tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFran Johnson Ch. 04

Fran Johnson Ch. 04


We went to church the following Sunday and Father Mick gave a wonderful sermon, and we received communion. Afterwards, Father greeted us outside the church, and gave me a nice chaste hug and shook Bill's hand. It was very normal and easy between us, although I did feel a flash of guilt that I hadn't told Bill anything about showing Father Mick my vagina.

It seemed that our life had changed and that sex played a much larger role. Not that sex hadn't been good and important before, but it had just moved way up both our priority list.

Bill would play golf most Saturday mornings and I would shop, or run errands or get my hair done. In the afternoon, we would often go "bussing" as Bill came to call it. I would dress in a short skirt with no panties, and we would ride busses and go to Starbucks and I would flash men and let them see my shaved vagina in towns nearby, but never in our own town again. I came to enjoy the rush of flashing men, and it inflamed Bills libido. We would have sex as soon as we got home, and Bill would often lick me afterwards, cleaning his and my juices from my vagina, bringing me to a shuddering orgasm in the process.

We fell into this routine, although he didn't do that every time. Sometimes we just made love like we had in the past. I found that I liked it both ways. As time progressed, Bill started wanting to fantasize that I had just made love with another man, and the sperm he was licking out of me was from this stranger. He wanted me to tell him how the man had "fucked me good" while he licked me. I tried my best to accommodate him, but I often felt silly or foolish while doing it. Bill certainly did seem to like it, though.

We were home from work just after noon on a Thursday in early June when the doorbell rang. Answering the door, I saw Trevor Hamilton standing on our small porch. Trevor was the son of our next-door neighbors, and had been away at college during the school year. The Hamiltons had been our neighbors for 12 years, and I had watched Trevor grow up. He had turned into a fine looking 20 year old young man.

Trevor reminded me that Bill had hired him to take care of the lawn and yard over the summer, and he just wanted to let me know he'd be working most of the rest of the day weeding, pruning, mowing, and raking. Bill came to the door just then, and told Trevor he wanted to show him what we needed done.

Trevor and Bill went out the front door and I went back to my housework. I was working in the bathroom and bedrooms upstairs doing the dusting, changing sheets, vacuuming, and cleaning the fixtures in the bath. I thought about Trevor working outside in the sun, and decided to take him some cold lemonade.

I made some from fresh lemons, mixed it with ice, and took it outside. Trevor had taken his shirt off, and I was pleasantly surprised at his tanned, muscular torso. Bill was nearby, working on the lawnmower, and I felt that although I shouldn't with Bill so close, I told Trevor that he certainly had grown into a fine looking young man. I was quite taken aback with his muscular arms and chest, and I asked him how he was so tanned early in the year.

"Spring Break at the beach, Mrs. J.", was his reply.

"Well it looks quite good on you, Trevor." I told him. I blushed, and tried to cover my tracks. "Listen to this old woman going on!"

"You're not old, Mrs. J.," was his reply. "Besides, I always thought you were pretty hot when I was growing up." He suddenly blushed as well, then realized that Bill was right there. "Well, you know," he continued. "Even though you're my Mom's age and all."

Bill stood up and said to me, "Let's get inside, Fran, and let Trevor get to his work." He led me inside, and I hoped that I hadn't embarrassed Trevor. He just looked so masculine and so strong, I just couldn't help but notice. As we walked in the door, I realized that I really didn't want to go in the house with Bill. I would rather have stayed outside talking to Trevor. It gave me a pleasant feeling and made me a bit aroused.

Once inside, Bill told me to go upstairs and put on my sexiest panty and bra set. When I asked him why, he just told me to run upstairs and do it. I went up and put on a lacy set with a thong and an underwire bra that left little to the imagination. Not knowing what to put on over it, I just put a robe on.

When I went back downstairs, Bill was sitting in his reclining chair reading the newspaper. He asked to see what was under my robe, and I untied it and pulled it open. Bill whistled through his teeth, telling me that I looked beautiful. That's when he told me what his latest plan was. I was to clean house in only my bra and panties as soon as Trevor began working in the back yard. It so happened that almost the entire back of the house was glass windows from ceiling to floor, with sliding doors where the patio was, off the dining area. Trevor would certainly be able to see me clearly through the windows.

I told Bill that I didn't think I could do that. What if his parents found out?

