tagErotic CouplingsFreakin' with the Enemy Ch. 02

Freakin' with the Enemy Ch. 02

byStardog Champion©

It wasn't 10 minutes after she spied the young hussy having sex with her Husband that Darlene Craft watched Angela Burton walk by near one of the backyard fountains at the party. Even if she hadn't seen Angie banging Curt on the top of that car for herself, Darlene fancied she could still detect his scent on the girl as she breezed past. If she listened hard enough, Darlene swore she could also hear her Husband's seed sloshing inside the bikini clad girl's womb each time Angie took a step.

"You can even see that freshly fucked look on her face," Darlene bitterly noted.

Holding a cold bottle of nearly empty beer in her clenched fist, Darlene knew she could walk up behind Angie and end it all right there. For whatever reason, she felt like that would be too quick, too easy. The fact that Angie had fucked Curt wasn't quite what infuriated her. If that was the case, there would have been a bloody trail up and down the Rockies from the women he'd stepped out on her with. The thing that grinded Darlene's goat the most was he'd done it with a girl who'd repeatedly stolen the glory from his oldest Daughter, Kirsten, and by proxy Darlene's own selfish thunder. Curt had also consummated the deed right under her very own nose, and the noses of a couple of hundred of her neighbors, any of whom could have stumbled onto the scene just as she had and started quite the ruckus on the neighborhood's omnipresent grapevine.

So yes, putting a 150 stitches in the back of the Angie's head would have been too tidy of a solution. Stabbing, poisoning, choking and throwing the girl in a wood chipper all crossed Darlene's mind. Hell, the variety platter of things she'd seen on the show "Snapped" even played out in her head, but in the end, Darlene sensed her endeavor would require something a tad more subtle and cunning.

She knew Angie was about to start her Senior year at the University of Colorado, and the girl's rare trips home to Colorado Springs would pretty much become nonexistent once she graduated. It wasn't like she could just show up in Boulder to try and pull off something and not be noticed either. On top of that, Darlene had to figure out a way to hit Angela Burton in a way that truly hurt.

On cue, her Husband Curt showed up out of nowhere a minute or so after Angie had passed. If she thought she could smell him on Angie when she walked by, Darlene knew she could smell the young slut on Curt when he slid up beside her and kissed her passionlessly on the cheek.

"About ready to go, Hon?" he asked.

"Sure. Anytime you are," came Darlene's vacant response.


Of all the places for such an insidious idea to hatch, it all came to Darlene in church the following Sunday. The collection plate was being passed around as the preacher made mention of some of the struggles one of the church programs was having.

In an attempt many years earlier to do some good in the community, several members of the congregation decided to try and take over a halfway house in the area that helped released inmates get their feet back on the ground before heading full bore back out into the world. It was called the Loughlin House, and over the decade or so the church had been running it, the place had made the difference in more than a few lives.

Unfortunately, when the recession hit, the funding for Loughlin steadily dried up, not to mention the money in the collection plates every Sunday. While closing the house down wasn't imminent, meeting the mortgage along with all the other bills became an ever-growing concern.

The seed of that idea germinating in Darlene's head as the plate continued around the church, she decided to meet with the preacher after church to volunteer some of her accounting skills, and her time to the Loughlin project in an attempt to help trim some of the fat from the program's budget.

While the thought of all those ex-cons made Darlene's skin crawl, frankly, so did Angie Burton. Even though the halfway house only took in non-violent offenders that had spent time in the church's prison ministry program while incarcerated, the men Darlene would occasionally come across gave her the heebie-geebies.

The mission of the people working at Loughlin seemed to be threefold. Act as a parole officer of sorts to steer the men in the right direction socially, to be a spiritual advisor to the degree they needed one, and to be a career counselor to help the participants in the program try to re-establish a way of legally supporting themselves.

To the more nurturing sort, which Darlene Craft certainly wasn't one of, the role of being somewhat of a 'housemom' was often a temptation, to feel sorry for the troubled young men that came their way. That 'faith in redemption' often times faded quickly when half the people who came through the program eventually wound up back in the legal system.

