Fresh From the Grave: Day 03


I can hear him behind us speaking of other matters as we head outside. Once we are back in the car I turn to look at Kegan.

"Kegan my noggin is full of questions to ask tonight. Chief among them is why do you not have a car?"

"My vision is bad, I mostly track people and things by the sound, anything more than about twenty feet and it is just a blur. Before you ask glasses do not help tried them before, part of my change you see. We all get different abilities, I hear well and I am strong. Bartholomew had speedy movement with his hands mostly he wasn't all that fast a runner. Jack here can see what happened, something like watching TV unless it's changed on him. Charles is a special case, he ended up with two or so it seems, he can see emotions and thoughts, or at least he makes very good guesses on thoughts. Why he is the mayor so to speak, really all he does is chair the meetings and assign duties."

"The guy that took us to the meeting area is a very special case, he heals slowly but he heals. He's used it a few times to end up officially dead. Rumor has it he was beheaded once and came back to life when his body fell next to his head. I don't think we have had anyone with foresight before, at least not in my two hundred years." Jack says as we pull into the parking lot of my place.

"I think I'm going to be over there." Kegan says pointing to a U-haul truck about five doors down from me.

"Oh that is marvelous, you can help me with this new game, though I think perhaps we will end up playing at different times." I say collecting my game Kegan and Jack collect the printer and dirt eating machine.

"I am going to ask because it has been gnawing at me, you call the vacuum a dirt eating machine, the printer is a printer, why is that?" Jack asks putting the dirt eating machine on the bed.

"Because that is a dirt eating machine, it swallows dirt from your floor and does not put it back. A printer is a printer because it prints on paper, you try coming up with a better way of calling a printer."

Kegan is laughing as he unpacks the printer and sets it up.

"Honestly I am wondering why you wanted a printer your cell phone tells you how to reach places and looks for things."

"Because my number connector is not good for pictures of places, I am of a need to see places to get a good idea of what happens on the inside. With a printer I can search and get front pictures of most anything. Without pictures I need to either be at the place or simply do a going to places. Reminds me, Jack did Bartholomew have a place in the city, yesterday when I searched I pictured door to door searching and came up empty."

"Well shit, no he doesn't he wanders around the world why we had no idea he was in town. If you came up empty on a door to door search in the city that means he either was staying outside or was on that freighter."

"That means we better get to that freighter before nightfall. If he was on it he may not have been alone. Come on Jack let's go visit that sex for us club see if we can get some dinner." Kegan says pulling out his cell phone as he propels Jack out the door.

I get my computer going on installing the game then see about getting my dirt eating machine in order. While I am getting it out of the plastic and cardboard I realize the computer is making nice music with tinny noise machines. With a groan I retrieve my number connector and send Jack a note that I need to buy good noise machines for my computer. There is a knock at my door getting me to drop the number connector and open the door.

On the other side of my door is the pizza man of yesterday looking very nervous. I let him in with a smile he looks around then heads straight for the computer. Realizing I still have my sword on me I get it off and placed on the counter with the shawl over it. I walk over to where my dinner is sitting at my computer doing something with the install.

"Do you need to create an account or are you installing on a new computer?" He asks looking up at me, his voice is really quite nice, a little high but full of enthusiasm.

"I need to create an account I have never played this before. Though with you here it will wait I have other things in mind with you."

I pull open my shirt with him watching, his jaw drops as he stares at my bare breasts. I undo my skirt and let it fall to the floor, he does not move as I dance a little for him, seductively moving my hips presenting then hiding my bare pussy. I smile at the tent in his pants as I pull him away from the computer thankful for wheeled chairs. I undo his pants falling to my knees, his erect cock bobbing at me I can not resist sliding my lips around it.

He groans as I engulf his cock, I love the feel of his flesh in my mouth. I get a nice flavor from him almost immediately as I bob my head. His head has fallen back and he is staring at the ceiling when I look up at him. I start to hum on him getting him to look down at me his eyes glazed over with lust. I moan when he gets a surprised look to his face, he is starting to orgasm.

I swallow his fluids as they eject from him loving the feel of the warm white goo in my mouth. I keep bobbing humming more when he does not get soft, relishing sex with the able to keep performing I pull my mouth off him then climb into his lap. We both moan as he slides inside of me my insides parting with ease, even when he keeps going farther than most. Loving having a long piece of man meat in me I bounce on him, his eyes are riveted to my breasts.

I lean in for a kiss glad to have a good sized chair my excitement is reaching a fever pitch with him inside of me. My bouncing gets faster as I near my orgasm, his groans and moans indicate he is getting close himself. I reach my orgasm first getting me to stutter atop him my insides clenching on him as I try to keep moving and extend my joy. His orgasm crashes over him getting him to thrust up into me, his back arching and his head rolling from side to side.

With his hot fluids flooding my body I take his second head roll as an opportunity to feed. My teeth sink into his flesh he moans again thrusting harder at me I moan as both of his fluids enter my body. He is thanking me as I pull him over to my bed, both of us falling atop it and falling asleep.

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