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the ravings of a lunatic. This may be copied, distributed and folded, spindled and mutilated as the reader see fit.


Free speech and the vilification of some the writers on the site:

I have often been amazed at what readers will say to and about the people who post material here on Literotica.

I write and I post to share but I have a thick skin. And above all I want is to post the best tale I can. Hell Yes, I like the good things people say in the comments. I enjoy the negatives also. Mostly I laugh at them. The one I treasure are the ones that tell me how to do it better. Those are the best kind.

I have been cursed, had my manhood attacked and scorned by readers. I have read public comments that seem to be a full scale frontal assault on the writer of stories.

Over the last two years (more or less) I still leave the challenge to all readers to "Lay on Macduff and damned be he who cries hold enough."

Some writers cannot say this. For them each attack is personal and deeply felt. It hurts to be called names and have sanity and human feelings questions. Yet they continue to post.

Read some of the comments and it appears that most (all?) of the readers who are very brutal in their comments always seem to be named 'Anonymous'.

I have talked this over with other writers and we have shared comments that seem to be typical of the insulting genre. One of the least insulting but again typical is :

Anonymous Comments: Still pumping up you ego - well if no one else will you should - by the lack of "H"s for the last 83 stories perhaps you should realize we are tired of the male humiliation and of your mug and life story which is hard to believe that anyone could do that for you or for you without being blind. (Spelling and run on sentence left as is.) There is no vulgar words, no curses, and no doubt of 'Anomymous's' entent.

This comment was emailed to a woman writer.

So the question arises, Do I read her stories? The answer is simple, I read one and I did not finish it. I did not like it. Humiliation is not my 'thing'. From either direction, a human should not be treated in that manner.

Ah, the next question, why do I step out to raise my shield to defend this writer (one misty morgan? Because I am a 'writer'. She writes and posts in a public place where the reader decides to read or not to read. As do all of the people who post on a public bulletin board. Simply because we post should we not be subject to common courtesy. I cannot appeal to all readers. Therefore I do the best I can. I will accept the slings and arrors as they come, but please be fair.

I believe that the writer of this particular comment is devoted in that he reads all for her stories posted and then repeatedly writes the same insulting trash to her. He appears to love to blame HER for his continuing enjoyment of her stories. Why would anyone read 83 tales of female domination and male humiliation if he did not like them?

I like most writers know that my stories will not be liked by all. I would be ecstatic if my writing were liked by just 10% of the readers. I would never ask a writer what the reader count for any story is. I would indeed feel lucky if I could just get 1000 reader to read my stories.

However it is a free and open site (with damn few restrictions), all stories will be posted. It is free speech at its best. Any one may post and anyone may leave a comment.

Ain't Free Speech just wonderful?

My first attempt to raise questions about this treatment of writers was rejected. It was suggested that my defense would be better placed in the FORUMS. Where only a damn few go and fewer read. I find that idea repulsive. So I will rewrite and try again. And if rejected again I will try yet another rewrite.

Is it not bad form to snipe from the bushes?

Do not hide away and snipe from the bushes. Step out into the light. Take your fight public.

Some writer write for the LOVING Wives, Others for other sections. I like loving wives because I get more readers. I find that placing my story in Loving Wives I can double and often triple my reader count. I do not always write about cheating wives and I will admit to damn little sex. (Just enough to hold the 'claim' of loving wives.

I do NOT expect readers to read me if they do not like what I write. It makes no sense to me that a reader would read 83 stories and then complain about the writer.

Anonymous Comments: Still pumping up you ego - well if no one else will you should - by the lack of "H"s for the last 83 stories perhaps you should realize we are tired of the male humiliation and of your mug and life story which is hard to believe that anyone could do that for you or for you without being blind. (Spelling and run-on sentence left as is.)

I wonder how the reader justifies this to himself? Of course I will never know.

Why would a person who hates these type of stories read 83 of them?

I have no idea. I would welcome a dialogue with someone who could tell me.

I do understand the need for the Anonymous method of comments. It allows for the hidden identity of the person who would not like to be seen as a reader of PORN. And I will not get into a battle on the definition of Porn. I find it to be what ever the reader says it to be.

But why read something that displeases you this much? Hell, if you know the story and it will upset you, Why read the damn thing? Freedom of speech means that you chose what you read. So why read what makes you angry? It is after all a matter of choice. This in not the war (Veitman, please) where the reading was enough to turn the opposition to the war into war into hatern and scorn for the brave men who fought there.

And why hide behind Anonymous? Possibly fearful of retribution? A few well chosen words from a writer?

If the tale offends you, good. If you elect not to read others by the writer, GOOD. But to rant and rave from the bushes is child-like, allow people to wonder why you do it, and make the commenter appear a fool. Why read 83 stories if they annoy you?

I do not like a of lot of the tales on LIT. Pain and love /sex I cannot read. Domination by either party, I cannot condone. To act to hurt and destroy a woman or man because of pain from an affair (regardless of the length) is inhumane.

As a reasonable adult (yes I know there are questions about that???), I wonder how often the writer thinks of the children in a divorce. How much more pain should others suffer to end a single person's agony? The people of the Cheyenne tribe in the early days would often cut themselves to help the pain caused by the death of a loved one. I am not ready to do that.

This misty morgan tried to write a reason for her tales. The Anonymous blasted her for that. Is he so stupid that he does not see Misty as a women who controls her pain and anger by writing it out. She leads a normal life with a great valve for venting. Hey WOW girl, go baby go.

I do not like what she writes, but damn it all to hell I will die in her defense to write and post what she bloody well pleases.

Now those that wish to attack writers have a new area for their attacks. ME! Here I stand. Attack me. I will accept the blows in the name of Free Speech and in defense of a Lady.

Now again this may be rejected. I kinda expect it. But the battle for Free Speech is not just fought by those who wish to throw stones, but by every writers who post on a public site and ask not for readers but for some respect.

Sure this might be better posted as a FORUM item. But this is an open site and to get the readers I must post it more openly.

How many readers actually open the Forums in say a week? How many open the loving wives?

I am the h20wader


These are too the raving of a lunatic.

Lay on Macduff and damned be he who cries hold enough.

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by Anonymous

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by notredame4310/20/17

i agree with zed

the wimp hubbys and happy wife sharing shit pissed me off after a whhile. there are some excellent stories on here , those i try to avoid. they have the right to post em, as i do to comment and usuallymore...

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