"Bill, no! Please!" I cried. He said it would be fine, and that Trevor had already told me that he thought I looked hot. I was just going to give him a little bit better view so he could see how hot I really was. He also said there was no way a 20 year old boy would tell his parents he had been ogling a neighbor.

"I just don't know if I can do it." I told Bill. "We've know him since he was a boy. We know his parents."

"They'll never know, Fran. He'll go back to school this fall and tell all the boys in the dorm about the great show his next-door neighbor gave him over the summer. And he'll probably leave early today to go home and pull himself off, thinking about you!" Bill could be very convincing.

"I don't know," I told Bill. "I'll try."

After a bit, Bill went outside to tell Trevor that he wanted him to move to the back yard and begin weeding the flower bed against the house. Bill came back in and told me that Trevor would be weeding on the other side of the windows, and that I should put on a good show for him. I saw Trevor come into view through the windows, pushing the wheelbarrow in front of him.

"Take off your robe, Fran. Quick before he sees you!" Bill came over and started tugging on my robe.

I was torn. I didn't know if I wanted it to go this far. The boys on bus were strangers. Father Mick had seen me nearly naked, and he was bound to keep it secret. But Trevor lived right next door and I knew his parents.

"Quick, Fran!" Bill cried out.

Making a decision, I hastily untied the belt and slid the robe off my shoulders. Bill pulled it off and threw it on the couch. "Get busy, Fran. Start cleaning," he told me. I stood like a deer caught in the headlights. I was in a panic that young Trevor was going to see my 45 year-old almost naked body, but at the same time I felt a rush of excitement and arousal.

I quickly grabbed a dust rag and a spray-can of Pledge, and began dusting the coffee table and end tables. Bill returned to his recliner and took his newspaper back up again.

"He hasn't noticed you yet, Fran," Bill said from behind his paper. "I can see him if I glance past the edge of my paper, and he hasn't noticed yet." I cleaned the same spot over and over, bent over at the waist, my rear end facing the window, with only the string of the thong running in the cleft between my cheeks, facing right out towards Trevor.

"Oh, there it is!" Bill cried from his paper. "He just noticed, but looked away like its something he shouldn't see." I could feel my heart beating hard and could hear the rush of blood in my ears as I realized that Trevor would soon look again and see the bare cheeks of my rear exposed, as well as the creamy backs of my thighs. I was becoming quite aroused.

"He's looking again. This time he's taking his sweet time, too," Bill exclaimed. "Move around a bit, Fran. Let him see the goods." I began moving slowly around the coffee table, spraying and polishing the smooth finish, so Trevor could see me from all angles. I was becoming more and more aroused as I finished the dusting.

"How about a little vacuuming, Fran? Vacuum over closer to the window," Bill directed. I got the vacuum cleaner, then bent at the waist to plug in the vacuum, being sure to expose my rear to Trevor. I began slowly vacuuming the carpet, reaching and stretching as much as possible to expose my body in its most appealing form. As I vacuumed near the window, I could see Trevor glancing my way often as he weeded. I was becoming more and more aroused, and as I said, when my engine begins running down between my legs, I sometimes do things I shouldn't.

When I finished vacuuming, I went to the hall closet and got a feather duster and a stepstool. I set the stepstool near the right wall, and grabbing the duster, climbed to the first step and reached up to dust the crease where the ceiling met the walls. In my quest for the imaginary cobwebs, I stretched my body to reach all the way up. Bill watched and reported back to me on Trevor observing me. Evidently he had stopped working and was just gawking at me through the window.

On the stool, stretching with my arms in the air, I knew that Trevor could see almost everything. I moved the stepstool down the wall, moving towards the windows, until I moved the stepstool in front of the window and climbed it again, stretching to reach the ceiling. I was no more than 4 feet from Trevor, facing right at him, separated only by the glass of the window. I put one foot on a rung above another and parted my legs slightly so he could see the material covering my vagina. I knew that I was very, very wet, and I almost hoped he could see the moisture leaking through the thin material.

I knew he could see the fronts of my legs, the thin piece of material covering my vagina, my belly, and my lacy, push up bra with my breasts spilling from them. Oh how I wished I could reach back and unsnap the hook on my bra and let Trevor, with his hard, tanned body, see my full breasts and pink, hard nipples.

"Fran, he's stopped working and is just staring now." Bill had been observing the entire time from behind his newspaper. "Maybe he needs some more lemonade." I was so excited by this time that the idea of talking to Trevor dressed like this was very, very appealing.

