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Frasier - Daphne's Reward


She awoke slowly, her eyes blinking a number of times trying to adjust to the level of light in her bedroom. Her body felt wonderfully warm and snug against the silk sheets of her bed, under the covers that she was very reluctant to throw back and get up to meet the new day. She raised her head from the softness of her pillow, letting her eyes glance at the clock on the bedside table.

"6.59," she whispered to herself. "I suppose I better get up -- got to get to work!"

She peeled back the bed covers off her body almost in slow motion, throwing them back until they rested all bunched up at the foot of the bed. Her svelte, taut body clad only in a very sheer pair of bra and panties squirmed against the sheets as she tried to stretch her long legs, in an attempt to get all the sleep out of her system.

Her long legs swung away from the bed, her bare feet striking the carpet and she began to scrunch her toes and had one final stretch of her arms in one last attempt to wake up - sitting on the edge of her bed, she bent down letting her hands run down each of her long legs, her fingers feeling their soft skin as they made their way along each one.

She rose from the bed, her bare feet barely making a sound as she made her way into the adjoining bathroom. Turning on the cold water tap, she haphazardly splashed water on her face causing water to cascade from her chin in little streams, running slowly down her chest into her cleavage as well as in one long rivulet down her back. Her body shivered slightly, as she felt the cold water react with her skin as it slowly travelled down her body, giving her the most unexpected of pleasures.

"Ohhh," she exclaimed as he used her finger to reach into her cleavage to wipe up the little trail of water. "The water feels so fucking good against my skin!". She raised her finger to her mouth, softly closing her lips as she slid it slowly into her mouth, using her tongue to suggestively lick the water. She looked at herself in the mirror above the basin, as her finger slid from her mouth giving herself a cheeky smile before she turned and walked out of the bathroom.

Her progress was stopped as she caught a glimpse of herself in the bedroom mirror, her body clothed only in the sheer pair of bra and panties. A smile spread on her face as she admired her body in the full length mirror, turning around a number of times to inspect her panty clad rear in the reflection.

"Oh my," she whispered to herself, her head turned backwards admiring the curves of her ass in the mirror. "I do look incredibly sexy in these......shame I have to get dressed!" and she gave her ass a soft spank with one hand. She turned slowly away from the mirror, her long sexy legs carrying her quickly across the room.

The first early morning rays of sun were streaming through her bedroom window as she passed, her eyes immediately attracted to the various hues of the sky as the sun broke through the clouds. A rather large and leafy bush normally blocked her window from prying eyes, but it had almost withered and died from lack of attention, leaving almost all of the window in full view of any passer by. She stood rooted to the spot, her eyes transfixed, entranced by the colours in the sky as the sun began to break through to illuminate the day ahead.

She took two steps forward until her nose almost pressed up against the full length window, her eyes unable to break free of the colour show provided free of charge by nature. Her mind raced with a jumbled mix of emotions and thoughts as she stood hands on hips in her bra and panties, unable to seemingly tear her eyes away. The colours in the sky seemed to her to be almost erotic and sensual, evoking a strong and rather powerful feeling of desire through her scantily clad body -- almost as if it had a mind of their own, her hand began to move across her silky abdomen. Her hand moved slowly almost as if it was trying not to be detected, sliding down her abdomen and onto her panty covered pussy, slowly rubbing her private spot through the thin translucent material.

"Oh god," she whispered to herself in a breathless tone. "I'm already drenched........"

Her voice trailed off as her fingers began to rub in between her open legs, her fingertips easily feeling the soft skin of her pussy through the thin soaked silky material of her panties. Slowly and methodically her fingers began to rub against her pussy, each caress sending shivers of pleasure through her body. She knew now that she could not stop, that she would not be able to contain and control her body, emotions and desires until 'itch' had been scratched. Her fingers hooked in the elastic of her panties, pulling them upwards until she could see they had formed a 'camel toe' through the thin drenched material.

"Oh my fucking god!," she moaned as she let he fingers run along the crevice of her panty covered camel toe. "It feels so good....".