For the reasons Darlene found herself there at Loughlin, those percentages worked just fine for her.


Twenty-Nine year old Denny Pinson was making his second trip through the Loughlin House. A recidivist like so many of the others who'd made their way in and out of the program, each time he got a fresh start Denny swore he'd make it work.

Having initially gone to jail at 19 for a B & E charge after several run-ins as a juvenile, Denny was paroled at 22 only to find himself with another five year sentence for possession with the intent to distribute less than a year after gaining his freedom. As much as he hated being incarcerated, Denny knew if he'd been tried for everything he'd been guilty of over the years, he'd be stuck inside for at least another 60. This time he was steadfastly committed to making this last chance work out.

Along those lines, Denny learned a trade in hopes of gaining some steady and legal employment. Having earned his electrician's certification at one of the local technical centers, Denny was only a month away from leaving Loughlin to get on with his life.

Despite the straight and narrow he was trying to walk, there were always the constant, seemingly genetic pull of trying to earn some easy money and enjoy some fast times. That complex mixture of emotions all came to a head the day Darlene Craft walked into Denny's life.

At a shade over 6 foot 2 and a solid 215 pounds, Denny Pinson cut an imposing figure enough on his own. Combine his stature with a wealth of tattoos, the perpetual 'chip on his shoulder' gait to his walk, and the constant slow burn of his gaze, and one could to see why he wasn't the easiest person to approach. Given the similar appearances and auras of many of the other men in the Loughlin program however, there seemed to be a glimmer of something assuring in Denny's presence.

At least to Darlene Craft.

Given the fact that she'd grown up in wealth and privilege and pretty much married into a gated community from day one, encounters with people like Denny and his cohorts were few and far between. Many of the residents at Loughlin were black or Hispanic, and even though she'd grown up in Louisiana's diverse culture, most of Darlene's view of such people were from the clips she saw of them being arrested on the news over the years.

Fair or foul, there was at least something in Denny's outward appearance that drew Darlene to him when she started making her trips to volunteer at the Loughlin House. Sensing the rich, older woman's unease, Denny steadily seized on the opportunity.

Having immediately took notice once Darlene started hanging around the house a few days each week, she was certainly a visual improvement over the normally retired, and often crusty old guys the church usually sent over. While Darlene usually kept to the main office on the first floor of the house, Denny noticed her expanding her territorial wanderings as she became more comfortable, especially out to the smoking area in the backyard where she could hold her own with any of the former inmates.

It was very clear early on that Darlene wasn't happy about being there, looking as if she too was serving some sort of court mandated sentence like all the other residents there. Ever the student of human nature, Denny playfully toyed with several scenarios of why the seemingly rich and well adjusted woman would find herself volunteering at such a place.

Being a member of the church that sponsored the program, perhaps Darlene possessed a sense of altruism and simply wanted to help people turn their lives around. Denny didn't buy that theory from Mrs. Craft's visible lack of passion over being there.

Perhaps she was just a rich housewife who was bored. While that may have been part of it, Denny knew a woman in her social circles would have had hundreds of other opportunities to keep herself busy instead of dealing with the types of issues she was surrounded with at Loughlin.

Seeing the way Darlene sort of prowled around on occasion as if sizing up many of the prospects there, Denny most tangible theory was the woman had some sort of 'bad boy' fetish she was hoping to tap into, and God knows she'd stumbled upon a gold mine there if that's what she was looking for. Even that theory was harpooned after awhile for Denny when he saw the way Darlene quickly and efficiently repelled the many come-ons, some subtle and some outright forward, that came her way.

Continuing to keep his distance until he could figure out the married woman's angle, Denny found himself thrust into things when he returned to the house one afternoon after looking into a few job leads.

At that time, there were 11 guys residing at the Loughlin House, most of whom Denny considering pretty decent fellows. As with any group that size, there was always one or two bad apples. The one in this group happened to be a guy named Gary Grayson.

In his mid 30's, Grayson had been in the state pen for nearly a decade. This was his first time through a program like Loughlin's and many of the 'veterans' could see Gary was ripe for a quick return into the system. It mainly came from Gary's 'take what I want, when I want' mentality. While most of the guys at Loughlin had been guilty of the same mindset over the years, they also knew through experience where it would eventually land them.

