tagInterracial LoveFrances & Jeb

Frances & Jeb


It was their wedding anniversary, and Frances and her husband planned to spend two nights at a beach hotel in Olongapo. They left on a Friday afternoon and reached the beach hotel at 3 p.m. They spend the whole afternoon swimming on the beach. By twilight, they made long, passionate love in their room.

They had dinner at the dinner hall cum disco after a tiring love-making. The deejay played mostly slow, sweet music mixed with a some disco music on the side since the place was more for honeymooners, lovers and American sailors. Most of the couples were still in their swimsuits usually topped off by a T-shirt or a loose blouse. Frances came in wearing a revealing white swimsuit topped off by a T-shirt while her husband was in his swimsuit topped off too by a T-shirt. It was in the disco that they met Jeb. Jeb was a single American Negro airman, 35 years of age, 6'2" on a vacation in the Philippines. Jeb came from a swim and he was wearing a white bikini trunks.

Jeb was by his lonesome at the bar of the disco. There were only three pairs of couples in the disco and Jeb. Jeb got attracted to Frances immediately when she and her husband entered the disco at about 7:30 p.m. Jeb watched the loving couple dance, talk and drink in the disco.

Loud disco music was coming out of the disco. And after an hour, he finally got the courage. He approached their table and asked Frances's husband if he could take her for a dance. The husband said it was fine with him if it was fine with her. It was fine to her for Frances instantly found Jeb an attractive black stud. Also, Frances was already loaded for they were having a good time. Jeb and Frances hied off to the dance floor where they danced for about 15 minutes.

Back at their table, Jeb asked if he could treat them for a drink for being such a nice pair of couple. The couple acquiesced. Frances noticed that Jeb was always trying to look at her everytime her husband was not looking. The two men started working on a brandy bottle that Jeb ordered with him ordering a red wine for Frances. Sometimes they left Jeb alone on the table as the couple danced to the seductive music.

When the couple were not dancing, Jeb would ask Frances to a dance no longer caring to ask her husband. Always, Frances obliged. In the dance floor, they held each other like new acquaintance. Slowly, Jeb began to draw her close to his body. Frances's body pliantly followed the subtle pressure of his arms. Slowly too Jeb released his left hand and wrapped it on her back. Frances put both of her hands on his massive chest. Since Jeb was a six footer, Frances felt his hard cock brushing her against her breast. Frances felt like she was embracing a big cock. Frances could feel the bigness and hardness of Jeb's on her breast. She allowed him to brush his cock to her body. Until Frances asked him that they go back.

But it was a tiring day for the husband. The long drive. The violent love making they had. And now the brandy.

"I think we have to leave," said Butch, who was now tipsy.

"Would you mind if I have the last dance with your wife, brother? I could escort her to your room afterwards. And don't worry, I'll take care of the bill." asked Jeb.

"Uh, well okay. How about you Frances?" asked Butch.

"Well, if it's okay with you, I could go after this dance," said Frances.

"Okay, Jeb. Just escort her after your last dance," said Butch as he started for their room. In the background, sweet, sexy music played.

"Shall we?" asked Jeb as he offered his hands to Frances. Frances took his massive hand and they went to the dance floor.

Jeb held Frances close to his big body as the sweet and soulful tune blared through the now darkened disco. The alcohol of her daiquiri has long since warmed her body and has now gone into her head. Frances let Jeb held her tightly. Then Jeb aggressively put his left hand into the small of her back slowly kneading it. Frances meanwhile closed her eyes as the alcohol and the sensation of Jeb's kneading took over her body. Jeb intentionally slowly pressed and rubbed his fully erect cock against her. Frances felt Jeb's big cock in her tummy as Jeb kept rubbing it seductively on her body. His hand slowly travelled down from the small of her back to her ass. Frances slowly sighed as she felt his left hand held her ass tightly and rubbing it as the music seems to never end. Jeb felt her soft ass behind her smiwsuit. The alcohol and the hard cock rubbing at her tummy made her cling tightly to Jeb and place her head on his huge breast. They kept on dancing slowly and closely. Frances grind her pussy on his leg as they danced. Frances could just feel his cock so close to her. And dreamily, Frances let him take her in the dance. Frances could feel her pussy getting sticky. Frances clung on tightly thinking only of the cock rubbing against her tummy and the man fondling her ass. The thought of her drunk husband now sleeping heavily in their hotel room was farthest from her mind. Frances felt her legs giving in as she felt herself getting wet.

"Jeb, I have to go back to my husband," Frances whined, trying hard to stifle her aroused state.

