tagNonConsent/ReluctanceForgotten Choices Ch. 02

Forgotten Choices Ch. 02


Thankyou for the comments on the first chapter of this story, i will try and take any advice or suggestions into account. this chapter is a bit longer than the previous one, i apologise if there are any grammar or spelling problems as i do not read the stories through millions of times before submission.


Once into the van, Mark had the problem of gagging her for the drive. He grabbed a ball gag that he had purchased a few days earlier, and held her nose whilst still clamping his hand over her mouth. Mel struggled as she felt her air supply being cut off. Then after a few seconds, the hand over her mouth was taken away, and while she was gasping for air, the ball gag was roughly shoved in and tightly secured.

"He's going to kill me," Mel thought. She didn't believe she was going to make it out of this experience alive. She still hadn't been able to get a true glimpse of her captor. But to her surprise at this point her captor simply grabbed her arm from the shadows and wrestled her wrist into a shackle attached to the van wall and left the poor girl in the back of the van in complete darkness. She futilely tried to reach towards the exit at the back of the confined compartment, muffled shrieks and screams and threats unable to travel further than the small compartment she was in. The attempt was useless, even if she had been able to reach the handle, the door was locked tight with a bolt, and she would never be able to escape it.

Mark was satisfied; he heard only echoes of the girls' indignant screams. He had done it; she was secured only a meter or so behind him. After giving himself a minute to relax, he decided he best be on his way, and started up the vehicle. He heard the echoes of screaming stop, imagining his new possession to be frozen with fear in the back, he smirked to himself.

"Time to teach her a lesson," he thought.

Melisa had frozen at the feel of the van brought to life.

"Where were they going?" she thought. Tired from the night's excursions, she stopped trying to fight, there was no way out from the moving vehicle, and she needed to conserve her strength. She would try and escape when he took her out of the van. She took her mind back to the actual capture, she had only seen tiny details of the man imprisoning her, but finally and she rocked to and fro from the steady movements of the van, she realised who it must be.

It's him!

"it must be mark," she mused "he's the only one with reason to catch me, he's the only one who would know me well enough to be able to find me like that!" She put the pieces together in her mind. "But if it is mark..." Her mind flashed back to when they had been chatting in the past, all the things he said he liked to do to poor defenceless subbies. She took her mind back to the pictures he had shown her of whips, chains, collars and the like. Finally, her minds protective instincts won out, and she slipped into unconsciousness, letting her mind send her happy images and mindless dreams for just a while longer.

The van slowly skidded to a halt. Mark was concerned how quiet his captive was being, and rushed out and to the back, opening the door and quickly shutting it behind him, he saw Melisa passed out on the floor. Whilst he could examine her properly, with no flailing arms and kicking legs, he took in the appearance of his girl.

She was larger than the average lady, but still beautiful and curvy. She had locks of golden hair falling straight down to about nipple height, and a round curved face. She was moderately tall, at about 5'8; her best feature was from her tits and ass. Mark was pleased with what he saw.

"She looks so spankable," he thought in glee. And with that took advantage of her unconsciousness to bind her with rope so he was able to pick up her body and carry it to the basement. Melisa stirred as he was carrying her, and opened her eyes just in time to see him closing the front door, and locking away her freedom. He heard her mumbles behind the gag, some of the abuse she was throwing at him was more defined than other parts.

"Don't be like that, petal," he sneered "I wouldn't want to have to punish you so early into our adventure." By this time they had reached the basement, he opened the door, and shoved her in. Swiftly leaving he decided to leave her to rage and vent for a bit, and went upstairs to watch over her on the cameras he had recently installed.

Melisa bound and gagged in the dungeon, began to cry. It was the natural reaction of course. She cried until the lump in her throat hurt so much she had to stop, and take deep ventilating breaths. Once she had got her breath back, she resumed crying. It carried on like this until she had cried herself into a deep sleep. Being kidnapped was, after all, exhausting.

Mark sleepily surveyed his prisoner, the reality of the situation dawning on him.

"I have a girl here who I can do whatever I want to!" He celebrated "she will be my slave and there's nothing she can do to stop me having my way." and with that thought he want and got a beer, stroked himself to an orgasm over the thought of what he had in stall for her, and got into his comfortable bed, falling asleep with a smile on his face.

Melisa woke up uncomfortable from all the bindings and gag, which hadn't been removed. With no indication of what time it was. She hunted for a clock with her eyes, but was disappointed.

