French Kissing for Girls - & Boys

byAlex De Kok©

That was it, she came. She'd been on such a fever pitch for so long that she couldn't control herself, her belly rippling, her pussy clamping down, a long exultant moan escaping between her clenched teeth. Jimmy's tongue flicked over her again and another pulse ran through her. Her thighs clamped in reflex and Jimmy found his head caught between Kirsty's powerful swimmer's thighs. With nowhere to go, his tongue jabbed out again and Kirsty moaned again, but the pulses were lessening now and Jimmy eased back, his face awed as Kirsty slowly eased down from her high.

"Into me, Jimmy, into me," she gasped. Jimmy moved forward, his prick hard and ready again. Kirsty moved her legs apart again and Jimmy took hold of his prick, easing it down and into the depths of Kirsty's slit. He missed his target and she giggled, her hand reaching out and guiding him into his target. He eased forward and she marvelled at the thick, blunt head as it moved into her. She gasped as it reached her hymen and Jimmy stopped.

"Kirsty?" he said, worried.

She grinned tightly. "Your proof that I'm a virgin," she said. "Careful now, sweetheart."

Jimmy pressed forward again, gently, and Kirsty winced as she felt him pressing against her maidenhead, but suddenly there was a stab of pain and he moved into her, pausing again as he heard her anguished gasp.

"Just hold it there for a moment," she whispered, "just until I get used to it." Her fingers were tight on Jimmy's shoulders, gripping, and he wondered idly how bad the bruising would be. Kirsty breathed out and sighed. "Easy sweetheart, you feel huge, but I want you deeper. Slowly!"

Carefully, Jimmy pressed in, but his prick was dry and the way was tight. In sudden inspiration, he moved back until he almost left her, then pressed in again, drew back, pressed in until suddenly his balls were against Kirsty's ass and he was as deep inside her as he could get.

She grinned up at him. "It feels great."

"To me, too," he said.

"Fuck me, lover," said Kirsty, "fuck me till you come."

"What about you?" Jimmy said.

"I just did. We'll worry about me coming too when we've had a bit of practice." Kirsty laughed. "We can have a lot of fun while we do."

"You want to do this again?"

"Fuck, yes! I surely hope so," she said, "but I won't know until we've finished, so fuck me!"

"Yes, ma'am," said Jimmy, beginning to move, pulling back until he almost left her, pressing back, marvelling at the tightness.

Kirsty brought her legs up, hooking her heels together behind him, urging him into her, feeling the blunt force of him as he thrust into her, feeling herself empty as he moved back, then fill again as he thrust back into her. He moved more easily as her juices flowed and she giggled as she heard the slurp of him in her pussy. Jimmy was moving faster now, thrusting into her and she let herself enjoy the pleasure of receiving her lover. She could feel those slowly-rising sensations that presaged climax, and she wondered briefly if she would come before Jimmy did, but she wasn't worried, she was enjoying these new sensations too much for that. She gasped as Jimmy thrust hard into her again.

"Oh, yes! Fuck me, Jimmy, fuck me hard!"

She began to thrust back at him with her hips, her fingers claws now in his back, pulling him to her as he thrust. The sensations were taking her now and she began to moan, mixed with gasps as she felt Jimmy thrust, little yips escaping from her mouth, her climax still rising, rising.

Jimmy was almost gasping now, sweat running from him as he thrust vigorously into Kirsty in the dim warmth of Jeannie's bedroom, a film of sweat building between them as climax closed faster and faster. Kirsty was first, shocked, surprised as her pussy clamped down on Jimmy's prick, a ripple running through her and a tight scream fighting its way out between her clenched teeth. Her excitement drew Jimmy on and suddenly he was thrusting into her in spasmic reflex as his own climax took him, his seed pulsing into Kirsty, his gasps ringing in her ears as he came.

Slowly, oh, so slowly, they calmed, until Kirsty eased her four-limbed grasp on Jimmy, breathing deeply as he eased himself off her, taking his weight on his arms, his softening prick still within her. Kirsty grinned up at him, her eyes sparkling.

"We have to do that again."

Jimmy grinned back at her, still breathing heavily, his hair matted on his head. "I hoped you'd say that. Kirsty, if it was half as good for you as it was for me, you really enjoyed that."

Kirsty stretched up and kissed him. "I really, really enjoyed it. In fact, Jimmy my pet, I'd go so far as to say what my Mom said about last night with Tom Evensen."


"Fucking marvellous!"

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