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Fraiser - Mr Crane's Massage


It was another hot Seattle Day as Daphne Moon strode out of the kitchen area of Frasier's apartment. Her mind was set on finishing all of the housework before the morning was over for she had decided that she to get out of the apartment before the heat of the day set in. Dr Crane was away at a conference and she had been left alone with Mr Crane for the whole week -- she had to get out and have some time on her own before Mr Crane drove her crazy.

She had began to wipe the table down with a sponge when she heard a noise behind her.

"Where do you think you're going?" she asked without turning around.

Mr Crane stopped where he was and turned towards her. "My god you must be the devil -- have you got eyes at the back of your head or something?" he asked exasperated.

Daphne spun around and walked right up to face him. "Look I told you I was going to give you a massage and that is what is going to happen. So march on back to your room and strip off -- that's an order." Her voice become louder the longer she spoke.

"You mean I going to be naked?" he asked a little concerned.

"I can't very well give you a massage with your clothes on can I? Besides you will have a towel around your waist!"

His face showed a resigned look as he marched off back to his room. It was a little over twenty minutes later when her emerged wearing a white bathrobe.

Mr Crane studied Daphne as she set up the massage table near the kitchen. She was wearing a white top that was only buttoned halfway up and tied in a knot around her waist leaving a small amount of her midriff showing. Her blue denim shorts left nothing to the imagination appearing to be several sizes too small, giving him a revealing look at her rear each time she bent over. His eyes slowly worked their way down her body to her lightly tanned long legs, which seem to somehow sparkle in the sunlight that was streaming in through the balcony doors.

He continued to watch as if entranced as the high heel wedge sandals she wore on her feet seem to make no sound as she moved about, laying a towel over the massage table -- for the first time he began to notice Daphne as a beautiful woman and not just his physical therapist. Mr Crane's mind began to race with confusing and conflicting emotions and thoughts, sensing a stirring deep within him that troubled him -- sexual attraction.

"Mr Crane..."

His eyes continued to stare ahead watching as she walked towards him appearing to emerge directly out of the sunlight, her long legs making short work of the distance between them - as she got closer to him his eyes caught a glimpse of her lacy bra beneath her white top.

"Mr Crane .....anything the matter?" Daphne asked

Mr Crane eyes blinked a few times in a involuntarily action, waking him from his daze.

"Sorry Daphne... I must have been in another world."

"So I noticed, what's wrong with you today?" she asked.

"Nothing." They were both silent for a moment as Daphne looked him over as if she was trying to work out if he was up to something, before he spoke again. "Look let's get this over with, I want to get to McGinty's. "

"You and McGinty's ......any wonder you are always sore and stiff, sitting on that bar stool all day!" she exclaimed as she held out a towel. "Here put this on, I can't give you a massage in you robe."

He screwed his face up in disgust as she held the towel in her outstretched hands.

"Don't worry I won't see your 'bits' -- look I will even close my eyes."

He watched as she closed her eyes, her arms reaching out further holding the towel -- he let his hands undo the sash of the robe, letting it slide slowly from his shoulders dropping softly the floor. He stood naked before her just for a moment before he grabbed hold of the towel, wrapping it securely around his waist.

"Ok you can open your eyes now....let's get this over with" he said rather gruffly as he made his way towards the table.

Daphne helped him climb up onto the table, directing him to lie face down.

"Ok comfy are we?" she asked as he made himself comfortable on the table.

An half muffled reply of "Yes" slipped from his lips, with his head buried on top of the massage table.

Daphne applied some massage oil to her hands before rubbing them together, spreading the oil all over her hands.

"Here we go."

Her hands touched his shoulders softly at first, rubbing them with gentle motions of her hands. His skin felt soft under her fingertips as her oiled hands slid easily over his back, in anti clockwise motions over his shoulder blades.

"Oh god!" moaned Mr Crane as she applied more pressure to his back, her hands now moving up and down his spine.

"You like that huh?" Daphne asked as her fingers delved deeper into the folds of skin on his back, applying more pressure with each passing second.

His reply was muffled as she pressed down on his back with firm strokes of her hands, radiating outwards from his spine to the sides of his back. "Uh uh....press harder...harder!"

