tagNonHumanFreedom of Flight Ch. 06

Freedom of Flight Ch. 06


Author's note: All characters and companies mentioned in this story have no existence outside the imagination of the author, and have no relation whatsoever to anyone or anything bearing the same name or names. Events portrayed in this story are pure invention and have not been based on any events that have happen in real life. All the characters involved in any sexual acts if their ages are not mentioned before hand; are over 18 years of age. Enjoy.

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Here is the next chapter, yay, I hope you enjoy it. Just a reminder that there is one more chapter of Freedom of Flight after this. A big thanks to my editor and to you the reader for being so patient with me. Remember that all feedback is welcome.

Also I would like to point out a word that comes up later in the story, the first time it comes up I've put an * next to it to make it stand out. The word is torque (second definition if you look it up,) pronounced as tawk or torc and is a decorative metal collar or armband worn by the ancient Gauls and Britons.

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Chapter 6

Alanna woke up and sighed as she stretched her lean and tanned body. She smiled while getting up for it was only a day before her birthday and she was starting to get all excited but at the same time she was starting to feel home sick. She missed her parents, siblings and friends. She sighed a little sadly this time and quickly got dressed. She quickly undid the plait to brush her hair before she put it back into a plait, which kept her long black hair out of the way. Once her hair was taken care of, she continued with her morning stretches. When she was ready, she went to her door and opened it just as Tarval was about to knock.

He smirked at her and stepped aside to let her out. "So a run and some light battle practice?" He asked as they started to walk, totally unsurprised by each other's presence as this was a part of their daily ritual. Jewel raced into Alanna's room to tidy and got out her clothes for the feast tonight. Dominic, since Sage's birth, had always held a grand feast for his people to celebrate the birth of his daughter and this year was no different.

"Yep, then a swim." She added before jumping aside to let people barrel by. "Is it always this crazy before a feast?"

"Yes." He grabbed her around the waist, sending tingles down his spine and her to repress a gasp in surprise and pleasure at the intimate way he pressed her body to his. He picked her up, took several steps out onto an open walkway and jumped. His wings opened and they glided until they touched down. He then released her, albeit reluctantly.

She stepped away slowly and smiled softly. "Thanks."

Sage joined them moments later. "It's a mad house in there," she grumbled and they promptly started their run.


Dominic glared at E'lisa. "Must you insist on involving me in every decision? I told you anything you want will be fine."

E'lisa went pale as she noticed a disturbance behind Dominic. She grabbed Dominic's sword and tossed it to him. He caught the sword automatically and turned as he drew. He watched the portal form and a woman walked through. Dominic smiled in recognition and welcome while he sheathed his sword.

"Amy." He said, surprised and pleased that she was here. He then watched as Wolfgang, Bastion, Keira, the triplets, Rhiannon and Vivian walked through.

"Dominic." She said happily and offered her hands to him. He went to lift them to his nose but remembered just how tiny she was in comparison to himself and bent his knees, bringing his nose to her hands.

"I know why you're here." Dominic said as he smiled. "The girls' birthdays start tomorrow and we are having a feast tonight to celebrate. I had to move it back a day as we can't have a feast then a day of work only to have the markets the next day." He continued quickly.

Wolfgang smiled and gripped Dominic's hand. "How are you coping with them both?" He asked humour tinting his voice.

"Well, in fact... I only get ganged up on at dinner. They spend the day tormenting Tarval." He replied with a smug grin.

Vivian cracked up laughing. "Poor Tarval."

Rhiannon snorted in amusement.

"So where are my girls?" Amy asked, looking around.

Dominic frowned, "Either in the training grounds teaching my men to be humble or teaching Tarval to swim in the lake." He thought for a moment. "I would try the lake as they promised me they wouldn't train hard this week so that they aren't bruised or bloody at the feast." Dominic turned to E'lisa. "Ensure rooms are prepared and take the triplets to the crèche."

E'lisa nodded.

"Follow me." Dominic offered after the triplets were ordered to behave and to follow E'lisa and that they would be playing with year mates. Dominic took them out of the keep and through the town towards the natural outer wall. "Yep, there they are... and ganging up on poor Tarval again."

