tagNonHumanForgotten Ch. 03

Forgotten Ch. 03


Another self-edit with more story building and character introductions and revelations. Enjoy!


Chapter 3: Nothing is as it seems.

Tala walked into the lounge room carrying coffees for Fenrir and herself. "I don't know," the large muscular woman sighed, "Maybe that man she talks about all the time finally made a move on her."

"I sincerely hope not," Fenrir growled, "We were charged with protecting her innocence as well as her life," he accepted the offered hot beverage and sipped it cautiously, "Bleddyn will have our hides if she returned as damaged goods."

Tala laughed, "You never saw how he would ignore her she is only a runt after all."

"Runt or not she is still his only daughter and from his mate's only litter," the mountain of a man rested his feet on the cluttered coffee table, "We'll give her until tonight and then we'll go hunting for her."

"Agreed," Tala slumped in the seat across from her partner and used the remote to switch on the television, "with all that money you think she could indulge in some pay TV or a few more DVDs."

Fenrir chuckled, "we could occupy our time the old fashioned way," he grinned mischievously.

Tala shook her head, "I would like to know the princess is safe first."


Michelle felt the relief wash over her as the Were-Tiger truck driver drove away, he had left her by the bus station so she could catch a bus to her destination which happened to be the University and the bus she needed was ready to leave. She dug into her pocket and pulled out her wallet, it had been many years since she had to use public transport and she hoped she had enough for the fare.

She could not believe her luck on finding another were in less than twenty-four hours and one who knew her colleague's family. Michelle could not call Michael her friend at that moment and definitely not her lover as both titles needed trust and he had shattered that when he opted to keep his other nature from her and it broke her heart. If only he had said something to her everything would have turned out differently. "Yeah," she spoke to herself, "you probably would have ran before that night of unbelievably fantastic sex." She sighed, "Maybe I should have listened to him," she thought hard about the last few hours and shook her head, "Fuck it!"

She boarded the bus and sat near the rear exit to make a quick escape once she reached the University. Her stomach growled, how could she be hungry so soon after that feast Michael had given her? She chose to ignore it surely it was the excitement of her morning that caused her body to grumble for food, she had been an emotional eater when Gary died she lived at fast food restaurants until the vicar helped her deal with the loss of her step-father.

The town houses caught her attention there was a lovely house with wisterias growing along the fence, it stood out from the rest of the houses as it was the only one that had a wild look about it all the other houses had neat little gardens with well kept lawns and trimmed shrubs. There it was, the vines were in flower with purple and white blooms and no doubt a fragrance that would make you dizzy if you remained for too long. Shell loved that house and made up her mind that if it ever became available she would buy it and keep all the windows open for the exotic perfume to waft throughout the house.

The house was also conveniently within walking distance of the University which meant that her stop was coming up next. With a quick thank you to the driver she made her way to her office to pick up her car keys, carefully avoiding everyone. Luckily nobody seemed to notice her as she ran towards the staff car park at the rear of the biology building.

Steeling her nerves once she was in the driver's seat she could not drive home if she was overly emotional, in this case rage as she found Michael had anticipated her destination with a man who could have been his brother walked with him towards the southern entrance of the biology building. They had not seen her, she did however fear they could smell her they were wolves after all and would pick up her scent. Starting the engine she carefully backed her little hatchback out and drove away.


"So this is where you work?" William asked trying to calm is frantic son. Michael nodded waiting for the car to stop moving so he could spring out and retrieve the information he needed to find his mate. His father followed him out of the car and into the building. William looked around and spotted the office with a few young women working inside and although he was mated he could not resist the challenge of charming all four of them. "Ladies," he greeted them leaning on the counter beaming a broad smile.

Michael shook his head leaving his father safely in the foyer while he raced to Dr. Monahan's office, the old bear had all the personnel files that involved an immortal. Apart from the three weres, there was also a banshee that worked in medicine and a vampire in the drama department.

"Ah! Mike what are you doing here?" the older man with chocolate hair and dark brown eyes questioned his friend, "Aren't you suppose to be honeymooning or what ever you wolves call it?" They stood in the hall in front of Monahan's office which was fortunately empty.

