tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersFrank & I Call On Jill & Mary

Frank & I Call On Jill & Mary


Frank is one of the horny young men who sometimes go with me when one of my lady friends wants another man or two to join us. Recently, he went with me when I called on Jill and Mary. Usually, when I call on them, I eat Mary's pussy and fuck Jill's ass while Mary sucks her off, but this time Mary wanted someone to fuck her, and Jill wanted someone to suck off so I invited Frank, who is good looking and reasonably well hung. I had described him to Mary and Jill and showed them pictures of his face and of his stiff cock, and they happily agreed to having him join us. Frank, being a horny young man, was agreeable without knowing anything about Mary, but I did tell him about Jill being a transsexual who had been kicked out of her parents' house on her eighteenth birthday. I showed him some photos of Jill and Frank was looking forward to having his cock sucked by the beautiful, sexy woman in the pictures. He was especially taken by Jill's really beautiful face and her beautiful, very feminine ass. Frank shares my opinion that, although Jill has a cock, she is a woman in every other respect so she is a woman, not a man.

As usual, the two woman were very glad to see me and we shared a group hug, and kisses all around. I introduced them to Frank and there was more hugging and kissing. I was glad to see that Frank hugged Jill and kissed her full on the lips, knowing that she is biologically a man. As far as all four of us are concerned, the biology is an accident, and she is a woman, and a beautiful one at that, with her long blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin. As usual, Jill was wearing a short skirt that showed off her pretty legs and sexy, curvaceous ass, and a frilly, very feminine negligee with a padded bra under it. She likes to wear the bra and negligee while making love but she would be naked otherwise. We were all there for good, hot sex, not chit-chat so we all removed our shoes and socks and headed for the queen-sized bed in Mary's room.

Frank stood beside the bed and Jill approached him, unbuttoned his shirt and helped him out of it. Then she gave him a little push so Frank sat down on the bed and Jill knelt on the floor in front of him, unfastened his pants and pulled them and his undershorts off so Frank was naked, with his cock stiff and ready. Frank is a horny young man, but being undressed by a beautiful young woman like Jill, and knowing she is about to suck you off is enough to make just about anybody's cock stiff and ready.

While Jill was undressing Frank, Mary and I were doing the same for each other on the other side of the bed. She unbuttoned my shirt while I did the same for hers, then we moved in to hug each other inside the shirts. I unfastened her bra, and when we separated, we both removed the other's garment, and I pulled off Mary's bra, freeing her big, beautiful breasts. We paused in our undressing, and I gently took one of Mary's lovely globes in either hand and kissed and licked the nipples. This continued for just a few seconds because there would be plenty of that very soon, and we resumed undressing each other.

We unbuckled each other's pants, and I pulled Mary's down to her ankles, then took hold of the waistband of her panties and pulled them down also, caressing her voluptuous hips and ass as I did so. While I caressed Mary, I breathed in the splendid aroma of her pussy, enjoying myself immensely. After I straightened back up, Mary pulled down my pants and underwear, and we both stepped out of our clothes and got onto the bed naked.

While Mary and I had been undressing each other, Jill, still wearing her skirt, had started licking Frank's balls, rubbing her pretty nose against his stiff cock. She licked his balls and crotch, then started to slowly lick the underside of his cock from his balls to the tip. When she reached the tip, she kissed it, then held it gently in her fingertips and smiled up at Frank. He smiled back at her and she slowly slipped his cock into her mouth, lowering her head all the way to his pubic hair. She held her mouth there while she removed her skirt and panties, then raised her head again until just the tip was still in her mouth. Gently, with just her fingertips, Jill took Frank's cock all the way out of her mouth, smiled again, licked and kissed the head and asked "Where has this beautiful cock been all my life?" Having asked this rhetorical question, she started slowly lowering and raising her head while she sucked Frank's lucky cock.

My mouth was busy too. While Mary lay, naked, on her bed, I kissed her pretty mouth and eyes, then kissed my way down the erogenous areas of her throat until I reached her gorgeous breasts. While I held one of the lovely twins in either hand, I licked the nipples of the first one, painting the big, sensitive nipple with broad stokes of my tongue. After a few suck strokes of on the first precious nipple, I moved my face over and started licking the other one the same way. I alternated licking Mary's nipples while she enjoyed the attentions. Mary started expressing her pleasure by cooing when I took one of the luscious globes into my mouth and began sucking on it. While sucking, I caressed the erect nipple with my tongue and traced the area around the nipple.

