tagNonHumanForgotten Ch. 09

Forgotten Ch. 09


Well, this was a long time coming, too long but when your inspiration goes on holiday without so much as a postcard there is nothing you can do about it. I do hope the length of this chapter makes up for the wait.


Chapter 9: Reunions.

Michael had packed the car while Shell slept early that morning. He had made a call to the Hyena pack on the Shipwreck Coast for a room at the popular Were hotel on the beach front. The cliché name of Moonlight Head Hotel had nothing to do with a Were's natural affinity for the moon, but rather the name of the near by beach. The hotel is protected by fae magic to keep all non weres away.

Dada was queen of her small pack and manager of the hotel and loved Mike like one of her sons so when he asked about a room for him and his new mate she gave him the honeymoon suite for nothing and refused any offer of cash. Mike found it amusing that the woman he helped design and build the hotel they were about to visit still considered him a close friend despite the fact they had not seen each other for over a century.

"Shell," Mike called when he entered the bedroom where his sleeping mate lay. He was in awe at her gentle features as she slept, the slight pout of her lips and her lashes resting on her cheek was the very image of a goddess in slumber. "Rise, my darling," he kissed her softly on those pouting lips and was rewarded with a stifled yawned. "Good morning."

"I'll tell you when morning arrives," Shell quipped and rolled over.

"Sorry," Mike tossed the blankets aside and picked her up. Shell began to protest vocally. "Hush, my love, you'll wake the neighbours."

"I don't give a rat's arse what the neighbours do," Shell screamed, "I want to go back to bed!"

"But I thought you would want a romantic holiday by the coast in a luxury hotel suite," Mike whispered hotly in her ear, silencing any argument.

"For how long?" She asked as he lowered her to her feet.

"Until you are able to function normally at work without the need to jump me every few seconds," Mike explained jovially.

"Indefinite leave then," she yawned.

Mike laughed at her comment, "I didn't realise I had that affect on you." Shell stretched and scooted off to the shower. Mike joined her once she had adjusted the temperature of the water. "Care for some company?"

"Maybe," she smirked, steeping aside so he could have the water. "What are you planning for breakfast?"

"There's a bakery I like that do breakfast from 6am," he explained whilst shampooing his hair, "I know you like pastry."

"Food of the gods," she giggled, "Like chocolate, ice-cream and gourmet cheeses."

"You know your phobia of gaining weight is not relevant anymore," he pulled her close into his arms and nibbled the crook of her neck, "Just as long as you eat enough protein your golden."

"If that was a crude suggestion for me to go down on you ..." Shell argued mockingly.

"I would never make suggestions ..." Mike protested, but was cut off by Shell's response.

"Okay," her mischievous tone worried him greatly, "I won't then." To emphasise her tease she boldly stroked her fingers down his hard abs to the all too awake staff. She turned away and brushed her rear against him.

Mike groaned and captured her in his muscular arms, "You play with fire you little minx," he bit her mark and Shell melted in his embrace. "That will teach you to tease a wolf."

Shell began to rub her behind into his vary hard and demanding erection, "What are you going to do?" she cheekily asked.

"I will sandwich you between me and the icy cold wall," his threat was met with a light hearted giggle.

"Let's see," she dropped and took his length in her hand stroking it lovingly. "I still cannot believe you are this big, I thought this size was nothing more than hearsay." She licked his tip, swirling her tongue around the eye.

Mike dropped his head back and sighed; he entered her hot waiting mouth and let her take charge. He could not believe how lucky he was. She had learnt her lesson on their first night not to try taking him too deeply so she compensated with her hands gripping his shaft firmly stroking in time with her sucking. He caressed her hair, lovingly encouraging her to continue.

Shell pulled away with hunger in her eyes, she grinned devilishly at her mate, "So are you going to sandwich me with the icy wall?" She leaned back allowing Mike to see her body flushed pink from the hot water. All her nipples were hard and begging attention.

Michael could not speak as he was enthralled with her body. Slowly he traced the lowest nipple on her abdomen, pinching it until she moaned before moving to the next. Twelve nipples and twelve enrapturing moans later he had her firmly pressed against the white tiles of her shower. Without any effort he lifted her onto his awaiting member.

"Oh Michael," she cried.