"Rick," Michael began as they entered Dr. Monahan's office, "I need your help." He conveyed all that had occurred and the reason why he stood before his friend when he should have been making love to his mate.

"Well," Dr. Monahan sighed, "I'd say you're royally fucked."

Michael slumped in the chair, "I need her address so I can iron things out and we can overlook this little hiccup."

Rick roared with laughter, "She thinks you tricked her into your bedroom to forcibly change her into a were, following her home will not help you."

"She is my mate," Mike felt defeated, "I think she maybe hurt. When she kicked me off ... I saw a trail of blood."

The bear stopped laughing, "Now that is serious." He rummaged through the files in the bottom draw of his desk, "here," he handed Michelle's file to him, "go find her."

Michael nodded and raced out, "Dad, please leave the office girls alone," he grumbled as he entered the foyer.

William turned towards his son, "Excuse me ladies," he bid his goodbyes to the now flirtatious office girls. They moaned their disappointment as the Alpha left.

"Do you have to flirt with every female that crosses your path?" Michael did nothing to hide his disapproval, "What would Mum say?"

"She finds it amusing," he defended himself, "so have you got what we came for?"

"Yes," Michael read out the address to his father and the two sped off.


Michelle unlocked her front door, "I'm sorry guys," she apologised to her two dogs as the jumped around her quite obviously happy she had returned. Fenrir stopped and began to growl he had scented another male and it was coming from Michelle and to make matters worse he was a wolf. "Fen what's wrong?" she crouched down to the large animal. Tala now growled but at Fenrir, she bit his ear until he yelped and rolled over. "What's gotten into you guys?"

She continued into the kitchen looking for something to eat.

'You idiot!' Tala thought across to Fenrir, 'What's gotten into you?'

The male wolf looked at his partner, 'she's fucked a wolf!' He snarled back. 'I think she may have mated with him! She in heat!!!'

'How can she mate with a wolf is she has no idea she is one herself?' Tala growled back, 'Bedella made sure she would not remember anything of her past life only the implanted memories she gave her.'

'She couldn't remove the fact that she is a wolf!' Fenrir argued, 'She still carries the wolf scent!'

Before the two wolves could continue their argument they smelled the delicious scent of fresh meat, Michelle knew how to spoil them she always gave them fresh meat not once had she given them biscuits or canned food. They let their stomachs lead them and ate the offered morsels.

Shell searched through her music collection on the desk top computer finding the music that suited her current mood, the rage had set back in again and she wanted to listen to something to calm her down, so her collection of the heaviest music she owned began to rumble out the speakers.

The windows pulsed with the throb of the bass and she could swear the neighbours were calling the cops already. Michelle wish she had stopped by the liquor store for a few beverages, she never drank until the previous night and now she just wished she could drown in a bottle of rum or whiskey or anything with a proof above 80%. But she had nothing, the only drug that she could be happy with would be the instant coffee she had every morning, "That will do," she made the coffee stronger than she would normally have it. She picked up a sandwich she had made earlier and took a bite out of it while she waited for the kettle to boil.


The music could be heard clearly from the outside of the average sized house in the suburbs. Michael screwed his nose up at the noise, why did his mate have to like this rubbish?

"This is a pretty house," William said joining his son in the driveway, "I like the colour of the bricks." Michael moved past his father and banged on the door.


Michelle rolled her eyes, she knew that escaping Michael would not be easy but did he have to track her down so fast?

"Michelle!" he called from the front door, "Please let me in!"

The anger she felt increased, "Leave me alone Michael," she called back turning the music up louder with the remote.

"Damnit!" Michael punched the door he dented it but did not break it down, that would have been rude.

Tala and Fenrir heard the raised voices over the heavy music. 'I can smell him!' Fenrir growled.

'Who?' Tala responded angrily more concerned with Michelle's welfare.

'The bastard who touched the Princess!' Fenrir resisted the urge to shift into his human form, they could not reveal their true nature to the Princess unless her life was in danger.

"Fuck off!" Michelle yelled through her front door over the deafening music.