Daphne let her hands roam his back and shoulders, applying firm pressure with her hands eliciting frequent and load moans of pleasure from Mr Crane -- for the nest ten minutes her hands massaged the soft skin of his back and shoulders, using her fingers and the palms of her hands in sweeping motions travelling down the length of his back.

"Ok turn over old man -- I've finished with your back." - with a loud grumble he partially lifted his head off the massage table.

"Do I have to -- I was just getting comfortable!"

"Yes you silly old bugger -- to give you a full massage I have to massage your chest as well, now turn over!"

"Ok Ok."

Mr Crane reluctantly eased himself onto his back with a little help from Daphne, his body fidgeting about on the table until he was sure he was in a secure and comfortable position.

"Are you ready old man?" Daphne asked irritated.

Mr Crane mouth turned into a sneer as he answered "Yes I'm ready!"

"Now close your eyes and relax -- it will be over before you know it."

He closed his eyes as her hands began to rub his chest area in slow and careful movements. Daphne noticed that his chest was practically hairless making the passage of her fingers and hands over his body easy. In no time at all he was releasing contented groans as her hand and fingers worked their magic on his body, as he drifted off into an almost sleep like state. Daphne's hands were working up and down his stomach when it happened -- her fingers must have accidentally flicked his towel, causing both ends to drop down exposing his 'bits'.

Daphne hands continued to massage his chest, before her eyes doubled back to his now exposed genital area. She literally had to suppress a gasp of surprise as her eyes took in the view before her -- she had expected to see a shrivelled male organ but in it's place was beautifully formed semi erect cock that appeared to be over seven inches long. It's shaft was covered in little spider web like veins that ran along its length but otherwise it was almost the perfect specimen of the male sex organ.

"My god the old bugger has been hiding this from me!" Daphne whispered softly to herself as her eyes stared, as if entranced at his cock as it rose and fell slightly as he breathed. Her hands slowed to almost a crawl as she massaged his chest, her mind and thoughts now unhinged by this unexpected revelation -- with each passing minute her hands moved closer to his member, as if magically drawn to it.

"No - what am I doing?" Daphne exclaimed as she stopped her hand from reaching out and touching it. She had not had intimate relations in over three months she reminded herself as her mind was spinning at a million miles an hour with crazy insane thoughts and ideas.

Daphne grabbed the edges of the towel to cover him up again but her hand was drawn to his semi erect member -- wrapping her fingers around his shaft she began to slowly slide along its length. The skin of his shaft felt smooth under her fingertips as her mind screamed at her that what she was doing was wrong but her desire was too strong. She could feel his member hardening under her fingertips as she increased her pace, sliding up and down his now rock hard shaft at a steady rate.

"What -- what are you doing Daph-." Mr Crane awoke from his semi slumber, his words shooting from his mouth as his physical therapists jacked off his now fully erect cock.

"Just sit back and relax you old bugger" Daphne exclaimed as she bent over him, sliding his cock into her waiting mouth. Her head began to bob up and down on his shaft as several loud moans slipped from the surprised Mr Crane's mouth.

"Oh god!". He could feel her lips and tongue play with his shaft as her head bobbed up and down at speed -- a smile spread across his face as Daphne attacked his cock with a passion that was unknown to him. He had never felt a pleasure like this in all of his years and he could not quite believe it was happening to him.

Daphne let his now well lubricated member slide in and out of her mouth at a frenetic pace -- the desire and lust that had built up inside her for three sex free months had now burst free in an uncontrollable torrent of passion. She let one hand slip free of his cock, sliding down her body to undo the button of her skin tight denim shorts -- her fingers slipped inside her panties to play with her surprisingly soaked pussy.

"Ooooh fucck!" the moan slipped from her lips as her fingers played with the sensitive soft skin of her pussy. She slid his cock inside her hungry mouth as, showing amazing dexterity, Mr Crane raised his body to a sitting position on the massage table.

"I knew I hired you for a reason Daphne!" he exclaimed as he watched her long hair flay about wildly as her mouth slid along his shaft. His cock felt astoundingly rock hard as her lips and tongue played with his shaft as little rivers of saliva dribbled from the corners of her mouth.