She could feel her body squirm and writhe in pleasure as her hand slid into her panties, letting her middle finger penetrate her wetness while the other fingers rubbed against the ultra sensitive soft skin. At first her fingers flinched as if they had just touched the edge of a hot saucepan, such was the heat emanating between her legs. Her body leant against the frame of the window, her legs splayed wide open with her fingers pumping at speed in and out of her wet hole. She let her eyes close, letting the pleasures sweeping though her body envelop and control her as her hands continued to work their magic, totally oblivious and ignorant of the very public sex act she was performing.

He was walking his usual route to the train station, a route he had walked uneventfully for more than ten years, passing by her window like he had done many times before. He was walking quickly determined to make up time, determined not to miss the next train and had actually passed her window before he doubled back. He stood, at first on the path trying to decide if what he was seeing was real and not an illusion -- he rubbed at his eyes with both hands, trying to determine if they were playing tricks on him. Yet there she was as plain as the sun now lighting up the morning - quickly he surveyed the scene around him, finding to his relief that he was alone. His lust took control over his bodily functions, as he scurried forward taking no consideration of the obstacles in his path, nearly tripping over a garden hose. He crouched down behind the bush, his nervousness and fear not permitting him to move any closer -- not yet anyway.

She was now in a world of her own, her fingers alternately pumping out of or rubbing furiously at her now drenched pussy, her loud moaning reverberating around her bedroom.

"Oh fuck yes......," she screamed as her fingers played with her highly sensitive clit not caring who heard her. "It feels so good...so good!". Her body trembled almost like she was experiencing withdrawal symptoms, as she hastily slid her now soaked panties down her long legs, nearly toppling over when pulling them off her bare feet.

He watched entranced as the most beautiful woman he had ever seen slide her panties down her long legs. "Oh my fucking god!" he let slip in a voice louder than he realised, his eyes darting about to see to see anyone was watching him. He could feel the the snake in his trousers stirring, desperate to break free from its prison as she played out her erotic stage play right in front of him. He decided he had to get closer -- with as much stealth he could muster with his lust ridden body, he crawled forward until he was standing in front of the bush, with his nose almost touching the window. He hoped that the bush, which was slightly shorter then him, would be able to screen his body from any passer by or an neighbour. His fingers trembled as his pulled his zip of his trouser down, releasing his member which sprung out already erect -- with a shaking hand, his fingers wrapped tightly around his shaft, moving almost in slow motion.

She was breathing more rapidly now as her fingers fucked her pussy with a desire and lust that was unknown to her. Her legs trembled, struggling to keep her upright as she pumped without let up, the other hand now moving up her sweat drenched abdomen to play with her pert breasts -- her fingers pinched and squeezed her inflamed nipples giving her pleasures and sensations that she had rarely felt before. She did not know what had come over her, unable to control herself, letting her libido and desire run free.

"Oh god...," she moaned as he fingers slid out of her wet hole just for a moment, raising them to her mouth, letting her lips and tongue taste her juices.

His hand moved faster up and down his shaft as he watched her slide her fingers into her pussy again, pumping in and out even faster now, with more passion. He could see everything from his vantage point -- the soft skin of her beautiful pussy trembling as her fingers pumped in and out, her sublime taut body as her fingers played with her breasts and even the expressions on her face. Her long hair flayed about wildly as he looked on captivated by this object of desire and lust -- he could not believe that she had not seen him, noticed him peering at her nakedness through her bedroom window.

"Today must be my lucky day!" he whispered to himself.

Her body was shaking uncontrollably now as an intense, almost overwhelming passion built up inside her. She knew she was close to coming, it was only a matter of time.

His hand moved in a blur as he pumped his cock with all the effort he could now muster. He had the reached the point now that he did not care if anyone saw him in his compromising position -- he stood upright, his nervousness and fear now gone peering almost directly into her window.

"Yes yes....play with my pussy.....fuck!" she exclaimed as she knew now that she was very close. She used both hands now on her now tingling pussy -- one to slide her fingers in and out, the other to play and tease the surrounding ultra sensitive soft skin. Her fingers slid in easily now making a squelching noise as they pumped in and out of her hole at speed, her breathing now in short rapid breaths.

