tagErotic Poetryfour way fuck fest

four way fuck fest


me and my two girlfriends
really did a number on you
we took our time planning this
and you had no clue
i took you back to my place
and my two friends were waiting there
even though you're my man
tonight i've decided to share
your jaw hit the ground
when we walked through the door
they were eating each other out
butt naked on the floor
i looked at you
with a devious grin
and whispered in your ear
"the fun is about to begin"
we helped you undress
then off came my shirt
after a few passionate kisses
i slipped out of my skirt
first i made you watch
befroe i let you play
me and my two girlfriends
were gonna do a three way
they were on their backs
i took turns eating them both
if you did't know i was bi
read my poem, "this slut's oath"
i was rubbing my pussy
while eating two twats
this was better than a casino
and winning at the slots
now you're free
to participate
my breath smells like cum
from the pussy i just ate
i want you to taste their cum
so i give you a kiss
we've fucked before
but nothing like this
one tongue is in your mouth
one tongue is on your balls
one tongue is in your ass
and you're loving it all
you lay on your back
we join you on the bed
i sit on your face
as the other two give you head
i grind my pussy into your face
my cum drips down your cheeks
my cunt's like a broken pipe
it always leaks
i watch my frineds suck your dick
until you burst
now the question is
who will you fuck first
i look at you
and give you a wink
then open my cunt
so you can see my pink
you fuck me first
while the others masturbate
for you to cum up in me
i just can't wait
you cum, i cum
and so do my friends
but you've got to fuck them
before the night ends
one rides your dick
you do the other doggy style
we're all left speechless
so all we do is smile
we make plans
to do this next week
aren't you happy
you married a freak

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