tagGroup SexFour Sisters Saloon Ch. 10

Four Sisters Saloon Ch. 10


The following is fictional. Names, and locations have been made up and are not meant to depict real people, living or deceased. These stories also depict dangerous, unprotected sexual encounters. In this day and age of killer STDs, please be careful and wear protection! Only YOU can keep yourself healthy.

This is an adults only story. If you are underage in the community you live in, please do not go any further. Thank you and happy reading!

Chapter 10 - Ringing In The New Year At The Four Sisters Saloon

Well, Mother Nature dealt a severe blow to the party we were to host on New Year's Eve. A foot and a half of snow combined with winds well over 30 M.P.H. kept the guest list to a minimum. We had maybe 10 folks in all who were part of the booked party. Fortunately, we had a few truckers who were stranded by the storm so it wasn't a complete loss. Still, it was a very subdued party to say the least. It broke up not too long after 1 A.M. and I closed the bar. I let the truckers stay in the lot overnight, it's not like I needed the parking spots anyway. I left for home with Cindy and her sisters. I'd like to tell you that it was a nice quiet evening at home, but then I'd be lying straight to your face. Things got much more interesting once we got home.

The ladies headed upstairs to change and I got a nice, warm fire started in the fireplace. I went to the kitchen and got a bottle of wine and four glasses for my wife and her sisters. Me? I poured myself a Jack and Coke and settled down on the floor. I put on the TV and watched Dick Clark count down to New Year's (probably for the 4th time by the time we saw it) Ain't satellite TV just the greatest? A few minutes later, Cindy came down the stairs; naked as the day she was born.

I just smiled to myself. This was going to be one hell of a New Year's Eve after all. Cindy came over and sat near me, on the couch. I turned to talk to her and she just spread her legs and smiled.

"Like what you see sailor?"

When I moved to get between her legs, she teasingly closed them. "No, no, no. Not yet my love"

"Come on baby, you're driving me nuts here" I whined.

"Too bad. The girls and I have decided all for one and one for all. You'll just have to wait."

I pouted and turned back to the TV. "Crazy bitches" I mumbled to myself.

Luckily, I didn't have long to wait. My three beautiful, loving sister in laws came marching down the stairs. Holy crap! I was sincerely hoping I wasn't asleep and dreaming. Down came the three sisters dressed in their very best lingerie.

There was tall, tanned and busty Carla dressed in blue. Her gorgeous breasts pushed up and out by the half-cup bra she was wearing. Her breasts wobbled delightfully as she made her way down the stairs.

Following Carla was Amy. Oh, sweet, wonderful Amy. She was wearing a fire engine red camisole and matching panties. The camisole fit her taut, toned body perfectly. Her nipples poked through the silky material and made my mouth water.

Last, but definitely not least, was Fran. Fran's alabaster skin was in stark contrast to the black teddy she was wearing. A pair of tap pants and thigh high stockings completed her outfit.

The three of them stood in line in front of me and posed and preened. They taunted me without mercy, asking me which one I liked the best.

"Come on now Tommy, you KNOW you like my big ol' titties!" Announced Carla as she squeezed her shoulders together.

"No, it's gotta be my tight ass and hard body!" Amy chimed in, as she bent over and proceeded to stick her ass in my face.

"Oh, I'm so sorry girls, it's must be my smooth, white skin" Fran quickly added.

"Hey, what am I? Chopped liver?" added Cindy. "Besides, he married me!"

"Well, I, um, you see..." I stuttered as I watched them brazenly display themselves.

"Hmm, seems we have someone who can't make up his mind," laughed my wife. "Guess we'll have to get him to make up his mind, eh girls?"

With that, the lights went out. I quickly found myself blindfolded and being led upstairs to the bedroom.

"Now, no peeking and to be sure of a fair fight, they'll be no feeling either!" With that statement from Amy, my hands were tied to the bedposts. "Now, just relax and enjoy the ride!"

I could hear the rustling of clothes being discarded and some quiet whispering as the ladies got naked in a hurry.

"Now, let's see if our dear Tommy can tell us apart!" Exclaimed Fran as the ladies spelled out the rules and got down to business.

My first test was to tell them apart by kiss only. The girls took turns kissing me lightly and then asked me to list them in the order that they kissed me. I couldn't do it, not even close. With each wrong answer, there was some laughter and some type of device was attached to my balls.

"Oh dear Tommy, you're gonna have to do better than that." Carla said as I felt the device tighten a bit. "Much better if you don't want your nuts to be crushed."

Okay, I have very sensitive balls and I was worried the poor little fellas were in for it. My cock however, was very into it. I felt myself get harder as the ladies once again kissed me. This time, I got a little longer kiss and was able to guess one out of the four.

"Lucky guess." My wife sounded disappointed. "However, since there's so few of us, I get to stay in the game."

"Hey, that's not fair!" I exclaimed as I felt someone play with my balls.

"We're in charge now bossman, so just deal with it!" Fran exclaimed, as she tugged on my nut sack.

"Hey! Easy with that sweetie!" I answered nervously.