He could see her body shake, actually hear her moaning increase in volume and intensity, as his hand slid along his rock hard member. He found himself wishing that he was the one holding her naked body in his arms, wishing that her soft lips were entwined with his and that it was his cock pumping in and out of her pussy.

"God yes finger your pussy for me" he found himself whispering as his hand slid rapidly along his shaft. "That's it baby!" he added as if anything he said had any influence or control on her actions, on her erotic stage play. His breathing was becoming laboured, almost forced and he knew that he would not be able to hold out for longer.

"Oh god!" she moaned repeatedly as she struggled to keep her body upright, at times feeling her knees buckle and sway from under her. Her finger was pumping spasmodically now, sliding in and out of her pussy at varying speeds, her pleasure ridden body almost unable to control her bodily functions. Her body was now slick with sweat, glistening in the suns rays that were now streaming through her bedroom window and she held onto the wall as she felt an intense sensation build up within her shaking body.

"Fuck!" her scream of pleasure was loud enough to be heard by her neighbours, loud enough to be heard by someone two blocks away but she did not care. Every fibre of her body erupted in a pleasure she had never felt before as she came -- her lungs seemed suddenly devoid of air and she hungrily sucked in air, as her shaking legs collapsed from under her, dropping her onto her knees.

His hand was jacking his cock furiously now, his breathing almost impossible -- he was watching her drop slowly onto her knees when his cock exploded. "Oh god!" escaped from his lips as he felt the pressure that had slowly built up suddenly spring forth his bounty, shooting in multiple streams from his cock, as if he had turned on a tap. His hot white sticky semen flew the short distance to land on the glass of her bedroom window, to now run slowly down the glass, as if he had sprayed the window with a milky liquid.

She was on his knees, her body still shaking, trying to catch her breath when she opened her eyes and she saw him. Their eyes met, locking together through the glass of her bedroom window before her face broke out in a smile -- dropping onto her hands and knees she moved forward and with her tongue, began to lick the glass in a vain attempt to taste his cum.

"Cut that's a wrap!" the voice of Vince Wotaswki thundered out of his small body, breaking the silence like an explosion. He rose from his directors chair, his hands breaking out in a bout of applause -- soon the crew around him followed his lead, with their muffled clapping lasting around thirty seconds.

"Daphne that was great, fantastic performance!" he exclaimed as he walked towards her, a smile on his face.

Daphne Moon picked up her sore naked sweaty body off the floor of the movie set -- she made no attempt to cover her nakedness as she stood, surrounded by the mostly male film crew.

"I never knew I could get so bloody sore and tired from a solo scene!," she muttered as he approached. She stretched her legs and arms as someone handed her a towel to dry off. "I'm glad you liked it Vince.

"It was a great performance Daph, maybe your best one yet! Hopefully this will finally get you nominated for AIA!" he replied as he watched put on a robe, tying the sash around her waist. Vince had been in a the porn movie business for around twenty years and a director for five. Daphne Moon had been his pet project in the business, after all he was the one who had discovered her -- with the combination of her looks and body, her sexy British accent and her willingness to try almost anything had convinced him he had found a real star. In fact, he had often found himself fantasising about sliding his own cock into her hot little pussy or ass.

"An AIA?" she queried as she started walking to her dressing room.

Vince followed her as she made her way through the maze of corridors. "An Adult Industry Award -- the adult equivalent of an academy award!"

Daphne stopped at the door of her dressing room, opening the door before turning around to face Vince. "You really think I have a chance?" she asked as she stepped inside.

"Sure your a natural -- girls like you don't come along very often in our business, so you're in with a great chance. A better then even chance I say -- I would put my house on you, I don't think you have a chance in hell to lose!" he replied hands on hips.

"Oh well we will just have to wait and see" she replied and with that she closed the door behind her.


"And the winner is....."

The young buxom blonde wearing an extremely short mini skirt fumbled with the envelope in her hands as she stood behind the dais. Time seemed seemed to slow down as she slipped the result out of the envelope as a hushed silence seem to grip the audience in front of her.

"The winner of the best new female talent in the Adult movie industry is,". She paused for a few seconds for added effect. "Daphne Moon!".

