tagIncest/TabooFoxy Grandma Ch. 02

Foxy Grandma Ch. 02


(This story is posted on the Literotica website. Do not repost anywhere else without the author's consent. For fans of my stories, they know what kinds of things to expect. This story deals with similar themes as the stories by wannabeboytoy, seducedHylas, and Dark Betrayal, namely cheating, betrayal, and heartbreak. If stuff like that isn't your cup of tea, then you probably shouldn't bother reading it. Also, I would like to thank my biggest fan for his help coming up with the idea and preparing this story, as well as other fans for their help making this story come together. I do not condone any of these actions in real life. This is just a story. Enjoy.)


Janice tried to find an elegant way to bring up the concept of incest with her grandson, but she was struggling to find a way to do so. Finally, she realized she would have to BS it. She thought it over and finally she felt like she came up with a good plan.

She walked into the living room to see Danny surfing the internet on her laptop. She saw he was on some news site, which gave her the opening she needed.

"Hey, did you read that story about the mother and her son?" Janice asked.

"No. What are you talking about?"Danny asked, only half paying attention. Janice sat down across from him.

"Yeah, so apparently, this mother, she was probably about my age, maybe a little younger, seduced her own son. Her son was your age, and he was, you know, a football star. He had a scholarship to a great school, and was probably set for life. But, his mother was this absolute babe, and he had always had this thing for her, because she was so hot. She had suspected that he was into her, but she just wrote it off. Then he filled out, got all buff and gorgeous, and she got some not so motherly thoughts about him. The future was inevitable for them. She was a babe with a husband who was never around. And he was a young stud who was down for anything. He had tried to hide his true feelings by banging some slutty high school girls. Finally, his mom knew if she didn't do anything about it, her son would be wasting his time with girls who didn't deserve him. So, since he was such a hunk, she decided to seduce him. She hit on him until he finally was able to accept his true feelings. Until he finally accepted that he was in love with his own mother. That mother had sex with her own son." Janice said, pausing.

"That's sick." Danny said, his full attention on the story Janice was telling.

"They continued for months, and both had never been happier. They both said it was the best sex they had ever had. They said that it being incest only made it better. The forbidden nature of it made it addictive. Then, their neighbor saw them doing it, and called the cops." Janice added.

"Yeah?" Danny asked.

"Yeah. Turns out this bitch neighbor of theirs had this thing for the son, and had wanted him. She turned them in, because she was a jealous bitch." Janice said angrily.

"Wait, what?" Danny asked, confused. Why was she angry at the neighbor? She did the right thing.

"Yeah, the neighbor was a bitch. She was a jealous bitch who wanted her hunky young neighbor's cock. She ruined a perfectly healthy, sexual relationship between consenting adults because she was jealous." Janice said.

"Wait, you're okay with it? It was incest!" Danny said.

"So? Danny, that's one of those things you don't get to learn about where you come from. Incest is more common than you think. If I was a mother to a son like that, I wish he loved me that much that he wanted to give me as much pleasure as possible. I wish I had a son like that I could love that much and show him his true feelings and make him truly happy." Janice said.

"So, you're okay with it? You're okay with incest?" Danny asked in disbelief.

"Of course. As long as they are both consenting adults, what is the problem? If a young man, who was of age, had a mother, or a sister, or a cousin, or some other relative that was really hot and down for sex, who am I to stop them?" Janice said.

"You're kidding?" Danny asked, incredulous.

"What, you are not okay with it?" Janice asked, seemingly confused.

"No. It's sick! It's incest!" Danny added.

"So? Danny, you need to realize eventually that just because some things don't exist in your mother's world doesn't mean they can't exist in yours. Just because your mom is so short-sighted doesn't mean you have to be." Janice replied.

"I, just, wow. I think we'll have to agree to disagree on this one, Janice." Danny said.

"Danny, you can't be afraid to confront new things. Okay?" Janice said.

"Yeah, okay." Danny said, eager for this strange conversation to end. Janice soon left the room, leaving Danny with his thoughts. How could his grandmother be okay with incest? The only way he would think why was if she had at some point been involved in incest or thought about committing it with one of her relatives. But, she had such a small family. Who could it be?