Sage was climbing the wall to bomb into the water as Alanna and Tarval wrestled in the shallower water. Amy watched and smiled at Alanna's antics. Wolfgang watched bemused as never had he seen Alanna so relaxed with a man before.

In the mean time, unaware of their audience, Tarval managed to wrap his arms around Alanna, pinning her arms to her body. She tried to wriggle free but he tightened his grip, locking his arms around her back. She glared at him as he grinned smugly. She saw red and on an impulse, lunged forward to sink her teeth into his skin. She curbed the behaviour just barely and butted her head against his firm chest instead. She felt a moment of panic as she tried to reason out why she had just tried to bite him. She understood that she was attracted to him, that he was... her mate, but biting was a serious thing for a Were. Any kind of bite left its mark. Most were classed as harmless but she knew she had wanted to bite deep to taste blood, to lick it from her teeth. A flood of desire had liquid heat pooling between her legs. She felt her legs shake as her nipples hardened, wanting attention. Her heart started to thud quickly, she wanted something... anything to make the ache her body felt go away.

A panicked thought entered her mind: her body wanted sex... it demanded for him to make love to her. She wanted to fly out of his arms to run away, even though she had talked herself into letting this man close but sex was pain so why did she want to go willingly through that kind of pain again? She thought for several moments, hoping an answer would come but none came. Her wolf kept interrupting her thoughts with images of Tarval, naked... of him sliding into her body and her groaning as she moved back to meet his thrusts. Her Wolf's thoughts only made Alanna's panic worsen for the thought of sex has always been associated with Gus and pain... pain that was too much to remember.

While all this was happening within her, Tarval didn't notice her moment of panic but he knew he had her. He had to fight his body's reaction to her being pressed against him because all he wanted was to kiss and stroke her body. However, he resolutely shoved those thoughts aside knowing that he couldn't act on it yet. "Yield?" He asked, trying to inject humour into his question as she squirmed.

She nodded quickly, not trusting her voice. He shifted his grip and thrust her away from him just in case she decided to attack again. She watched him for several moments; the heat in her body died as she took a deep breath and resolved not to get into a situation where the heat and confusing demands and thoughts would come back. Her wolf growled at her, not liking that resolve but she shoved her back deeper into her mind.

At that moment, Alanna's eyes spotted her mother. "MA." She yelled in surprise, "SAGE, MA'S HERE!" She yelled to Sage as she raced out of the water and into her mother's arms. Amy smiled and hugged her tightly; not caring about the fact Alanna was wet. Her hands couldn't help but feel the raised flesh of healed scars considering all Alanna wore was a loincloth and breast band. Amy controlled her desire to growl and roar her rage with the greatest of her will power.

Amy pulled back and spun Alanna around to see the scars with her own eyes. Wolfgang couldn't help himself, his snarl was pure, undiluted rage. Sage landed next to Alanna and waited for him to calm before she hugged him or she could suffer a broken back.

Tarval approached carefully as he had witnessed Bianca all riled up once when Sage was young and had been deliberately hurt. She had nearly taken her own handmaid's head off. He knew that Amy and Wolfgang couldn't help but react with anger at what had happened to their daughter. Dominic was the same with Sage and he knew if he ever had a daughter, he would be just as protective of her.

Amy's fingers gently traced the scars, wishing she had been present to prevent her daughter's injuries. Wolfgang grabbed Alanna and held her tightly. Tarval approached to get a towel. Wolfgang growled, he wanted the stranger nowhere near his daughter, he didn't care that Alanna seemed to like him, he just wanted to keep her safe.

Alanna hugged her father back tightly, glad they were both here. Her father's fingers traced the raised scars on her back much like her mother had and it didn't bother her that much as she had come to accept all the scars on her body as being a part of what made her the woman she is now. As a Were, she had no true qualms with nudity although she had learnt a form of modesty simply to keep people from staring.

