tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersFrancis Meets a Black Stud Ch. 05

Francis Meets a Black Stud Ch. 05


Thanks for all the great emails. Sorry it has been so long since I wrote, but things are as they are. For any new readers, you may want to back up a bit as this begins exactly where part 4 left off, so the start may be a bit fuzzy. Happy reading! Kisses, Francis


I finally came upon a plan that I thought would make everyone happy. I would keep on playing this game with my man. I figured that as long as I was dressed like a girl, it didn't matter who he showed those videos too. I mean no one would know it was me and after all, he would be finish his vacation in a few days and leave me to myself and my life would more or less get back to normal and I would have some amazing memories to jack off to for a while. He might even give me a copy of videos he made of me. I drove back to my camper, got undressed, put on some heels and proudly walked to the ladies bathhouse to begin getting ready. I was a little nervous about what he said about wearing something sexy that I could wear in public. But at this point my need to please my man completely subjugated any thoughts of nervousness and made everything more exciting.

When I was finished, I dried off and wrapped my hair up in one towel and wrapped the other around my body just like a real girl would. I walked back to my camper and there was a little box with a note on it. I looked toward Daddies camper and he was outside watching me. I felt really special that he had gotten me a gift, so I smiled really big and waved excitedly at him. I picked up the note as I opened the box. The note had only three words on it Wear this tonight. I opened up the box to find some kind of plastic chastity contraption, a lock and no key. I was not sure how I would get this thing on with this raging hardon that I had to and I knew I would manage somehow.

I went inside, packed a bowl and took a hit as I pondered what I was really doing. Sitting there getting high just made my dick just throb in anticipation of what was going to happen to me. This was no help and I took another hit and tried to concentrate on something non-sexual to try and get it soft again. Nothing was working so finally I decided on an ice pack. It was a bit awkward at first but as it began to get soft the ice pack was more manageable and worked more effectively. I patted myself dry and began to squeeze my dick into this small plastic device. The ice had been pretty affective and it went in easily. I placed the other ring around my balls and then placed the lock on it. This kind of held it all together and made it where I could not remove it...this part was kind f scarykind of scary, because I knew I could never get a hardon while I had this device on and I did not have a key. I turned to look at myself in the mirror and just stared at the lock and decided to leave it in place but to not lock it yet.

I put on some stockings, a bra and flats and then began to prepare my makeup (I wasn't really sure how I would wear panties with this device but I had a few minutes to figure that out.) I decided that I was going to go a little Goth tonight. I applied a heavy light base, lots of really dark eye shadow and some really big dark eyelashes. I then put on the reddest lipstick you could imagine and outlined my lips in black. Looking in the mirror, I thought about how much those lips looked like they were made to suck the cum out of big black cocks.

I fixed my hair but leaving it straight on the sides and clipping my bangs straight back. I got out a short tight leather skirt, a cutoff tee shirt and a tiny leather half jacket with some chains on it and put them on. I also put on a pink dog collar with a tag that read SLUT. I took another hit off the bowl, looked at myself in the mirror and felt my dick struggle against the chastity device. I watched in the mirror as I pulled up the skirt, grabbed the lock and snapped it closed. Wow! Locking the device almost took my breath away. I was ready for some hard fucking now!

I still didn't know how to put on some panties, but since the skirt hid everything and there was no chance of me getting a hardon, I didn't worry about it. I left my camper and started walking across the campground looking for my man.

I found him sitting in a chair beside his camper reading. He looked up and said, "Show me". I lifted up my skirt and showed him the that the chastity device was indeed locked and in doing so, showed him that I had completely submitted myself to him and would even let him control when I could get a hardon and thus when I could cum.

He smiled and I tried to explain why I did have on any panties, but he interrupted me and a said, "I need a beer, let's go."

