tagBDSMFour for the Handyman Ch. 06

Four for the Handyman Ch. 06


I woke, laying on my side, cock semi hard inside the warm folds of Susan's body, her back pressed to my chest, her tits in my hand. I lay there for a second until it repeated; a warm wet tongue stroked my ear, hot breath and the nibble of tiny white teeth against the sensitive lobe.

I turned my head, pulling free partially, but Susan barely stirred, even as my cock stiffened slightly now that I was awake. I could see a pale figure in the darkness above the bed, the lone candle that had lit our lovemaking long since burned down.

"Owner... I need to go potty." Came a familiar voice, not entirely happy sounding, the resignation that I had heard when I'd put Marie to bed was gone now that she was somewhat rested.

I led her downstairs, not missing, but ignoring, the tiny whimper of protest when we passed the bathroom at the head of the stairs. I led her down, out the back door, to her usual spot by the pool, taking the key from around my neck to unlock her belt.

"I..." she gasped as the belt came free, or at least the strap between her legs did. "I... have to crap." She looked down. I blinked, I'd already considered this, but I hadn't quite... you know... considered it. The bent waist pose I was teaching her for urination worked fine for that, but for this? I considered making her pee first, but discarded it.

"Can't I just... go inside?" she pleaded. "For this at least? This time?" bargaining now. I shook my head slowly, indicating a patch of grass near the fence and some low scrub bushes that was out of the way.

"Squat over there." I told her. Dinner sat badly with her, obviously, the smell and explosive voiding was disgusting, she cried the entire time, her legs shaking. I had her hold the pose over the mess so I could hose her off, cleaning her efficiently, washing away the worst of the smell as well. I walked her gently over to the light so I could inspect her; clean her more thoroughly with a wet rag. I was worried about irritation from the belt, but aside from a bit of chaffing from the belt and a little reddish irritation there didn't seem to be anything to worry about. I applied some oil to the prongs, and a little lotion to my pet's skin, hearing a faint sigh of pleasure at the touch. Had she not been bound I would have handed her the strap to see if she'd put it on herself, but she didn't fight as I gently pushed the tips inside her, locking her sex up once more.

I put her to back to bed without further ceremony, returning to Susan's bed, slipping behind her, slipping my air cooled shaft into her warm wet slit, hearing her sigh in her sleep, cuddling back into me like I'd never left.

Despite the interruption I woke at the usual time, Susan stirring to a sleepy half wakefulness this time, disappointed that I was leaving her. I considered ending the night with a bang, certainly my cock would enjoy it, but the reality of the situation was that I couldn't constantly satisfy all four, or even three, of the girls full time... I had to restrict myself to 'necessary' sex. Once Marie was trained, maybe I'd organize a daylong orgy/marathon... maybe I should arrange for a prescription of Viagra now?

There is a pattern to these things, a necessity of sorts. I didn't really want to deal with Marie, with her training right now. I wanted to enjoy my privacy, the quietness of an empty house. Normally I'd even head to the Gym on a Sunday morning, maybe swim in the pool... I was too sore today.

But training takes precedence over personal comfort. I woke her gently, helping her up off the bed. She bitched that she wanted to stay in, that it was Sunday... I would hear nothing of it, of course. I led her downstairs towards the backdoor.

"I don't have to pee, Owner." She protested behind me.

"You will pee, even poop, when I tell you. I don't want you soiling yourself, of course, but just because you are good 'right now' doesn't mean I want to listen to you whine that you need out later. Potty training, pet, its basic, even baby steps." She groaned, shrugging her shoulders in irritation.

"Will my Owner at least free my arms for this? My shoulders are killing me." I shook my head sadly, pushing her gently before me, rubbing her shoulders to help keep circulation going. Not that they were under that much tension, the cuffs weren't particularly tight, it was just an unfamiliar posture.

I led her to her 'potty spot' by the pool, had her adopt the potty stance, legs as wide as she could handle, even wider than she was really comfortable with, head down, resting her face on a piece of floaty foam I placed for her, I'd handle a more permanent solution later.

Once she was set I undid the chastity strap and massaged her lower belly. It took a while, she really didn't have to go exactly, and the eventual trickle was weak. Once she was done I wiped her clean once more and reattached the strap.