I stepped down from the stool, and I looked directly at him. He was crouched in the garden, staring right at me, with his mouth hanging open. When he realized I was looking at him, he looked away. I knocked on the window, and motioning as if I was pouring from a pitcher, I mouthed "More lemonade?"

Trevor nodded and I held up my index finger to indicate I'd have it in just a moment. Before I went for the lemonade, though, I leaned over to pick up the stepstool, and I felt my breasts fall and swing inside my bra. I knew that Trevor could see the tops of my creamy white breasts, and could see down my cleavage. I hesitated for a moment before picking up the stepstool, giving Trevor a good look at my breasts.

I went to the kitchen without putting on my robe and squeezed a few more lemons, adding sugar and water until it was just right. I iced the mixture, and grabbed two plastic cups from the cupboard. Walking out the back sliding door, I motioned Trevor over to the patio. I'm sure my chest and neck were bright red with the flush of arousal as I poured two glasses and handed Trevor one. I motioned him over to the rocking outdoor double glider we have on the patio. Trevor sat, and I joined him, only inches away with my lemonade.

"How was school this year, Trevor? I asked, as I gently moved one of my legs side to side. It created a slight pressure on my vagina each time my legs closed and it felt very good. I could smell Trevor's perspiration and it was a masculine, almost sweet scent. His bare chest was just inches from me, as was my nearly naked body only inches from him.

"Not bad, Mrs. J," he gulped. My courses were really hard, but I did really well."

I couldn't believe it was coming out of my mouth, but I replied, "I always found in college that the harder it was, the more I liked it." He flushed, and I added, "I mean, the harder the class, the more I focused and the more I enjoyed it."

He finally laughed nervously and said, "Yeah, I like them when they're hard, too." He glanced towards my breasts. I looked through the window and saw Bill watching us over the top of his newspaper. He had been on the same section for so long.

"So Mrs. J.," Trevor said. "Do you always clean house in your underwear?"

"Yes, Trevor, I do. I don't like to get my clothes all icky. It's really no different than a swim suit, is it?" I smiled at him.

"Well, you sure don't look icky. You actually look really, really nice." He smiled. "I like watching you clean house."

"Thank you, Trevor," I told him. "Nobody's ever told me that." I patted his leg and stood, yawning and stretching while his hungry eyes roamed over my body. "Well," I said when my yawn subsided. "I guess we'd better get back to work."

I walked over and patted him on the chest. "Don't get too much sun." I told him.

"Yes, Mom!" he laughed and walked towards the flower bed.

I went back in the house and as soon as I slid the door shut, Bill asked me what we were talking about from behind his paper. I gave him a brief recap and then he told me we should go upstairs and fool around. My vagina was squishing when I walked, and I badly wanted sexual satisfaction, especially after being so close to Trevor, both of us with so little clothing on. Oh, how I would love to be naked next to him. Oh my goodness! I'm not sure I should be thinking that.

"I have more cleaning to do, Bill." I picked up the stepstool and moved it a few feet. "And Trevor wants to see more. I know he does." My engine was running now, and the enjoyment and excitement I was getting from exposing myself to Trevor far outstripped my fear and trepidation about what might come of it.

Bill went back to reading, and I went back to cleaning cobwebs. I could see that Trevor was feeling far more comfortable staring directly at me now, and our eyes met frequently as I would glance out the window at him. Suddenly I had an idea.

I went to the kitchen and filled a bucket with hot water and window-cleaning solution. I grabbed a roll of paper towels and went back to the windows. I wetted down the window, and folding a paper napkin, began to wipe the window. I looked at Trevor and Trevor looked back at me. Our eyes met and held. I stopped wiping, and we just looked at each other eye to eye. I felt a huge rush of excitement, as we both silently acknowledged what was going on. I was putting on a show for him, exposing myself to him, opening myself to him. He was watching with appreciation, his eyes taking in my body, his body lusting after mine. He smiled. I smiled back. Only the glass separated us.

Dropping the paper towels, I reached back and unhooked my bra. As I let go, it opened in the back and hung loosely around my breasts. Never taking my eyes off Trevor, I took the two cups in my hand and pulled them forward, the straps riding down my arms. I dropped the bra at my side.