"Yes, we'll leave now," said Jeb knowingly. He led her by the hand out of the darkened dancing floor while Frances followed him meekly in a trance-like state and to their table. Unknown to her, he had earlier paid the chit knowing full well that Frances was longing to be made love to.

Jeb wrapped his huge black hand around Frances's waist as he led her out of the disco. They walk towards Frances's room while Jeb kept his hand around her waist. Frances let his arm hold her waist. As they stopped in front of her room, Jeb and Frances look at each other. In front of her husband's room, Jeb suddenly turned to Frances amd squeezed one of her breast. At the same time, he suddenly kissed Frances deeply. "Jeb....", Frances tried to stop him while Jeb's tongue kept probing her mouth. Frances pushed Jeb and said, "Please no." Jeb forcefully kissed her again. But like a bitch in heat, Frances responded to Jeb's probing tongue and the huge bulge at his crotch that he kept on poking into her. They broke off the embrace with both of them feeling guilty and yet incredibly turned on.

Jeb opened the door which her husband left unlocked. Inside they saw Butch already sleeping in his drunken and tired state. At once, Jeb again pulled Frances to him and gave her again a deep, long probing kiss. His tongue probed her mouth while Frances tried to fight it off vainly until she yielded willingly to his intruding tongue. Their tongue wrapped each other in a frenzied state. His tongue travelled down her neck.

"Jeb, no! Not here!" Frances whispered while pushing him off. Jeb pulled her strongly to him and again wrapped her in his huge arms and started kissing her again. "Jeb, no. Please," Frances whispered.

"Let's go to my room," as Jeb took her hand and dragged her off to his room. Jeb quickly unlocked his room's door and inside he wrapped Frances in a tight embrace. He started licking her neck. "Ohhhh, yes, yes, yes..." Frances moaned with carnal lust. With Jeb kissing her neck, Frances's hungrily groped for his cock under his swimsuit, an entirely different cock she has never touched or seen before. Jeb lifted her up and laid her down to his waiting bed. Frances was already on fire and kept on licking hungrily at Jeb's neck as he carried her. Jeb started taking off his T-shirt and swimsuit. Frances helped him by pulling out his cock out of his swimsuit. Frances was hungry for the big, black cock which had been rubbing into her tummy. When finally Frances freed it, she held it tightly in her left hand. It was long, shiny and black standing proudly at 8 inches. It was the first black cock Frances ever saw in her whole life. Frances never for moment thought that she could take it in her cunt. Hungrily Frances took it into her cock-hungry mouth while Jeb moaned deeply while removing the rest of his clothes. Frances licked the whole length of Jeb's cock like she has never sucked a cock like before. Not even her husband's cock. Frances kept on masturbating the long, black cock as she kept on sucking and licking it. Frances felt Jeb's body stiffened. Frances knew that he would cum any moment. But Frances never cared and just kept on sucking and beating Jeb's cock with abandoned. Jeb knew too that he was coming and he could not hold it back. It was simply a marvelous suck he had ever experienced.

Removing her mouth from his glistening, arrogant, black cock, Frances cooed, "Cum in my mouth."

"Yes. You suck so good," Jeb moaned as he held her head closer to his cock making her swallow it all. He let out a hiss and kept on coming. Jeb spurted his sperm in Frances's hungry mouth. Frances tried to swallow it all not wanting to waste any of it. But it was just simply too long and big, and Jeb kept on coming like a flood. Frances'ss face was covered with globs of Jeb's cum as she tried to wipe it off with her hands and lick it back hungrily.

Frances had never experienced so much cum in her mouth. But Frances kept on sucking and swallowing Jeb's cum to prevent herself from gagging. At last, Frances sucked the last drop of his cum. But Jeb's cock did not go limp. He hastily removed her T-shirt and swimsuit to reveal her lusting body. Immediately, Jeb began eating her already wet cunt. His long tongue was simply like another cock entering her. Frances held his head tightly close to her cunt. Frances wanted to lie down.

"Yes...yes...yes..." Frances moaned. Suddenly, Frances gave out a shudder and kept on coming. Frances kept on shaking her head from side to side as the sensation, like waves, kept on coming.

"Jeb, I want your cock! Fuck me now honey! Fuck me please!" Frances cried. Slowly, Jeb mounted her. Jeb steadily put his long, black cock inside her wet pussy. He pumped his cock into her steadily like a long drill going in and out of her pussy. Frances groaned huskily, "You're so big. Oh, it's so deep. Faster."