William huffed, "your bitch is obstinate," he grumbled to his son.

"I will get to the bottom of this," Michael said to his father tersely, "I will bring her home and live happily ever after!" his voice rising in an unconscious challenge to his father's authority.

"Careful boy!" William growled between clenched teeth, "You are not ready of the position of Alpha yet!"

"Nor do I want it," Michael returned to banging on the door, "Michelle open the door."

"There is no way I am letting in a werewolf into my home," she shrieked back, "Don't you have to wait for an invitation?"

"That's vampires," Mike sighed she was deliberately provoking him he could feel it. Although their bond was new he could already feel her base emotions, she was ready to fight him and at this point in time he was willing to please her desire. "And that is just a myth, vampires would just walk into the house if they felt like it."

"Oh what fantastic news," she sarcastically replied, "Not only are there werewolves and tigers but vampires as well! Next you will be telling me that pixies exist!"

"They do."

Michelle let out a frustrated scream, "Anything else I should know?"

"Move back from the door!" William had had enough of the verbal sparring his son and daughter-in-law seemed to enjoy.

"What?" Shell asked as the door flew open hitting her in the head and casting her backwards into a bookcase causing the contents to fall on her.

It was enough for Fenrir he shifted into his hybrid form and tackled the Alpha as he bent down to check Michelle's condition. Tala had shifted too into her human form, "Fenrir!" she called as she too was tackled by Michael.

William threw Fenrir off him and went back to checking Michelle's injuries the mark on her forehead caused him to wince his anger lead him to injure his son's mate, Mollie will kill him for this.

Michael had the two wolves by their necks, "Okay, now I'm really confused," he looked to his father who had picked the unconscious girl. "What have you done?" He was murderous ready to snuff out the lives of not only the two wolves he held but also his father.

Fenrir growled, "What have you done to Princess Bleddwen?"

William shot his head around, "Of the Dawnlight Pack?" Michael had never heard his father scared before, he even scented his fear in the air.

Michael stood watching the exchange between the two males, "We were assigned to hide her," Tala explained, "along with a human, Gary. We were to keep her hidden until the threat had passed."

"I thought the threat had passed," William responded raising an eyebrow challenging the woman to argue his statement.

"We have not received such news," She said dryly, "Our orders were simple; keep her save and keep her pure until she was mated to the Midnight Pack Alpha."

"Well he cannot have her," Michael growled, "She is MY mate."

The news sent Fenrir into a frenzy breaking from Michael's grip, the shock of Fenrir's escape startled him for only a moment but his retaliation was thwarted by Tala who had beat him to the man. She had shifted into her hybrid form and captured Fenrir in her jaws until he calmed down.

William grunted at the obvious pain that Fenrir felt, "your mate?" he asked the wounded wolf who nodded rubbing his neck. The Alpha motioned for Michael to take Michelle to the car. "Now I need the two of you to come back to our territory."

The two wolves nodded and shifted into their wolf forms and jumped onto the backseat with an unconscious Michelle.


Bleddyn looked out the window to the perpetual dawn, his mate had gone into labour early again the fifth time since their first litter and he hoped that this time their pups would survive. The Pack doctor came out of the birthing suite and shook his head sadly. Bleddyn closed his eyes, the tears he held in fear now spilling over, "how many?"

"Six," the doctor answered, "two boys four girls." He approached his Alpha placing his hand on his friend's shoulder, "Steren has been calling for you. She needs you."

The Alpha wiped the tears from his eyes he could not be seen weakened not even in front of his mate, especially now when she needed him strong. He entered the infirmary where his beloved mate lay in the hospital bed her cheeks stained with her tears and the bodies of the six pups lying in her lap. "My Heart," Bleddyn clasped her hand with his, "This is not your fault."

"I know," she wept, "but what have we done to anger the gods so much to keep taking our children from us?" she picked up one of the boys and cradled him to her chest, "this one would have made a beautiful Alpha." She broke down howling over her dead children. Bleddyn did what he could to comfort her pulling his mate into his arms and gently rocking with her until she calmed to a pained whimper.