Just as I was enjoying Mary's titties, Jill was really enjoying Frank's cock, and Frank was enjoying Jill's mouth. The best part of sucking a cock, besides the cum, Jill has told me, is feeling it thrusting against the back of her mouth, and sometimes she is even able to get it down her throat. Frank is fairly well hung and I could see that his cock was going all the way into Jill's mouth when she lowered her head. When she finished raising her head, only the tip was between her lips. From personal experience with Jill, I knew that her tongue was also busily licking the shaft while it was in her mouth. When Jill sucks a cock, she really makes love to it, taking it out of her mouth sometimes to lick around the ridge, kissing the head, thrusting her tongue against the slit in the end, and sometimes licking it like a lollipop. But her favorite thing is still sucking the cock all the way in and out between her lips and feeling it thrust against the back of her mouth and go down her throat.

Frank's cock going in and out of her mouth had Jill highly aroused and her cock was stiff. When Mary saw this, she asked her to get on the bed beside her because she likes to suck Jill's cock when Jill is fucking or is sucking somebody off. This is an enjoyable arrangement for all of us so Jill took her mouth from Frank's cock and got on the bed, lying in the opposite direction from Mary with her hips beside Mary's head. Frank got on the bed and lay with Jill between his legs so her mouth could easily reach his cock and balls, and she took his stiff cock back into her expert mouth and started slowly sucking it in and out. My mouth was still pleasuring Mary's lovely titties but when I started eating Mary's pussy, Jill would straddle her face so her cock could be sucked.

That would be happening very soon because, while I was sucking on Mary's voluptuous globes, I could hear her cooing and could see the juices dripping from her pussy and smell their delightful fragrance so I knew it was time for me to move my attentions there. First, I licked the channel between those twin beauties, feeling them rub nicely against my face, then I licked my way down to Mary's pubic hair. After I reached that point, I got off the bed and waited for the others to make their adjustments before I started eating Mary's beautiful pussy.

Once I was out of the way, Jill moved toward the head of the bed and got on her knees, straddling Mary's face, so Mary could suck her cock. Frank also moved toward the head of the bed so Jill was between his legs again and she could resume sucking his cock. When the other three were in position and enjoying themselves, I knelt between Mary's legs, placed my shoulders against the undersides of her thighs, and wrapped my arms around her so that my fingers were in her pubic area. The first thing I did, as usual, was to treat myself to all the delicious juices that had collected in Mary's pussy.

When I am eating a pussy, I can't actually see what I am doing but I am familiar enough with the anatomy that I know where to put my tongue and lips, and after I have started, I go by feel. Sometimes my eyes wander and on this occasion, they wandered to where Jill was sucking Frank's cock. Watching Jill sucking a cock gives me a thrill for several reasons. She has a very pretty face and watching a cock slide in and out of her mouth is highly erotic. Also, I love Jill very much and I like to see her enjoy herself, and I knew she was really enjoying sucking Frank's cock. Besides that, she has such a serious look on her face, as if she has to concentrate on sucking the cock, and doing it just so. Jilll became aware that I was watching her sucking Frank's cock and she took it out of her mouth, smiled at me and stuck out her tongue. Then she enveloped it in her mouth again and resumed sucking the big, stiff cock in and out between her pretty lips.

While watching Jill concentrate on sucking off Frank, I was probing my tongue into the edges of Mary's delightful love hole, then I started licking along the inner surface of an outer pussy lip. My own lip moved along the outer surface of Mary's pussy lip, and I pressed my tongue against the inner surface of the lip to enjoy the taste and texture of this sensitive part of Mary's pussy. I licked slowly, all the way to the end of the lip. and then brought my tongue back down and started licking the other outer pussy lip in the same way.

I wasn't the only one pleasuring Mary and Frank wasn't the only one being sucked off. While she straddled Mary's face, Jill was fucking her cock down into Mary's mouth. Most women don't really like sucking a cock passively like that but Jill has a small cock and, for now, Mary was content to allow it to slide in and out between her lips, letting her tongue caress the cock on the in stroke and lick the head on the slow outstroke. Mary likes to suck off Jill when she gets aroused from having her ass fucked or from sucking a cock, and Jill enjoys it also.

