tagCelebrities & Fan FictionFox and Guests Pt. 01D

Fox and Guests Pt. 01D


The series "Anger Management" debuted in 2012. The following is a parody of that series, We here at Fox and Guests are proud to produce this series of parodies both classic television and current television. Please let us know if you have any program in particular you would like to see. We here at Fox and Guests have a whole list of programs on the docket to produce, si sit back and enjoy "Anger Management!"

The cast: Charlie Goodson – Charlie Sheen
Emma Goodson – Daniela Bobadilla
Jennifer Goodson – Shawnee Smith
Kate – Selma Blair
Lacey – Noureen DeWulf
Patrick – Michael Arden
Nolan – Derek Richardson
Ed – Barry Corbin

The title fades away and there is Kate in bed naked with a sheet covering her from waist down to her feet. Her knees are drawn up to her chest and the sheet looks like a tent. Kate has her head thrown back, her eyes are closed shut and her mouth is open wide as she's gasping for air. She lets out a loud groan; "Oh my fucking god Charlie, I don't care how many times anyone goes down on me, no one eats pussy like you, your fucking tongue is magical!"

Charlie comes popping out from under the sheet and throws it to the foot of the bed. He has a huge smile on his face and his lips and chin are covered in Kate's creamy cum juices. "Why thank you my dear, I always aim to please now it's your turn!" Flopping down on the bed beside the slim raven haired beauty, she threw her short silky locks beyond her shoulders and gripping his extremely thick cock in her tiny hand she stroked it several times. Lowering her lips to it, she opened wide and her tiny pink tongue darted out and flicked back and forth several times scooping up a drop of pre-cum and sucking it back into her mouth. "Mmmmm Charlie I just love how your cum tastes. I can't wait for you to blast your cum all over my face. Your cock is just the right size, not to long for my tiny pussy, but nice and thick so I can feel you scraping the walls of my pussy when you fuck me!"

Charlie fists as clutching at her black hair and he's urging her to suck him; "How about a little less talking and a little more sucking huh?"

She peeked up at him with those sultry dark eyes and they twinkled. Not breaking her gaze upon him, her mouth slowly opened and breathing a breath of hot air on his cock she slowly enveloped his thick cockhead and half of the shaft. Her hand pumped up and down as she picked up the pace. Her tongue flicked out and ran even lower, down to the root of his cock.

Charlie threw his head back and groaned loudly; "Oh yesssss Kate, just like that, faster, deeper, oh fuck you better stop if you want me to fuck you!"

Without warning she popped her mouth off his cock and scrambled up and straddled his body. Reaching back she gripped his cock and shoved it into her glistening pussy. She slammed her body downward and she bottomed out, her pussy totally enveloping his thick stiff cock. She arched her back and her short raven hair tickled her upper back. Her ass jerked forwards and backwards driving his cock in and out of her foaming pussy. "Oh fuck me, fuck me hard Charlie, I'm cumming again. Don't you dare cum in my pussy you fucking bastard, I want your cum all over my face!"

Charlie let out a growl; "Ah fuck Kate, you better get off me and get down there because after that great blowjob of yours and your tight cunt, I'm about to cum!"

Just then they both heard Charlie's ex-wife Jennifer yell-out; "Charlie are you decent, I'm coming in!"

Kate scrambled under the covers and Charlie ran into the bathroom to slip into some clothes. She entered the room and saw Kate, who Charlie always said she was a lesbian, Jennifer stopped dead in her tracks.

Kate was sweating and her breathing was labored. Jennifer looked at Kate and asked; "Are you alright Kate, you look a little feverous?"

Just then Charlie came out of the bathroom in cargo pants and tank-top, he was carrying a wet washcloth. "What are you doing here Jennifer, I thought we had an agreement you knock or call before coming in?"

"We did Charlie, but Emma needed to see you and I was going to be in the neighborhood, so I just thought I'd drop her off. What Kate doing in your bed Charlie?"

"Well we were having a snack and suddenly she wasn't feeling well. I brought her up her and she was awful dizzy. I had her get into bed and I was just bringing her a wet washcloth for her forehead. What does Emma want to see me about?"

"I don't know Charlie, she's downstairs waiting for you, go see, I'll take care of Kate here, now get!"

Charlie headed down the stairs and slowed up and went down as quiet as possible. He heard a quiet moaning coming from the livingroom and when so caught sight of Emma. She was staring at his laptop, her feet were up on the coffee table and her school plaid skirt was up around her hips. She had her hand buried in her white cotton panties and she was furiously rubbing her pussy while her other hand had slipped into her starched white cotton blouse and it was evident she was twisting her nipples.

