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Frat Party


Kim woke up early and looked over at her college roommate who also happened to be her twin sister. She smiled because Kassidy had thrown the covers off and she lay on the bed with her legs spread wide and she too was nude. The girls loved to sleep nude and it was like looking in the mirror. They were just like their mother 5'4' tall long blonde hair, blue eyes, small 34A tits, and that cunt that lay spread open as it most always did, even when they weren't sexually aroused. They both weighed about 105-107 lbs and they turned the eyes of many of the boys in school, but they enjoyed sex with each other as well, and now Kim got out of bed and crawled into Kassidy's bed and nestled her face between Kassidy's legs, and Kassidy stirred awake.

Kim looked up at her and mumbled good morning with her face still buried in her sister's pussy. Kassidy laughed and said "You are such a cunt, Kim, but that feel so good. Good morning to you too, sister" as she reached down and stroked Kim's hair. She spread her legs even wider and enjoyed the feeling of Kim licking her clit. She smiled and told Kim, "Better watch out girl, I have to pee this morning."

Kim ignored her and pushed her tongue deep into Kassidy's cunt. She reached up and took both of here tits into her hands and tweaked the nipples. The girls had found they loved rooming together just because of this. They could eat any time they wanted, and they did just that. Kassidy moaned as she felt the orgasm wave over her and cover her sister's face with her juices. Kim looked up and said, "Now you can go piss you little slut."

Kassidy looked at her and pulled her face closer and kissed her deeply. Kim said "I love you, Kass. I hope we are never seperated."

"Me either, Kim, I love you too."

"I wonder how mom's doing, we should call her. It's been a couple of weeks and this is her first time of being alone since she married daddy. When he left, Johnny immediately moved in and now, well, let's call her later."

"Okay, Kass, we will. I've got to shower and get ready for class, but thanks for breakfast." With that she laughed and headed for the shower. Kim got up and went in the bathroom to pee, and pulled the shower curtain open when she sat on the commode so she could harrass her sister, and Kim sprayed her with the water. They got dressed and walked to class together. They talked with a group of guys from a local frat on the way and discovered that they were having a party tonight and decided that it might be a fun thing to do. They guys told them where the party was and what time. They said they were going to have two kegs and plenty of hard liquor. The girls said they would probably be their and they would see them later. With that they headed for class. At two oclock, their day was over and they met and went back to their dorm to get rid of their books. They made plans to go to the library tomorrow and talked about the party tonight. They planned to go about 8:30 or 9:00, and they talked about dancing and guys. They had already had sex with two of the guys they talked with this morning and talked about fucking them again tonight. The guys didn't know they had already had sex with both of them, and they giggled about it. They had switched places with each other, and each had fucked the other's date on a couple of occasions. They did this often and the guys never knew it, or at least they never said anything about it.

Kim had inherited one thing from her mother, she loved to suck cocks. Kassidy on the other hand loved to be fucked and since the night they went out with their mother when they were on break, Kassidy had wanted to be fucked in the ass again. Kim also wanted to try it, but she would rather spend the evening on her knees sucking her man's cock and eating his cum. Not that Kassidy didn't suck cocks, but she didn't have the overwhelming urge to be oral the way Kim did, and Kim did enjoy fucking, she just would rather have a cock in her mouth, or a cunt for that matter.

They both looked forward to the party tonight. They loved to see each other get fucked.

They decided to pick up the phone and call home. Kim dialed the number and when Lynne picked up they talked about everything, then Kassidy took the phone and they also talked about all they could. Finally, Kassidy asked how her sex life was, and she told her about the preacher she met the night before, and what had happened, Kim was listening and the three of them laughed when Lynne had told them about the 5 dollar bill he had given her. She told them she kept it, so she could now be officially called a cheap whore. Just before they hung up they planned to get together during spring break and have a girls night out.

Kassidy and Kim decided to get ready to go, but first they began to kiss and fondle each other and before they knew what was happening they had stripped each other and were making love. First, Kassidy went down on Kim, then she lay back and spread her legs to let Kim work her magic and Kim did just that, she pushed her tongue into Kassidy's cunt and probed as deep as she could, then she moved her tongue down past her pussy and worked her tongue into her sister's ass as she held her legs apart and high in the air. Kassidy moaned as her sister tongued her asshole. She loved to have her ass eaten and nobody did it better than Kim, and nobody had any more enthusiasm than her beautiful sister. She lay back and enjoyed as she remembered her face buried in that sweet pussy of Kim. Her lips still tasted of her and she relaxed as her ass was pushed open even further by Kim's tongue. She knew she wanted a cock in her ass tonight, and felt it open even further under Kim's onslaught.