Frances opened her legs widely to take in all of Jeb's mighty black cock. As Jeb slowly put his cock inside her, Frances tightly wrapped her legs around his waist. Then jabe started to pound her mercilessly with his cock. In a few minutes, Frances started shaking her head from side to side letting her orgasm take over. All the while, Jeb kept on entering her pussy with his long, hard, black cock mercilessly. Jeb, while fucking her kept on saying to her, "You whore, you like a big, long cock inside you don't you." Yes," Frances said. "Fuck me with that long cock. Faster, please, don't remove your cock. Jeb, I want you..."

Then Jeb, pulled his cock out of her now dripping cunt. "Please, put it back inside. Please, Jeb. Put it back inside me," Frances pleaded to Jeb. Jeb said, "You have to beg for it, slut. I want you to suck it and kiss it before I'll give you any piece of it."

Hastily, Frances rose and again hungrily enveloped his long, black and glistening cock in her starving mouth. Jeb grabbed her hair as she kept sucking his cock. After a few minutes, Jeb satisfied, pulled his cock out of her mouth slowly put it in her pussy again.

"Ohhhh, God! You're so big...so good...oh...oh...oh..." Frances kept on moaning as Jeb's cock continued ravishing her pussy. Jeb continued fucking her mercilessly like a perpetual fucking machine. When Jeb started to harden, he took off his cock and Frances hurriedly took it in her mouth and kept on coming inside her mouth. Jeb fucked her once more after a few minutes. It was already three a.m. when Frances left Jeb with the thought that her husband might look for her.

Frances staggered back to their room and took off her semen-stained clothes and lied naked beside her sleeping husband. After a few hours, like a dream Frances felt a tongue licking her nipples. In her mind, Frances was thinking that it was again Jeb making love to her. The tongue lazily went down to her cunt, becoming wet again. The thought of Jeb's big, black cock in her earlier, and a tongue licking her pussy made her wet even more. All the while, in her mind she was still making love to the Jeb, giving the whole of her body, her pussy to her new lover. Half awake and dreamily Frances kept on saying, "Yes, yes, yes . . ." Not knowing that it was her husband.

Saturday, 9 a.m.

Frances woke up at around 9 a.m. and took a long hot bath. Jeb and his big, long, black cock kept on coming back to her mind. Mindlessly, she caressed his pussy and gave a deep sigh. Frances wore her one-piece white bathing suit, deeply cut on the side and the back. It accentuated her bulging cunt. For once Frances felt like a desirable woman. She was also hoping that her husband should not have awaken while she was making love to Jeb. Frances put on over her bathing suit a loose dress and went to the beach side dining hall. Frances saw her husband and her black lover drinking juice near the pool. She greeted them while her secret lover greeted her warmingly. The three transferred to the poolside with the husband not knowing that his wife and their new acquaintance was now his wife lover.

Frances took off her robe and laid on the poolside chair to enjoy the sun. Her lover and her husband took the other chairs which put her in the middle. The idea that her lover was beside her with her husband made her pussy wet.

"You'll get burned if you won't put some lotion on your body. Mind if I put some on you?", Jeb asked Frances. But she did not reply.

"May I?", Jeb asked her husband.


Frances turned on her tummy. Her lover poured some of the sun screen on her bare back and started kneading it slowly. She could not help it but be aroused by his big hands. The husband stood up and said he's going into the swimming pool. Her lover started rubbing her on the inside of her legs while slowly brushing her now wet cunt.

"Do you want my cock again?" Jeb whispered softly to Frances while her husband was in the pool. Frances nodded.

"I'll leave my room open for you so you can have me," Jeb whispered. Frances nodded while Jeb kept on slightly massaging the inside of her thigh and slightly brushing her cunt with the back of his hand and fingers. He stood up immediately and joined Frances's husband in the pool.

After lunch, Frances and her husband made love. Frances sucked him deeply and made him cum twice hoping that tonight he will be very tired. And at the back of her mind, to be with her black stud, Jeb. Frances left their room and went to Jeb's room. But Jeb was not in. Frances went back to their room and donned her swimsuit and went down to the beach with her husband sleeping. She saw Jeb taking a swim.

"Perhaps you care to join me in the water," Jeb said. He offered his hand and they raced down to the water. After they swam out ways they stopped and treaded water. Jeb reached a strong black hand and place it lightly on her breast.

"Jeb, no," Frances moaned. But Jeb kept kneading her nipple and Frances closed her eyes as he let Jeb's hand wander into her bathing suit. When he reached her crotch, pressing hard against her vulva, Frances groaned aloud with desire, "Jeb, pleaseeee."

