tagGay MaleFound Ch. 02

Found Ch. 02


"What the fuck are you doing here?" growled Lucas Jarreau to Braydon.

"Well you should know me by now Luke, I NEVER do what I'm told!" responded rival lycan Braydon, smiling at Luke devilishly.

"You aren't welcomed here! Gather your pack mates and leave town!"

Braydon Ford and his pack were not welcomed by any of the neighboring lycan packs. Mostly made up of thugs, Braydon's pack was known for causing a lot of trouble and attacking humans. They wanted their own territory and would stop at anything to do so. They have been overpowered in their attempts by other packs and driven out of towns. However, Braydon and his pack went out on a recruiting mission, turning many young homeless and drug addicted people into lycans; whether they wanted to or not. They pack has grown in numbers and now they stand to rival anyone.

Lucas' pack has been on the prowl when word got out about Braydon and his thugs. They knew of the turning of many homeless people and this didn't sit well with Luke or his alpha Martin Sears.

"You are a testy thing aren't ya Luke?" Braydon continued, "I was just strolling through the woods and wanted to say 'hi', that's all." Braydon said while extending his hand for a hand shake.

"The scent of Braydon was strong and it played with Lucas' senses. He wanted nothing more to beat the rival into submission and drive him out. Other thoughts of ripping Braydon's throat also ran through his mind, but he had strict orders form Martin to not start anything. Luke noticed two other scents and knew Braydon wasn't alone. Luke loved the woods and loved spending time alone in them, but this time he wished some of his pack mates would of tagged along.

"I'm not going to repeat myself again Bray, get the hell out or..."

Luke was cut short when two males sprang up from behind and pounced on Lucas. They were in their full lycan form and both stood at least 8 ft. tall and dark brown in color. Luke was knocked to the forest floor by one lycan. Braydon laughed at what happened, triggering Lucas to change into his lycan form. Luke also stood 8 ft. His coat was black as coal and with piercing blue eyes. The combination of the dark fur and eyes made him a standout from other lycans. He was handsome in both human and lycan form. Taking his stance, he lunged forward, knocking one of the lycans down. Throwing well connected strikes to his opponent, Luke was pushed off of him by the other. Gathering onto his feet, Luke leaped forward and met his other opponent head on. Loud growls thundered throughout the forest. Dazed after the blow, Luke staggered to his feet. He was apprehended by the 2 lycans and was pinned to the ground.

"Ha! You think you are strong enough lil cub, but you are mistaken." said Braydon arrogantly. "You and your clan will soon be finished here and my clan will rule this territory!"

Braydon's left hand and arm morphed into that of a lycan. Claws growing longer with sharp tips. Luke knew what was going to happen. He struggled to free himself from the lycan's but both of their strength combined was too much.

"Mark my words lil cub, this will soon be my territory and you are trespassing!"

With a swift strike, Braydon struck the right side of Luca's body. His claws ran deep into the lycan's flesh leaving deep wounds. The searing pain shot all through Lucas' body. He let out a howl that filled the night sky. The hold of the two lycans was loosened and Lucas fell to the floor. Braydon simply laughed at the sight of the lycan on the floor; bleeding profusely.

"Maybe next time you'll be nice to me lil cub-come on guys let's go...I'm getting hungry. Braydon finished morphing and the trio ran into the forest. Lucas laid dazed and in pain; blood spilling from his side. He knew changing into his wolf form would help him heal quicker, but the energy to do so will take a lot out of him. Being in wolf form, lycan's can usually heal faster since they are smaller in size.

Getting on all four's, Lucas changed into wolf form. It proved to be excruciating for him and made him fall to the floor. He struggled to get up, but the blood loss caused him to get light headed and weak. His main objective now was to get home.

"Fucking asshole!" Lucas thought. He needed his pack quickly. He needed their affectionate touches as it helps with the healing. Problem is, his light headedness and throbbing pain was starting to affect him and his sight. He quickly smelled the scent of something. He wasn't too sure what it was. He tried to distinguish it but couldn't at the moment.

