tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFreyja Inc. Ch. 01

Freyja Inc. Ch. 01


There has been little doubt in Shea's mind that she always wanted to be an investigative reporter; the problem was getting a break. It has been three years now since she graduated with honors from Ohio State University School of Journalism. The dream job of working for the New York Times was still a dream and the rag she did write for wasn't even in the same league. The only thing close to the dream was, she was in New York.

Shea worked for the New York Daily Courier, NYDC for short, the eighth most read newspaper in the city. Her job description was staff writer for the Fashion and Society section of the paper. The Fashion and Society section only ran in the Sunday edition so it wasn't like she had her name out there for others to discover.

She was very disappointed in her situation and the work environment wasn't that much better. Her supervisor, the Fashion Editor was a bloated, lecherous old man who would steal credit from everyone in the department, all three of them, to make himself look better with the owners. Mr. Quinn was so bad he wouldn't allow any of his writers to attend high fashion events because he was afraid they would make him look bad with a proper review of the event. Also it would cut into his sex life if they started to attend instead of him. You see Mr. Quinn would use these events to higher out high end escorts and charge it back to the paper.

As luck would have it the paper cut back on expense accounts for all departments, so Mr. Quinn lost his cash cow for his high priced dates to events. A charity ball and auction was coming up soon and Mr. Quinn was running out of options for finding a date. You see it was in bad taste to attend one of these thing solo if you were in the media. What would all of the other Editors think?

As the date quickly approached Mr. Quinn finally broke down and told Shea that she was going and would be his unofficial date for the evening. Seeing how she was the only female under the age of fifty in his department she was the likely choice. Mr. Quinn would never be seen out with and older woman, he had his Playboy image to protect in front of all of the other Editors.

Shea had two days to find a dress for the event. She scrambled for a dress asking everyone at the paper if they had one she could borrow. Most of the ones offered were either out of style or from someone's daughter's prom. None of the dresses available would be sufficient for the event.

Shea broke down and visited a rental shop and found a lovely dress that fit just right, not too revealing and more on the conservative side. Shea was form a small Midwest town and this dress would have made her mother proud.

The night came and Shea felt very excited as the cab dropped her off in front of the hotel where the ball was scheduled. As she walked into the lobby she could see a large number of guests mingling around as they made their way into the great room. Walking in a little further she spotted her boss Mr. Quinn bellied up to the bar with a group men and three or four rather scantily clad females. She could tell by the looks of the women they were escorts, and not very expensive one at that. When Quinn realized she was there he quickly excused himself and grabbed her by the arm and marched her off to a remote area.

"What the hell is this thing you have on?" He grunted with a tone of disapproval.

Shea replied that it was an evening gown and it was the dress attire for the event.

"I thought you understood when I told you that you were coming, you are the eye candy tonight and that was it. This thing is crap! I want to see cleavage and thighs young lady or your ass will be out on the street. Do you understand?"

Shea looked stunned; she was not sure how to react but nodded her head anyway.

Mr. Quinn reached into his wallet and pulled out an Amex card and told her to go to the hotel boutique and find another dress quickly before anyone saw her with him. As he handed it to her he also mentioned that this was coming out of her check.

Shea's eyes teared up a little as Quinn walked away. She was not asked hear as a journalist but as a piece of meat to be put on display to make her boss look good with the boys.

She walked across the large lobby towards the boutique sheepishly, head down, and heart crushed. As she passed some of the other women in the room she noticed the style of their dresses. Most of the women had on low cut dresses showing lots of cleavage, short hems, or long slits in the dress revealing lots of leg. Shea was not accustom to wearing this style of clothing but knew that these were the outfits worn by wealth well kept women. Most of these ladies there were either escorts or trophy wives and showing off their goods was no problem for them.

When Shea entered the shop a small chill went up her spine as she looked around at the outfits displayed on the mannequins. They looked beautiful but way more risqué than she was comfortable with.

The sales person asked if she could assist her and Shea replied that she needed a new dress for the ball. Looking her up and down the lady said, "I would think so honey that thing looks like it was made for a grandmother."

She led Shea over to the back corner and showed her a few things asking her what she thought of them. Shea was not sure of any of them and was having a difficult time making any kind of decision.

The lady commented on Shea's figure complementing her on her bust size and waist. She pointed out how nice her legs were and told her if she would allow her, she could make her the bell of the ball.

Shea was shy about her figure and never thought of herself as a sexy model type but the lady convinced her to try on a few items.

Shea grew up in a small town were every one was a little on the conservative side when it came to outward appearances. She was taught to always cover up and make sure she presented a good girl image when she went out. Even in college she would wear layers to cover her herself not showing off her figure.

As far as figures went Shea was more than beautiful, she was down right gorgeous. Shea was 5'7" 127 pounds and tone. She worked out daily all through high school and college. She tried hard not to look like the typical Midwest farm girl and keep herself in good shape. She had dark auburn hair with green eyes and a light brown natural complexion. She was blessed with good genes. Her father was from Ireland which is where her hair and eyes came from and her mother was three quarters Native American allowing her to have flawless golden skin.