"Now what?" she asked abruptly once she'd stood. I ignored the tone. Once.

"This was a short lesson, Pet. You are, of course, free to do as you please until I want you for another lesson."

"Free? I'm bound and strapped and fucking naked!" she snapped. I shot her a look, it was all it took, I was impressed. She crumpled immediately, dropping to her knees in the grass, nuzzling my thigh, my cock with her face. "Forgive me, my owner." She begged earnestly. "I'm grumpy, I forgot." She continued her delightful rubbing, a nice touch.

"I forgive you, but perhaps another ongoing lesson?" she almost wailed. Of course she would worry, the first two kept her in a constant state of bondage, needing my help for the most basic of tasks. I tsk'd. "Trust, my pet. I think that your constant misbehavior is a result of your excessive hubris. A little humility... no more 'I' or "me', pet. You will only refer to yourself when absolutely necessary, and then only using the terms I use for you." I looked down at her.

"Your pet understands." She stated earnestly, looking up at me with fearful eyes. I patted her cheek.

"Very good, pet. Very good." I rewarded her with my own pleasure at her progress. It had worked before and I was certain it did again; she closed her eyes and rubbed against my stroking hand. I was really regretting not waking Susan fully with a belly full of cum... "Come with me, pet, I would like to show you something." I led her back to the house, and as last night, she stayed on her knees until we reached the patio, with no word from me on the matter, her method of showing her earnest desire to not be punished.

Understand that there are levels to discipline. First you have to establish dominance, even breaking the will of the animal you are training. Then you teach basic obedience skills. At this point the pet works purely on earning rewards and avoiding punishments. I suppose a great many people stop training their pets there and assume they've done something great. Those people have no idea what they missed.

Eventually, the threat of punishment or the promise of reward becomes unnecessary as the obedience becomes a habit. However, the true goal of discipline training a pet, and I held Marie, for all her ability to speak and reason as no different here, is for the Pet to obey, to seek to please it's owner just because. It moves beyond obedience or expectations or even habit into doing thing specifically because the Pet believes the Owner will like it, avoiding things specifically that it thinks the Owner will not like. Call it Love, for lack of a better term, though in truth any Owner is loved by their pets with even a minimal effort.

Marie was still learning to Obey, still in the earliest stages of her Training, and I had no intention of stopping until we had moved well past Habit.

I didn't share all this with her, I only share it here so that you might understand why I was only mildly pleased by her earnest affections. Released from Discipline, from training for even a moment and she'd revert to the untamed bitch I'd met.

I kept my walk slow enough for her to keep up. There wasn't any really good 'training' value to the shoes but for the fact that they pleased me. I supposed I could make a case that I was teaching her grace, strengthening her legs, what have you, but the simple truth was, I liked her in the shoes, they added to the atmosphere I was creating, the mood. Sort of like giving a dog a fancy haircut, I suppose.

I pointed around the kitchen, pointed out the soft rope wraps and loops around cupboard and fridge handles, at the sliding door, and other places.

"These should make transition to handless-ness easier for you. Try the fridge." I suggested, watching as she walked up to it, bent down and caught the rope in her teeth, tugging it open fairly easily. Inside I'd selected a few bottles, milk, juice, water... things like that... and put long straws in them facing out, along with a few open dishes of sliced berries and other chilled foodstuff she could 'munch' if she grew hungry. Of course they were slightly less than fresh, since I'd put them out last night, but they were still edible, still tasty. She looked at me, straightening up.

"Owner, I.... I mean..." She flushed, started again, from her knees. "Your Pet doesn't understand." Her nipples were hard, however, though I supposed it could have been the cold air from the refrigerator.

"While, of course, you should only really be eating when and what I tell you, I understand that you might get hungry or thirsty and want something right away. Rather than have you try to eat something inappropriate, I have set out some treats for you. Have some, please." I suggested firmly. She took the hint, scrambling back to her feet and bending into the cool air to work at the sliced strawberries, washing them down with a good swallow of milk. She looked to me for approval, and I nodded, allowing her to close the fridge. Her lips were splattered with reddish juice, but she licked it off before I could comment.

