tagGroup SexFoursome - Two Couples

Foursome - Two Couples


Long story: Several years ago I had a boyfriend Mike, we split up because I could not handle his bisexuality.

Up until last year I was dating/living with a girl called Lucy. She was very active in the swinger scene and pulled me into it. Often we had a third girl for the weekend. I had stayed in touch with Mike, largely for his DIY skills. No, that is not a euphemism, lol. He would come over to fix something or other and Lucy would fuck him in payment.

Anyway, one weekend she had to visit her parents and told me she had invited Mike over to keep me company (and do some odd jobs). She told me that fucking him was optional and winked. I resigned myself to a weekend of straight sex.

What I did not know at the time, was that she had arranged for a couple that Mike knew (both late teens, younger than us) to join us for the weekend. This straight couple had expressed an interest in swinging to Lucy, but had never done anything. It was to be a voyeuristic meeting, us watching them and they watching us, but no mixing.

I found out about the arrangement late on Friday evening, from Mike, 10 minutes before they arrived. They were both stunning looking and I could tell that Mike was hard the moment they walked in. It was about 10pm when they arrived and midnight when enough wine had been consumed to relax everyone. They were still unsure about what was going to happen, and there were some long awkward pauses in the conversation. I impulsively grabbed Mike's jeans, unzipped him, he never wore underwear, and brought out his hardon and started stroking it. I asked Anna what she thought of it and she blushed as she said lovely or somesuch.

I slipped off the settee and knelt in front of Mike, he removed his Jeans fully and I took his erection in my mouth. After sucking him for a while, I looked over to the other settee to see them both gazing intently at us, Jason's trousers tented and Anna shifting about, obviously wet herself. I was wearing a fairly short skirt and from where they were sitting, could probably see my panties were wet.

I told Anna I would love to see her husband's erection, and turned back to Mike, in the hope that by not looking at them, they would do it. When I turned around Anna was on her knees in front of Jason and was sucking his cock. Her long skirt was under her knees and stretched awkwardly.

I moved towards them on all fours and made a comment about her skirt, offering to untrap it. Before she could react I had unhooked it and pulled it down her legs revealing her soaked Calvin Klein white bikini style briefs. As I gently rubbed her crotch through the cotton, she groaned slightly. I removed my hand, as I knew they were straight, but she immediately said, "don't stop", I glanced at Jason, and he was obviously wanting to see more.

I started to rub her sex through the material more and more. She was getting wetter by the minute. Anna had stopped sucking cock and was on all fours, legs close together, resting her head on a cushion on the settee. I peeled off her sopping knickers and she opened her legs wide to give me good access. Jason had removed his trousers and underpants and was sitting next to Mike where he could see her red, wet and exposed cunt.

I started to lick her pussy and clit and bumhole and when I slipped a finger into her vagina she came for the first time that weekend. I removed my mouth from her crotch to mention that I was the only one fully dressed. I asked Anna if I should stop to strip, or get Jason to undress me, "don't stop" was her only answer.

Jason came over to me and with shaking hands started to remove my skirt and panties. He started to back away and I gently pulled my top, indicating to him that he had not finished. He came back over and removed my blouse and bra. I whispered to him, "how wet am I?". He muttered something, so I whispered, quietly enough so that Anna could not hear, "touch my pussy". He rubbed me a few times, then went back to the settee and sat down next to Mike. I carried on licking and sucking and fingering Anna, bringing her to several more orgasms. I asked Mike to come over and help Anna undress from the waist up. Anna suggested that her husband could do that, but I told her, groaning slightly "Jason is too busy licking my cunt". She was too far gone to care as Mike removed her top and bra, fondled her tits and kissed her hard on the lips. As she kissed him back and rubbed his cock, Jason responded by sliding his cock into me and very soon filled me with his seed.

By now it had gone 2:00am and we soon retired to our own beds.

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