Then there were the guys that were just plain horny after spending so much time behind bars, and a guy like Gary Grayson fell squarely into both those camps.

Denny had been off to the side listening one day as Gary talked to one of the other men there, going on and on about his previous female conquests. Considering the guy had spent the previous 10 years locked up, Denny wasn't surprised Gary conveniently left out all the encounters he surely had while incarcerated. Having done two separate tours of duty himself, Denny had a pretty good idea how someone of Gary's slim size and stature managed to make due all those years.

For a 'ladies man' like Gary however, once he was free, it served quite the psychological purpose to go on and on about his 'braggable experiences' as well as try as quickly as possible to re-affirm his heterosexuality by nailing as many women as he could once he was free.

For someone as visually desirable as Darlene Craft to suddenly walk into Gary Grayson's life was like raw meat being placed on a tray inside a starving tiger's cage. While Darlene had certainly become the 'locker room' talk around the house the previous few weeks, given the situation the men were in, and the lack of women they were use to having around, Betty White could have been volunteering there and never got a moment's rest.

There was just something about Gary Grayson's persistence however, much like an old time inmate pounding on a stone until it gives way in his pursuit of Darlene Craft.

For her part, Darlene didn't initially show one iota of interest toward Gary. Whether it was because of his race (he was black), a general lack of attraction or chemistry, or simply that she was married and not looking to ruin that over a freshly minted parole, it became down right comical for the other guys watching Darlene repeatedly shoot Gary down.

The longer he watched the game play out between Darlene and Gary, the more another much less explainable hypothesis started to take root inside Denny head. It was clear whatever the older woman was there to find, Gary wasn't it.

Only concerned with the challenge of seducing the rich, married woman, on the afternoon in question, Gary's open flirtations may have went a little too far.

Denny's original plan was to steal a cigarette or two in the solitude of the smoking area in the backyard before taking a shower. Before he could round the hallway that led to the back door however, the sound of a couple of voices coming from outside slowed his feet to a standstill.

It didn't take long to recognize Gary Grayson's voice, and after seeing Darlene's Craft's car parked out front, he instantly recognized her voice as well. A sardonic little smile pushed out the corners of Denny's cheeks.

"There Gary goes again, giving it a try," Denny thought to himself until the tone of the eavesdropped conversation took on a slightly more focused intensity.

A couple of steps away from the door and completely hidden from view, Denny propped himself against the wall and took in the increasingly heated discussion.

"You keep leading me on...its getting very frustrating," Gary said plainly, his voice dancing the razor's edge between playfulness and aggravation.

"And I keep telling you I'm married and I'm not here to mess that up...its flattering Gary, it really is, but that's not a line I'm going to cross," she replied convincingly enough, but Gary wasn't having any of it.

"You don't know how nice I can be, pretty lady," Gary continued to charm as if Darlene's rebukes were rolling off his skin.

"I bet ya I could show you things your Husband never could," he added, just like a man who had nothing to lose. "We're the only ones here right now..why don't you just sneak up to my room..I know you want to."

There was a pause after the latest volley of words, one that turned long enough that Denny started to think Darlene may have really been contemplating Gary's cocksure offer. Imagining the two silently puffing at their cigarettes as Gary's suggestion hung in the air along with all the exhaled smoke, Denny's eyes started to itch with jealousy and his feet started creeping forward. From his hidden perch in the hallway, he really started to think Darlene may finally be wearing down under Gary's flirtatious bombardment.

Having spent a good bit of his adult life in prison, confrontation wasn't something Denny Pinson shied away from. Stepping out into the courtyard as if he had no clue anyone else was there, Denny made eye contact and nodded towards Gary and Darlene.

"Beautiful day, huh," he greeted them both, noting the change in the pair's expression as Darlene slinked a few steps to the side.

There was a strange and confusing juxtaposition in Darlene's stance. Watching her fold her arms across her chest, Denny was able to see her nipples poking noticeably through her top as she puffed anxiously on the last few drags of her cigarette.

