tagCelebrities & Fan FictionFox and Guests Pt. 01C

Fox and Guests Pt. 01C


Part 01C

Janice Dean the Second FFFF She's a Wedding Singer


The Screen came to life and standing there was Janice Dean dressed in a two piece red skirt suit. "Welcome everyone to the second FFFF of our first day of broadcasting. My god wasn't that fantasy of Robin Meade's absolutely amazing. Fuck me; if my fantasy wasn't prerecorded I think I may have taken her up on her offer to experience some girl on girl with her. All that cum covering her face and breasts, Mmmmmm I would have loved to help her lick all of that off and fed it back to her. Oh shit, I'm getting wet just imagining it, who knows maybe we can have another FFFF episode and try it out."

Well for now I'd like to give you a little background on my fantasy. I've always said if I didn't become a meteorologist I would have been a singer, more precisely a wedding singer. My fantasy is, well was because it was recently fulfilled as you will soon see. My biggest obstacle was to get the bride out of the way, with the help of several potent sleeping aids; she was incapacitated for the night. I had a connection with the best man and my fantasy was to be double teamed by the groom and best man. As you will see, it got even better, but I'll leave some twists and surprises for the show. Without further ado I present my fantasy; "The Groom and the Wedding Singer", enjoy!

The screen came alive and Janice was on stage singing one of Celine Dion's songs, "Our Love Will Go On!" Once the set was over Janice headed over to the bridal table and without anyone noticing, she slipped a large dose of sleeping potion to the bride's champagne glass. Before long she had finished the entire glass. She resembled Selena Gomez and in her wedding gown she looked great, to bad her groom wouldn't be tapping that, at least not tonight.

Janice's thick light blonde hair, normal hung past her shoulders, but tonight it was up in a chignon style and showed off her long graceful neck and sexy bare shoulders. She was wearing a tight red satin gown that clung to her shapely breasts, pulled in tight about her trim waist, ample hips and gorgeous ass. There was a long slit up one side exposing her shapely calf and when she moved just right, her full thigh.

As always she was a bundle of fun, laughing and joking with the band, wedding party and guests. She had an instant connection with the best man, a Tom Cruise look-alike and between sets snuck out to the outer hall to get better acquainted with him. By the end of the third set, they were sucking face and couldn't keep their hands off each other, but Janice had higher aspirations, the groom.

The bride's mother resembled her daughter, just around twenty years older; she sort of looked like a porn star she had seen on many videos, Lisa Ann. Janice knew the bride's mother was named Lisa Ann, but didn't find out till later that her mother WAS actually the porn star of the same name.

Lisa Ann came over to her daughter and she realized she wasn't looking herself; "Betty Ann are you feeling okay, you seem out of sorts?"

"Yeah mom, all of a sudden I'm feeling very, very tired! I can hardly keep my eyes open. Could you please find Jerry and let him know I'm ready to head up to our honeymoon suite?"

"Sure honey, I thought I saw him head out into the hall with Tom and Janice the wedding singer. You just sit tight and rest a bit; I know you have a fun filled night ahead of you!" She giggled and patted her daughter on the shoulder.

Going out into the outer hall she found Jerry and Tom, the best man laughing it up with Janice. She had her arm around both men and when Lisa Ann, the bride's mother cleared her throat, Janice's hands dropped to her side and spoke up; "Well hello Lisa Ann, is it time for our next set already? I lost track of time talking with these two handsome gentlemen!"

She grimaced and shook her head no; "Yeah Janice, you may want to make it brief. Betty Ann isn't feeling well and suddenly is very, very tired. I hate to say Jerry; you may have to wait till tomorrow to enjoy your marital bed, if you get my drift!"

Jerry hurried back into the hall and found Betty Ann, his bride with her head down on the table nearly asleep. He shook her and she sleepily raised her head and smiled sheepishly at her husband; "Hi there Hubby, I'm so, so sorry, I can't believe how tired I am all of a sudden. Could we please head-up to the room, I need to lie down for a while."

"Sure Betty Ann, just let me go and find Tom so he can help me!" Just about then Janice and the band finished their last set, the band members began packing up their instruments and Janice headed over to Tom and Jerry got to Tom at the same time; "Oh Tom you have to help me with Betty Ann, she's out of it, I never saw her this tired before. I know you had plans, but can you put them on hold till I get Betty Ann settled in our suite?"