"Come, My Heart," he removed the pups from her lap and handed them to one of the nurses who waited patiently to prepare them for their journey to the after life. She held all six pups as though they were still alive and left her Alphas to grieve. "Steren," Bleddyn cooed in her ear, "I will get to the bottom of this, I promise."


Mollie stood at the front door her arms crossed and tapping her foot impatiently, the sight of her new daughter-in-law unconscious and two unknown wolves had angered her. William may be Alpha but it would not stop her from giving him a piece of her mind.

"Mollie," William stopped dead when she held up her hand.

"What is going on here?" she asked her mate not needing to gesture to the newcomers.

"We should have the answers we need," William answered truthfully, "but I fear it will only cause us to ask more."

The two strangers remained in their wolf form and submitted to Mollie, who just nodded and passed them to reach her son, "How are you feeling my dear?" she asked him sincerely resting her hand on his arm as he held his mate in his arms.

"Confused and tired," he went inside and headed straight to the infirmary.

William motioned for the two newcomers to shift, "you will follow me." He led them to his office on the second floor. Several young pups ran to his side trying to steal hugs from him as he passed them. They looked disappointed when he told them to wait.

Fenrir felt a stab of jealousy towards the Alpha of the Patterson Pack, he was truly loved by all of those around him and he was so laid back perhaps he and Tala should petition this man to join his pack once they were given leave of their assignment from Bleddyn. It would be a more peaceful rest from their assignment than what they would receive for failing in their duty to Bleddyn.

The office was warm and friendly with pictures of all the pack members and their families hung on the walls and decorated all the flat surfaces. A clarinet sat on a stand with some sheet music lying next to it on a chair, it appeared to have been put down hastily.

William leaned against his desk crossing his ankles and his arms across his chest, "Who wants to start?" he asked the two wolves waiting for one of them to begin talking. When neither spoke he continued, "My son last night mated with a woman he has loved for years. This morning however she had no idea what had happened and began panicking when my son made love to her, injuring both my son and herself in the process."

Tala dropped her eyes she explained everything, the threats to the Dawnlight Pack, the hiding of the Alpha's litter all over the world and the involvement of the Sídhe to hide the pups from themselves. "and now we wait for contact from the Pack to welcome us home," she finished, "though I fear that with Gary's death and the Princess's need to move from the town we were placed in, we may be lost."

"Why haven't you contacted them yourselves?" William asked, his eyes trapping Tala in his gaze, "it is not hard to travel to Dawnlight."

"We could not take the Princess with us, nor could we risk being spotted by the enemy," Fenrir spoke flatly, "that was why we had Gary, he was human and not seen as a threat."

William nodded he was torn, he must inform Bleddyn that his daughter has mated with Michael but that could cause stress with the Midnight Pack and their Alpha Brynjar who was know for his volatile nature. He trained his dark eyes on the two wolves before him, "how can you change into pure wolf form?" he asked abruptly remembering the way they looked in their wolf form, no trace of their humanity remained.

"The Sídhe changed us so we could appear as animals," Tala explained, "to hide in plain sight."

"Fair enough," William pushed himself off his desk and circled it to a concealed bar fridge beneath the desk and pulled out bottles of beer tossing them to the wolves, "Anyway, I'm William, or Bill to my Betas."


Gwen had seen it, Michelle was hurt and there were two unknown wolves with her father and brother, she was determined to find out and began to follow her father up the stairs.

"What are you doing?" an adolescent male voice asked from behind her.

"Piss off Lester," she snarled at the intruder, "I don't want to talk with you ever again!"

"Because I touched you?" he asked cautiously.

"What do you think genius?" she continued to stalk her father and the newcomers with Lester annoyingly close behind.

"Who are they?" he whispered in her ear tickling the delicate shell with his breath.

Gwen huffed, "That's what I'm trying to find out." They skulked around the corner to see the Alpha's office door shut with a soft click of the latch. Gwen trotted up to the door and pushed her ear to the solid wood door.

The Alpha's voice carried through the wood clearly but the other two in there were muffled by the hardwood door. "What are they saying?" Lester inquired interrupting the Alpha's question about something that would have been a really juicy piece of information.

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