"Wolfgang, let her go." Amy told him gently, he glanced at her but released Alanna anyway. Amy was right; he needed to let her go in all ways. She was a grown woman now and some things just can't be helped. Nevertheless, he darn well will do better to protect her the next time... if there was a next time. The contradiction of his thoughts didn't register in Amy's mind through their bond. Alanna and Sage started to walk the group back towards the keep. Wolfgang didn't go with them, wanting to channel some of his anger at a new target as his eyes locked with Tarval's. Here is where his increased protecting would begin, he thought with relish and a little hope that Tarval would want to make this physical so he could slam his fists into someone.

Wolfgang approached Tarval who stood his ground, not backing down from him. Wolfgang was an intimidating person in his world but in Sogol, Tarval was. He was taller than Wolfgang by at least a foot with another foot in width at the shoulders. Both were built on strong lines and were probably equals in a battle situation. Tarval picked up a towel and ran it through his black locks to dry it a little then ran the towel down his body, doing his best to ignore Wolfgang's hostility. Getting into a fight with the love-of-his-life's father is not the best move one make.

"You break her heart... I'll break your leg; you hurt her once and what I will do to you will make death seem like a welcome release." Wolfgang growled and then waited for Tarval's reaction, hoping Tarval would take offence and swing at him.

Tarval kept his face smooth and his manner relaxed, he could see the mad need in Wolfgang, a need to protect his child from harm. He could kind of understand as he too felt a strong need to protect Alanna so he wasn't offended by Wolfgang's threats, nor was he cowed by those threats. He couldn't hurt her; his whole being shied away from it or he would have done more by now to show her just how much he liked and is attracted to her. "I will never hurt her," he told Wolfgang sincerely, looking right into his blue eyes.

Wolfgang watched him, waiting but as Tarval was not showing any aggression, he could do nothing. He spun around on his heel and followed his family back to the keep, leaving Tarval alone with his thoughts and a clear image of Wolfgang putting himself between him and his family.


Amy hit Wolfgang hard when they were safely in their rooms and alone. "Don't you ever threaten Tarval again?" She told him sternly.

He gave her an innocent frown as if he didn't know what she was talking about.

She glared at him, their eyes locked until he turned away.

"Do you know how happy I am that not only is she relaxed around him, she trusts him, Wolfgang. He isn't family, well... not quite but damn, Wolfgang, the only man she lets play like that with her is you." She paced.

"I won't see her hurt again." He growled.

"You can't live her life. If she gets hurt, she gets hurt. We have to let her go, let her live, let her fail if she does. If you try to keep her from her life, you will lose her. Not only will you lose her but she will hate you for it too." She turned and stormed into the bathroom.


Tarval watched Alanna escape onto a balcony. She had slowly, stealthily made her way out, trying not to bring notice onto herself. All night he had watched her avoid him and he was curious as to why. Did she know about what her father had said and was trying not to anger him? Or was it something else? All he knew was that something had spooked her concerning him. Was she beginning to notice his feelings for her? He thought for a moment. He had watched possessively as prospective suitors came, trying to court the woman, he loved. Moreover, each time she turned them down, a burst of primal heat filled him each and every time he watched suitors leave disappointed. He still had time to convince her. He thought about joining her but he saw Wolfgang chatting to Mather and knew if he was seen going to join her, Wolfgang might get violent.

Amy stepped up beside him and nudged him to get his attention. He leant down as she was at least a good three and a half feet shorter than he was. "Go on, go keep her company."

"Wolf-" He started to say.

"I have already dealt with him about that threat so go on. But... a word of advice." She offered.

"I know... slow." He said appreciatively.

She smiled in amusement, "No... force! All she knew is bad so you will have to force her into letting you show her good. And you better be good!" She added with a hint of warning.

"But slowly." He added, as he hadn't thought of forcing Alanna into allowing him to kiss her.

"Maybe tomorrow you should come to me. I can explain things she will not." After saying her piece, she walked off to keep Wolfgang busy.

He slipped out onto the balcony and walked up to Alanna. She sighed, hoping it wasn't another man who wanted to try to get into her pants even though technically she wasn't wearing any pants tonight. She turned reluctantly and smiled; a little pleased that it was Tarval who was coming to join her, as being alone was very lonely. All thoughts of avoiding him fled her mind as he walked over to join her. For the moment, she just knew he was good company and would keep others away from her.