"Maybe she really was giving it some thought," Denny told himself, glad now he'd stepped outside when he did. That said, there was also a measure of relief in Darlene's exhales, as if she was glad Denny showed up so she wouldn't have to make the ultimate decision about Gary's advances.

Gary, on the other hand, was annoyed beyond belief that he'd been interrupted at such a vital moment, even though he did a decent job of concealing it while Darlene was still there.

Lighting a Marlboro of his own, Denny chuckled under his breath as if to subliminally say to Gary, 'Almost, Dude".

"Well I've got to get back to work..you guys have a good day," Darlene interjected, tapping the butt of her cigarette out in the large, sandy ashtray as she headed back inside.

"Damn, Man..I was that close," Gary cringed once he knew Darlene was out of earshot.

"You've been trying to hit that for a few weeks now," Denny dismissively waved Gary off. "It aint gonna happen...She's just too nice to tell you to fuck off."

Rubbing his hands with frustration across his head, deflation filled Gary's eyes as he carried himself back up to his room, grumbling the entire time as Denny amusingly watched him walk away.

Taking one last drag before flipping the rest of his cigarette aside, Denny made his way back into the house as well, only he was headed towards Loughlin's first floor office.


"Oh....ah..I was just getting ready to lock up for the afternoon..is there something wrong....Denny, isn't it?" Darlene asked, a little startled when she turned and saw the much taller man standing there.

The key to the office dangling in her hand, the two stared silently at each other for a couple of seconds.

Knowing the House's Director usually left early on Wednesdays, Denny was certain Darlene was alone in the room. Gently pulling the door closed behind him and taking two non-threatening steps forward, Denny tried re-assuring the cornered woman with his most disengaging smile.

"That Gary guy is pretty relentless, huh?" Denny joked, trying to put Darlene at ease even though her eyes had widened noticeably since he closed the office door.

"Yeah..I guess I should have expected stuff like that when I accepted the position here," she replied, measuring her words with care.

"Yeah..take a pretty woman and put her in a place with a bunch of crass guys who just got out of jail..it does have the makings of a combustible mix..I'm surprised it hasn't been worse on you than it has. You seem pretty tough though," Denny nodded and sighed, sensing he was gradually earning Darlene's trust.

"Thanks again for....you know...coming along when you did out there," Darlene rung her hands and offered, cautiously easing towards him now as he stood in front of her makeshift desk.

Spending a few seconds to surgically train his eyes straight on Darlene's, Denny spoke up and forever changed the tenor of their new relationship.

"You have no idea what these men around here are capable off," he told her in no uncertain terms. "Most of us have been caged like animals for the last few years. Even though we're 'free' now, you just don't turn all of that off like a spigot. I know this is going to sound crude, but with as long as these guys have been without a woman, they can pick up your scent from three rooms away..and there's no telling what might happen when all those primal urges take root inside guys who've already shown they don't make the best judgments in life. And I wont always be around to save your ass."

Denny's blunt warning sent chills down Darlene's spine. In a normal situation, the reality he laid out for her would have sent any able-bodied and right thinking woman running for the hills. Besides the icepicks of fear pricking at her back, another feeling, one of ticklish anticipation suddenly began fizzing in her chest as Denny's words registered inside her head.

Listening to the calm, well thought out wording of Denny's unspeakable threat, Darlene knew she'd found the guy for the job she'd come there to fill.

"Its none of my business, but tell the truth..just why are you here at a place like this?" Denny leaned in and asked, making it plain she wasn't getting by him without an honest answer.

Having spent enough time walking God's green Earth, Denny had come to the age old realization that people were stirred to act by three basic things; pleasure, personal gain or revenge. Standing there listening to Darlene go through the bullet points of her situation with her Husband and the opportunistic girl from the neighborhood, Denny sensed option three would be the motivation this time.

"Just divorce him..take him to the cleaners," was the first thing to cross Denny's mind, but he bit his tongue before uttering it when it dawned on him from Darlene's tone that she was more concerned about settling the score with the girl first.

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