Shea was a natural C cup and maintained a slim waist with a firm backside. Her legs and arms were slim but muscular and because of her dedication to her workout regiment she maintained a low percentage of body fat giving her a very athletic yet graceful figure.

As the sales lady returned Shea had a moment of resolve and told the lady, "Madam, if you promise I won't look like a cheep slut you can dress me in anything you want. Just please keep it under $1,500"

The lady laughed and said, "Honey the only thing in here under $1,500 is that purse over in the window."

Shea turned green and then admitted that she didn't have that much money and couldn't afford to charge it to her bosses card. The lady smiled and told her not to fret. She whispered in her ear that if she would allow her to dress her up right and be in the fitting room with her as she tried things on she would let her borrow an outfit for the evening, but she would have to return it before she left the building.

Shea thought that was easy enough so she agreed. The sales lady smiled and gave her a quick harmless little hug as if she was extremely excited.

The sales lady scampered off towards the front of the store. Shea thought she was going to get another outfit, but she noticed that the front doors were closing and then she heard a click as the lock was turned.

Standing in the back of the store Shea was not able to see everything but she could hear the sales lady moving around and then towards her.

"Here honey take these and lets go in the fitting room." The lady said as she came around the corner.

Shea took the items and followed her into a small room behind the fixture next to the sales counter. The room was larger than a department store fitting room and had a small sofa along one wall. The mirrors were mounted on two walls from floor to ceiling, and there was a third one on a rolling stand.

Once inside the room the sales lady positioned herself on the sofa so she could see everything clearly. Shea walked to the middle of the room which allowed the mirrors to reflect all sides of her with the third mirror pulled into position.

As she stood there she asked which outfit should she try on and the sales lady told her all of them. Shea looked in her hand and realized there were three outfits but the weight of them all was maybe equal to the weight of the one she had on.

Shea tossed two of them to the sofa and held up the other. It was light and flowing, almost like a night gown. The dress was a dark red floor length gown without sleeves. It came all the way up to her neck like a chocker. There was a long slit in the dress to allow her to walk with normal steps.

Shea started to disrobe in front of the lady. She was OK with that because she was still covered by her underwear. Once she had the dress on the sales lady got up and finished zipping it up.

"That looks great on you, the lines are good and it hugs your hips in just the right way." She said. As she stepped back to get a better look Shea turned to see herself in the mirrors. She did look good in that dress, probably better than she has ever looked in any dress.

The sales lady snapped her back in focus when she said, "Something is just not right, the bra line shows too much through this dress. You would have to remove it so the dress would fit naturally." Shea's eyes popped out as she thought about walking around without her bra on; that just wasn't natural for her. As she turned to look in the mirror to see what the lady was talking about, the sales woman spoke out, "Something else just isn't right. I know."

With that she knelt down behind Shea and lifted up the hem of the dress. Shea watched in the mirror as the lady reached up under the bottom of the dress. At first she thought she was fixing something down around her ankles. To her shock the woman's hands keep going up past her knees, thighs, hips, and now at her waist. The whole time her hands were traveling up Shea's legs the dress was riding up with them. Once she reached the top Shea was exposed all the way up past her thighs. If it wasn't for the way the fabric bunched up she would have been able to see her panties in the mirror. Then she realized what the sales lady was doing.

Shea felt her fingers loop the waist band of her panties and start to slide them down. She was frozen with horror that someone was stripping her out of her underwear. As the lady slowly lowered her panties she said' "I knew it, these full coverage panties were giving you a very nasty panty line that just killed the appearance of this dress." As her panties reached her ankles Shea stepped out of them, she didn't know why she did but it was as if her body was moving without her mind telling it to.

The sales lady sat back on the sofa and held onto her panties with a tight fist. She told Shea to look in the mirror and tell her what she thought.

Shea turned a few times and admired the way the dress looked. It was hard for her to really concentrate on the dress with the feeling of being nude underneath. She felt awkward and free all at the same time. As she turned and looked Shea could see the sales woman in the mirrors admiring her handy work. At one point she glimpsed up and thought she saw the woman sniffing her panties. She held them in a tight fist and with here hands propped under her chin it would have been easy for her to steal a quick sniff without anyone noticing.

Shea thought to herself, "Why would anyone in their right mind want to sniff another person's underwear?"

"This dress looks wonderful do you think it is nice enough for this event?"

The sales woman responded, "It is fabulous on you but before we decide I think you should try on the other two."

Shea agreed and reached back to unzip the dress. As she started to lower the dress she realized that she was still naked from the waist down. The sales lady still had a firm grip on her panties and had not offered them back to her. Shea was a little reluctant to lower the dress past her waist but the sales lady politely said, "You need to hurry up dear or you will be late for the ball."

Shea took a deep breath and slipped the dress down over her hips allowing it to fall in a pile on the floor.

