tagLoving WivesFoursome To Be?

Foursome To Be?


I know some guys have fantasies about their wives having sex with another guy. I certainly have. Several years ago I kidded with my wife Marti about it. Promptly got shot down. Now I find myself in a position that it could actually happen. I don't know what to do. Maybe some of you reading this will take the time to contact me regarding the pros and cons of a foursome. I've changed our names and some minor details of this story to keep us from being identified.

Chapter One

My name is Jim. My wife Marti and I met in our freshman year at college 14 years ago. I guess you could say it was lust at first sight. Marti at five foot ten inches is taller than most females. Mother nature gave her a body that is perfectly proportioned for that height. Most guys would call her hot. Several years after we were married she asked me what first attracted me to her. When I told her her great ass and well rounded tits she punched me then laughed. She still has a great ass and tits that draw a lot of attention from guys and even some women. I'm not about to tell you that I'm Hollywood handsome but do have women hitting on me. Even though I'm wearing a wedding ring!

Given Marti's great body I thought she would be an experienced lover when we first met. Turns out both of us were novices when it came to sex. We tried to make up for it almost every night for the first two years and up until just recently I believed we were doing pretty well in the sex department. Our friendship Jo and Wade changed that!

Last year Marti started working as a nurse for a small family medical practice in the Denver area where she met Jo. Marti would tell me about Jo and how outrageous Jo was about talking about sex. One of the doctors specializes in performing vasectomies and Jo will assist in the procedure. When she and Marti take a break she describes in vivid detail the size and shape of the guys penis. My wife used the word penis. I found out later Jo probably said cock or prick.

Earlier this year Marti asked me if I wanted to go to dinner with Jo and Wade. I said sure. She sounds like fun. Little did I realize how much fun Jo was going to be!

When we met for dinner I realized that they were about twenty years older than us but quickly found out they moved and acted like twenty year olds. Jo had sharp facial features but had a great smile. Wade has a geeky look but you knew he was a take charge type of guy. He has a easy way about him and likes to tell jokes. When the girls got up to go to the ladies room I got my first real good look at Jo's ass as they walked away from the table. My wife has a nice looking ass. Jo's ass was fantastic! A perfect shape along with a movement of her hips that had me staring at her ass until they moved out of sight. Wow!

"So Jim, what do you think of Jo's ass?" Wade started laughing as I mumbled something stupid.

The first dinner has led to more so that we go out at least once a month. We have been doing this for over a year now. When we first started Wade would give my wife a light, friendly kiss on the cheek. As time has gone by the kisses turned into hugs. The hugs have now reached a point where they are a full embrace. Lately his hands have moved down her back almost to her ass! I know Wade has got to feel my wife's breast pushing up against him. He has got to like it. The smile on Marti's face let me know she likes it too!

The hugs had started to reach a point where I was going to tell my wife to stop hugging Wade every time we saw them. One night we all had more to drink than we normally do. The goodnight hug between Wade and my wife ran a little longer than normal. I was ready to blow my top but let it go.

My wife and I have a pretty good sex life but I have to admit it has cooled down a bit. When we got home that night my wife practically dragged me up to our bedroom. She hadn't been that aroused in years! I realized that Wade had got her hot.

"Fuck me! I want your prick in me! Now!"

I've been trying for years to get Marti to use those words. It took Wade's hugs to loosen her tongue! Her pussy was soaking!

The next day I kept thinking about what happened. The sex was great! I like making love to my wife but it sure was fun fucking her! Should I let Wade continue to get my wife turned on? I don't know if I could handle it if she had sex with Wade but I must confess that thinking about it gets me hard.

The next time we went out with Wade and Jo we met them at a bar before the show. As we approached them I could tell that Wade was moving to a position where he could hug Marti. I figured what the Hell I'm going to give Jo a try. Instead of my usual peck on the cheek I moved in real close, put my right hand in the middle of her back and pulled her in towards me. She wasn't expecting it so I was able to feel her breasts pressing into me. She tensed up as I slid my hand down a bit before quickly breaking my embrace. Her breasts felt smaller the Marti's but sure did feel good!

I usually don't like dinner shows as the food isn't that good but sitting at a table across from Jo had it's advantage. It seemed that anytime I looked at her she was looking at me. I think the unexpected hug had gotten to her.