Janice spoke up first; "Please let me help, I know how things can come crashing down on top of the bride. After all of the hectic time leading up to the wedding, it's suddenly all done and the bride comes crashing down. I've seen it many, many times, it's like racing a five hundred mile race and as you cross the finish like, you collapse from the long race, all of you adrenaline is gone and you having nothing left, just give her tonight and I guarantee she'll be as good as new tomorrow!"

She could see the disappointment on Jerry's face and her plan to step in and satisfy the sexual urges the newly married groom and best man had.

The three of them guided the nearly passed-out bride to the elevator and when the doors slid open, Jerry had to carry his bride to their suite. Janice gathered the train behind him, while Tom led the way opening the suite door and turned down the bed and Jerry placed Betty Ann down in the bed.

Janice shooed Jerry from the room while Janice removed her veil, took off her shoes and placed the covered over the already sleeping bride. Flicking off the light she closed the door and entered the room where Tom was pouring three stiff drinks for the groom, Janice and himself; "Sorry man the night of the groom's weeding is supposed to be a sure thing!" Looking over at Janice and pulling her to him chuckled; "Looks like I'll be getting some before you do!"

Janice lapped him playfully on the arm; "You're horrible Tom!" Taking a sip of her drink and looking over the rim of her glass smiled sassily at Jerry; "I'm feeling extremely amorous tonight, if you two play your cards right, you both may get lucky!"

She took a seat across from Jerry and Tom flopped down beside her. Looking over at Jerry with a grin from ear to ear spoke up; "Sounds like an offer too good to pass up, what do you say Jerry?"

Jerry took a slow steady sip of his drink; "Oh it's very temping, but my new bride is in the next room and she'd kill me if she woke up and caught me, sorry no, no way!"

"Suit yourself; I was just trying to be a good best man." Placing his drink in the table alongside the sofa, he took Janice's from her and placing his hands on both sides of her grinning face turned her towards him. She let out a long throaty moan when his lips covered hers. The kiss grew more heated and tongue got into the action and their heads twisted from side to side and tongues darted from one mouth to the other. Tom tore his mouth from hers and started attacking her long bare neck and shoulder.

Janice closed her eyes and let out a long sigh; "Mmmmmm, I just love having my sensitive skin about my neck and ears nibbled on, don't stop!" She opened her eyes and stared directly at Jerry sitting across from her. She smiled slyly at him and licked her bright red lips. She sucked in her breath when Tom's hands slipped around the back of her dress and slowly drew down the zipper and as the material parted the dress went slack and fell away from her chest and settled around her waist.

Janice glanced across at Jerry and he was sitting there trying to peal his chin off the floor. He eyes were bugging out staring at her large firm and incredibly high standing breasts. Her breasts were very white against her tanned skin, but what caught his eyes were the large perfectly formed areolas and the stiff, even darker nipples aimed directly at him. Her areolas were the size of quarters with numerous symmetrical bumps around them standing tall. His mouth was watering and he shifted to keep his eyes on them but was blocked by Tom's head and hand as he cupped one and drew the other in-between his lips.

Janice was in heaven and knew soon her fantasy would be fulfilled. Her hands were busy and soon had Tom stripped to the waist and was now working on his pants. Getting them open she pushed them down along with his shorts and she let out a gasp when her long slim fingers were wrapped around his thick dark skinned cock. It wasn't as long as she hoped it would be, but it was above average in length.

Tom slid her down on the sofa, with her head resting on the cushion; she turned her head and looked at Jerry across from her. He was slouched down and was stroking the big lump through his pants. Licking her wet, red lips she whispered out to him; "Pull it out Jerry, pull it out and stroke that monster for me!"

She turned back to Tom who planted wet kisses along her toned belly and when he reached her hips, he urged her to lift them and when she complied he tugged the dress the rest of the way off her body. Without panties on to get in the way Tom resumed kissing her body and she moaned out when he bypassed her pussy and rained kisses along her trim thighs and shapely calves. When he reached her feet he sucked on each toe individually and then did the same to the other foot. He worked his way up the other calf, knee and thigh.

Janice squirmed and arched her hips to make sure he didn't bypass her pussy again; she grabbed him by the ears and guided his mouth to her glistening pussy.

Tom began taking long, slow licks of her pussy from asshole to clit. With each lick he applied more pressure, after about the fifth or sixth lick, his tongue penetrated her full glistening lips and his tongue slipped into her.