"Do you like the taste of my ass, Kim?"


"I guess that means you do, huh" and she felt her sister try to push her tongue deeper into her asshole. She felt like Kim's tongue was an inch into her ass, and she pushed her ass against Kim's face.

"That's it eat my ass, you little slut"

Kim worked her tongue even more.

"God your tongue feels soooooooooo good. I'm going to cum."

Kim's nose was in her sister's cunt and she worked felt the wetness as she tongued her asshole. Then Kassidy's cunt opened even more and she flooded Kim's face with wetness. Kim left her ass and moved her tongue back to her sister's cunt and she lapped up the juices that flowed so freely. She remembered nights that she would eat pussy right after Kassidy got home filled with a guys cum, in fact the night at the Hilton she had eaten two guys cum from Kassidy's pussy while they watched her. She had loved it so, especially being watched, and she looked forward to that again.

They lay in each other's arms for the next hour, kissing and cuddling before they began to prepare for the night's festivities. When they finally got up they took their showers and dressed in jeans and sweatshirts, wearing the same jewelry making sure that if they wanted to fuck the same guy that he would never know. They put jackets on because it was going to be cool that night and they wanted to stay warm. Before they left they kissed each other deeply and opened the door and walked to the frat house where the party was to be held. It was just off campus, but they knew when it was time to come home they would get a ride.

When they walked in they were handed a beer and they guys they had talked with that morning came over and told them they were glad they could come. They kissed each of them and told them to enjoy. A couple of guys asked them to dance and so they said sure and started to dance and drink.

During the evening the sisters danced with 8 or 9 guys apiece and spent the evening having their bodies being felt, but they didn't seem to mind it too much and 2 AM, they were ready to either pick someone up or just head home, it was not that great, and they did have to do some research the next day, and they had each other.

Kim looked over and saw Kassidy dancing and kissing this guy with long hair and a beard. He was grinding his crotch into Kass's body and he had his hands on her ass pulling her toward him. She knew that probably meant Kass was going to end up fucking him tonight, and she looked around to see what prospects were still there.

As she was looking around she saw a guy she knew was on the football team, whose name was Lance, she had danced with him that night and wondered if he was looking for something to do for the rest of the evening. She went over to him and asked him what he was doing. He said he thought he would go ahead and leave in a few minutes. Kim asked him if he would like to dance once more before he left, and he said sure and they grabbed hold of each other and began to move to the music. She looked at Kassidy and watched as she was running her hands over the long hairs ass and he was grinding against her body.

Kim pushed her body against Lance and looked up at him. He was 6'5" and she felt his cock against her boobs as she pushed against him. He ground back against her and she felt him begin to harden. She looked him in the eyes and he leaned down and kissed her, she pushed her tongue into his mouth and felt his hands on her ass. The music ended and she thanked him, and asked how he was going to get back to the dorm. He said he was walking and she asked if she could walk with him. He said he would love to, she told him she had to tell her sister and she went to talk with Kassidy.

Kassidy introduced her to Shane and said she thought they would go back to the dorm too, they would walk with her. Kim smiled and told her that Lance was going too. Kassidy thought that was great, and they walked over to get Lance. Kim and Kassidy left to take a pee before they left and that gave Lance and Shane a chance to talk. They knew each other and talked about the twins, wondering if they could get lucky. Shane said he already knew that he was going to get fucked. Kassidy had told him he could spend the night with her. Lance said he didn't know yet, but hoped he could, and they high fived as the girls walked up.

Kim had already asked what Kassidy was going to do and found out that Shane was spending the night, so she hoped that Lance would want too also. When they saw the guy high five, they knew they must be talking about it so she was sure she too was not going to be alone for the evening.

