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Forgive Me Father


"Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. It has been about three and a half weeks since my last confession," Rowena declared to Father O'Dowd before removing her wet knickers and spreading her legs around the randy priest's face. The taste of her sweet eighteen year old pussy sent the blood flowing from his head straight to his raging penis making him even harder than the Rock of Gibraltar. He knew it was time to take action and give Rowena the guidance she needed to soothe his almighty erection. He unzipped his pants and released his hard prick. He pushed the teenage temptress back from his face and got her to sit on his aching cock. He slid one hand inside her blouse molesting her juicy breasts and the other under her short white skirt, running his finger up her cunt and then grasping her swollen clitoris sending a wave of rapturous joy throughout her body.

She reached down and took his meat in her hands, as he continued to poke her dripping cunt. She gently cupped his big balls with her soft fingers, before milking his throbbing prick making him even more eager to fuck her tight little hole. He bent her over and spat a wad of saliva into her anus in preparation for the invasion of her arsehole with his monster prick. She began to relax, as she felt the tip of his penis pressing against her sphincter. He drove it forward, until eventually his tool felt about a foot wide inside her arse. She cried in pain, as his cock pummelled through her anal walls. He continued to fuck her, as she tossed around the Confession Box crying in orgasmic rapture and spraying her fanny gunk like a mountain spring.

Rowena's loud shrieks echoed throughout the church and with them drew the attention of Father McDermott, who could hear her screams from the Parochial House. He entered the church to investigate the noise and was immediately drawn over to the Confession Box, where he was stunned by the sight of Father O'Dowd pumping Rowena's hot arse. Father McDermott watched in awe, as the fucking got even hotter and streams of spit started to drool from his mouth. He pulled out his raging hard-on and rammed it down Rowena's throat. She began to suck his massive prick vigorously, as Father O'Dowd kept on pounding without mercy through her stretched sphincter. She got down on all fours taking the classic spit-roast position, sucking Father McDermott with all her might and Father O'Dowd aggressively fucking her arse with all his strength.

Father McDermott drove his cock further into Rowena's mouth, as she tightened her fingers around the base of his fat rod and her arse began to squeeze Father O'Dowd's pulsing member. The thrusting of his stiff boner in and out of her anus was becoming more intense by the second and she knew that he was going to fire his jism at any moment. She got Father McDermott to withdraw his cock from her mouth and started to tenderly lick his helmet. Father O'Dowd grunted loudly as his hot white seed rushed through his penis and coated the inside of Rowena's anal passage. She was now feverishly sucking the tip of Father McDermott's cock, before he began to squirt yonks of his hot creamy milk inside her juicy lips. She felt his sperm wriggling around her teeth, as she gushed even more of her vaginal fluids onto the church floor.

Father O'Dowd walked away from Rowena at this stage, as she swallowed back the last of Father McDermott's spunk. He wasn't gone for long though and returned within moments with a bottle of Communion wine and some altar bread. He quickly unscrewed the bottle, while Father McDermott began stuffing the altar bread up Rowena's cunt. Father O'Dowd then rammed the bottle up her fanny, emptying its contents inside her. The two priests got down on their knees and lapped up the wine, as it fountained out of her sopping vagina. When the wine had finished, they began to eat the altar bread from inside her, which was now saturated with both traces of the alcohol and copious amounts of her sweet pussy juice.

After eating her out, Father McDermott decided it was his turn to bang her from behind, while Father O'Dowd would work on her via the front entrance. Rowena felt truly blessed by what was about to happen. She had been a sandwich filling for most of the men in the Parish by now, but to have one Padre fucking her cunt and the other one rogering her arsehole really made this session the epitome of double-penetrations. Father O'Dowd started to impale her cunt with his massive cock, as Father McDermott rubbed some holy water against her arsehole to act as a lubricant. Each priest began to plough his prick inside her at their assigned point of entry, causing Rowena to let out screams of both passion and pain. Her pussy had never been this wet before and it just seemed to keep on getting wetter, as Father O'Dowd fucked her fast and hard. He pulled his cock in and out of her, watching it glisten with her opulent girl juice each time he withdrew. Father McDermott plunged his stiff boner deep inside her rectum making it feel like a fire was burning within her arse and when he moved inside her, she could feel every inch of him sliding against her anal walls.

Both men continued to fuck her without relenting. Father O'Dowd could feel her orgasm around his prick, as she started to come. She kept on thrusting between each of them wanting to be fucked even harder. Father McDermott began to shoot more of his hot mayonnaise into her tiny arsehole, causing Rowena to come once more. She cried with uncontrollable pleasure, as she felt the warmness of his seed inside her arse. Father O'Dowd was starting to come now as well, spraying what seemed like litres of his burning jism into her greedy pussy. Her tight dripping cunt drained every last drop from him, almost causing him to collapse.

Rowena lay between her two lovers completely exhausted, although for once in her life she felt nothing but utterly fulfilled. Her faith in the Catholic Church was now fully restored. Father O'Dowd stood up and gently told the young slut "Go on my child, I absolve you from your sins in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."


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