Janice let out a loud groan and started cumming all over his tongue and lips. She shook violently and humped his face and turning her head she once again looked at Jerry. He had now exposed his cock, his pants were down around his ankles and she licked her lips and crooked her finger to urge him to come over to her.

Jerry was in a trance as he watched Tom suck the nectar from Janice's pussy and loved how her large tits were squashed against the sofa cushion. Getting up, he kicked off his shoes and shucked out of his pants and shorts. He moved over to the edge of the sofa and his huge cock swayed back and forth in front of Janice.

She giggled as she tried to catch it in her wide-spread lips, but it slapped against her cheeks. She finally reached up, losing her balance and fell to the sofa and laughed even more. Pushing Tom aside, she knelt up and urged Jerry to plant his naked ass on the arm of the sofa and spread his legs. Janice crawled up between them and began licking his balls while she stroked his leaking cock. She jerked when she felt Tom behind her, he slapped her on her tight bubble butt and caressing them spread her cheeks and leaning forward swept his fat, stiff cock at her sopping cunt. Spearing her fat cuntlips, he thrust his hips forward and he sank into her extremely hot, wet pussy.

Janice let out a loud grunt and popped one of Jerry's balls out of her mouth and pulling his cock downward to her wet lips, she swallowed half of his cock.

Jerry threw his head back as his hips jerked upward, sending even more of his cock into her mouth. He loved how she slid her lips up and down his slick shaft. What really drove him crazy was seeing her tongue slip out below her lower lip and draw back in and out coating his cock and her fat bottom lip sucking her saliva back in. The sight was so erotic; her tongue was active like a lizard, flicking in and out.

Tom picked up the pace slamming against her tight ass as he went faster and deeper into her spasming pussy. Slowing the fucking of her from behind he hovered over her upturned ass and opening his mouth he let a large dollop of spit drool out and land around her puckered hole. He followed it up with is finger. He slowly slid first one and then a second finger up her ass.

Janice bucked her hips and sucked harder on Jerry's cock and groaned loudly around it. She slammed her hips harder against Tom's invading cock and fingers and pulling her mouth off of Jerry's cock whipped her head around; "Oh fuck Tom, fuck it, fuck my cunt, shove those fingers deeper in my ass, yes, yes just like that, oh Fuckkkkkkk I'm cumming!"

She rested her head on Jerry's thigh and hugged him hard as she trembled and shook from her intense orgasm.

Tom slowly slipped his fingers and cock from her holes and sat back on the sofa. He wrapped his arm around Janice's waist; he pulled her to him and had her straddle his legs, facing away from him. He lifted her by her hips and lifting her up positioned her tight puckered hole over his cock. He slowly lowered her glistening body and his cock slid into her extremely tight and hot ass. Inch by inch his cock disappeared as her ass swallowed up his cock.

Janice whipped her head around and her mouth was open wide, gasping for air to fill her lungs. She began to ride his cock, up and down, up and down. Her tits bounced and swayed on her chest as she could not believe how turned on she was at this exact moment. Her heels were on the edge of the cushions, her legs were spread wide and her cunt was leaking her female fluids down onto Tom's balls.

Jerry slipped in-between her wide spread legs and gripping his saliva covered cock, stepped forward and when he did this it caused Janice to pause and hold her breath. He thrust his hips forwards and this caused Janice to throw her head back, he sent half of his long stiff cock into her tight, wet pussy.

Janice let out a loud groan and whipped her hips forwards and backwards. Her ass swallowed and expelled Tom's cock from her tight butt hole and at the same time in doing this, did the same to Jerry's cock, but in her pussy. Her head whipped around and little by little her chignon hairdo began to unravel and her long, super thick blonde hair tumbled around her shoulders. She bit her lower lip and shook as she started cumming all over Jerry's cock. She smiled to herself, her fantasy had now been fulfilled, all the rest was icing on the cock or in her cunt if she was lucky.

Jerry held her quaking body still as he pumped deeper and harder into her pussy, thinking he should have been doing this to his new bride sleeping soundly in their marital bed. Jerry suddenly stopped dead in his tracks as he heard someone behind him clear their throat. Very, very slowly he drew out of Janice's dripping cunt, his cock was covered in her hot, thick creamy cum. Spinning around his mother-in-law was staring intently at his bobbing cock, she was stunned and at the same time fuming as she knew he was supposed to be with her daughter and not balls deep in the wedding singer.