After the show I knew Wade was going to get his hug with Marti and probably wouldn't be thinking about his wife so it was time for hug number two with Jo. This time she was ready for it and had a slight smile as I put my hand on her back and pulled her close. I placed my hand just above her ass and gave a slight rub. Nice! She smiled...

She whispered, "What took you so long?"

The next time we went out Wade somehow managed to sit next to Marti with Jo and I on the other side of the table. It was a hot night and Marti was drinking gin & tonic.She has a low tolerance for liquor and was loose after the second drink. Wade ordered a third round. I had a couple of beers and needed to the men's room.

When I came back I realized that Jo had also gone to the bathroom. As I came around the corner it looked like Wade's arm was angled towards Marti's lap. They didn't see me so I stopped and watched. The movement of Wade's arm looked like he was rubbing Marti's pussy! I thought that son of a bitch then realized that Marti had her eyes closed! She was enjoying it! The booze had really gotten to her!

As I was watching them Jo Anne came up beside me, paused for a second, then said....

"It looks like those two want to fuck!"

I could see that Wayne said something to Marti and the two of them discreetly moved apart. Marti's was blushing when we got back to the table.

When we parted that evening I figured if Marti wants to fool around with Wade it's okay for me to make a move on Jo. She must have been thinking the same thing. Our normal good bye hug turned into me running both hands down her back to her ass and her pushing her crotch into mine. Her low sigh indicated that she liked it!

"You know Jim, you and I should get together for a good fuck."

"Cripes! I hope Marti didn't hear that!"

Marti & I just about tore our clothes off when we got home. We never mentioned what had gone on in the restaurant but the fooling around had gotten both of us hot. I was going to ask her if she liked it when Wade was touching her but I'm going to wait to see what happens next.

Thinking about Jo saying we should get together for a good fuck got me wondering. I bet she would be a good fuck! I'd like to find out.

Jo and Marti had become good friends and also work together so I knew I had to be careful. I started to think about a way to "accidentally" see Jo alone. I knew she liked me grabbing her ass and she seemed okay with Wade touching Marti.

It turned out that I didn't have to do anything to get together with Jo. Marti got a call from her sister who lives in Oregon. Their Mom was sick and Jo wanted to fly out to see her. She left the next morning.

My phone rang.

"Hey Jim. Wade is out of town for a couple of days. Want to come over for something good to eat?"

The sexy lilt in her voice left little doubt she wasn't talking about food!

I left work early and headed home for a quick shower then stopped off for bottle of wine before heading to her house.

"Do I really want to do this? Maybe I should call and cancel. She does have a nice ass. Will I screw up my marriage? Ah screw it! Give it a try!"

When Jo greeted me at the door she greeted me with a warm sensuous kiss on my lips. Man! I was surprised. She laughed and said, "Want a hug too?" I said you bet and quickly pulled her closer. I figured a kiss, a hug, some wine with dinner, maybe I'll get lucky.

Jo wasn't going to wait for dinner! She started kissing me and pushing her crotch into mine. We both opened our mouths and were going at it like a couple of teenagers. I started to kneel down to put the wine bottle on the floor. I wanted both hands free to grab her fantastic ass! She got a different message. She put her hand on the top of my head and pushed downward. I was on my knees! She pushed her crotch forward.

"I've got a surprise for you!"

She let go of my head and pulled up her dress! No underwear! No pubic hair! A shaved pussy!

I must have hesitated as I looked at her pussy. I had never seen a bald pussy!

"Like what you see? Eat me you son of a bitch! You're not getting up until you make me cum!"

She spread her legs and dropped her dress over my head. She pulled my face into her pussy! She wasn't wasting any time! Cripes she's aggressive!

"Grab my ass! Lick me!"

She must have put some perfume around her pussy. It sure smelled good!

A shaved pussy! Damn! So smooth! I started licking like I was a kid licking his favorite ice cream cone!

"That's it! Now lick my clit! Suck it! Yeah!"

When I reached around and grabbed her ass she went wild! I had to back away to catch my breath. She was hot! She was a lot more verbal than my wife.

"Damn! Your ass feels good!"

"Yeah, you've being looking at it for weeks! Squeeze it!"

She grabbed my head and pulled my face into her pussy!

"Yeah! Do me! Lick it! Stick your tongue in!"