Charlie was about to yell at Emma when he heard a series of two women moaning. It was coming from his bedroom on the second floor. He was trapped between watching his daughter masturbating to his laptop porn or sneak back upstairs to see what Kate and Jennifer were doing. His decision was made for him as the group came bursting into the house and Emma quickly pulled both hands out from where they were getting her off.

Old man Ed, Patrick, Nolan the naïve geek and the gorgeous slut Lacey stopped dead in their tracks. Ed and Lacey saw what Emma was doing, but the other two were not paying attention.

Charlie diverted them by shouting to the group; "Hey what the hell are all of you doing here? Our session isn't until tomorrow and I have Emma, Jennifer and Kate here."

Emma was red faced and looked up at her father and she realized he must have been there watching her and it turned her on even more. She wondered how long he was watching her.

Lacey broke in; "We have to have an emergency session Charlie; I went over to help Ed seeing I was on his emergency list to call when he lost his temper and when I got there Patrick and Nolan were already there!"

Ed jumped in; "I told her I was sorry, but seeing she didn't answer my page, I called Nolan and seeing he was out with Patrick, they both came over."

Charlie yelled out; "So the help list was working, Lacey you can't blame Ed here. When he didn't get a response immediately, he did was we all agreed on, go to the next on the contact list. You have to admit he apologized, that's a first for Ed."

Lacey went and sat down next to Emma and when she looked up at the computer she began to laugh; "Hey Charlie I think you need to have the talk with your daughter here!"

Emma jumped forward and closed the laptop; "Sorry I was keeping myself entertained while I waited for my dad to come down from upstairs. You don't have to worry. My mom and dad already gave me the talk; I am eighteen years old you know!"

Ed began his husky laugh; "Yeah young lady, that is some very interesting way to keep you entertained. Lacey and I saw how you were entertaining yourself when we came through the door. Hey Charlie what's going on upstairs, sounds like someone is making their own porn movie up there!"

Lacey turned and with Charlie directly behind her she was staring at his bulging cargo pants; she giggled; "Look Emma, I think Charlie here is either excited by what you were doing or what he came downstairs from, which is it Charlie?"

He stammered and said; "I'll be right back, I have to see what is going on up there!"

Patrick chuckled; "Need any help checking it out?"

"No, no just sit down and I'll be right down!"

Nolan took a seat on the other side of Lacey and opened up the laptop; "Oh my young lady is that what you were watching?"

Patrick came around behind the sofa and stood behind Emma; "Oh hell is that how eighteen year old women entertain yourselves?"

Lacey laughed out loud; "What the fuck are you talking about Patrick? That is the way women of all ages entertain themselves, right Emma?"

All she did was turn redder and nodded slowly. That is when all hell broke loose. Patrick unzipped his pants and kicked them and his shorts aside; his cock was larger than Charlie's but not as thick. By the time he removed his jacket, tie and shirt his cock was as stiff as a board. He leaned over the back of the sofa and cupping Lacey's face he planted a long hot kiss on her lips.

She struggled at first, but after a few seconds she relaxed and began to return his kiss. She opened her mouth and her tongue dove into his mouth. She let out a gasp when his hand slid from her shoulder down into the wide-spread V on her dress. He gently caressed her ample firm breast and tugging outward with the back of his hand, her golden colored wrap-around dress loosened even more.

When Ed who was sitting beside Lacy saw this he reached over and pulled the tie that held her dress together and he unfolded the dress. He slid to his knees planting himself between her slim, shapely thighs.

Lacey threw her head back and she let out a squeal when she saw the naked form of Patrick behind her. She opened her mouth to voice her objection, but was cut off when he shoved his large slim cock into her mouth. She instantly closed her lips around his cock and placed one slim hand around his exposed cock.

Emma was sitting beside Lacey and when she saw what was going on, she craned her neck and licked at Lacey's fingers. Lacey moved her hand and Emma's tongue began lapping away at the cock flesh that wasn't in Lacey's mouth. She let out a squeal when she felt hands on her bare knees. She moaned even louder and spread her legs when she felt the hands slid up her bare thighs to her moist cotton panties.

Nolan's mouth was next to her ear and he whispered to her; "Come on Emma, leave that cock to Lacey, I have one even larger and much thicker!