He smiled and leant on the balustrade next to her, his eyes roamed over the green dress which hugged her body, enhancing her green eyes, tanned skin, long lean body and a good deal of cleavage which was hard to ignore. He had truly been balled over when he saw her walk down the grand staircase into the grand ballroom. If he hadn't already been completely in love with her before, he would have fallen for her at that moment. "Not enjoying your party?" He asked with a smile in his brilliant blue eyes.

She snorted, "I don't like big parties... I never have."

He smirked.

She took a deep breath. "Sorry about my father, he had no right to say those things to you."

"You heard that?" He asked surprised.

"I'm Were, I hear lots of things. Besides, ma heard it and she was so furious she was broadcasting when she was telling him off." They stood in a silent but comfortable companionship for long minutes just looking at the night's sky.

"Do you know why your father said those things?" He asked curious as to how much she had guessed about his feelings for her.

She turned around to meet his eyes and leant back against the balustrade. "Yes."

He gave her a playful glare. "And?"

She took a deep breath, considering his question. She could admit everything and tell him to back off ... or she could just tell him and see where the dice landed. Her wolf was all for the second idea and in a moment of recklessness she made her decision. "And... I know you like me and that you would like to go beyond friends but that you are content with just being friends because you like my company." She explained in a rush.

He smiled, appreciating her honesty. "How long have you known?"

"Not long."

He started to tenderly stroke her cheek but she shied away gently, not quite ready to go further. "I don't want to hurt you and I won't." He promised gently before he stroked her cheek again. She allowed it this time although she had to fight to stop herself from quivering. Her wolf was delighted in her mind, on her back wriggling with joy.

"Let's go for a swim." She said impulsively.

His whole body tensed up at her words as he looked out over the black lake. "Alanna... the reason I had never learnt to swim... I fear deep water." He rushed out, hoping she wouldn't think him weak for admitting such a silly fear.

She didn't hesitate with her answer. "The reason I never go deeply into the keep... I fear enclosed spaces. I had da take the doors off my bathroom and my walk-in wardrobe because I couldn't go in without having a panic attack." She turned to him, "but you are braver than I am. You, at least, have tried to overcome your fear while... I let mine rule me."

He shook his head and rested a hand on her shoulder, "Not true. You are the strongest, bravest person I know."

She smiled gently at his compliment when her ears picked up the door opening and groaned silently as one of her suitors walked out to find her. He glanced back, seeing what she had and made a quick decision: it would either cement their relationship or completely destroy it. Nevertheless, he had to try. He shifted his body, quickly pinning her beneath him as his lips descended onto hers.

She tried to push him away but he didn't budge, his hand fisted into her hair, tilted her head back and deepened the kiss. He was being aggressive but at the same time, gentle. His lips were firm against hers but weren't to the point of bruising. He knew the moment she stopped fighting him and started to relax to his kiss that Amy had been right: he had to force her as long as he didn't hurt her or advance his seduction too quickly he wouldn't lose her.

The person who had come out looking for Alanna left disappointedly to leave Tarval to his seduction. He gently broke his kiss and took a deep breath. Her tongue darted out to taste her lips; his kiss had been firm but gentle, caring but most definitely passionate. She had been surprised by his actions for one moment he was stroking her face and the next he had her pinned and was kissing the life out of her.

He smirked as he tilted her head back and brushed his lips against hers: it was a feather light brush, which had her pushing up to bring more contact. He slid a hand into her dark wavy hair that she was wearing out for a change. Her hair felt like silk in his hands and he wondered for a moment what her hair would feel like as it ran against his chest as she kissed a path down to his maleness. However, for now, he obliged her by pressing his lips firmly to hers. His tongue darted out to run against the seam of her lips. She didn't grant him entrance so he backed off but his lips didn't leave hers.

Her hands fisted into his white shirt, not knowing if she wanted to push him away or pull him closer. Her body was reacting again to his presence as her breathing quickened to go along with her heart beat; it felt like it was on fire. The hands that held her felt like brands, staking claim to her back and sides. He tried again, gently running his tongue over the seam of her lips, but again she refused him entrance. He broke the kiss.

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