They swam along the shoreline for about half a mile, then Frances followed Jeb across the beach. They walked over the hilly sand dunes as the sun started to set. Suddenly Jeb quickly reached towards Frances and pulled out one of her breast from her swimsuit.

"Jeb," Frances shrieked, trying to cover her naked breast.

"Take it off," Jeb commanded.

"My God, Jeb, there are plenty of people around and my husband might be looking for me."

"Who can see? They might see two people up here, but they cannot see what we're doing."

Meekly, Frances slowly took off her swimsuit. Jeb did likewise as his black cock sprang out angrily.

"Jeb, you're so big and hard," Frances said as he grab Jeb's cock. Jeb's cock slipped in and out of the shadows of her caressing hand. Frances could feel his cock throbbing eagerly.

"Lie down," Jeb ordered. "My husband..." Frances said but did not finish. Jeb knelt beside her and placed his short under her ass. Jeb started fingering between her thighs, piercing open the dry lips of her labia, reaching inside of her for the growing wetness he knew he would find. "Spread your legs."

Uneasily but curiously, Frances obeyed. "Jeb, I feel people near us and my husband might..."

"They won't come close. He won't find us," Jeb said reassuringly.

Jeb's finger fucked in and out of her pussy. Her temperature rose and her moistness began to flow. His cock was racing. It had to be quick. "I'm feeling it," Frances sighed as the presence of his thrusting finger shot home. Somewhere close to them, feet kicked casually through the sand. Someone was close. But Jeb's finger continued to work into Frances's pussy.

"I've got to cum now Jeb," Frances whispered urgently. "I'm too close to back out. I've got to have it." Quietly, Jeb mounted Frances. "Fuck me now Jeb! I'm dying for your cock! Fuck me, fuck me,"Frances urged. "Let's do it," Jeb replied. He spread her legs and started pumping wildly, not caring about the slaps of their loins. Frances felt Jeb's cock longer and harder than before as it pumped endlessly into her.

"Oh...oh...oh...Jeb, you're so good..." Frances kept moaning. Her ass jumped up into him. Frances was coming. Frances's hands grasped his ass tightly and pulled him completely into her pussy as the first blast of his climax splattered silently, gushing her full of his semen in endless waves.

They hurried back their room afterward. Frances took a bath and went to the pavilion for their dinner. There they saw Jeb again who invited them to join him for dinner. Frances tried to avoid Jeb's eyes feeling guilty about what they did. After dinner, Jeb ordered drinks while Frances ordered margarita.

The wine made her warm and excused herself. Jeb said, "I'll accompany you. Anyway, I have to get my cigarettes. Butch, you wait for me, OK?"

"Yes," said Butch.

They walked down to her room, quietly. Jeb opened the door for her and immediately Frances pulled him close and kissed him passionately while her right hand held his cock tightly. They went inside and Frances rapidly took off her swim suit.

"Fuck me quick, darling and cum in my mouth!", Frances pleaded. He pulled out his throbbing cock and immediately penetrated her now moist pussy. He fucked her fast and hard and let her swallow his cum. He left the room and got his cigarettes.

Frances put water on the bath tub and started to bask in warm water. When Jeb accompanied his tipsy husband to the room, Frances was still in the bath tub. Jeb called out for her while he laid down her husband on the bed. Frances went out of the bathroom wrap only in her Japanese bath robe. When they saw that he was fast asleep, Jeb wantonly took her in his arms and kissed her deeply. He tore off her bathrobe and reached for her fresh and clean pussy. He laid her on the carpet and started to eat her pussy. Frances bit her hand to prevent himself from screaming wildly with desire. The thought that her lover was eating her pussy beside her sleeping husband made her cum quickly.

Jeb took off his clothes and Frances hurriedly reached for his big, black cock with her mouth. Frances sucked him wildly and with abandoned while Jeb put two of his fingers in her wet cunt. Afterward, Frances rode him and guided his cock inside her aching very much to be stuffed with his huge black cock.

"Yes, you're cock is so good. It's so deep in me. Yes, fuck me. Make love to me, Jeb!" Frances fell off him exhausted and Jeb turned her around. He took her from behind like a dog making love to a bitch in heat.

Jeb carried her semi-naked body to the veranda with his cock still inside her. He sat on the beach chair with her riding his cock inside her pussy. Frances was half conscious and delirious with the pure sensation Jeb's throbbing cock inside her. Jeb turned her over and started fucking her slowly. He let the whole length of his long cock get in and out of her pussy. Frances was very delirious with the uncontrolled pleasure as she kept shaking her violently from side.

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