And, just then, Jill was sucking a cock with great enthusiasm. Because she is very thoughtful, she had paused in what she was doing to tie back her blonde hair so I could watch her sucking Frank's cock. Jill's head bobbed up and down taking the big cock all the way into her mouth, and almost all the way out. Once she stopped and took Frank's cock out of her mouth and licked it all around. Then she smiled at me, mouthed the words "Thank you", at me because I was the one who had brought Frank with me so Jill could suck him off. Because Jill likes sucking cocks a lot more than she likes talking about it, she immediately took the tip of Frank's cock back between her lips, slowly sucked it back all the way into her mouth, and resumed bobbing her head up and down, doing what she loves to do.

Of course, I had come there not just to watch Jill having a good time, but also to have a good time eating Mary's pussy. After thoroughly licking her other outer pussy lip, I brought my tongue back to where it had started to pleasure her inner pussy lips, which are even more sensitive. Mary's pink love hole was wet with fresh juices and her pussy was fucking into my face as I sucked them out. I started my tongue licking along the outer surface of her first inner lip, beginning at the lower end, below her love hole. I licked gently and slowly, concentrating on the soft, sensitive surface until I reached the place where the inner lip is close to the outer lip. There, I probed into the seam between the two delightful lips, savoring their taste and texture. When I reached the end of the inner lip, where it joins the other inner lip and forms Mary's clit hood, I started over on the outer surface of the other inner pussy lip. Mary's pussy was fucking into my face and producing delicious juices because she was really enjoying what I was doing.

Mary was also enjoying what she was doing with Jill and had started taking a more active part in sucking her roommate's cock. She was holding onto Jill's beautiful ass and controlling the speed, fucking Jill's cock into her mouth, and lifting her head off the pillow to meet the strokes of Jill's cock. Both women were really enjoying this aspect of our sexual adventure, but I couldn't see very much of what they were doing unless I stopped eating Mary's pussy to watch, and I would never do that.

Jill has a beautiful face and Frank has a big cock and I could watch the latter sliding in and out of the former and still concentrate on eating Mary's pussy, and that is what I did. After sucking the fresh juices out of Mary's pussy, I started licking the outer surface of her other inner pussy lip. Again, I probed the seam between the inner and outer lips and pleasured myself and her by slowly and thoroughly licking the surface of the lip. When I reached the clit hood again, I gently caressed it with my tongue. Mary's pussy started fucking harder into my face and produced more fresh juices to delight my taste buds. I didn't want Mary to cum until Jill had cum into her mouth so I did not apply too much pressure to this very sensitive spot and I didn't lick there very long.

Jill was ready to cum, and she took Frank's cock out of her mouth and concentrated on fucking Mary's mouth faster. Mary was glad to accommodate and moved her mouth faster on Jill's cock, until Jill gave a grunt and a sigh, and I could see her hips flex as she thrust her cock into Mary's mouth. After cumming into Mary's mouth, Jill let Mary milk all the cum out of her cock, while she went back to pleasuring her mouth and Frank's cock. Once she had sucked out all the cum, Mary leaned back with her head on the pillow and let Jill's cock dangle against her cheek.

As Jill sucked Frank's cock in and out between her lips, she used slow strokes and took it all the way into her mouth, because she wanted it to last a long time, for the pleasure of both of them. Frank was a horny young man, though, and I heard him say "Jill, you suck my cock like a champ. I'm going to give you a big mouthful of cum." Jill heard it also and tightened her lips around the shaft of Frank's cock and started stroking it faster with her mouth. Until than, Frank had been passive, and had let Jill suck his cock as she wanted to, and he still wanted to be passive but Jill's mouth is such a wonderful place for a cock that, as he neared his climax, he was flexing his hips and partially thrusting his cock into Jill's mouth. She noticed this and adjusted the strokes of her mouth to allow for it.

Frank wasn't the only one ready to cum. After sucking all the cum out of Jill's cock, Mary's cooing had changed to moans, sometimes ending in whimpers and I could tell she was close to cumming. Her pussy was fucking harder than ever into my face and was producing the delectable juices that were almost as delightful to smell as they were to taste. After caressing the top of her clit hood, my tongue reached under the protective hood and gently massaged Mary's adorable clit, then went back to lick up all the fresh juices in her love hole. While there, I massaged the top of that delightful wet place with my tongue, indirectly massaging the base of her clit.