After the strange events of the day before, things soon returned to normal. Danny and his grandmother discussed the fact that Janice's 49th birthday was quickly approaching later that week. She asked if he knew what he was getting her. He replied 'no', so she offered to take him shopping the next day to give him gift ideas. Danny had always been bad at buying gifts and usually had to be directly told what to buy as a gift. His mother would have to lay out a few specific things that she wanted and let him pick from there. Erin had told this to Janice, and Janice was planning to use this to her advantage.

She took him out to a few clothing stores. Danny suggested a few pieces of clothing, but Janice laughed off his suggestions, implying that he knew nothing about women's fashion. So Danny just followed her quietly, like a puppy, as his grandmother scanned the clothes. Janice seemed very fussy, not really satisfied by any of the things she saw. They went through a few stores downtown, going to a few classy clothing stores, before they arrived at a much different store.

"This place is my favorite." Janice told Danny as they entered. This place was a little trendier, but not quite as classy as the other places they went to. Danny looked around, taking in all of the sights. They were clothes that, in his opinion, looked a little trashier than some of the things they had seen earlier in the day. They walked up to some shirts that had some words on the front, all with little messages. Janice sifted through the rack, until she gasped out loud.

"Oh, this would be a perfect gift from you." Janice said, retrieving the shirt and showing it to Danny. It was a small purple t-shirt, maybe a size too small for her. On the front of it were two words in fancy lettering:

"Foxy Grandma"

Janice giggled as she saw Danny read this shirt. Danny didn't know whether Janice was joking or not. Would she want a shirt that said "Foxy Grandma" on the front? Would his Grandmother want to advertise that she is foxy? Wait, is she foxy?

For the first time, Danny looked at his grandmother as a woman. He had to admit she was very good looking, gorgeous even. For a woman who was nearing 49 she didn't look a day over 35. She was still very fit, to be honest, in great shape. He thought back to that night he saw her in that skimpy nightie. Her body was very curvy in all the right places. She would fit right in some of the MILF porn he had viewed.

Danny had to shake his head to clear these thoughts. He had had a thought that was so jarring and messed up that he tried to forget it immediately. He had imagined his grandmother in a porno scene. He had admitted that she would be right at home on the set of a MILF porn. How many grandsons had had that thought? How many young men imagined their grandmothers starring in a MILF porn? That's ridiculous! He felt immediate shame and guilt at this thought, but he felt something else also. He got a certain thrill out of it. There was a certain naughty delight at imagining his own grandmother starring in porn. How messed up would that be if his grandmother was a porn star? Most guys his age had grandmothers who were old ladies. Grannies. Not his grandmother. His grandmother was younger than most, and had the body and mind of a younger woman. Danny wondered what he would do if he had found out his Grandmother had been in a porno. Would he watch it? Would he able to resist the urge of what promised to be some good quality MILF porn, even though it starred his own grandmother? Danny shook these thoughts away.

Janice was waiting for his response, so he just nodded and smiled. Janice grew a knowing smile and replaced the shirt on the shelf. They moved on to look at the rest of the store. Danny was in a daze at how quickly the idea of his grandmother being a MILF jumped into his head. Did he think his grandmother was a MILF? Danny was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't realize they were standing in the women's underwear section. Danny suddenly felt embarrassed, as if afraid someone was gonna catch him there and think he was a pervert or something. But nothing seemed amiss. No one was looking at him strangely. The cute sales girl met his stare and gave him a friendly smile. Danny looked away, uncomfortable at having been seen there.

Janice thumbed through the underwear, in no rush. Danny was eager to escape this prison of lace undergarments.

"Oh look at this. This is so cute!" Janice said, holding up a skimpy, black lace thong. Danny looked at it in awe. He had never seen a thong in person before. Sure, he had noticed a few of the skankier girls in school had a hint of thong above the waistband of their pants. But he had never gotten a full view. LeAnn would never wear a thong. She wasn't that type of girl. But was Janice? Was his grandmother the type of woman to wear a skimpy thong? Danny gulped as Janice looked at him, expecting an answer.