A surprised Daphne heard her name called out across the hotel ballroom. but she sat still in her chair for a few seconds in complete shock. Slowly she raised herself from her chair, sensing every pair of eyes in the room were now trained on her as she made her way towards the stage. She took great care, in her blue sequinned strapless dress with a long split on ones side revealing her white stocking covered legs, to navigate the few short steps to the stage - no need to embarrass herself by falling down on the steps, she told herself.

The buxom mini skirted blonde approached, giving her two quick kisses, one on each cheek before handing her the award. Daphne turned to face the audience, her eyes taking the sea of faces staring at her, a sea of faces that she did not know. She took a few deep breaths to calm herself, looking down momentarily, letting her hands inspect and play with the strange gold phallic shaped award. Taking one more long deep breath she lifted her head as she began to speak.

"I just want to thank all the people who voted for me to win this prestigious award. Let's hope its the first of many!," she said as she felt her legs start shaking from nervousness. "Thank you, Thank you!".

Daphne quickly turned on the spot and walked off the side of the stage, as directed by the buxom blonde. She had only walked a few metres when her eyes caught sight of Leroy, her favourite co star, standing near the exit door for the stage.

"Leroy what are you doing here? I thought you couldn't make the awards show" she asked throwing her arms around him.

"I wasn't going to miss my baby win her award, was I,". He gave her a quick kiss on the lips before his arms encircled her squeezing her tight, nearly cutting off her air supply. "Besides I had to be here for your initiation!"

She gave him a quizzical look as she replied "My initiation?"

"Yeah baby," he exclaimed as his trademark toothy smile appeared on his face. "All the winners of the new talent award have to go through the initiation - it's tradition. It's all part of the awards show -- you don't want to be the first one who breaks with tradition, do you?"

She peered into his brown eyes as if they could tell her what he was up to. "Well no....what's involved in this initiation?". She made quotation marks with her fingers as she spoke the word initiation.

"You know I can't tell you babe" he replied as he hooked his arm in hers, and led her through the stage exit door. "It has to be a surprise!"

He led her through several dusty corridors of the area behind the stage, only stopping when they stood in front of what appeared to be a large goods elevator.

"Climb aboard" he said as he raised the large elevator door, which opened with a loud 'clunk' noise. Her mind was racing with mixture of nervousness and expectation as she walked on to the elevator, quickly followed by Leroy. He pulled the door shut and the elevator started moving upwards, travelling only two floors before it stopped.

Leroy lifted goods elevator the door open revealing a brightly lit corridor, lined with a number of doors. "C'mon babe," he said taking her by the hand. "We're already late!"

Daphne followed him as he walked down the corridor, her high heels making a clicking sound on the wooden floorboards as she walked -- as she passed each door she noticed that each door was adorned only with a brass number, starting from one at the start of the corridor. They had walked almost to the end of the long corridor when Leroy stopped in front of the door marked with number eight.

"Here we are babe," he said as his hand gripped the door knob. "Ready?"

Daphne stared at his hand gripping the door knob as her heart felt it was racing at a million miles per hour, her mind trying to imagine what was just inside door number eight.

"Yes" she said nervously, her voice barely above a whisper.

Leroy's hand turned the door handle and the door swung open noiselessly -- walking into the brightly lit room her eyes immediately three bare chested and well built young men, all of who had their eyes on her as she entered. The only furniture in the room was a long plush couch and the biggest armchair she had ever seen.

"Babe," Leroy said as he closed the door behind them "I want to introduce you to the three best home boys a man can have. "This is Manuel, Oscar and last of all Pete". His finger pointed to each one as he said their names.

Daphne let her eyes take in the scene before her -- the three 'home boys' were all sitting on the long couch, their faces beaming with huge smiles. Manuel looked Spanish or Mexican, with his black hair slicked back and looked like he had just come from a day at the beach, as his skin had dark tan to it. Oscar was black and his head was completely bald -- but the thing that struck her about him was that he had the most defined, ripped and muscled chest she had ever seen. She noticed that his abs seem to dance as he breathed and she stared, almost entranced as they had hypnotic power. The last man on the couch, Pete looked like a typical Californian surfer, with his bleached blonde hair.

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