Emma turned her head and as she settled back down on the sofa she was presented with a naked Nolan. He was standing on the sofa and threw his leg over her body and leaning forward swiped his leaking cock across her slightly parted lips. Her tongue flicked out and rolled around and around the huge pink head. She looked up at him with those wide dark smoldering eyes; "Oh Nolan I'm going to love sucking on this monster. I'm going to suck on it until you shoot your hot creamy load all over my face. Oh fuck after watching those videos on my dad's laptop and then watching Lacey sucking on Patrick's cock, oh fuck I'm so fucking hot, only a thick load of cum all over my face and in my cunt will cool me off, now lean in and let me start on the first half of my satisfaction. Mmmmmmm I love how you taste!"

Nolan thrust his hips forward and half of his nine inch cock slipped into her hot oral cavity. He loved how her tongue flicked around the thick shaft and she closed her eyes and moaned even louder when Nolan's hands combed through Emma's long wavy chocolate brown locks.

Patrick laughed out loud; "Oh fuck Nolan; that looks great, I think I'll try that. Come on Lacey, get that dress off so I can play with those gorgeous tits of yours while you suck on my cock some more!" He walked around the front of Lacey and she was slipping out of her dress. Ed had removed her panties and was bringing Lacey to her second orgasm when Patrick swung his leg over her body and fed her his cock just like Nolan was doing to Emma.

The two men were face fucking the two gorgeous women. Patrick removed Lacey's bra and began playing with her large firm tits. As he tweaked her nipples she took his cock into her throat and her long dark blonde hair tumbled about her shoulders and tits. Her throat muscles tightened and as she felt his cock slide in and out of her throat. She began humping her hips upwards faster and faster as Ed inserted two fingers in her pussy and one in her ass and she raced towards yet another orgasm. She started cumming again soaking Ed's wrist and face with her cum. She pulled her mouth off Patrick's cock and yelled out; "Oh please Ed, I love what a cunt lapper you are, but I need a break, please, please let me rest a few minutes!"

Emma slipped off of Nolan's cock and giggled; "Hey Ed, I was wondering if you are as good with teenage pussy as you are with old lady pussy, want to give it a try?"

Lacey spat Patrick's cock from her mouth; "Hey, who the fuck are you calling old?"

Emma giggled; "I was just kidding!"

Before she even finished speaking, Ed was crawling out from between Lacey's sexy legs and throwing one of Emma's cable knit stocking clad legs over his shoulder he reached up and pulled her pussy juice soaked panties aside and taking a big whiff of her scent moaned out; "Mmmmm Emma, I can't wait to see if you taste as good as you smell!"

Ed's tongue parted her extremely tight pussy lips. Worming his way in, his tongue darted in and out several times and holding it there, he sucked at the dripping hole.

Emma groaned loudly around Nolan's cock and sucked him in deeper when Ed found her clit and flicked it back and forth with the tip of his tongue. At the same time Nolan finally got Emma's blouse open and popped open her front clasp on her bra. Her tits were amazing, no more than a handful, but they pointed upward and her dime sized areolas were a dark pink and her pencil eraser sized nipples were a dark red and very, very stiff.

Up in the bedroom when Charlie slowly opened the door, his cock nearly tore through his cargo shorts. Jennifer was still fully clothed, she was lying flat on her belly, her head was buried between Kate's thighs and she was lapping away at her pussy. It was evident she was a novice at eating pussy, nowhere as good as Charlie, but Kate loved her enthusiasm, she was trying her best.

Kate had gathered Jennifer's unruly blonde locks and turned her head a little from side to side guiding Jennifer to her sweet spot, so to speak.

Charlie entered the bedroom and swiftly removed all of his clothes and crawling on the bed behind Jennifer, he reached down and popped open her skin tight jeans and before she could react he wiggled her pants from side to side until he slipped them off her slim hips and tight ass. Her panties came off with them and he pulled them off her legs and tossed them to the floor.

Charlie flopped down onto his back and scrambled upward between Jennifer's now wide-spread legs. He was surprised to see she rose up so he could gain access to her blonde hair covered pussy.

She let out a growl when he began eating her pussy. Pulling her head out from between Kate's thighs spat out; "Oh fuck Kate, I nearly forgot what a great pussy licker Charlie was, shit, shit, shit, oh fuck Charlie I'm cumming already!"

Kate pulled Jennifer up to her and before her mouth covered hers she kissed her nose; "Oh yeah Jennifer, I've told Charlie over and over again, his pussy eating talent she be entered into the sexual Olympics!:

Before Jennifer could reply, Kate's mouth covered hers and Kate reached down and grabbed a hold of the hem of Jennifer's t-shirt and pulled it up and over her head. She quickly removed her bra and her ample sized tits now rubbed against Kate's tiny tits.