Trevor's eyes left mine, moving down and taking in my exposed breasts. I could feel that my nipples were hard little rocks and a shiver went through me as the cool air of the house hit them. I watched as Trevor drank in the sight of my nipples. He felt no shame in looking, and I felt no shame in him seeing. We stood face to face for a minute or more, Trevor unabashedly studying my breasts, me looking at Trevor's eyes roam over them.

Finally, I bent down, my breasts swinging, and picked up the paper towels. I went back to wiping the window, my breasts moving from side to side with the motion of my arms. Trevor hesitated for a moment, then reached down to the crotch of his cut-off jeans. He adjusted himself, quite openly. I looked down and could see the huge bulge in his pants and felt sorry that I had probably caused him some discomfort as his young, obviously large penis had hardened and been constrained in bad position by his pants. I suddenly had a mental image of Trevor's penis: long, hard, pink skin darkening near the top, with a huge mushroom head. I longed to take it in my hand, to rub it lovingly, to kiss it, and feel it warm between my legs; to feel it slide into me and fill me. I stopped wiping and shuddered visibly.

Finally, never taking his eyes off me, he got down on all fours and began weeding again, stopping often to watch me clean the windows, completely topless, through the thin window. I finished cleaning the windows, my lust and excitement never flagging for a moment, knowing that Trevor was feasting his eyes on my belly, my legs, my bare breasts.

"Take your bottoms off too, Fran." I had almost forgotten that Bill was still behind me, sitting in his recliner, newspaper in hand. "Come on, Fran. Go all the way," he told me.

I think I was as turned on as I had ever been, and the object of my lust was beyond my reach, yet right in front of me. Trevor, seeing me standing there facing him, my breasts pert and my nipples stiff, finally stood and faced me. We looked at each other for a few moments, and then I grabbed each side of my panties and began pulling them down. Down my legs they went, slowly, as Trevor watched. My breasts swung as I pulled them off over my feet and dropped them. I stood back up, and I watched as Trevor's eyes moved down my body to my vagina.

"That's it, Fran," I heard from behind the newspaper. "That's it!"

I returned to cleaning the windows again, fully naked, fully exposed to Trevor's lust-filled eyes. I felt as if the entire region around my loins was on fire. I wanted so badly to feel something inside me, to fill me up, to satisfy me.

I made sure that Trevor got plenty of looks at the smooth lips of my vagina and even turned around and bent over so he could see my slit below my buttocks.

Then Bill spoke again. "I'm ready to burst, Fran. I'm going upstairs; finish cleaning, then come up so I can fuck you," Bill said as he stood. As he disappeared up the stairs, I did the final wiping down of the large picture windows, eliminating any streaks. Then I smiled at Trevor and gave him a little wave.

I turned and headed up the stairs. Bill was laying on our bed, naked, his 5 inch penis hard and sticking straight up in the air.

"Suck it, Fran," Bill said as soon as I got in the room. I moved quickly over to the bed, and kneeling beside Bill, grabbed his hard penis and stroked it up and down a couple of times. Then I bent my head down and took it into my mouth, swirling my tongue around and around the head, then licking up and down the shaft. I thought about Trevor downstairs, still doing his weeding, probably still hard from watching me clean the house naked. I wondered what Trevor's penis would feel like in my hand; in my mouth.

Then Bill sat up, grabbed my shoulders and flipped me over onto my back. He climbed on top of me, and I took hold of his penis and guided it towards my vagina. When he slid it in I cried out, I was so needful of a good fucking. He immediately started ramming it in and out of me, and my cries of joy and lust were loud and filled with urgency. I briefly remembered leaving the bedroom windows open after I had cleaned the room, and I knew that Trevor, working just below, must be able to hear my cries. I began to moan and cry out even louder.

Bill hammered away at me. "Faster, Bill, harder!" I begged as he pistoned in and out of my soaking vagina. I could hear the squish, squish, squish as he ran his full length in and out of me. I thought of Trevor's muscled, tan torso, and suddenly came hard and violently. Wave after wave of the orgasm rippled through my body as Bill made his final thrusts before pumping his seed into me.

As I floated back to Earth, it dawned on me that I had probably been more turned on than I had ever been. I had been aching for sex. Not just wanting; aching for it. We lay for a while, then Bill got off the bed and gave me a kiss. "I'd better go down and pay Trevor for his day's work," he said. "Although I suspect he's already been paid enough, being able to gawk at you most of the day."

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