Daphne let his cock slip free from her mouth and raising her body to a standing position, she wiped her hand across her saliva soaked lips.

"You're a dirty old man, you know!" Daphne said as his face broadened into a wide smile.

"I know, I only hire the best," he said as he swung his legs off the table. "Now let's get busy -- I think it's my turn."

Daphne helped him down from the table, his now completely naked body leaving the towel behind on the table. She noticed with some amazement that his body was covered in relatively smooth skin as they made their way over to the couch, his erect cock jutting out like a flagpole. Daphne gently pushed him down onto the soft suede couch, where he bounced once or twice on impact.

"Just sit back and relax you horny old man!" Daphne exclaimed as she bent down let his cock slide down her throat once or twice. The loud long moan that escaped from his lips seem to to echo around the apartment as his member disappeared down his beautiful physical therapists throat.

She raised herself off her knees and standing just over a metre in front of him she slowly unbuttoned her white top, undoing each button slowly. Daphne watched as his hand slowly jacked his cock as she slipped the top from her shoulders, letting it drop slowly to the floor -- she reached behind her, undoing the clasp of her lacy bra. Her arms covered her breasts as she let her bra fall to the ground teasing him, before she dropped her arms down.

Martin Crane watched his own little personal strip show with wide open eyes, his hand jacking his cock moving faster as each item of clothing was removed.

"Boy am I glad I hired you!" he exclaimed as he watched Daphne slide her skin tight denim shorts down her long legs, lifting each sandal covered foot in turn to slip her shorts off her feet. Her face broke out in a mischievous smile as she stood before him naked except for the briefest pink panties and her high heel wedge sandals.

"I always give 110% in service, you know I don't like disappointing people" she said as her fingers hooked in the elastic of her panties, ready to slide them down her legs.

"No...not yet," her interrupted. "Turn around for me, I want to see your beautiful ass."

Martin watched as Daphne turned around to present him with a view of her ass -- her pink panties had slid into the crack of her ass, leaving both of her ass cheeks visible.

"Boy would I love to sink my teeth into that ass."

"Maybe if you a good boy you will get the chance later!" Daphne exclaimed as she slid her panties down her legs and off her feet, tossing them away. She turned to face him, her fingers slowly playing with her pussy as she walked towards him -- gently she pushed on his shoulders until he was lying flat on his back on the couch.

Daphne carefully climbed on top of his naked body, letting her legs straddle his head. The sweet smell of her pussy, only centimetres away from his face, filled his nostrils intoxicating his senses.

Martin let his tongue lap once at her wet pussy making Daphne's body shiver in pleasure. His eyes took in her neatly trimmed bush as his tongue began to lap slowly at the soft wet skin between her spread legs.

She could feel his tongue lapping away at her wetness between her legs as she took his cock into her mouth. Moans filled the apartment as their naked bodies lay on top of each other, their lips and tongues giving pleasure to each other in unison.

Daphne could feel his hands squeezing her ass in time with his tongue lapping at the soft wet skin of her pussy. She was surprised to feel as horny as she was as her head bobbed up and down on his now well lubricated cock -- she had not had sex for three months and her desire had exploded into something that she could and did want to control.

Suddenly the air was filled with the sound of a telephone ringing -- Daphne answered the phone out of instinct, her hand reaching for the cordless handset which was on the table beside the couch.

"Crane residence" she answered catching her breath and trying not to moan into the handset as Mr Crane continued to lap at her pussy.

"Hi it's only me," it was Dr Crane. "I just wanted to check up to see if everything is OK and that I will back as normal on Sunday. You sound out of breath, are you OK Daphne?"

"Yes everything is OK, you just caught me when I was exercising" Daphne lied.

"Oh OK don't do too much you will be liable to strain something. Can I talk to Mr Crane?" he asked.

Daphne turned her head around to look back at Mr Crane who was continuing to eat her out, his tongue now darting inside her hole, flicking the soft outer skin causing her naked body to squirm and writhe in pleasure. "I'm sorry he can't come to phone at the moment, he's extremely busy!" she replied.

"Oh OK. I hope he isn't making it hard for you, looking after him for the whole week by yourself"

Daphne had to suppress a small laugh when Dr Crane spoke the word 'hard'.