Fran just giggled and we went back to the game. The next sets of kisses were spiced up with some tongue. I got extremely lucky and guess all four correctly.

"Hey, don't I get some pressure released?" I asked.

The women just laughed and together said, "NO!"

The next contest was for me to guess who was jerking me off. I'm starting to like this, I thought to myself. Well, I thought that until I realized that by them jerking me off, my balls were under increasing pressure. I felt hands touch my cock and playfully stroke me. The hands were rather small so I quickly guessed Amy, who had the smallest hands. I heard a groan and realized I had guessed right!

The next sets of hands were rougher, both in texture and in the way I was stroked. I hesitated before guessing, mostly because I was enjoying the stroking motion. I then felt someone start to play with my balls. It was Amy. I could tell by the way she gently touched them. Back to the hands, whose were they? I was leaning towards Carla, only because I know she likes to play roughly with me from time to time, but then again, Fran and Cindy like to tug me rather roughly from time to time. Decisions, decisions.

I blurted out, "Fran" and was immediately rewarded with a tightening of the ball restraint.

"Hahahahahahaha, wrong! This is getting to be fun Cindy!" Amy chortled.

My balls, although uncomfortable, were not in danger, yet. The ladies regrouped and the cock stroking began again. This time, I guess Cindy and was correct. She has this way of twisting her hand at the head of my cock that drives me absolutely insane. I felt my balls tighten again, although this time from pleasure. I was able to successfully guess the next set of hands and we moved on to the next game.

I could hear some discussion going on but nothing concrete. The girls excused themselves but soon were back.

"Okay, next game. This time, you have to guess the pussy."

"This'll be easy. You're not all the same down there."

"Oh no? Guess again!"

I heard my beard trimmer start up and realized that they were shaving themselves down!

"Hey! No fair!" I laughed.

"All's fair in love and war baby." Fran said quickly. "Especially in love!"

Soon, the clippers stopped and I felt someone get on the bed near my head. I didn't have time to adjust before a very wet, and very shaved pussy was placed on my face.

"Guess who!" Cindy said.

Okay, I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity this game provided and proceeded to kiss and nip at the pussy presented to me. I let my tongue run a path from asshole to clit. Whoever was sitting on my face was doing her best not to make a sound. It must have been tough because she started to grind her hips. I was soon rewarded with a face full of pussy cream. Delightful!

I guessed Fran and heard a groan from above. Right again! My balls were still safe! The next sister took Fran's place. I could feel the muscular thighs wrapped around my head. It was Amy, but I sure as shit wasn't going to spoil our fun.

As I did with Fran, I ran my tongue from stem to stern, paying special attention to Amy's clit. She ground her pussy, in a circular motion, on my face and came. She couldn't help crying out as her orgasm overwhelmed her.

"Amy!" I quickly said and she got off my face.

"Cheater!" She laughed.

"Okay, who's next?" I challenged.

I felt another body get on the bed. The pussy I was presented had very thick lips. Damn, I love a woman with thick pussy lips. I love to nip and pull on them when I'm eating her. This one was easy. This was my gorgeous older sister in law, Carla. I played with her thick lips, tugging and biting on them while I worked my tongue in and out of her cunt. She pressed her full weight down on my face, driving my tongue deeper into her soaked pussy.

I had trouble breathing but managed to catch a quick breath every now and then. I worked her for a while before concentrating on her clit. I placed my tongue flat along her clit and Carla rode my face to a very powerful orgasm. It was so powerful in fact, that she briefly blacked out and fell off me.

"Now that would be Carla!" I smiled.

Cindy took her place on my face and let me lick and suck on her clit until she came too. When Cindy came, she flooded my face with her juices. I licked my lips clean.

"Kind of takes the suspense out of it doesn't it?" She complained.

"Baby, it's all good for me!" I quickly replied.

"You're just saying that because you're getting some quality pussy."

"Works for me!" I laughed.

I could hear the ladies leave the room again, but they were back fairly quickly. It was driving me nuts not to be able to see or touch them.

"Okay, next game is 'Guess The Breast' Who's first?" I heard Cindy ask.

I heard some quiet whispering between the sisters. I could barely make it out.

"But it'll be too easy for him. My jugs are huge!" I heard Carla complain.

"And mine are taut and don't sag at all," said Amy.

"Quit bragging Amy." Fran smiled.

There was some more whispering and a decision must have been reached.

"Okay, new ground rule for this game my dear. They'll be no sucking on the entire tit. You only get the nipple and some of the areole. If you cheat, your balls will be squeezed off. Follow me?" Said my darling wife.

"Yes dear." I said with a smile.

The first nipple presented to me was Cindy's. I could tell right away but took my time tonguing it and licking it. After a minute of playing around, I quickly announced it was Cindy's. I could hear her moan in frustration.

The next nipple was thick and heavy. It had to be Amy's. Although her breasts weren't very big, she has very thick, pointy nipples. Once again, I played with her nipple, tugging on it with my lips and teeth. I could hear her suck in her breath as I continued to torture her nipple. Finally, I blurted out her name and she removed herself from the bed.