"How annoying" she thought, and then giggled to herself for being annoyed at something so trivial. She tried to go back to sleep, as there was nothing to do in the cold empty place, but quickly gave up with that plan; she was too hungry and scared to sleep. Instead she set her mind to exploring her, for want of a better word, cell.

She noticed the chains that were suspended at various points around the dungeon and pondered at their heights and meanings. What was He going to do with them, with her??

Her body slumped, her exploration useless, there was no way of escaping, the door was locked and it was the only way of exiting the place. It was this image, of his girl drained in the corner, that Mark woke up to. He smiled at the screen, and decided to get himself up and begin her training. He took his time washing and dressing, and made himself breakfast, waiting for the girl to be starving and desperate before taking a deep breath, grabbing a bag of essentials and opening to door into the dungeon.

At the sound of the door opening Melisa whipped her head round. Her body stiffened and her arms slightly trembled, she was not ready for what was planned for her, and she didn't want that horrible Mark anywhere near her. Alas, it wasn't as if she had a choice in the matter, and she lay still bound and scared as he took his time to fully secure the door behind him, Mark dumped a bag on the floor by the door, and walked down the stairs slowly, his footsteps echoing around the basement like warning drums. He carried on walking towards her until he was standing right above her saying nothing, but with a cruel smile on his face. He seemed to stand like this for a long time; Melisa's neck ached from looking up at him, until she had to look away trying to resign herself to the situation. Of course she had ideas of what he might want to do to her; she had read stories and the like when she first researched BDSM, however somehow she didn't believe she would have the luxury of anything like a safeword here.

Finally she heard his mocking voice, oddly familiar from the time they spent talking before, yet with a completely different tone to it.

"Good morning little one," he said, with none of the tenderness that used to come with those words, "I bet those bindings are becoming rather uncomfortable?" Melisa nodded and made affirmation sounds through her gag "I'm happy to take you out of them, but you have to promise you'll be good. So what I'm going to do is take off your gag so you can promise me that you'll behave, but I don't want you speaking without permission. I'll warn you now, and only this once, that It will go straight back on if you misbehave. Understood?"

After seeing Melisa's vigorous nodding he bent over to remove the gag, as much as she cringed away at his touch, she had to resign herself to behaving or she'd never get the retched thing off.

Finally the ball came out of her mouth, and she used the opportunity to stretch her mouth and click her jaw back into its natural place. Rubbing the sides of her aching mouth, she had to stop herself from speaking, which would have been the natural thing for her to do, but she did not think she could manage another day with the gag on yet.

"Are you going to ask me to take off your bindings nicely pet?" Mark asked "you can speak."

Melisa took a few breaths, trying not to think too much about this, she just needed to get what she wanted then find a way to get the hell out.

"please, please, please would you do me the massive favour of taking off these bindings?" she tried, and as much as she hated talking to the prick in front of her with some form of deluded respect that he seemed to believe he deserved,, she also knew that it wasn't enough. It wouldn't be quite what he wanted.

"Now you know that's not how I taught you to address me girl." He said, letting a twinge of annoyance pierce his voice. "one more try, I want you to ask me nicely to remove your bindings, unless you want to stay in them of course, it doesn't matter to me."

"Please," she forced herself to get out the words he wanted to hear "please sir, please remove these bindings." Pleased that she had relented to what he wanted with relative ease, he cautiously began to remove the rope binding her arms and legs together. After all, there was no way she could escape or overpower him and grab the keys he had. Every time he touched the girl's body he saw a little tremble of fear coming from the girl. And he enjoyed it. She was still clothed in what she had worn the previous night, although it was dirty and mildly torn. Finally the ropes were undone.

Melisa was unsure what to do, on one hand she wanted to vent her fury at what he had done to her, she knew she could do no real damage, but the thought was certainly appealing. On the other hand she didn't want to get herself into any trouble, and she wanted to stretch her aching muscles. Deciding on the keeping out of trouble method, she wriggled a little bit and opened her mouth about to ask him if she could move, but was interrupted.

"Ah, don't forget your rules already," Mark smirked "no speaking without permission. Not until I can trust you to only ever speak with respect at least. Now, kneel for me," Melisa forced her aching body into position and knelt up by his feet, allowing one hot tear of indignation to drip onto the floor. He walked around her kneeling form, noting corrections he would need to teach her if he wanted her to kneel in the true submissive form. Finally it was time to really test this good behaviour that had been surprising him so far.