"No......no he is being the perfect gentleman. Look I have to go, I will talk to you later. Bye." She hung up the phone, dropping it onto the floor before letting his cock slide again into her hungry mouth.

Their nakedness rubbed together as their mouths worked feverishly, exploring their most private and sensitive parts of their bodies with total sexual abandon. They would have presented quite a sight to anyone who may have walked in, but that was the furthest thing from their minds as they let their most primal passions and desires run free.

Daphne could feel his finger slip inside her pussy, delving in and out of wet hole at a slow speed - her body began to shake wildly, her breathing slowing to a few short breaths a minute, absolutely amazed that his fingers seemed to inflicting the most pleasure she had felt in ages -- he certainly knew which buttons to press to please a woman.

"Fuck.....your fingers feels so good!"

Martin Crane let his fingers slide in and out of her hole at a faster speed. "You like that huh?" he asked as his fingers made a 'thump' sound each time they pumped into her pussy. "Wait until I slide my cock into you -- they don't call me the love machine for nothing!"

Her body gyrated as if she was having an epileptic fit as his fingers played with the most sensitive part of her anatomy until finally she could take no more. She rolled her body off his dropping onto her knees on the floor -- taking his cock in her mouth she deep throated him twice before letting his cock slip from her mouth.

"I need you inside me" she announced in a breathless voice, barely above a whisper.

He instructed her to climb onto the couch on all fours, where kneeling behind her he entered her and began to pump. Martin placed his hands on her naked hips as he pumped into her pussy with the all the effort he could muster, feeling her body rocking forward slightly with every stroke.

Daphne could hardly believe that here was Mr Crane fucking her pussy from behind. The old man certainly knew how to please a woman thought Daphne as she felt his rock hard cock cannon into her like a jack hammer. She could hear him grunt with exertion with every stroke as she buried her face into the suede couch.

"Fuck me....oh god fuck me Mr Crane!" Daphne screamed as his cock slammed into her.

"Don't worry I'll fuck you alright......you English slut!" Mr Crane responded with a devilish grin spread across his face. He could feel her vaginal muscles close around his shaft with each stroke, forcing him to pump into her harder, but he did not mind. It was a dream come true that here he was fucking the shit out of Daphne Moon, his stunning physical therapist.

She could feel his cock fill her insides with an amazing speed and power for an old man when suddenly with a strength that was unknown to her, he lifted her up into a sitting position, his cock still impaled inside her -- with a loud squeal she planted her feet on the couch and began to to propel her body up and down riding his cock.

"Oh yeah that's it Daphne ride me!"

She let her body move up down, feeling the full length of his shaft penetrate her insides as his hands slid up her abdomen to play with her pert breasts. Daphnes's body glistened in the sunlight that was streaming through the balcony doors as her hands held onto the couch, balancing her body as she rode Mt Crane's cock.

Martin let his fingers play with his physical therapists nipples as her body slammed down on his cock with a 'thump'. His eyes stared at the curves of her back, at her beautiful figure as her legs and arms propelled her body up and down, letting his cock penetrate her relentlessly -- he had worked quite a sweat during their sexual liaison, so much so that his hand slid with ridiculous ease all over the smooth skin of her naked body. He had never felt like this before not even with his previous woman friends -- having sex was never as good as this he thought to himself.

"Fuck me Mr Crane.....fuck me.......god your cock feels so good......." Daphne's words trailed off as she felt an intense wave of pleasure flow through her body, one stronger than she ever expected. Her body began to shake wildly as she felt as if insides were about to explode and she let her body collapse in a trembling mess on the couch.

"Please cum on me......I want to feel you cum on me" she said in a shaking voice that was barely above a whisper.

Martin Crane eased himself on his knees on the couch just in front of her prone naked body. His hands slid up and down his shaft as fast as he could move them.

"Cmon baby," he exclaimed "get ready to taste my lovin!"

Daphne could see his chest heaving as he hungrily sucked in air, his hand moving along his shaft that was only inches above her body -- suddenly with a grunt his cock exploded sending a steady stream of his love fluid over her stomach and breasts. Her hands gently rubbed the hot fluid over her body as he coaxed the last few drops from his throbbing member.

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