"I love you Shell," he groaned and began to thrust with every bit of energy he had. Shell was howling as he pumped into her, her muscles fluttering so tantalisingly. "I can't hold it ..." He roared, he drained everything he had into her with a silent prayer that he would succeed in starting their family. Again he was pinned to her but Shell did not seem to mind.

"Are we going for breakfast now?" Shell asked, tightening her legs around his waist. "I can go with you if you wish."

Mike chuckled, "Hold on." He turned the taps off and wrapped them in a big fluffy towel, "Decaffeinated Coffee?"

"Joy!" she sarcastically replied and held on.

They made their way out to the kitchen and Mike flicked the switch on the kettle. "While we're waiting," Mike insinuated another round by rolling his hips into hers.

"I can handle that," she bit his bottom lip eliciting a tremble though his entire body.

He pushed her back onto the bench taking her a second time just as forceful as before. He barely lasted longer than his previous attempt when he filled her again.

The coffee was downed quickly once it was made an hour later; with several rounds of toast thrown in they finally separated long enough to leave for the coast.


They had driven for over an hour before they stopped for breakfast, which was large and delicious. They continued on their way for another hour when they left the paved road and started down a muddy track. "I hope you are insured," Shell commented when the overgrown shrubbery scratched at the pristine paintwork of Michael's car.

"It will be fixed when we get back," Mike smiled broadly; "The pack is quite self sufficient for the most part, you will see when you finally come home."

"Am I expected to move there to live?" Shell was not pleased with that idea; she had worked hard to buy her home and would not relinquish it.

"Yes," he answered directly, "You are mated to the future Alpha of the Patterson Pack, sooner or later we will be expected to live in the mansion along side my parents."

"I do not wish to leave my home," Shell stated, "I struggled to buy that place as quickly as possible and I refuse to leave it."

"What if we remain there until you are pregnant then we rent out your house for extra income?" Mike attempted to compromise. "That way you will make money and be closer to our family doctors so they can keep an eye on our babies." He reached over to hold her hand and gave it a loving squeeze, "I only want the best for you."

"I feel like my life is being taken out of my control," she sighed, "Before I was alone but master of my own life."

"I do not wish to control you," Mike assured her, "But I have some things in my life I cannot control and that affects the both of us. I have the misfortune of being the only son born to my parents which means I cannot step aside for another."

"You have sisters ..."

"Who are not eligible to become Alpha."

"That's sexist, a woman can do everything a man can," Shell argued.

"It's not about male dominance," Mike chuckled. "It's biology, female wolves are fast and agile, but when it comes to physical strength they are not a match for a male."

"Are you saying that I'm faster than you are?"

"And more agile," he reminded her, "In a fight it would be difficult to pin you down as you would probably wriggle free from my grasp."

"What about intelligence?" She asked, "Are there differences in that area?"

"Not really, females have the advantage in both an emotional and logical decision and males are more on the logical and focused," he laughed, "it is both the strength and weakness of the pack, we have a broad defence, but fight internally because of the differences." His laughs grew, "My mother constantly reminds my father that he doesn't understand her, even after a millennium together."

"A thousand years together?" Michelle was shocked at the longevity of her in-laws relationship , "I hope your father can remember their anniversary by now."

"You would think that wouldn't you," Mike shook his head with a smile, "But I can safely say that he has forgotten more than he has remembered."

Shell snorted, "Your poor mother."

"My poor father!" He mockingly protested, "Last year he forgot and my mother gave him a black eye."

"I thought you said that males were stronger than females," Shell teased.

"Females have one thing that all males do not," Mike informed her, "And that is the ability to manipulate any situation to their favour."

"Excuse me?" Shell's indignant glare was enough to end the conversation quickly.

"Sorry Sweetie," he gave her a quick kiss to her hand and continued the drive in silence.


The hotel came into view as they rounded the last corner; the old federation style building looked immaculate. The crimson bricks and decorative ivory windows had all the glamour of the birth of the great southern nation. The overcast day did little to dull the brilliant façade. "How beautiful," Shell breathlessly sighed.

"This is Moonlight Head Hotel," Mike said quietly, "It belongs to a friend of mine." As though on queue a tall voluptuous African woman opened the door and waved at them, "That's her."