Even though he had already told me to wear something that I could wear in public, I was still taken aback by what he said as I slowly climbed into his truck with him. He held his door open for me and explained that there were cameras in his truck just like on those shows on TV and that we had to film a little something. He also instructed me to pull out his cock and soon as we got onto the road and begin sucking it. He added that I should not stop no matter what I heard until he had cum or told me to stop. I scooted close to him and began to rub his beautiful cock through his silky basketball shorts. We must have looked like quite the sight as we drove out of the campground...A big black man driving a truck with what looked like a cute white girl, all dolled up sitting real close to him. As we pulled onto the road, I pulled on Daddies cock and told him, "Daddy, I really need some cum right now. May I please suck your beautiful black cock and get some of what I need the most?"

He responded, "Sure babes, you just suck on my cock as much as you want, and if I can't give you enough to satisfy you, we'll have to find you some more somewhere."

I smiled happily and turned in my seat so that I could use both hands to fish out his cock. I purred, "Thanks Daddy, you take such good care of me."

He wasn't wearing any underwear so it was easy to get his cock out and as I pulled it out and got the waist strap under his balls so that I could have the whole thing to play, I simply marveled at how gorgeous this big black cock was and thought about how sexy I must look in those videos with my lips wrapped around this marvelous example of manhood. He adjusted himself as he slid his seat back a little and I positioned myself where I could comfortably suck on his beautiful big black cock.

While he drove us to wherever he was going, I was in a world of my own. I really felt hot and sexy, but wanted my dick to get hard and the device would not allow this. Still I got hornier and hornier. Not being able to get a hard seemed to make my ass tingle even more and I began to fantasize about what it would be like to be fucked like this. The more I thought about it as I sucked Daddies cock, the more I felt like I really needed to be fucked and right then, I would not have cared if he had pulled over to the side of the road, leaned me across his tail-gate and pounded my ass good. I don't know whether I would have been able to cum with the device on, but I didn't care I just needed his big black cock all up inside of me. I was working myself into frenzy as I was sucking his cock riding down the highway.

He began to apply the brakes and I heard the turn signal start clicking, I thought to myself, "Thank god, he's going to drive down some dirt and fuck the hell out of my ass". But I was wrong. Right after turning, he reapplied the brake and came to a complete stop. I heard a couple of car doors slam shut and realized we were in some kind of parking lot. This really got me going, I knew the truck was high enough where no one could see what I was doing and I was sucking a cock in public!

I heard him roll the window down and he spoke to someone. Apparently whoever it was walked over and looked in the truck and said, "Damn man, you got a real hot one there!"

Daddy replied, "Yup and she will suck and fuck anyone I tell her to, anytime and anywhere."

Another voice responded, "Shit, we got to have some of that. Does she swallow?"

Daddy responded to the guy, "Wait a minute bro, you just watch and see for yourself" and then told me, "Babes, I am about to cum, catch all of it in your mouth and don't swallow a drop until I tell you too. I want you sit up, open your mouth where these men can see what you have in mouth and then show these guys what you do when get a mouthful of cum."

I mumbled, "Yes sir" around Daddies cock. I thought I was worked up before, but this was no video that someone was watching of me and getting off to, this was a real life audience and I knew I had to make Daddy proud.

I heard daddy open his door, so the guys could see better. One said "Wow look at that bitch go!" It was amazing feeling a have these guys cheering me on as I sucked Daddies cock. A few seconds later, he tensed up and began to cum and I grabbed his cock with both hands and put my mouth where only his cock head was in it and furiously started pumping his cum into my mouth. When he was finished cumming, I ran my finger up along the bottom of his cock and squeezed the rest out the rest of his cum. I then sat up and opened my mouth to show my audience what I had worked so hard for. I also saw my audience for the first time; they were a couple of ugly black guys. You should have seen their faces as they saw daddies cum all over my tongue and teeth. It felt like a lot and I bet it looked like my tongue was floating in it. One of them snapped a photo with his phone.

