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For some reason my wife seems to attract the attention of retired "old guys." I'm not sure why that is, but I'm guessing that a 40 plus year old woman still looks like a sweet young thing to a guy that's in his 60's or 70's. At the same time a younger guy might think that she was well past her prime.

Just this past weekend she, and her sister were hit on by a couple of old men at a fast food place they'd met for breakfast. This brought to mind an encounter with a retired appliance repair man from a couple years ago. His attraction to her is true, the outcome of it is just a fantasy.

This whole adventure started out when we received a recall notice on a dehumidifier and a list of places to take it in for repair. We checked around and found the one closest to where we live was a shop operated by a retired appliance repairman that worked out of his home. "T" called him up and made an appointment to bring it in for repairs.

Later that night she told me about what a sweet old man he was, and how he had helped her unload it from the car and explained all that needed to be fixed because of the recall. She was impressed with his friendliness, but I commented that it was more likely that he was just flirting with her, and that he was enjoying her attention. I asked her what she was wearing when she went down to his shop and she told me that it was the same as what she now had on.

I should say here that she was still dressed in shorts and a simple t-shirt, nothing fancy or exotic. But I'm sure he hadn't missed the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra under the t-shirt. Her nipples were pushing against the fabric, it obvious that she was braless, as when she moved her tits swayed just enough to catch some one's attention. I teased her about it for the rest of the evening, but then let it drop until a couple days later when her called and said that it was ready for pickup.

Since he had left a message for my wife I told her that her admirer was hoping to see her again, and perhaps she should wear something that would give him a little bit more of a show. She just laughed at that, but the next morning she was wearing a tank top, without a bra, and shorts and asked if I thought what she had on was appropriate to wear to get the dehumidifier.

I indicated that I thought it was great, and that if she would bend down a bit he'd easily be able to catch a glimpse down her shirt, or perhaps even see both her tits clearly. As I left for work I told her I'd be waiting for a report of how her day had gone.

When I got home that evening the dehumidifier was once again in the basement so I knew that she had kept her appointment with the repair man. She assured me that she'd had a couple of chances to bend down and give him a peek at her tits but that he'd been real discrete and didn't say anything to her. But she did see him looking down her tank top and she bent over to sign the receipt.

She told he that once again he was very nice and polite and that he seemed to be lonely and wanted to talk way too much. After he helped her load it in the car for her he asked her to stay for a cup of coffee but she wasn't comfortable enough to do it since she was at his house by herself.

A couple of months later our clothes dryer stopped working so I suggested that she call her admirer and see if he would come out and fix it. I teased her a bit about seeing if she could get the repairs done for free since he thought she was "so hot." Latter that day she called him and made an appointment for him on a day that we would both be at home. Since we had a couple of days wait before he came we talked about how we might have some fun, get the dryer fixed for free, and show some compassion on a lonely old man at the same time.

When he arrived "T" was once again dressed in a tank top without a bra, and shorts. He showed up and we both met him at the door, and told him what the problem was. I told him that I was happy with his other work, and I was hoping that he would be be to fix this problem as easily. I also asked him to make sure that he gave us a really good deal on the repairs since we were repeat customers of his.

He pulled in front of the tuck under garage and when he came into the basement I went upstairs to leave him alone with my wife. She later told me that he looked at her braless tits several times since it was quite cool in the basement and her nipples were very obviously hard and pointed. He went about his business and before very long asked that we come down so he could explain what was wrong.

I told her to go ahead a see what's up and stayed upstairs. He was sitting on the floor of the laundry room holding a part that had burned out. Since he was on the floor my wife was very happy to have to bend down and inspect the part as he explained what it was supposed to do, and how it had failed. During this whole explanation her shirt was hanging open and her tits were on display right in front of his face!

She told him to go ahead and fix it, and this time she told him that we expected him to give us a good deal on the cost of the repairs. As she came up she was amused that he'd actually had a difficult time sitting still on the floor in front of her, and she was sure that his discomfort was due to an erection, and not because the floor was hard.

It didn't take too long, and he once again called up the steps that the repairs were finished and that we should come down and see that it was working. As she went back down the stairs I once again hollered down to him and said "thanks, and remember to give us a good price." "T" later told me that although he was not on the floor he was very exacting in explaining the repairs and kept on trying to catch a glimpse of her tits as she leaned over and pretended to be interested in what he was showing her.

She worked at helping pick up his tools off the floor so he could get a few more times to peek down her shirt and as he put them away she made sure that he had a chance to bump her soft tits a couple of time with his elbow. When he started to write up the invoice she slipped her arm around him and reminded him to give us a good price.

By doing this she had her tits fully pressed up against his arm and I think he was having trouble thinking clearly as he made several mistakes while writing up the bill. He added up the total, and after showing it to her she frowned at him and he quickly took off an extra 20% of the labor charge.

"T" came upstairs with the bill, and although it was really a fair price I made some noise about it not being good enough and that she would have to work something out to do better. We both knew what that something was going to be, so as I wrote out a check for the cost of the parts she pulled her tank top over her head. She took the check and headed back to the basement.

She later told me that he almost dropped his tool box when she came into the laundry room with her tits completely exposed and only my check in front of her. As we had decided several days before she told him "my husband wrote a check for the parts, but I have to pay off the labor charges." As calmly as if she was totally dressed she handed him the check and stood in front of him for a few moments so he could enjoy looking at her.

He glanced up the steps a couple of times since he knew I was upstairs, but then seemed to not know what to do next as he was more than a little surprised. Perhaps stunned would be a better word? She asked him to write "paid in full" on the invoice and without knowing what would happen next he happily complied.

I guess that she could have turned around then and left, but I had encouraged her to do whatever she wanted so she stayed put and backed him up against the newly fixed clothes dryer. She then reached down and unfastened his belt and as she slid down his zipper she also slid down on her knees in front of him. He just stood there in shock and watched as she pulled down his pants to expose his cock.

She later told me that it never really got "rock hard" but that otherwise he was pretty average in size. She thought that perhaps it might have been years since anyone had touched his cock, and that maybe no one had ever down what she did next.

Without saying a word she took a hold of him cock and after just a couple of licks took it into her mouth and started to suck on him. I should add her that she's really a good cock sucker and that she enjoys sucking cock as much as any other type of sexual experience.

Perhaps the whole situation was too much for him, maybe the whole prelude of being flashed, and now having his cock sucked on was too much, but even for an old man, with only a semi-hard dick, he didn't last long. About the second time she took it out of her mouth so she could lick the outside of his shaft he started to cum. This meant that most of his cum hit her of the face and neck, but even when that happens she always manages to take the still spurting cock back into her mouth and finish the job.

When he was done she stood up, picked up the bill and asked him to let himself out. She quickly moved up the stairs so she could remain in charge of the situation. As she same up to me I could see that her face, neck and now her tits were coated with blobs of a very yellow looking cum. She licked her lips a bit and showed me that she had also swallowed whatever had been in her mouth. When she handed me the "paid in full" bill we heard his truck drive out of the drive way.

We were both laughing at his haste in leaving, and she said that it was kind of fun taking advantage of an "old man." I suggested that she could then take advantage of me, and since I had paid for the parts she could pay off the rest of the bill before she cleaned up! She laughed about that, but before long I added my load of cum to what she was already wearing. It was a wonderful way to be paid back!

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