She started humping my face!

"Squeeze my ass! Yeah! Ahh! That feels good!"

I lost track of the time! Her pussy was soaking.

My tongue was getting sore!


"Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh! I'm cuming! I'm cumming! Lick it! Lick it! Suck me!"

When she finally came I thought the neighbors would hear her. Listening to her scream while she was cuming was fantastic! I was as hard as a rock!

"Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Wiggle your tongue! There! Right there!"

When she finally let go of my head she looked down.

"Your turn! Get on the couch! Show me your prick!"

I was out of my shoes, pants and underwear in a millisecond. I was so damn hot from listening to her I was soaked with precum.

"Oh my! What a nice fat cock! Want me to suck it?"

There was no need to answer.

The few times my wife and I had oral sex we are always laying in bed. Jo pushed me onto a couch and got down on her knees!

"I'm going to give you a blow job you'll never forget!"

Sitting there and watching her move in between my wide open legs was a turn on! My prick was hard and waiting!

She didn't waste any time licking or kissing my prick.She opened wide and immediately took my prick all the way in! She paused and sucked inward! Then slowly moved her mouth up! The upward movement and suction felt like I was in a pussy! It was fantastic!


She did it again!

And again!

I started to push upward.

"No! Stay still! Enjoy it!"

She moved faster! Then slower!

Then she lifted her mouth completely off as she was sucking!

Each time she lifted off I heard a sucking sound!




The feeling of her mouth sucking me and the sounds she was making pushed me over the edge!

"I'm going to cum!"

I thought she would lift off and watch me cum. She started moving up and down faster! She wanted me to cum in her mouth!

I could feel my first wave of cum push into her mouth! She swallowed it!

I couldn't believe it. My wife never lets me cum in her mouth!

A second spurt! She swallowed it!

A third spurt! She swallowed it!

"Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh!"

She started lifting her mouth off of my cock with loud slurping sounds!

Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!

She kept doing it!

I finally started to shrink.

She looked up. Cum was dripping onto her chin! She wiped it with her finger and sucked it into her mouth!

"Mmmm. That tastes good!"

"Geez Jo! That was fantastic!"

"You liked that? Better than what Marti can do?"

I hesitated. "Yeah. Better than Marti."

She smiled.

"That was the appetizer. After dinner you get to have a special dessert."

I can tell you Jo isn't much of a cook. She served some type of a casserole. Of course she could have served dog food! I wasn't thinking about my stomach. By the time we finished the second bottle of wine I was buzzed.

"So Jim, what do you think of Wade playing grab ass with Marti? I'm guessing you're okay with it. You haven't said anything to Wade."


"You heard me! They started out with little hugs, now Wade is grabbing both of her cheeks. I bet she likes it! Does it turn you on?


"Sure it does! If you didn't like it you would've told Wade to knock it off! The four of us wouldn't be going out together!"

"Geez Jo!"

"Remember the night you and I went to the bathroom at the same time? When we came back Wade had his hand between Marti's legs. And she sure looked liked she was enjoying it!"

"Yeah. You're right."

"I bet you two went home and fucked like rabbits!"

"Cripes Jo."

"Wade and I did. He was hot! Was Marti hot?"

"Damn it! That's enough! I'm out of here!"

"Come on Jim. It's sex. Everyday plain old sex! Everyone likes it. A little variety makes it even better."

"Thanks for the dinner!"

"You know Jim, Wade told me he wants to fuck your wife. You came here tonight with the same idea about me. Stay and have some fun."

"Damn it!"

"You have a nice prick but Wade's is at least 3" inches longer. I bet Marti would love it!"

I could hear her laughing as I walked out of her house.

Chapter Two

When I got home I started thinking about what had happened. Jo had given me the best oral sex I have ever had. I wish Marti would do that! Her shaved pussy was fantastic! Then I thought about Wade fucking my wife.... with a cock three inches longer than mine! Jo wants that to happen! I got angry thinking about it. I couldn't stop thinking about it. My wife in bed with Wade!

The more I thought about it the more detailed my imagination became. What would it look like watching them? Would Marti really like it? Would she fuck him?

Cripes! My prick was getting hard thinking about it!

The following day I couldn't concentrate at work. I kept thinking about Jo sucking my prick. I wanted her to do it again! Would I have to let Wade fuck my wife? Geez! Maybe she may just go ahead and do it without me knowing. She sure likes Wade hugging her and grabbing her ass!