As Lucas walked more, the scent grew stronger. It was a sweet smell-gardenias. It perked him up a little bit but not enough to get him to concentrate on where he was going. Lucas saw some light in the distance and knew he was nearing the edge of the woods. A neighboring ranch ran along side the forest line. If he could get to the line he will be able to gauge where he needed to go. On ward he pushed, pain throbbing at his side. It was getting to be too intense. If only he can get back to his pack and be properly healed; he would be ready to seek out Braydon and kill him.

"Almost there, just keep going Luke!" thought Luke. He could see the light getting closer as he staggered along. He pushed to the end of the forest line. Looking to his right he more or less knew where he was at. The sweet scent this time hit him like a ton of bricks. Turning his head to the direction of where it was coming from, he saw who it belonged too. A sharp pain hit him again on his side. He took another look at the person in the distance. He could see it was a young man; probably 18 or maybe 19 year old. He could sense fear in the human and didn't want to freak him out in anyways. The young man was in the direction where Lucas needed to go. The loss of blood really started to take effect in the wolf. He began getting more dizzy than before and made him stagger from side to side. Before he knew it, his legs gave way and he fell onto his side. He saw the young man slowly head in his direction, he sensed his trepidation. As the teen got closer, the scent got even more intense, intoxicating his senses, Lucas soaking in the smell. The teen go within feet from him. The wolf didn't know how to react. A part of him wanted to get up and run, but another part wanted the young man to get closer. Finally he let out a growl to let the human know he was still alive, but it sent another sharp pain throughout his body. "Hey boy, I won't hurt you...just trying to see what's wrong."

Taking his coat off, the teen wrapped the wolf in it. Gardenias, the sweet smell of gardenias overpowered the wolf's senses. Feeling the arms of the teen made him feel safe.

"If I were to die now, what a way to go...in someone's arms!"


"Nat I can't take this shit anymore, all the fighting in the family is getting to me already!"

"If it's not one thing it's another. I don't know what else to do anymore."

"Cal, you need not to concern yourself with all that crap. Why they choose to put you in the middle is a fucked up thing. You need to move on with your life and let them fight and figure all that stuff out." said Natalie, hugging her best friend.

"You have an awesome career that has taken you near the top. No one else got you there, so why are you concerning yourself with all that?" Natalie added.

"Because they are my family Natalie! I just can't abandon them like that."

"I'm not asking you to abandon them Cal; but to move on with YOUR life; your work."

"Do you think they are concerning themselves with you? I don't think so Calen!" exclaimed Natalie.

"I know you're right, but shit it's hard to move away from all that. Then to deal with my past 2 relationships and the shit those assholes put me through- it's too much to handle."

"I just feel weak and worthless," Calen said trying to hold back tears.

Ten years have passed since Lex left Calen. Many things have gone on through the years that wore Calen down. Dreams of pursuing his vet degree were put on hold. It all started when Calen's grandfather had a stroke that left him in a vegetative state. He helped his grandmother out with him as much as he could while going to college full time. Trouble soon followed afterwards when an aunt of his decided to cause major problems within the family. First she caused a rift between Calen's parents and then had the other aunts and uncles feuding over property and money. She wanted what was hers and then some, and didn't care what she did to obtain it. Calen used to adore his aunt Lana. She was another mother of sorts to him. But soon greed plagued her mind and soul and the ugly monster in her came out. Calen's parent's behavior turned for the worse as well. Calen's dad had a daughter a few years before Calen was born. But after abandoning the girl, Calen's dad pretty much forgot about her. This angered his family and when Calen was born, most of them resented him. When Christmas and birthdays came, Calen was often over looked. They never attended his parties nor did they give him any birthday wishes. Calen still loved his family though even if they were ill towards him. Calen's mom as well became different. She resented everyone, including Calen. She belittled him whenever he accomplished something great. Instead of praising him, she would begrudgingly tell him GOOD JOB.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Natalie answered back.

"How the hell are you going to say that you are worthless and weak Calen?"

"You have been there for me ever since Mitchell was killed in that crash."

"Or how about being there with me throughout my pregnancy. Taking me to all those doctor appointments and then being there when I went into labor and giving birth to Miggy?"

Calen shrugged his shoulders.

"You are far from worthless Calen and I thank God every night that you have been there. Because if it wasn't for you who knows where I'd be now!"