Michelle could only stare at her, the woman at the door oozed with sexuality and power. "Michael!" Dada called out, "You're late!"

The weather chose that moment to open, Michelle wasted no time racing in doors leaving Mike to bring in the luggage. She went to introduce herself to the gorgeous woman who greeted them, but she just ushered her inside and went to help Mike. Shell shrugged and hunted down the nearest heat source which happened to be a fire place in a beautiful Edwardian parlour. Not bothering to stop Shell scooted around the furniture and stood rubbing her hands in front of the hearth. She paid no attention to the occupants sitting and watching television, at least they were until she trotted past.

Outside Michael and Dada were drenched and muddy with a heavy load of luggage in their arms. Dada laughed at how ridiculous Mike looked with the indignant scowl on his face. "You know," Dada said, "You should have known that would happen."

"I know," he grumbled, "I just hoped she would have helped."

"You are newly mated aren't you," the woman teased. "You will learn soon enough that our darling mates will not do what you want without sweet words and bribery, I have three to contend with, you wolves have it easy."

Mike huffed, "She and I had a disagreement before."

"Tsk tsk," Dada smirked, "Just apologise, even if it is not your fault because in her mind it is."

He blew a raspberry at her and they headed inside.


"You're a pretty little thing," Michelle heard from behind her. She turned to see who had spoken to her, behind her were three men sitting in recliners watching her, "A little small for my liking." The man who had spoken was a pale red head with freckles and a cheeky grin.

"I'm sorry?" Shell waited for him to introduce himself, when he continued to grin she continued, "I'm Dr Michelle Ackermann, geneticist."

"I'm Sean," the red head stood and gave a bow, the faintest Irish lilt to his voice giving it a theatrical flavour. "Toy boy and underwear model."

"No you're not," another scoffed, "I'm Brendan, resident geek." His appearance echoed his statement, unkempt mop of dark curly hair, thin build and a notebook computer on his lap with a glowing alien with large black eyes on it. "He's had tickets on himself since he finally achieved six pack abs."

Sean lifted his shirt and tapped the defined muscles, "Beautiful huh?"

"If you were not so pale," the third man and Brendan laughed at the huff from Sean. "I am Obi, Dada's first mate."

Shell had noted the similarity between the woman who waved at them and the man who had his nose in a book. He was just as dark was Dada, but he was smaller in build than the statuesque woman. He mentioned first mate, what did that mean? Shell wondered.

"I see you have met my beloved mates," Dada called out, carrying two suitcases through the door. "Are you hungry my dear?"

Shell's stomach grumbled at the reminder of food, "A little."

Mike joined them with another two suitcases, "A cuppa would be nice."

"Sit down and make yourselves comfortable," Dada gestured to the lounge suite, "Sean, please get our guests some nibbles."

"Yes sweetie," the red head scooted off to another room and returned with a couple of packets of chocolate coated biscuits which he then opened and poured onto a plate. He picked up one of the biscuits and nibbled it jovially. Shell did the same only with bigger bites.

Mike watched with amusement at her eating the biscuit, chewing quickly to take another bite. "Hungry again?" He asked her sympathetically.

Shell nodded as she munched, the chocolate melting in her fingers; the mess looking comical to all those watching. "What?" Shell asked when she noticed the men silently laughing at her.

"Perhaps we should retire for the moment," Mike suggested with a small grin, "To get cleaned up."

"Nonsense," Dada said, bringing in a tray with a large pot of tea and several fine bone china cups, "You look fine." She handed Shell a cup and winked. "There is no need to dress all fancy for this lot."

"Ladies should always try their best for their men," Sean argued.

"It goes both ways dear," Dada spoke to him directly, "Would it kill you to moisturise?"


It was early afternoon before Mike managed to get Shell up to their room. Dada and her mates were entertaining and polite, but he needed to be alone with his mate, Shell had begun fidgeting in her seat. Mike knew she was fighting the urge to jump him after she had refuelled on chocolate biscuits and club sandwiches.

The view over the sea cliffs looked majestic, the gale blowing from the south forcing the surf to grow larger and more damaging. It was dangerously beautiful. Shell looked out the window as Michael unpacked, mesmerised by the waves rhythmically crashing against the rocks. "It's sublime," she uttered when she noticed her mate looking at her, "I have memories of seeing the beach from a childhood I never really experienced," she paused, shaking her head, "This could be my first time to the coast."