"Uh, yeah, it's cute." Danny said quietly, hoping no one heard him tell his grandmother the thong in her hands was cute. Danny wouldn't normally describe a thong as cute. A thong drew up dark, naughty thoughts. Janice set it down and skimmed through the rest of the store. Soon they stepped outside, their shopping excursion at an end.

"Well, did you get any ideas?" Janice asked. Danny was surprised that their trip was over so quickly. He felt like she really hadn't shown any interest in much other than the shirt and the thong. He couldn't possibly give those to her, could he? Janice looked at him expectantly.

"Uh, yeah. I got a few ideas." Danny replied. Janice nodded happily.

"Good. Well, I was gonna meet one of my friends for lunch. If you want to go back to any of the stores and pick up what you want to get me, then you should do so." Janice replied.

"Well, uh, I don't have much money." he replied. He had never been a big spender, never having had much money his entire life. Plus, all of Janice's ideas well exceeded his price range.

"That's okay. I'll give you some money, and you can buy me something nice." Janice replied, reaching into her purse.

"Uh, you sure you don't mind paying for your own gifts?" Danny asked.

"Well, all that matters is that they are from my loving grandson." Janice replied. She pulled out a wad of cash, grabbed a seemingly random amount, and handed it over.

"Buy me something nice." she said, leaning over and kissing him on the cheek. "Well, call me when you are all finished."

"Okay. Have fun." Danny said.

"You too." Janice replied, walking away. Danny couldn't help but notice her shaking her butt as she walked. She had always walked like this, but Danny really noticed it this time. She eventually walked out of sight, the clicking of her high heels finally dying off as she turned the corner.

Danny stood there, confused. What would he do? The only gift ideas were the shirt and the thong. He couldn't buy those things for her, could he? What would it imply if he bought his grandmother a thong and a shirt that said 'Foxy Grandma'? What would people think if they knew he bought those things for her? If he bought his grandmother a skimpy lace thong and a shirt that said she was a fox, would that imply that he in some way found her attractive? If you bought those things for anyone else, that would definitely imply attraction. Would the same rules apply to his grandmother?

What would she think? What would his grandmother think if he bought her the shirt and the thong? By buying her the shirt, it would tell her that he did in fact think she was a foxy grandma. You don't buy a shirt like that unless you believe it. And if he bought her a thong? How many grandsons had been put into the position where they had to decide whether or not to buy their grandma a thong? She had pretty much told him that's what she wanted him to get. Those were the only two things she had suggested. So she would understand if he bought those for her. Right? She wouldn't read into it too much. If she had suggested anything else, he would have bought those things in an instant. But she didn't. And she had shown how picky she was with the clothes she liked, so he couldn't just buy something she didn't point out. Danny counted the money in his hand, and then laughed to himself. The amount of cash in his hand would be just enough to cover the purchase of both the shirt and the thong. He guessed fate was leading him in one direction.

Danny stepped back into the store, and quickly grabbed the shirt and the thong. He didn't want to be seen with them, so he took them to the check-out quickly. The girl at the register was the same one who had smiled at him earlier. As she rung up the items she started a conversation.

"You buying these for that woman you were with earlier?" She asked.

"Uh, yeah." Danny replied. She smiled wickedly.

"Is she, like... your sugar momma?" the girl asked. Danny was flustered by this. He thought about correcting her, when he realized the truth was probably worse. He realized he had to go with it.

"Uh, yeah. She is." Danny replied, blushing.

"Shame. You're pretty cute." she said, handing him the bag containing his purchases after he paid. He walked out quickly, extremely embarrassed. Is that what people thought? Did people think Janice was his sugar momma? Did people look at them and immediately think they were a couple? That's ridiculous. Danny had never felt more humiliated.

He dropped off his purchases in the trunk of the car. He looked around and saw a pay phone. He knew his grandmother wasn't around, so he had an opportunity to call home. He put a few coins in the machine and called his mom. He heard his mom pick up.

"Mom, it's me." Danny said.

"Honey, I have been so worried. How are you doing?" Erin asked.

"I, I kinda want to come home." he replied.