Calen took in a deep breath. He knew that his problems were bad, but dropped all that when Mitchell, Natalie's fiancé and father to Miguel, was killed in a head on collision on his way home from work. It took all of his emotional strength to gather himself up and be there for her. She took the death of Mitchell really hard and it was due to Calen that she was able to move on and stand on her own two feet, not only as a widow but as a mother.

"Natalie, I..."

"Let's go to lunch Calen. Stephanie and Raul are suppose to meet up with us. And when we finish we can finish up our work and talk more at home." Natalie said grabbing her purse and car keys.

Natalie and Calen were two of the most successful real estate agents in the company. They have sold numerous properties and were the most sought after agents. This job wasn't what Calen ever thought about doing, but was convinced by Nat and her father to try it out. After getting his license to sell real estate, Calen worked hard at his job and moved up to assistant manager of Smith's Realty. This job was his pride and joy and hoped within the next few years he will be able to open his own business. This was the only thing, along with Nat and little Miggy, that made him happy and fulfilled.

Both took their seats at their favorite restaurant and waited for Stephanie and her husband Raul to join them. Both Natalie and Calen ate at Calypso's constantly. So much so the waiters knew what their orders were every single time.

"So when did the boss say the new owners of the company were going to come in?" asked Natalie.

"I think in 4 or 5 days." Calen answered.

"How come you didn't accept Lisa's offer to be manager when the new owners come in Calen?"

"I don't feel ready for it now Nat. I wouldn't be able to run that company with a clear mind; not now anyways, but she did say that the new owners will move me up when I feel ready for it. So that's one bright spot I guess."

Smith's Realty was sold to a bigger company. The owner, Lisa Haven, offered Calen the position of manager of the company. She knew he was capable of running the office and moving it forward in progress. But she was aware of the problems Calen was going through and didn't put any pressure on him. One of the deals that was made when Lisa sold the company was that Calen be moved as manager when he was ready for it. She didn't go into detail with the new owners about his situation, but did tell them he was going through a rough time. The new owner agreed and soon came into ownership. Lisa planned a big meeting to introduce the staff with the new owners in the up coming days and announce her retirement.

"Hey guys were you waiting long?" asked Natalie's cousin Stephanie.

"Naw, we've been here about 8 minutes and told the waiter to come back." Calen said as he rose to greet Stephanie and her husband Raul.

"We would have been here sooner but Stephanie ran out of her favorite lipstick and it was a great emergency we stop by the mall so she can buy more. Then you know how she gets when it comes to the mall!" Raul playfully teased as Stephanie turned to look at him and stick out her tongue.

"Well I don't complain when you run out of beer and have to run to the store now do I?"


"That's besides the point!" quipped Stephanie and she leaned over to kiss her hubby.

"Geez why don't you two get a room?!" Natalie said.

Laughter broke out at the table. The waiter soon came and took their orders. As they waited, they talked about what was going on with the company and in their lives. Both Stephanie and Raul knew the trouble Calen was going through and saw it in his eyes. They tried being there for him as much as they could and didn't push him to open up to them. They knew Natalie was there for him.

"I think that's great they are willing to wait for you Cal," said Raul, "who knows what the manager position will lead too!"

"Yeah I'm excited about it but at the same time it's a lot to take on at the moment. If I wasn't dealing with my stuff, I'd take it on." Stephanie, Raul and Natalie looked at each other. They hoped somehow, some way, Calen would get back to his old self again.

Sitting in a nearby table, a woman sat going over some paper work, sipping tea, and sporadically hearing other people's conversations. Her keen sense of hearing was one of the traits all lycans's possessed. She over hear the next table mention a company being taken over and a position being held for someone. She figured they were talking about the real estate company her alpha, Martin, purchased. She couldn't wait to get started with the new staff. Melania Jarreau-Cortez loved real estate and so did her husband Marko, who was a contractor for a construction company. They hoped they could branch out the new company to other nearby cities. The business of "flipping houses" is at it's pique and knew the new bought company was very successful in selling flipped homes.

Melania kept on hearing them and caught something that grabbed her attention.

"Stephanie said that a few years ago you had a pet wolf?"

