ass.

Letting your leash loose a little to give you room to maneuver I screamed, "That's it baby boy. Suck up my cum. Eat my pussy and ass. Lick it good." I felt your tongue sliding all around as your fingers still worked up a froth in my cunt. To my pleasant surprise I felt you slide two fingers up my ass as well. "OH FUCK YES!! Fuck my ass, baby boy. Fuck it good. Eat that cunt. Make me cum again." Your tongue and my nasty talking sent me over the edge again quickly. Your fingers and tongue were working double time as I flooded you yet again.

When I came back to reality I grabbed your hair and pulled your face from my quivering pussy. Between your hair and pulling on your leash I got you to your feet and devoured your mouth with a deep passionate kiss. I could taste my juice all over. With you standing between my legs I could feel your cock throbbing. I pulled you close and whispered in your ear as you licked, sucked, and nibbled, "You want to fuck me don't you? You want to bury that hard, throbbing cock deep into my pussy, don't you baby boy?"

"Oh yes. Let me fuck you mom. I want to feel your pussy around my cock."

Pulling you even closer I run my hands all across your back as I explain what I want to do. "I want to feel your hard cock slide into my pussy. Feel those pussy walls sucking you in. Deeper and deeper." My hand drops to your ass and clenches tight as I thrust my wet pussy against your cock. I can feel your throbbing cock slide across my wet slit, bumping against my clit and sending shock waves up and down my spine. The cock ring I clamped on is cold against the heat radiating from my center.

"Oh mom. Let me fuck you. I want to drive my young hard cock deep into your pussy. Please mom. Please I need to fuck you."

"That's it baby boy. Beg for that pussy. If you want to fuck me, beg for it."

"Yes, I want to fuck you. I want to feel how tight and hot your pussy is. PLEASE let me fuck you."

I can't take it anymore. I reach between us and position your cock at my gaping, wet cunt. With one hand firmly on your ass I impale myself on that young hard cock. You can feel your balls boiling. You need to cum. The cum is trying to shoot out but the cock ring prevents it. You are going mad. It feels so good deep in my pussy. It is so hot and wet. "You want to cum don't you? Those balls of mine are boiling aren't they?"

"YES!! It feels so good in your pussy. I'm gonna cum."

"NO!! No you're not. Not until I say! You're gonna fuck me until I cum then we'll see about letting you shoot sticky, creamy cum all over the insides of my pussy." My fingers massage your ass as the other hand runs up and down your back. "Fuck me baby boy. Fuck me with that young hard cock."

"Ride it mom. Ride that young cock of yours." Ours words are drowned out with moans and screams as I fuck back against your thrusts. I can't form coherent thoughts anymore. I am lost in pleasure. My fingers dig into your back as I fuck hard and fast. You can feel the walls of my cunt contracting. I am on the verge. "Cum. Cum. CUM!" you encourage. As if your words were going right to my cunt, I scream and claw at you as I cum, HARD. The wetness between is splashing as you drive deep again and again, prolonging my orgasm.

My pussy is still quaking in the aftermath of that mind-blowing orgasm as I reach between us to squeeze your balls. "Are you ready to cum baby boy? Are you ready to shoot your hot, creamy cum deep in my pussy?"

"Yes! Yes mom! Please let me cum" you beg. I grab the cock ring and pull it loose. All of your pent up frustration comes rushing to the tip and explodes deep into my waiting gash.

"That's it baby boy. Fuck me. Fill my pussy with your cum!" I encourage as I feel blast after blast of hot cum coating the walls of my cunt.

"OH MOM! You pussy feels so good!" you scream out as you pump me full. When you are spent you pull your cock from my pussy causing cum to run down my ass. I grab your leash and force you to you knees once again.

"You made a mess baby boy. Clean it up." You hesitate and I grab your hair forcing you to look up at me again. "I SAID clean it up! Don't disappoint me, my pet." Stroking your hair I let your face fall back down. The first laps of your tongue are tentative at best. My hand flies against the back of your head. "EAT THAT CUNT BABY BOY!" I demand. Pulling your leash tight again I force your face deep in my cum-drenched pussy. I grind my hips against your face smearing our cum all over it. Soon your tongue begins to do a proper job of licking my pussy. "That's it. You know how I like to have my pussy eaten. Don't forget to fuck me baby boy. I want to feel your fingers in there too."

You slide your fingers in my pussy and ass once again fucking me as you swallow our cum. "That's it baby boy. Fuck me. Eat that messy cunt!" Grinding my ass against your face I can feel you licking the cum from my pussy and ass. The wave of pleasure is building once again. "I'm going to cum again. I'm gonna drown you baby boy." Hearing that you double your efforts and gobble up everything coming your way. I hold you tight and fast as I scream through another mind-blowing orgasm.

After coming down from my wave I pull you to me and cover you with licks and kisses again tasting "us" all over your face. I can feel your cock beginning to grow between us. "Are you ready to go again, baby boy?" I ask.

"Yes mom. I want to fuck your ass this time," you smile as you cover my lips with kisses before I can comment. It looks like it's going to be a long HARD night...

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