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French Teacher Nylon Tease


When I graduated from college I couldn't wait to be in my first high school class teaching French. This has always been my dream as my parents had traveled with me to France quite often and I fell in love with this language early on.

I was teaching several courses of French with different levels for different grades and most of my classes were very enjoyable. In addition to my love for the French language and to teaching it, I also enjoyed presenting myself in front of the classroom as the attractive and sexy young woman I was. I am about 5'7", weighed 140 pounds, and have size 36C breasts. I had my black hair shoulder-long and always wore lots of jewelry on my ears, around my neck and my wrists. But what I loved the most about my outfit are shiny and smooth pantyhose that fit tightly on my legs and feet and give them a very sensuous look and feel, without covering up my nice shapely legs like opaque tights would do. I also liked to wear dresses ending above my knees or short skirts, as well as high heels, and had gotten admonishing looks from some other teachers and even our principal but they never dared to say anything directly about this to me.

Of course it didn't escape me that some of the guys I taught were more interested in my nice legs than in the French language and virtually locked their eyes on them as soon as I entered the classroom. It was easy for me to embarrass them by asking them a question when I was noticing that they were all absorbed with my nylons or high heels, and I freely admit that I enjoyed that tease and sometimes got a little tingling sensation out of it, too.

I also liked to sit on my desk with my legs crossed and moving them around a bit, sometimes slipping half way out of my heels and letting them dangle in front of my students so they had a clear view of my beautiful heels and soles all covered in shiny smooth pantyhose.

On occasion, I went beyond that and walked very closely to their chair, almost touching the students with my legs, and watching them blushing in front of me while they were hardly able to take their gaze off my shiny legs in hose. When they wore tight jeans it was easy for me to spot their boners and in my fantasies I imagined myself having wild sex with these young guys... I had to be careful to return to reality soon, even as I noticed some wetness in my pussy over these forbidden thoughts.

In one beginners' class there were two boys, Andrew and Jim -- both seniors and 18 years old --, who constantly disturbed the class, made jokes and silly comments and were just a pain in the neck.

Since nothing really seemed to help calming them down I decided to have them stay two extra hours one day and make them do some French translation exercises. I purposefully picked some harder ones so that they would be sweating a bit, after all it was meant to be a bit of a punishment for their behavior.

It was just the two of them and I in the classroom at 4 p.m. and I read a newspaper while the boys were working on their assignment. Well, so I thought. They actually were playing games with each other and totally ignoring what they were supposed to do.

I decided to use my female weapons against them and walked over to them in my heels, making sure they heard their sound on the floor.

I first sat on Andrew's desk, my heels rubbing his calves while my nylon-encased legs were touching his, so he could see up my skirt if he wanted. Well, he was 18, male, and he DID want! In fact he was so fascinated by seeing my crotch, hardly hidden by the 15 denier suntan sheer-to-waist pantyhose I wore that afternoon, that he forgot all his good (or bad) manners and grabbed my legs with his slightly sweaty cute hands, caressing them gently. I never had a close encounter with a man before, but I had to admit that this felt quite good. So good in fact, that I did not want to stop there.

I wanted Jim to be a part of it and asked him to come over and help me out of my blouse. He blushed and grinned but followed my request, then also massaging my upper body with his young hands. He was a bit hesitant with my breasts so I encouraged him and told him the way I liked it most. He then took off my bra and so got a much better handle on them. I had him lick them as well and give my hardened nipples a nice rub until they stood out firmly erect.

Andrew meanwhile had progressed to my crotch and was moving his fingers back and forth there, thru my pantyhose. I took off my skirt and my high heels and was now all nude in front of these boys except for my shiny tan pantyhose.

I could see their erections through their pants and went on to undress them both. I lay on the floor and let them work some more on me. Now Andrew massaged my breasts and nipples whereas Jim took my left foot and started to lick it through the pantyhose. I was a bit ticklish there and giggled a bit which seemed to arouse him more as I could see a drop of pre-cum appear on the tip of his penis.

He eventually placed both of my feet on his hard young cock and I knew he was up for a serious footjob. I gladly performed a sensuous foot tease with him and within a minute or two he came and shot his juicy load high up in the air.

Meanwhile, Andrew had worked his way down to my pussy and then licked it as well, first through the fabric of my pantyhose, then directly by pulling the hose down to my thighs. Jim had returned to my feet and continued to give them a wonderful massage. It was amazingly magnificent to have two young guys working on me so diligently!

Finally it was time to take off my pantyhose and stand in front of them all nude. I was very wet between my legs and wanted to have my first sexual experience with these young guys so bad.

But first, I decided to be extra nice to them and hold my desires back for a bit and gave each of them a blowjob. It was interesting how different their penises felt in my mouth and how differently they reacted to my sucking, licking, and stroking. Jim's was circumcised but Andrew still had all of his wonderful foreskin. Both of them came with ease, even Jim who just had another orgasm before when I gave him a footjob. Their cum tasted differently, too, and while Andrew made sure it got all in my throat to the last drop, Jim pulled his dick back out and enjoyed shooting his load all over my face.

Now it was no holding me back any more, I wanted them both inside of me so badly. I told Andrew to lie down, and I very slowly glided onto his erect cock, which went all the way in, deep inside my pussy. Andrew was really good in making me ride him in a rhythmic way by grabbing my ass and moving me up and down, so that his manhood made its way in and out of my wet tight pussy.

Meanwhile, Jim approached me from behind, bent my upper body down so I lay flat on top of Andrew, so my nipples touched Andrew's almost to the point, then Jim spread my butt cheeks and started to massage my rosebud gently. He used saliva and my pussy juices to lubricate my back door and then gently inserted his massive boner into my tight ass. It hurt at first and I almost cried, but he was so cautious and had such a good feel on my body that he was able to penetrate my anus all the way to the end without major pain. He rested his penis for a while and then slowly started to move it in and out of my butt hole, absolutely magnificent, while Andrew still kept fucking my pussy hard and rubbing his finger against my clitoris.

A few minutes later, I was going over the edge and climaxed in wild convulsions of my whole body, shouting out loudly and squirting loads of pussy-juice onto Andrews cock.

Both boys were on the verge of orgasm as well and exploded into me violently multiple times, shooting their loads in my bottom holes and filling me all the way up with their youthful cun.

I had to French kiss them afterwards, to show my gratitude, and all of us enjoyed it a lot, while we were lying down in tight embrace.

Now their behavior in class got worse as they wanted to be sure to have more "special" overtime with me -- and I made sure they did...

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