Charlie crawled out from under Jennifer and getting on his knees gripped Jennifer's hips and with one swift thrust drove his cock deep into his ex-wife's cunt.

Jennifer tore her mouth off of Kate's and screamed out; "Oh fuck me Charlie, oh fuck, I almost forgot how great your cock feels in my pussy. Oh fuck me, harder, deeper, come on you motherfucker, slam it in me!"

Charlie looked up at Kate; "Now you can see why we got a divorce, she even orders me around in the bedroom!"

Jennifer rose up and pushed back harder against his invading cock; "Just shut the fuck up Charlie and fuck me, don't you dare stop fucking me until you make me cum, oh yessssssssss Charlie, I always loved the way you made me cum, faster, faster, oh fuck I'm there, now , now, harder, cum, cum with me!"

Charlie twisted her head around and locked his mouth on hers, he wanted to kiss her hard, but more than that he wanted to shut her up. He blasted shot after shot in her tight, hot cunt. They fell to the bed nearly trapping Kate beneath them.

Kate scrambled out from under Jennifer and pushing Charlie off of her. She rolled Jennifer over and slid between her legs and began licking and sucking the cum that oozed out of her well-fucked pussy.

Jennifer arched her back and even though she had just had one of the best orgasms in a very, very long time she could feel another orgasm quickly building. She dug her fingers into Kate's short, silky raven hair and humped her cunt against Kate's exquisite tongue and lips.

Charlie cock was rapidly growing again; Jennifer saw this and urged him to come closer. She was humping her hips upward against Kate's mouth. She opened her mouth her tongue snuck out and licked at his cum coated cock; "Mmmmm I remember doing this many, many times. I just love the mixture of your cum and mine!" Her head rose up and she took half of his cock into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down, taking more and more of his cock into her mouth and slipped into her throat. She tore her mouth off his cock and let out a loud scream and she started cumming all over Kate's face.

Kate planted several soft kisses on Jennifer's glistening pussy and nipped at her slim, shapely thighs.

Jennifer swept some damp locks from Kate's forehead; "My god Kate, you eat pussy nearly as good as Charlie. I guess your secret is out, I guess you're not a lesbian like Charlie said you were, are you?"

Kate smiled down at Jennifer; "No, not really Jennifer, but after eating your pussy and you eating mine, I can seriously say I AM BI! Now if you would, please give me back Charlie's cock, he was fucking me when you barged in, he was about to cum and promised to cum all over my face. I already tasted his cum oozing out of your pussy, but there is nothing I love better than to feel him shoot his cum all over my face!"

"Jennifer slapped Charlie on the ass; "Go on Charlie, give it to her, but one thing Kate, is it okay if I lick it off your face after he cums?"

Kate smiled from ear to ear; "Oh you nasty bitch, Charlie how the hell did you ever give this crazy cunt up?"

Charlie was fucking Kate's pussy from behind in seconds. He slipped a finger up her tight asshole and loved how her tiny tight ass opened and closed as he fucked Kate faster and faster. After seeing all that he did and how great it was to have Jennifer suck him off again, he was quickly racing towards another orgasm. Just then Kate started cumming again and pulling out of Kate's creaming pussy, he scrambled around on the bed and began shooting his thick hot creamy cum all over her gorgeous face. Spurt after spurt came out completely covering her face,

He fell over laughing when Jennifer shoved him away from Kate and began sucking, licking and kissing the cum from Kate's face. She locked lips with Kate and they swapped Charlie's cum back and forth until it was all gone.

The three of them collapsed to the bed and as they tried to regain some strength in their drained bodies they heard loud moans and screams of orgasms from downstairs.

Charlie, Jennifer and Kate hurried naked downstairs and stopped dead in their tracks at the bottom of the stairs. Emma was on the sofa, on her knees. Her arms were resting on the arm rest, her head was tipped back and she was sucking wildly at Ed's tiny cock. She had him totally in her mouth even though he was small. Emma had her petite ass up in the air and Nolan was behind her pounding her viciously and she as pushed back with the same vigor.

On the floor Patrick was on his back and Lacey was riding his cock, reverse cowgirl. She was going wild on his cock; her entire body was glistening with a thick sheen of sweat. Her extremely long dark blonde hair was whipping around her face, chest and nearly down to her ass. Her mouth was open wide sucking in as much air into her lungs as she could. "Come on you motherfucker, fuck my cunt. You better not cum until I cum! Oh fuck your cock is so fucking thick, slam it up in me deeper!"

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