Free Pass


Almost before his words could register the big wave of her own orgasm hit and she was flung on a wave of pure joy and release and warmth like she had never imagined and into blackness........

"Christie, Christie, are you all right?" a familiar warm voice in her ear gently lured her back from her peaceful oblivion. She slowly opened her eyes and unwound from the fetal position she had fallen into after being flattened by the wave of her climax. Like a cat she flowed around him with her arms around his neck and her lips met his, and their kiss was long and warm.

"More than all right, dearest Johnny", she purred, "if I were any more all right I would probably need oxygen."

They cuddled for a few minutes and caught their breath. Then Johnny turned to Christie. "Are you ready to tell me what's really going on here?"

"Just the usual, devious women, clueless men. The truth Johnny is that I really am very fond of you and I find you very attractive. It has been more than a little frustrating these last five years, probably for both of us."

"Why didn't you ever say or do anything about it?"

"Two reasons Johnny, One, it's always a mistake to have a romance in your own office, especially with the boss. Two, you are married, and Trudy is a friend of mine."

"OK, so why now?"

"Because of something you don't know Johnny. I got the job in Tokyo you've been trying to promote me for."

"But that's wonderful news Christie! I'll miss you a lot, but we knew this was coming and it's a great job. I feel like a proud parent ...... and a little sad too."

Her eyes misted up. "I know Johnny, so you see? This is our last trip together. If we get involved, it doesn't really start an office romance, does it?"

"No, you're right."

"But, I still had the problem of not betraying Trudy. I had to find a way to get her permission to fuck you."

"How you did this I gotta hear."

"Easier than you think, Johnny, it was practically her idea. I went to lunch with her and we had a few, quite a few drinks. I told her about the job, but that I didn't want to say anything to you, and spoil our last trip. I told her I wanted to give you something really special, but I didn't know what to get. So she says, what you'd really like is a roll in the hay with me. We both have a good laugh. And I say, well sometimes I have been tempted to call your bluff and see what'll happen. And Trudy says that she thinks I should do exactly that."

"My wife, Trudy, told you that you should accept one of my propositions. What if I wasn't bluffing?"

"That's exactly what I said to Trudy, well what if I call his bluff and he doesn't back down. Trudy says well then we both get lucky. He gets to sleep with a beautiful young woman and I get a pretty fair lay too, she says, he's not that bad for an old fart."

"Well at least she called me a pretty good lay, but wouldn't she be upset if we slept together."

"Well surprisingly, apparently not. I asked her if she wouldn't be upset if we slept together. She said not really. I'm going off to Japan, and she figures you deserve a treat for being good all these years. She's apparently pretty secure in your marriage."

"So you had her permission."

"Well verbally, and she was pretty drunk, so I wanted it in writing. So I said to Trudy, it still won't work, I know Johnny. He'll get all noble at the last moment and remember he's married and we'll never know if he's being faithful and loyal or just chickening out. Trudy agreed with me. So we think a while and suddenly she says she'll give you a FREE PASS."

"You're telling me it was her idea?"

"Oh yea, I didn't even know what she meant. She sat down and wrote it out. And she says to me that she hopes I know what I'm doing because if I use this note I'm serving up my ass on a silver platter. She thinks that's funny as hell. She says, if that husband of mine has so few brains or so few balls that he screws this up, I don't ever want to know, I'll be embarrassed for him"

"And to think I just did screw it up."

"No way, Johnny, that's the only part I forgot to tell Trudy. Every thing I told her was true. I just didn't tell her I was prepared if necessary to call your bluff, naked in your own bedroom. So you weren't going to lose this one no way no how. So Johnny, you still want out?"

"No way Christie, we still have a lot of different types of loving I'd like to try with you."

"And don't forget Johnny, we still have a lot of time left on your FREE PASS."

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