"More like ten years ago, but yeah I had one for about a month." Calen sighed. He thought about Lex every single day. Never did a moment go by that Lex didn't pop into his head. He missed his friend and wished he was still here.

"How the heck did you get him?" asked Raul.

"Well back home, I used to go out back walking in the ranch. One day as I was walking home, I saw something in the distance. I thought it was a dog or coyote but saw it was a wolf when I got closer."

Playing with his food, Calen continued.

"He was injured badly and I took him home and nursed him. I ended up getting attached to him and felt he was attached to me. But I guess he wanted his freedom."

"What was he injured with?" asked Raul becoming more interested in the story than his food.

"I guess he go into a fight or something. He had these huge cuts on is right side of his body."

A gasp escaped from Melania. Could this be? Could this be the one who saved her brother from death a decade ago? She put her whole attention on the group of 4, hoping to hear something else that would help calm her curiosity.

"Wow...what as his name...Rex?"

"No it was Lex." Calen responded.

Melania froze in her seat. It IS the guy who saved her brother Lucas! Lucas has to wait a few months before he went back to see his love. He had to fully recover then deal with the Braydon problem. When he went back after a few months, he couldn't find Calen anywhere. He searched and searched for Calen, but he was nowhere to be found. He had given up hope.

"That's just amazing Calen, but I'm sorry he didn't stick around longer."

"Eh it happens I guess and like I said before he prolly wanted his freedom."

Calen looked at his empty glass and wanted to get another drink. He asked if anyone else wanted one. Overhearing this, Melania jumped on the chance to meet him. She knew she couldn't wait until the meeting and wanted to tell Lucas the good news of her findings!

As Calen walked away from the soda fountain, he bumped into a tall, slender woman. Tan skinned, dark hair, he marveled at the woman. He wondered if she was Native American but didn't want to ask suck a question to some he didn't know.

"Oh excuse me, I didn't mean to bump into you!"

"That's ok I should pay more attention to where I'm going!" chuckled Calen, as he wiped some of the spilled soda off his arm.

"Let me buy you another soda." Melania said.

"No that's alright, besides it's free refills here."

"Well how about I refill it for you?"

Calen gave a slight smile and nodded his head and handed his glass over to the woman.


"You are new here aren't you?" asked Calen. He practically knew almost everyone around town and to see this new person was sort of refreshing.

"Yes I am new here. My family bought Smith's Realty and I came a few days early to scope out the town and do some errands."

Surprised, Calen slowly extended his hand to greet the new person.

"I'm Calen Ortiz and I work at Smith's."

"Nice to meet you Calen, I am Melania Jarreau-Cortez. You are the assistant manager right?"

"Yes I am." said Calen as Melania gently smiled at him. This made him blush some and he could feel his face getting hot.

"Nice to meet you too Melania. My friend Natalie also works at Smith's. She's sitting over there; let me introduce you."

Walking towards the table, Melania could smell Calen's unique scent. She remembered Luke saying that the scent was that of gardenias. But since only true mates know each others scent, all she could smell was a sweet smell. The scent played with her senses and it made her smile. Calen IS Luke's chosen and the fact that she found him is going to make Luke extremely happy.

"Hey guys this is Melania Jarreau Cortez. Her family is the one who bought Smith's."

"Melania this is Stephanie, her husband Raul and this is Natalie who also works with me." Calen said as he pointed each one out.

"It's a pleasure to meet everyone." Everyone shook hands with Melania and invited to sit with them.

"I wish I could stay but I need to make some final preparations to the house we are staying at and have to do tons of errands. But I look forward to seeing you and Natalie at the meeting in a couple of days."

Melania grabbed her things and waved to the group of friends and walked out of the restaurant.

"Wow, she's a hottie!" exclaimed Stephanie.

"Oh you think so too?" asked Raul teasing his beloved wife.

"Yeah she is pretty, kinda exotic looking." Calen added. Calen couldn't help the feeling he had when meeting Melania. There was something about her that Calen couldn't put a finder on. He brushed off the feeling and continued with his food.

"Hey did you all know there's a new doctor in town too?" asked Raul. Everyone shook their head "No". *Sorry for the delay, had an editor but things didn't work out. So here is ch.2*

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