The next two would be tougher. Carla and Fran's nipples were very much alike. My nuts continued to throb with excitement. The next nipple was presented and I took much pleasure in licking and teasing it. I was trying to get the owner to make a sound so I could make an easier guess. My attempt was futile however as no matter how much I licked, sucked or tugged on her nipple, there was absolute silence. Damn it, I might as well guess, after all, I had a 50/50 chance of success.

"Fran" I blurted out.

The next moment, my balls were on fire as they were clamped down on again. I could hear the ladies laughing at my predicament as the device was tightened on my nuts. I groaned a bit.

"You like that don't you Tommy Boy?" I head Amy ask. "Okay, mix up the last two sets of breasts and let's see if he can guess again. No! Use the other one, that one is all wet from his last attempt."

Another nipple touched my lips. I played with it for a while, taking my time to taste it. I pulled and tugged with my teeth and heard a soft groan. Success!

I quickly guessed Fran again and was, luckily, correct. Carla quickly took Fran's place and let me lick and suckle on her tits just so she didn't miss out. Damn, my balls ached and my cock was like a steel beam, but I was having the time of my life!

The girls once again got together and decided what to do next. There was some disagreement on whether I should guess the pussy or guess the mouth. I heard them come to a consensus and heard one of them leave the room. Two of the girls grabbed my legs and tied them to the bedposts. I was now tied, spread eagle, on the bed.

"Final game my love," whispered Cindy, "I'm sure you're gonna like it."

"I can't wait!" I quickly replied.

"Okay, this is a combo game. You assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to guess which pussy or mouth is swallowing your cock! Good luck because I think your balls are about to explode!" Fran laughed.

The girls must have done Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who went first. I was hard with anticipation. What would I get first? Pussy? Mouth? I didn't have long to wait.

I heard a buzzing sound off to my left. Evidently, someone brought some toys to share. I could hear a brief intake of breath as the buzzing noise continued. I couldn't concentrate though, as my first test had just mounted me.

It was definitely pussy, and it was definitely tight. To avoid my guessing by touch, one of the other sisters assisted the mountee in positioning herself on top of my dick. Whomever it was, slid down to the base of my cock on the first try.

I heard a loud moan but couldn't tell who it was. I was fighting the urge to spurt a rather large load of come into the hot, wet, tight pussy that was fucking me. Luckily, the ladies had thought this out and I was only fucked for another two or three strokes before the pussy was withdrawn. Had it been any longer and I would have come.

Next up was a very sexy pair of lips and a very inquisitive tongue. My shaft and tender balls were licked lovingly and often. My balls were really beginning to throb now, as the come built up and boiled like a pot ready to overflow. The lips and tongue were soon withdrawn to be followed by another set of lips, then another pussy, then still another pussy and then a mouth that took my cock deep into the throat. I was really struggling not to come as the ladies really worked me over.

Then, there was nothing but that damned buzzing noise. I heard the first of four very loud, very strong orgasms burst forth from someone. I could hear a body thrashing about and loud moans and groans coming from about the room. The first voice was soon joined by a second, then a third. The fourth woman must have had a will of steel since she didn't join the crescendo until the others were just about done. I just about came without anyone touching my cock as I listened in to my four lovely ladies fuck themselves to orgasm.

The buzzing soon ceased and all I heard was the rapid breathing of four very satisfied women. I thought I heard someone licking and/or sucking something but I couldn't be sure. I was worried that the four of them had passed out and I was left tied up, all alone.

"Um girls, little help here. My arms are starting to get all tingly."

I heard the four of them get up and then felt four tongues touch my cock. I pushed my cock upwards to give someone the idea to suck on it, but they had other plans. I felt four sets of lips nibble on my throbbing cock. Then, I felt the tongues again, each one staking out it's own position on my dick. Then, someone moved down to my balls and started to lick them.

"Oh Christ, I'm gonna come. Oh fuck!" I moaned loudly.

The first spurt shot up and hit me on the lips. I quickly licked my lips, tasting my salty come. I heard four soft moans and then felt the ball crusher released. My come flooded from the head of my cock. Four hungry mouths latched onto my cock. I could imagine my spurting cock covering the ladies with my boiling come.

I felt come everywhere. It was on my stomach, on my thighs. It was running down my balls and along my ass crack. I felt tongues and lips everywhere. Someone reached up and removed my blindfold. When my eyes finally adjusted to the light, there was my wife and her three gorgeous sisters, lovingly lick my body clean of come. My cock throbbed out the last of its load and I watched as the girls took turns sucking my dick.

The women untied my hands and legs. Carla and Cindy held my legs spread wide and Amy licked any come from my ass crack. When she stuck her tongue up my asshole, my dick jumped and started to come alive again.

"Down boy, DOWN!" Amy jokingly commanded, as they finally let my legs go.

It took some time for me to get the feeling back in my arms and legs, but by that time I no longer cared. I was in bed with four beautiful, naked women and we had the whole year in front of us.

It's definitely gonna be a great year!

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