"What the fuck are you doing Jerry? Aren't you supposed to be with your new bride, my daughter?"

"Aw well Ms. Corpora, Betty Ann collapsed as soon as we got here and she was out of it. I put her to bed and when I came out here, well I was so hyped up to spend the night with my bride and being let down, sort of got caught up in the action across from me. Tom and Janice here were going at it hot and heavy and Janice invited me to join them. I resisted at first, but like I said I was so ready that I had no willpower and sort of joined in!"

Lisa Ann shook her head; "First of all that is no excuse and don't call me Ms. Corpora, that was my mother-in-law, call me Lisa Ann!" Turning to the large black man behind her; "Lex be a dear and go and check in on Betty Ann. Make sure she IS sleeping and let me know, okay?"

Lexington Steele, her escort to the wedding nodded and headed back towards the bedroom.

Lisa turned back to the threesome before her. Tom was still stiff as a board and was buried deep in Janice's ass. Her legs were spread wide and her gaping pussy, freshly fucked it was a bright pink, glistening with her juices and a trickle of her juices dribbled down between her tight cheeks. "Mmmmm I can see why you were tempted the way you were Jerry!" Looking up at the smiling face of Janice who was slowly rising and lowering her ass on his stiff shaft; "Well Janice, it seems you're working overtime, do you mind if I took a sample of what Jerry was so taking liberties with?"

Janice thought her fantasy was just getting better and better. A huge smile spread from ear to ear. Nodding her head and licking her swollen lips whispered; "Oh yessssss Lisa Ann, I have one question first, I was wondering if you are the same Lisa Ann I've been so obsessed with watching on all of my DVD's?"

Lisa laughed out loud; "Well Janice, I'm not sure if you're obsessed with me, but if you've been watching a lot of porn involving MILFs, then I believe it is me!" Without wasting a second she was on her knees and her head was buried between Janice's ample thighs. Clamping her mouth over Janice's gaping pussy, she began licking and sucking as if she was starved. Her sucking sounds were filling the room and Janice's fingers were fisted deep in Lisa Ann's chocolate brown locks.

Lisa Ann moaned her approval of Janice's hands and her moans turned to loud groans when she felt Jerry behind her, sliding his hands over her tight dress. Tugging it upward, he exposed her gorgeous ass and she let out a squeal when she felt her thong being lowered and replacing her thong with his mouth and fingers.

Jerry mimicked Lisa's activity and soon had his tongue buried deep in her pussy. Tearing his mouth from her gorgeous cunt, replaced his mouth with his stiff cum coated cock. It slid in easily and pushing steadily was soon balls deep in her cunt.

In the bedroom Lex slid onto the bed, Betty Ann stirred when be settled in beside her. He swept a stray black lock of hair from her face, leaning forward he planted a soft gentle kiss on her red, bee-stung lips.

Betty Ann stirred again and letting out a soft sigh parted her lips and sought out, what she thought to be her husband's lips, kissed him back. Still asleep, her hands sought out his head and tried to increase the kiss. She moaned a little bit louder when she felt his tongue slip between her lips and their tongues flicked back and forth. Her eyes fluttered open and as she focused on the figure before her she bolted upright; "Lex what are you doing here? Where is Jerry? I don't understand what's going on?"

He tried to calm her down, he explained what had happened and she realized he was telling the truth.

Betty Ann put her finger to her lips; "Sssssssh, wait here I want to go and see what's going out in the other room!" Still fully dressed in her wedding dress, she tip-toed into the other room and let out a nearly silent gasp when she saw Janice, her wedding singer, naked on the floor, Tom, her husband's best man was straddling her chest, he was tit-fucking her and had his arms wrapped around her mother, Lisa Ann who had her cunt crushed against Janice's face and mouth.

Tom was mauling her mother's tits while their mouths were locked together.

Looking downward she saw Janice's shapely legs wrapped around the groom's back and he was pounding his huge stiff cock in and out of her dripping cunt. Betty Ann was shocked, saddened and angry all at the same time and she was determined to get back at her husband, her mother and the slutty wedding singer.

Betty Ann turned and returned to the bedroom and stood before the bed and looked down at the now naked Lexington Steele. He smiled up at her; "So Betty Ann, want some of this?"

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