tagReviews & EssaysFreddie Becomes a Cross-Dresser Ch. 05

Freddie Becomes a Cross-Dresser Ch. 05


Already, my feet hurt wearing these narrow flats. The pantyhose bunched up in my crotch and wrinkled every time I moved. I bought the queen size and it is a little too big in the hips. I had to roll it up to make it tight enough around my legs. I guess my thighs are smaller than women who wear these size pantyhose.

The bra felt as though I was wearing a knapsack under my dress. It was tight and uncomfortable. My slip was all full of static. I had makeup in my eye. I put on way too much perfume splashing it on as if it was applying after shave. My hair moved every time I moved and I looked ridiculous holding a pocketbook. I looked a bit like Hagrid from Harry Potter but without the beard.

The only thing that felt comfortable was the silk panties. I liked how they felt against my naked skin. They gave me a continual erection. I could get use to wearing these. Gees, what the Hell am I saying?

I know, I'll go out the back way and make a run for it to the car.

"Hey, Freddie! Is that you?"

Shit, fuck, suck. God damn it. I wish my nosey neighbor would get a life. I didn't look at him or turn to acknowledge him. I kept my head down and jumped in the car. I peeled rubber out of the parking lot and drove thirty miles out of the city where no one knows me.

God damn it. Just as I pulled out of my street, a cop car with its blue lights rode my tail. I pulled over realizing that I blew the stop sign. I always did.

"License and registration."

I fumbled threw my purse for it looking up at the officer and smiling. When I did, I noticed that I forgot to button the top buttons of my dress. The officer had a clear view of my bra. I was glad that I had the forethought to shave my chest, even though it itched like Hell.

"You failed to stop at that stop sign back there," he said resting his forearms on my driver's window sill as he leaned forward for a better look of my bra. "I'll just give you a warning this time."

Afraid to speak, I nodded my head and smiled.

"Pig pig," I said after he pulled away laughing at the double meaning of the words. It worked. He really thought that I was a woman. Then, I realized that he never looked at my face, only my tits. "Pig, pig."

I pulled out my notebook and noted that exchange happy that he didn't give me a ticket. Maybe being a woman isn't so bad after all.

Finally, I can relax now. I took the highway to a distant mall. Just as I was thinking how comfortable it is to wear a dress, something really weird happened.

Suddenly, I had a convoy of big rig truckers driving slowly beside me, pacing me, one truck after another truck after another truck. It was a parade of trucks. I wondered what the attraction was. When I looked down at myself, I realized my legs were spread wide open, which is how I always drive, and my dress was nearly up to my waist from when I was scratching my balls after shaving off most of my pubic hair so that it wouldn't peek out the sides of my panty. My blue silk panties were exposed for all to see who rode in a taller vehicle. Suddenly, I felt so embarrassed. More than that, I felt so violated. Ewww!

"Pigs!" I yelled in my car for no one to hear and took the next exit for the mall.

I found a great parking spot away from everyone else, only when I went to get out of my car, my purse caught the handbrake and pulled me sideways back in the car. I leaned over to untangle it and when I turned to leave my car, there was a car parked a few cars away with this weird guy staring at me after I had accidentally given him a show of my panties. From his upper body shaking, I suspected he was masturbating and masturbating over me.

What the fuck? He's never seen a woman before? Or in my case, a man dressed as a woman? He's never seen blue, silk panties before? First the police officer, then the truckers, and now this jerk-off, are all these guys so depraved that they must look at every broad, even a cross-dressing one? Am I like that, too? I thought about that and I guess that I am. I'll never disrespect another woman again by leering at her.

I pulled out my notebook and recorded the observations about the truckers looking down from their driver's seat at my panties. I felt violated. I felt cheap. I felt like a piece of meat. Then, I wrote about the pervert watching me get out of my car unlady like while stealing a peek of my panties up my dress. Suddenly, the thought of him jerking off over me while thinking that he had seen my panties was gross.

Just as I was putting my notebook away in my purse, I felt the back of my dress move up to my lower back. Before I realized it and could react to it, my panties were pulled down around my ankles. A guy with a hooded sweatshirt was running away laughing while a car followed after him with a guy holding a video camera out the passenger side window. I was the victim of a panty bandit. I thought they only had those in Japan. Jesus Christ.

"Fucking creeps!"

I couldn't believe it. I stood there with my panties still down around my feet swearing at them and giving them the finger. I put my purse down on the ground to pull up my panties and as soon as I did a guy ran off with my purse. This is the last fucking straw. My first time out dressed as a woman and it's not even been an hour and I'm already fed up.

I pulled off my flats and carried them in my hand, as I took off after him. I was right behind him and about to grab him and pull him down by his collar when he turned and flung the purse at me hitting me in the head and knocking off my wig. He probably figured I was an undercover cop.

This cross-dressing is serious stuff. Now, I was beginning to feel as much like a woman as I was feeling like a cross-dresser. Being a woman sucks. Guys constantly take advantage of you. I was pissed. Truly, I really am glad I'm a man. Now, that I finished writing this story, I'm ready to go home and take back my life.

I need a beer while I watch the Pro-Bowl.

The End

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