The phone rang. It was Jo.

"Hi Jim. Look, I'm sorry if I upset you last night. If you want Wade to back off he will. I like Marti and don't want to lose her as a friend. Besides we work together."

"Ahh, that's okay. Last night was great. The thing about Wade was a surprise. I shouldn't really be surprised. After all I wasn't there last night for the home cooking."

She laughed. "Cooking isn't my thing."

"The first course was great! Best I have ever had."

"I thought you liked it."

She was right. She really knew how to suck a prick. I paused for a moment.

"Tell me something. Where did you learn to perform oral sex like that?"

She burst out laughing!

"Practice! A lot of practice! That and a older married sister who showed me how to do it."

"What? How?"

"I was a teenager and just starting to date. My first few times with my boyfriend was a disaster. I told Sue about it. She told me every girl has that problem. Sue showed how to do it."

"Wow! How did she do that?"

"With cucumbers!"

Now it was my turn to laugh.

"Tell me!"

"Oh come on Jim! Use your imagination!"

I thought for a few seconds.

"Would you do that for Marti?"

"Do what?"

"You know. Show her how to do it the way guys really like it."

More laughter.

"You really want me to show Marti how to suck a cock?"


"Geez Jim. You're a nut! You must have really enjoyed last night."


"You sure?"

"I'm sure. Watching you on your knees was a real turn on."

"Want Marti on her knees when she does you?"

"Geez. That would be great. Would you show her?"

Another laugh from Jo. She hung up.

I started thinking about Jo giving lessons to Marti. That would be fun to watch. Would Jo do it?

Five minutes later the phone rang. It was Jo.

"Hey! I just found out the doctors are going to a seminar for three days. Marti and I will be in the office alone. School starts tomorrow!"

Chapter Two

Several days later my wife called me at work and asked me to bring home some king crab legs. We like them better than lobsters. They are expensive so we normally save them for special occasions like wedding anniversaries, valentines day or birthdays. It's always a romantic evening that ends with some good sex. When I got home I found that Marti was already there and was just finishing a bath. She usually showers but at the time I didn't think about it. I jumped into the shower while she prepared the dinner.

We usually have one drink before dinner. Marti gulped her first drink down and wanted another. During dinner she had three glasses of wine.

"Careful Marti, you'll fall asleep on me."

"Not tonight lover boy."

She was looped!

"The heck with the dishes. Let's go to bed Jim."

I knew prolonged foreplay wasn't going to be needed as we were both hot. As we undressed Marti kept turned slightly away from me. We normally like to watch one another. That's odd.

I was about to get in bed when she moved in behind me.

"I've got a surprise for you."

She reached around me and started rubbing my stomach.

"Like that?"


Then she moved her hands down to my cock.

"How about that?"

"Much better."

"Turn around."

I turned.

Her nipples were hard! I wanted to suck them.

"Uh! Uh! First your surprise."

She lightly kissed my lips.

My neck.

Kissed my nipples!

Moved downward and licked my stomach!

She paused.

She got on her knees!

Her hands were on my hips.

She was staring at my prick!

She licked her lips and said,

"I'm going to give you a blow job you'll never forget!"

She opened her mouth wide and took me in all the way!

She slowly moved her lips together and starting to suck as she slowly moved upward on my cock!

I moaned in pleasure. She looked up at me.

"Like that?"

"Oh yeah babe!"

This time she kept her lips tight as she moved down on my cock.

Her nose was buried in my pubic hair! She had taken the full length of my cock!

"Geezz! That feels good!"

She moved her head left and right then slowly moved up. This time her mouth made a popping sound as she released it.

"How was that?"

"Do it again!"

"My pleasure."

I can't remember how many times she went up and down. I wasn't counting. Watching my beautiful wife on her knees sucking me was sheer joy. And she was enjoying it!

She was insatiable. And she was noisy about it! She had never been that aggressive when it came to oral sex! I said a silent thanks to Jo.

"You better let me rest. I'm ready to cum!"

"Oh no! I don't want you cuming just yet! I've got another surprise for you."

She got up off of her knees and laid down on the bed with her feet touching the floor. A definite plus having a tall wife! She spread her legs!

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