"In the summer we could go swimming," Mike said, wrapping his arms around her waist and giving her cheek a tender kiss, "Or would you like to go up north after your oestrus has settled down?"

Shell broke out of her trance and leaned her head against his shoulder, "That sounds delightful."

Mike brushed her hair away from her neck and began to kiss and nibble softly. Shell melted into his arms as his attentions increased, his lips tracing their way up along her jaw. She did not need much prompting to encourage her to the bed, shedding her clothing before climbing onto the soft nest-like bed. Mike let his lips guide him from her demanding mouth, down her throat and to the rows of overly sensitive nipples. He let his tongue drag over all on one side, from bottom to top then repeated the same torturous lick on the other side. Shell's low moan rumbled in her chest as Mike did it again, this time swirling around each bud slowly. He slid his hand down the smooth skin of her abdomen to the molten pool between her thighs, it was Mike's turn to groan finding the liquid heat seeping out, coating his fingers. He eagerly tasted the sweet nectar, swiftly licking it off with his nimble tongue. He pushed his fingers in, curling them to strike her secluded jewel.

Shell's legs jerked the moment he found that little spot so many have trouble finding. A sharp gasp followed by a low groan escaped Shell's pouting lips as Mike took his time, captivated by the ecstasy on her face. "I need you," Mike groaned through clenched teeth, catching her eyes with a steamy gaze. He withdrew his fingers, quickly licking them clean and began to move over her, slowly covering her with his muscular body. With a swift movement he entered her, capturing her lips in a deep kiss, pouring his love into her.

Shell clung to him, letting him ride her with the strength and power she craved. Bone rattling jolts rocked through her, her beast of a mate gradually metamorphosing into his lupine form. Shell felt the fur erupt over his body and felt a surge of fear run through her, fighting the panic she relaxed back into his arms, keeping her eyes closed for the time being. Mike's forceful plunges were driving her closer to their simultaneous climax. The knot at the base of his iron rod formed quickly and imbedded inside her as he thrust, locking them together. Mike howled his release the moment Shell shuddered around him; she cried out his name and chanced a look at his devoted eyes. Her heart racing at the familiar sight, his wolf no longer frightening as it did before. He gave her a sloppy lick up her cheek then nuzzled her neck.

Shell giggled, "I love you too, Michael." She gave his muzzle a kiss and smiled, "I hope I can do that too one day, it looks like fun." Mike yodelled and closed his eyes, letting exhaustion overcome him leaving Shell to lay awake. "I wish I could do that too," she yawned and joined him a couple of breaths later.


Rick hated dealing with human relations; they always made a big deal out of nothing, so Carol's run in with Michelle should prove to make their year. He hesitated by the door, knowing that once he knocked on it the sadists inside would stir up a whirlwind of trouble. They were too smart for the hypothetical routine. He could just walk away, but he needed to deal with Carol's attitude towards Michelle, he also needed to find a way to avoid being penalised for his infraction with Carol the day she came asking for her job back.

Deciding that the lab needed to run smoothly and without petty conflict due to personal issues he knocked. "Enter," a surly woman called out. For a human relations officer, the woman sure did not like socialising.

"Good morning Doris," Rick greeted the woman behind the desk.

"What have you done this time, Monahan?" She asked him without looking up from her work. Her frown tainting her voice.

Rick sat down and gave her a charming smile, "What makes you think I'm involved?" It was not a mystery, Rick's bear nature sometimes got the better of him and minor aggression or sexual harassment cases would occur. Doris did not know the reason behind his behaviour; however he always found a way out of trouble, which infuriated her.

"You know what I'm talking about," her eyes bored holes into the bear as he continued to smile at her, "And don't think that your usual disarming smile will work this time either."

"I'm here for an incident between two of my subordinates," He explained, "Carol Evens and Michelle Ackermann."

"Oh? Carol's back?" Doris perked up, "I hope that her and Mike got back together, they made such a lovely couple." She put her pen down, "What happened?"

Rick suppressed a laugh, "Well, first of all, Mike will not be getting back with Carol, he's engaged to Michelle."

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