While my tongue was caressing Mary's clit, Frank let out a loud cry of joy and his ass muscles clenched while he gave one last thrust of his cock into Jill's mouth. Jill felt him cumming and made sure to catch all of the juices on her tongue to savor their taste before swallowing them. After Frank had ejaculated Jill continued to pump her mouth up and down on his softening cock to get all the cum that was there. While Frank lay relaxed on the bed, Jill took his cock out of her mouth and licked all around the ridge and the head, then she put her thumb against the bottom of Frank's cock where it joins his balls, and squeezed it upward to gret all the cum that was still inside. Jill really loves the taste of cum and the feel of it in her mouth and doesn't like to waste it.

After my tongue massaged the base of Mary's clit, I started probing the small area between her pink love hole and her precious clit. Her thigh muscle turned outward, presenting her pussy to me and she was begging me to suck her clit. She wanted to cum and she was ready to cum so, after licking the fresh juices from her pussy, I sucked her adorable clit into my mouth and started sucking on it. My lips formed a seal and my tongue caressed the top and sides of Mary's sweet love button. For several minutes, I continued the sucking and licking of her precious love button until Mary cried out delightedly "Oh, God, I'm cumming! Suck my clit, I'm cumming.

Her legs wrapped around my temples and her hands released Jill's ass and grabbed my head, jamming it into her pussy, which continued to fuck into my face. My arms held tightly to her thighs but even if I had wanted to move, I wouldn't have been able to because Mary's legs and hands kept my face trapped against her pussy. That, of course, was exactly where I wanted my face to be, with Mary's darling clit in my mouth while I sucked and licked it, while Mary's ass bounced up and down on the bed. Her ass continued bouncing and I continued sucking and licking until Mary's back spasmed and arched and her pussy gave one last thrust into my face as she climaxed. After that, she relaxed on the bed, Jill's pretty legs still straddling her face. Before I removed my mouth from Mary's pussy, I devoured most of the fresh juices there but I left some because I knew Frank would be fucking her soon and the juices would be needed for lubrication.

All four of us lay on top of Mary's bed in the shape of a "V", with the apex being where Jill's legs lay across Mary's face. All of us were happy but we knew there was plenty of good love-making yet to be enjoyed. Jill was the first one to move. Although she had immensely enjoyed sucking off Frank and swallowing his cum, she would enjoy having me fuck her ass even more. Jill crawled down the bed toward me and when I saw her approaching, I turned to allow her to get at my cock. After licking my balls briefly, Jill slowly took my cock into her pretty mouth and slowly sucked it a few strokes. This was just to make sure it was good and hard, and to get it wet so the condom would slide on easily because Jill wanted all the strokes of my cock to go into her ass.

While Jill was getting my cock ready, Mary moved over and took Frank's cock into her mouth. She had seen how big and hard it had been and wanted it like that again for her pussy. She sucked Frank's cock for the same reason as Jill was sucking mine, and Frank, being young and horny, was ready very quickly. Mary took the KY Jelly and two condoms off the nightstand, handed one to Jill, and started rolling the other one onto Frank's stiff cock. Jill put the other condom on me, then handed me the tube of jelly and positioned herself so I could lubricate her ass. She was on her knees with some pillows piled in front of her. Reaching back with her hands, she pushed her negligee out of the way and spread the cheeks of her very pretty ass, showing off her adorable pink rosebud.

As I applied the jelly around that adorable rosebud then pushed it in all around with my finger to lubricate it thoroughly, I marvelled at how beautiful it was, even though I knew about the balls and cock hanging down in front. I have licked and/or fucked a lot of women's asses and Jill's is one of the prettiest of all. After her ass was well greased, I applied the jelly that was left on my fingers to my cock, and then reached my fingers into Jill's sphincter to stretch her open so I could get my stiff cock where we both wanted it to be.

Frank didn't need any jelly to get his cock into Mary because her pussy was dripping wet from the juices that I had left there and from the fresh ones that she had produced in anticipation of getting Frank's cock into her pussy. She lay on her back while Frank knelt between her legs, then guided the tip of the stiff cock into her pussy. Once the tip was in, Frank leaned forward so the weight of his upper body was supported by his hands, then started slowly thrusting his cock into Mary's eager pink love hole. Once it was all the way in, he lowered himself, curling his arms under Mary's arms so his weight was supported by his knees and forearms. Mary wrapped her arms around Frank's back and her legs around his thighs and he began fucking her pussy with slow, deep strokes. At every stroke Frank made, Mary fucked her pussy back to meet him.

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