Daddy, said, "That's enough babes. Go ahead and swallow, then go inside and get me a beer." I closed my mouth and swallowed every drop and then showed those ugly motherfuckers what I do with my man's cum. It was then that I realized that we were parked in a convenience store parking lot and because of the time of day there were a lot of people there. To make it a little scary to me, this was a store that I stopped (as a man) nearly every day and everyone knew me in here... I hesitated for a moment and then told myself that no one could possibly recognize the way I was dressed and went on inside. I walked to the back grabbed a 40 and then went to the counter and paid. The girl had seen which truck I had gotten out of and I guess that I had suddenly appeared out of it. I smiled as I gave her my money. She gave me a funny look and then began to giggle as she gave me my change.

I didn't care what she thought and walked back to the truck, gave Daddy his beer and sat down beside him. Daddy seemed to be making some kind of plan with those ugly black guys. One of them complained, "But she ain't got no tits."

Daddy replied, "You don't worry about that, what she hasn't got in tits, she makes up for in lips."

One responded, "Only blowjobs?"

Daddy replied, "Probably, she's on her period right now...but she might let you fuck her in the ass, but that's up to her." I couldn't believe the way they were talking about me, as if I were some commodity or something and right in front of me too. I was very embarrassed and turned beat red, but at the same I got even more aroused than I had been before. But still yet, these guys were young and strong looking, but they faces were tough to look at. Even in the state I was in, I did not want to suck or fuck either of them and they looked like the kind of guys that would not be very kind if they found out that I was really a guy.

They finished talking and apparently reached some kind of an agreement. He cranked his truck and said me, "look in the mirror and fix your makeup". I scooted over and flipped the visor down and looked at myself, and surprisingly enough, my makeup looked ok, I smiled at myself and then noticed two things, the first was that all the lipstick in the middle of my lips had been rubbed off as I was sucking Daddies cock and only the outside was left. When I smiled it, anyone who saw knew immediately that I had just given someone a blowjob. The second was that apparently when I opened my mouth to show them Daddies cum, a little had leaked out and had dripped down on my chin. Not much, but if you were close to me, it was unmistakable was what I had been doing.

I smiled coyly and touched up my lipstick as Daddy drove off. Daddy began to explain that these guys had agreed to let me suck their cocks while he filmed the whole thing. He added that fucking them was up to me, but that I had better not let them find out about my little secret.

When I had everything just right, I slid back close to daddy and whispered to him that I thought these guys were ugly and that I did not want to touch them, and certainly did not want to suck their cocks.

He replied, "That's the whole point, a little white hotty like you being so desperate for black cock that you even suck guys who look like that...It's going to be great!"

I protested, "But daddy, I am not that desperate for black cock at least not theirs."

He turned and gave me a look that I do not want to see again and said, "It doesn't matter what you want, you fuck and suck who or what I tell you to, anytime and anywhere that I tell you."

I gulped, "Yes sir."

The then handed me a joint and said, "Here smoke this, it will help."

I took the joint and found a lighter in my purse and lit it. It was the funk, but it had an odd taste to it and it made the tip of my lounge numb. Daddy started rubbing my legs and the back of neck as I kept on smoking, I was getting hornier and hornier again and I really needed some big black cock. I started rubbing Daddies cock through his shorts and he started telling my how much I was going to enjoy having two big black cocks at one time and that I should not think about how these guys look...that I should only think about their big blacks cocks. It began to sound better and better to me. The more he talked and we touched each other the more I wanted those black cocks to cum all over me.

I thought we were going back to the campground, but we passed the entrance, I pouted at Daddy and asked him where we were going. He replied, "Don't worry, you'll soon see."

Whatever was in that joint was really having an effect on me. I turned in the seat and got on my knees, and began kissing Daddies' neck as I rubbed his beautiful cock. I pleaded, "Daddy, please hurry, I need some big black cocks and I need them now. Please Daddy."

"So you really want to suck those ugly guys' cocks?" he asked.

I replied, "Yes daddy and I need them now. I'll do anything you want if you will just let have those black cocks on those ugly motherfuckers!"

"That's my girl" was all that he said.

Francis Meets a Black Stud 6

Thanks for all the great emails. Sorry it has been so long since I wrote, but things are as they are. For any new readers, you may want to back up a bit as this begins exactly where part 4 left off, so the start may be a bit fuzzy. Happy reading! Kisses, Francis

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