As they walked toward their dorm, they all talked about school, and just in general. Along the way, Lance put his arm around Kim and she put her arm around his waist, Kim looked at Kassidy in front of her and saw she and Shane were beginning to cuddle also as they walked. When they got to their dorm they went to their room, and locked the door behind them. Kassidy and Shane sat on the edge of her bed and began kissing, while Kim went to the refrigerator and got a couple of beers for her and Lance and they sat on the edge of Kim's bed and she put her other hand on Lance's thigh, close to his crotch. She took a large swig of beer, and set her can down. She looked at Lance and ran her hand into his crotch and caressed his cock, as she moved up and kissed him. He put his can down and took her breast in his hand as they kissed. He looked over and saw that Shane had already pulled the sweatshirt over Kassidy's head and he looked at her beautiful tits as he fondled her sister. He reached under her sweatshirt and pushed it up and she helped him remove it. Kassidy stood and unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them to the floor along with her thong and Kim knelt in front of Lance and began to undo his pants. Shane stood and dropped his pants and boxer's, then threw his shirt aside and he and Kassidy fell together on the bed. Lance felt the cool air as Kim took his cock free and licked the head. He looked down at her and leaned back. She pulled at his jeans, and he lifted his ass so she could pull his pants down. Kassidy had her hand around Shane's cock as she kissed him. She whispered to him, "I want to fuck" as he caressed her breasts.

Kim looked at the cock in front of her, about 7 inches, with a large head and a nice set of balls, she smiled as she looked at her sister and Shane, then took the cock into her mouth and ran her tongue over the head as she began to suck him. His cock tasted a little salty, she knew it was because he had been pissing all night at the party and she found it always made her hotter than hell. She loved the taste of a cock after hours at a party where the man had been drinking.

Lance looked down at Kim and thought how wonderful it felt to have his cock sucked. He looked over at Kassidy and watched her reach down and guide Shane's cock into her cunt. This was wild, having his cock sucked and watching Kassidy get fucked, and his cock was already pulsing because it needed release. He told Kim that he was already going to cum, if she didn't stop, and she didn't, but started sucking harder. He only lasted another 2 minutes and then filled her mouth with his thick creamy sperm. He moaned as she slowed her bobbing head and let him enjoy having his cock sucked.

When Lance moaned Kassidy looked over at her sister and watch as she swallowed, and it triggered her first orgasm as Shane fucked her. She moaned loudly and wrapped her legs around Shane and ground her cunt into his cock. She looked him in the eye and told him, loud enough for Kim and Lance to hear, "I want you to fuck me in the ass."

Shane pulled from her pussy and put his cock against her ass, and he pushed forward. Kassidy felt as his cock pushed her ass open and the head slipped inside her anal passage. She looked over and saw that Kim was looking at her with her mouth full of Lance's cock. She smiled at Kim as she told Shane, "Fuck me hard, I love it in the ass."

Kim felt Lance's cock swell back to hardness again, and stood and removed the rest of her clothes and she climbed onto his cock, settling down against him.

Lance felt Kim's pussy as it slid over his cock and enjoyed it as she began to ride him. He held her tight and kissed her, tasting his own sperm on her lips and he began bucking against her as they fucked. Kassidy told Shane that she wanted him to take her from behind and Shane pulled free, his cock swinging in the air as Kassidy turned over and put her ass back in the air. Shane moved behind her and put his cock at her ass and pushed forward quickly, and Kassidy moaned at the unexpected swiftness. She reached under her and fingered her clit as Shane fucked her ass hard.

Kim and Lance looked over and watched Shane ram his cock into Kassidy's ass, and Kim rode him harder than ever. She looked at him and told him she wanted him to cum in her mouth when he was ready, and he pounded her harder.

Kim heard Shane announce her was going to cum and she looked over as he pushed deep into Kassidy's ass and held tight and she knew he was emptying his cum into her twin's ass. Kassidy looked over at her and mouthed the words "I love you, Kim"

Lance told Kim he was going to cum again, and she moved off his cock and took started to take him in her mouth as the first shot flew out of his cock and landed on her nose. She wrapped her lips around his cock and swallowed the rest of the cum he produced. He fell back on the bed as Kim continued to suck his cock.

Kassidy lay face down on her bed, Shane still in her ass, and she felt his cum begin to trickle out of her and down over her cunt. Shane told her "Damn that was good, Kassidy. I've never fucked anyone in the ass before."

Kassidy just moaned as she lay beneath him. He pulled from her and started getting dressed. She watched and he kissed her and headed for the door, Lance told him he'd be right with him. Kim pulled her mouth free and he kissed her and told her he loved tonight, but he had to leave. He dressed and went to the door and Kim immediately locked the door and went to Kassidy, who was still laying face down on the bed. She kissed Kassidy and moved down where she could lick the cum from her sisters body. She buried her tongue into the wide open ass and licked the sperm from it and made sure she cleaned her thoroughly before she moved up and they held each other as they fell asleep.

It had been a good night.

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