"Of course, this also allows you to bring ME treats and drinks when I ask." I pointed out, earning a tiny laugh from her as she recalled the awkward trips to and from the sink.

"Your pet isn't sure what she should be doing while her Owner is not training her." She claimed again. I sighed, only mildly exasperated.

"Try relaxing." I offered. I watched as she thought this over, ready perhaps to complain about the discomfort her belt gave her, but she wandered into the living room and lowered herself carefully onto her side, I waited until she had almost completely relaxed before I barked. "Off the furniture!" she reacted instantly, rolling off and looking up at me in utter shock. "As a pet you are not permitted the use of furniture unless I give you specific permission, for example... when I put you to bed at night." I informed her casually as I turned away to setting out some basic prep work for breakfast, though only we two were up. Marie watched me for a moment then continued as she was, laying at the foot of the couch on her side.

I didn't want to actually cook so early, mind you, just to get ready for later. An hour maybe, or two; the real point just then was to work with Marie without actually having to work.

I put aside my ingredients and wares and headed upstairs, where there were some minor signs of life from the girls, but only signs. I came back downstairs with a hand towel wrapped around some basic sundries.

"Hygiene, my pet." Informed her easily. She stirred where she lay, struggling to rise without her arms. She waited for me by the pool... correctly assuming I wouldn't want to wash the leather belt. I pondered, however, the merits of having her wash herself or keeping her bound. I undid her belt, removing it completely for the first time while I thought about it. The helpless thing seemed to be working... but then, so did Service.

In the end I helped her up over the stairs into the water, following her.

"You need to learn how to get properly clean." I muttered as an excuse, the cold water lapping at my balls in a ticklish fashion. I took up the sponge and the dish soap bottle.

"Yes, Owner." She replied lowly.

I washed her much as I'd had her wash herself, slopping goopy soap all over her skin, lathering it up by hand, scrubbing with the harsh side of the sponge, paying particular attention to her breasts, her cooch, her ass, lifting her legs one at a time, making her balance on one leg in the water, in those heels, while I scrubbed her thigh and knee, working in the water itself to get her calves and ankles, then changing legs, then back to her sex, while she squealed and jumped from contact with the scrubby against her delicate, irritated sex, then switching to the soft side to wipe away any film as the water purifier pulled the soap from the water. She moaned against my touch.

"Oh please, oh please, let me.... Ugh... let your pet... oh please... my owner..." she moaned, unable to take care of herself at all. I stepped back, and she half staggered a step closer to me. Once she'd calmed, though she half sobbed as she did, I washed her hair out, dunking her repeatedly into the water to cool her off, and to wash out the soap.

Then I continued on, I brushed her teeth for her, the hose draped over the rim used to rinse and spit, I combed then brushed out her hair, I had her bend down over the edge of the pool, legs wide, and I lathered and shaved fresh her sex, her thighs, unable to lather underwater, I simply ran the razorblade carefully along her legs under water, caressing them carefully as I sought patches of stubble, and finding none, let her stand again, squatting into the water to wash away the flecks of lather. Only then did I let her leave the pool, helping her up the steep wooden steps and down again onto the grass.

"Your Pet thanks her Owner for taking good care of her." She managed with a smile. "If the Owner thinks his pet has been a good pet, maybe he can reward her?" she asked hopefully. I laughed at this and, after drying her hips with the hand towel I strapped her back into her belt.

"I seem to recall that my Pet was supposed to think of ways to improve her training, not ways to get off..." I prodded, waving her back into the house.

I put on a movie, something soft-core, near total porn but with actual plotting and writing, if somewhat silly, and sat on the couch to watch it. Marie waited patiently, standing unobtrusively by, a quick learner. I patted the couch beside me, wondering if she'd sit, despite the belt.

She draped herself on the couch, one leg cocked up, head resting on my thigh, her damp hair tickling my cock. We sat like that for a while, pleasantly relaxed and enjoying the silly movie, the hot bodies and fake sex.

"Will training always hurt?" she whispered, dropping the good pet act.