"Strip, slut" the meaning of his words hit her like ice. If he had stripped her, it would be horrible yes, but having to strip herself? The humiliation of having to strip herself, almost as if offering her naked body up to him... that was too far. She tried to scramble a little away from him, on instinct, as if she was going to be able to run and hide. He calmly walked forward in long strides to match the distance and grabbed her wrists.

Mark sighed, not that he was surprised of course, but he wanted to try and get it in to her head as early as possible. She was his slave; she would learn to do what he said, when he said so. For now, however, he just decided to do the job himself. He grabbed hold of her hair at the roots and spoke to her in a slow menacing tone.

"Stay still for me, slut," and she froze. He pulled he to her feet Mark took his hand and finally after all of the waiting, ripped off her top, took a few seconds to undo her bra, making sure to pull extra hard on Melisa's hair when she showed any signs of struggle, and finally he got to clamp down his hand on the breasts he had been thinking of for weeks. Letting go of her hair without much thought, he felt the blow of the impact on his cheek. And a heavily breathing scared Melisa staring at him.

"That was a bad idea." He pointed out the obvious. She hadn't meant to slap him, it had felt good, but it was still a complete instinctual move rather than a well thought out repayment. "And what do bad girls get?" Melisa made no moves to reply, she knew from the look in his eyes she would regret that move. "Don't make things worse for yourself girly. I asked you what do bad girls get? You know the answer to this one." And with a deep sigh Melisa replied, doing her best not to make the punishment worse for herself. "Punishment," she replied and then for good measure added a quiet, meek, little "sir," on the end hoping it would mollify him enough to reduce whatever pain he had in store for her.

"Good girl, that's right." He was happy that she had tried to please him using a correct title, soon it would become such a habit she would do it automatically. "And since you slapped me, I think your punishment is fairly obvious."

He grabbed her hands suddenly and dragged her over to a set of shackles on the wall. He bolted her hands into restraints which were bolted to the walls, the leg restraints were attached to the wall by a short chain allowing her to step slightly away from the wall, leaning her chest against it. She did not even think about resistance. Mark moved her head so it was sideways, her cheek against the wall, so the impact of his spanks would not force her nose into the wall and break it. The last thing he needed was to have to find someone who could administer medical care. He then got a pair of scissors from the bag he had brought down and cut off the bottom half of her clothing.

She hated being nude before him as he stood back and admired the treats his girl had for him when he decided to fuck her. So much was going through her mind that she could hardly think about the nudity as an issue, she was scared about the impending punishment, she was mortified at being naked, and humiliated at being forced to show "respect" to the man who had stolen her life from her.

He didn't decide how many strokes to give her, since they had never actually done any real life play in their whirlwind relationship, he decided it would be much better to judge on her reactions.

Melisa was conflicted. He was going to spank her, and she knew he would not be gentle as she would have planned it out, but this was something she had been fantasising about for weeks. This was something that the idea of, normally, would turn her on. And she was finally about to experience it in full. As he brought his hand without mercy on her ass, Melisa could not help but let out a small scream. After months of wondering, she realised that the fantasy and reality of the thing were quite different, but didn't have much time to ponder this much before Mark carried on his assault of her ass. Hitting her on the tops of her thighs seemed to hurt her most, as this was when she let out the loudest little scream.

When Mark was satisfied with his punishment, or had at least decided that Melisa shouldn't take any more for that night, he stood back to survey his work. The whole of her ass and upper thighs was turned red, parts already beginning to purple with bruise. Melisa was sobbing into the wall. He decided to leave her alone for a while. Having a little mercy he undid her from the shackles on the wall, and instead simply fixed one ankle onto a length of chain attached to the floor, allowing her a few feet semi-circular area in which she could move freely.

He went over to his bag again and took out an apple and a plain bread roll.

"Here, you must be hungry" he said in a tone that shocked her with compassion, handing her the food, she reached out tentatively and took it. "I'll be back in a couple of hours, and then we'll talk." Mark said replacing the scissors in his bag, and taking it with him out of the dungeon door.

Melisa sat against the wall. Confused, still crying and tired out. She bit into the bread, it was basic but good, although hard to force past the lump in her throat to swallow. She didn't realise how hungry she was, Mark having interrupted her dinner plans, was it really only last night? She finished her food wondering what would happen in a few hours when mark returned. Running back over all that happened to her, Melisa let the cold stone floor of the dungeon sooth her throbbing ass.

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