"So, you're starting to realize why I don't get along with her?" Erin asked.

"Uh, yeah, kinda." he replied. "It's just... things are kinda strange out here."

"I'll try calling Mom to see if she will let you come home early. But it's tough, she is kinda in charge. So, unfortunately, you might need to tough it out a few more days. I know it sucks, but just think about us. You have your mom and your fiancée waiting at home for you, and we both love you very much." Erin said.

"Uh, yeah. Thanks, Mom." Danny replied, more homesick than ever. They said goodbye, and Danny knew he had to head out and meet up with Janice.

Danny was in a weird place mentally the rest of the day. He laid in his room alone with his thoughts. He had suddenly been confronted with the fact that his grandmother was a MILF. His grandmother was into young men, and young men were into her. Then, an even more terrifying thought occurred to him. Janice had basically told him that she was okay with incest. This combined with her MILF status meant only one thing: is she had a son, and he was attractive, she would have sex with him. But, luckily, she didn't have a son. The closest thing she had was a grandson.

This made Danny drop dead in his tracks. All the pieces fell into place. Danny realized his grandmother might have an incestuous crush on him. She had been complimentary about his looks and physique. She had been unafraid to talk about sex type things with him. She had tried to fix him up with other older ladies. She had been priming him for her. She had been getting him prepared for her. This thought terrified Danny.

It was craziness! Was his grandmother interested in him sexually? It couldn't be, could it? It would make sense with some of the things that had happened. It just seemed so crazy, but it could be true. He didn't know for sure. All he knew was that he had to get out of there now.

He quickly made it into the hallway before he was confronted with his grandmother again. She stepped out of her room, as if blocking him. He stepped back and looked at her.

"Where are you going so quickly, hon?" Janice asked teasingly, hands on her hips. For the first time, Danny gave his grandmother the up and down with his eyes.

He had to admit that from a purely objective point of view, his grandmother was very attractive. Her boobs were just huge. They jutted outward, covering half the distance between her and him. They rode close together as opposed to sagging apart. Her blouse was tight low-cut, exposing her cavernous cleavage. The breast-flesh he could see looked so creamy and smooth. And perky. He knew if he poked one of them, the flesh would rebound against him.

Her shirt molded around her, highlighting her fit belly and torso. Her tight, low-riding jeans molded around her butt and her legs. Part of her belly was exposed, and he could see a hint of her panties.

Janice was overjoyed to see Danny take in her body. She knew she was starting to win him over.

"Uh, well, I just wanted to head outside." Danny said, nervously, trying to get by her.

"Before you do that, I just want to apologize. I know there have been some things out here that have made you uncomfortable. I live in a different world than you normally do. That wasn't my goal. I know you are only here for a few more days, so I want to enjoy those days as much as we can. Okay?" Janice said.

Danny realized he may have leapt to conclusions. He realized what he had been thinking was craziness. His grandmother was not hitting on him. His grandmother didn't want to have sex with him. She was just used to different things. She lived in a different world than he did. In her world, it was okay to push her grandson towards her friends. That was just the environment she was in. He felt bad for thinking the worst about her. He realized how ridiculous those thoughts were.

"Okay. I'm sorry if I got mad at you." Danny replied. Janice pulled him into a hug. Despite his better feelings, he couldn't help but feel her massive breasts press into his chest softly. The hug parted, and Danny decided to go for a swim.

Danny couldn't help but notice how much Janice paraded around her body. She always seemed to wear tight, skimpy clothes. She constantly showed off her cleavage in whatever she wore. She loved to swim, and loved to wear her collection of skimpy bikinis whenever possible. She always seemed to shake her round butt as she walked. At least she did whenever he found himself looking at it. Danny even noticed how her breasts jiggled as she walked. But at this point, Danny didn't think twice about it. It wasn't that she was an incestuous whore showing off her body in front of her grandson. It was just the way she was.

Danny wrote off some of the things she did. One time, he noticed she bent over, keeping her legs straight, a pose that no doubt would come across as sexual with most women. But, Danny justified, maybe that was how she bent over. He thought back, and every time she had bent over while he was around, she had done it the same way. This cured his worries about that.

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