"Hurt?" I asked seriously, "Or just discomfort?" I stroked her hair softly. "Not always, not forever. In time, once you've gotten over your rebellious streak, I'll use rewards as often, then more often, than punishments. In time, you will learn to enjoy the minor discomforts inflicted because they will bring happy memories to mind." I rested my free hand on the curve of bare skin below the belt. She nodded against my leg.

"I... would like that..." she whispered, too softly for me to correct her.

We were still there, watching the movie, when Suzy breezed downstairs. She was dressed, which almost shocked me, and dressed nicely, like a sensible adult rather than a slutty teenager, which seemed the default these days.

"Church!" she explained with a single call as she headed out the door. "Don't hold breakfast for me." And she was gone. Her whirlwind through the house seemed to have roused Karen and Tatiyana; I could hear them moving around upstairs. I moved to rise to cook breakfast.

"Oh... please... Your Pet begs the Owner to stay... just a few minutes longer." She husked. How could I refuse? I relaxed, not even half watching the film, but watching my Pet laying by my side.

Karen came down first, almost as energetic as Susan had been, though with less clothes. She was fresh from her own shower, smelling of some flowery body wash. She saw us watching the TV and, after a moment plunked down nearby, without a word.

Tatiyana didn't make it down until the credits rolled, swanning down like a sex goddess from a black and white era film. She paused at the bottom to stretch like a cat.

"Training already? You should have woken me..." she protested.

"Not at all. I won't be needing your help today. I might ask a favor from you in the future." I slapped her down as politely as possible, Marie was MY pet, and Tati knew she was just muddying the waters when she took control from me. Marie rewarded me with a tiny snuggle, but it was past time to get up and start cooking.

"Off." I pushed her gently, rolling her from the cushions to the floor as I stood. She curled up slightly, hips still sideways but managing to get a forearm on the floor behind her, propping her up somewhat. The wide strap between her legs pressed into her soft skin, but it looked absolutely gorgeous. She watched me from that angle, from the floor, as I moved to the kitchen and fired everything up. In minutes, thanks to the prep work, I had breakfast for five ready, though Suzy's plate would go back into the fridge. I set out the three prepared plates and looked to the reclining girl. She pretended not to notice me looking.

"Your pet has learned her lesson, Owner." She said at last and I poured her food into one of the prep bowls, setting it near my feet in the kitchen. Tati, stung from my refusal ate in silent purpose, tragically, while Karen stared with wide eyes as Marie made it to her knees and crawled, though without hands it was more of a low knee walk, only her well toned body allowing her to hold so low off the ground as she made her way from the living room to the kitchen, just keeping her head high enough to keep her hair from sweeping the floor, and that incompletely.

At the counter she didn't tuck in right away, settling down for a long session of kneeling, but instead rubbed her face against my leg where it was propped on the high stool.

"Breakfast smells delicious, Owner. Thank you." She purred, putting on a show for the other two, I was half certain. I reached down and patted her head once.

Thanks to the miracles of forks, and the head start her long slow crawl gave me, I finished quite some time before she did, watching her ass up in the air as she ate made me regret, momentarily, the training belt.

I checked the time, remembered something. It was a bit after nine, getting late enough to actually accomplish stuff in town now.

"Finish up and put your bowl in the sink, Pet, we have business to attend to." I told the eating girl, headed to the garage, my suitcase. "Tati, be a dear and fetch my watch for me?" it was in her room the last I could recall, on her little table of creams and lotions and oils.

Ten minutes later I was mostly dressed, Marie actually curled up around my legs, buttoning up my shirt when the cool blonde finally delivered my missing timepiece. I caressed her face, deliberately mimicking the action I used on Marie... just to see her response.

"Thank you." She actually curled into my palm before pulling back, still angry.

"Don't think I'll wait until dark to get my turn with you." She snapped. "I'm not our meek little Suzy waiting for her hero." She spun on one bare foot and stalked out.

I led Marie out of the stuffy heat of the garage, indicating she should sit in one of the comfy chairs. She managed with only a tiny peep of discomfort. Karen was flipping through channels on the TV, surfing. I caught her attention with a wave.

"Karen, would you come over here for a moment?" I asked. She scampered up practically bouncing on her toes before me. I held up a black object I'd taken from Tati's kit.

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