As she stood there motionless the sales lady got up and approached her from behind. Shea could see her every move in the mirror; watching her Shea notice the sales lady fixating on her bare ass as she moved closer. There was never a change of expression on her face just the focused glare on her firm butt cheeks. As the sales lady came up along side of her she knelt down to pick up the dress. At this vantage point she was eye level with Shea's pubic region. Looking straight foreword in the mirror the lady asked her to step out of the dress. Shea could tell from the reflection in the mirror the sales lady was looking at her vagina with intense focus. When Shea complied the sales lady took a deep breath through her nostrils and then commented, "My dear you have the darkest red hair I have ever seen. It looks so lovely and soft, I bet all of the boys love playing with that thick patch doesn't they?"

Shea was floored with the comments; she didn't know how to respond to such a brazen statement, especially from a woman.

Quickly with out a second thought the sales lady stood up returned to the sofa and picked up another dress. This time she handed Shea a shiny gold dress that looked very expensive.

"Here you go; this one is one of my favorites." She stated as she placed it in Shea's hand.

Stilled shocked at the situation and the words from the ladies mouth Shea stood there motionless for a moment. When she finally snapped back Shea stepped into the dress and worked it up her hips. This dress was much tighter in the hips and waist and the length came down to just above her knees. This one would be difficult to walk in with it being form fitted like it was. As Shea started to pull the top of the dress up she realized that there were no sleeves, for that matter there was no back. The dress was just a front panel that came all the way up to her neck and then turned into a chocker the buttoned behind her neck.

Snapping the buttons together behind her neck Shea turned a little to see how the dress fit. The sales lady stood up again and walked over to her. Standing next to her the woman began smoothing out the fabric along Shea's thighs and kept telling her how much she liked the dress. Her hands kept moving stroking the fabric as if nothing was out of the ordinary, but Shea noticed that her hands had made their way from her thighs to her ass.

"This woman is groping my ass!" she thought as the woman's hands slipped up and down her firm backside.

As the sales lady continued to feel up Shea's wonderful ass she leaned in and whispered into her ear. "I think there is one small problem with this outfit sweetie."

Turning to her with a quizzical look Shea asked "What is wrong with it?" The sales lady proceeded to trace her finger tips up Shea's ass past the fabric onto her bare back until she hooked two fingers under the clasp of her black bra.

"This is the problem." She whispered as she snapped her fingers unhooking the bra allowing the straps to fly open.

Shea quickly cupped her breast as they sprung free from the restraint of the bra.

"Relax dear it's OK. Most of the dresses we have here are made to be worn without a bra." She said in a louder voice, trying to help remove the shock in Shea's heart.

"Let me help you with the straps dear. We don't want to hang those hooks on this fabric." She said as she slid the shoulder straps down her arms.

When they pulled the shoulder straps free from Shea's arms the sales lady leaned in again and whispered, "Now hold your arms up over your head as I free those wonderful breast from their prison."

The lady's voice was soft and low again, almost sultry as she whispered in Shea's ear. She noticed that every time she would get close and whisper the woman's voice had that same tone. It was like she was trying to be comforting but yet sexual at the same time. It made Shea uneasy more than comfortable.

Shea complied with the lady and held her arms up allowing the woman to slide the bra out one side. As the cups of the bra popped free to one side the lady gently held each cup and folded them on top of each other. Stepping behind Shea the lady grabbed the hooks on one side and the cups on the other and told her not to move. "I need to get these hooks through without snagging the fabric."

Slowly the lady started to pull the bra strap through. As the hooks held tightly in the woman's hand started to slide through the side of the dress Shea watched in the mirror with an out of body type feeling. She couldn't move or say anything, her body was stunned and her mind frozen as the woman's hand moved up under her right breast grazing it. Shea could feel the soft skin of the sales lady's forearm move across the underside of her right then left breast as the bra strap was pulled out. Looking in the mirror she could see the woman staring intensely at her with a look of longing as her arm supported the weight of Shea's breast.

"Your breasts are so firm and full." She said softly in Shea's ear.

Slowly she started to slide her hand back out from under the dress. Both Shea and the sales Lady stared into the mirror, the sales lady focusing on her breasts and Shea locked in her eyes as they flashed a hint of desire.

Shea felt a chill run through her body as the sales ladies hand disappeared behind the fabric. Her warm soft skin brushed against the underside of her breasts as her hand and fingers fanned out as they ventured along the long slow journey to the other side.

Her palm and fingers cupped the underside of Shea's left breast, she could feel the heat of her hand course through her body as her index finger glance upward grazing Shea's now awaken nipple. A BOLT shot through her that stunned her. It felt so good but why.

As the sales ladies hand moved away from her left breast she felt her fingers linger on the soft flesh of the breast before they traced a line through the valley between the mounds of warm soft glorious flesh. Just like the first time the sales lady's hand cupped Shea's breast as it traveled across. This time she was more deliberate in touching her nipple. Shea could feel the finger approaching and she had a feeling of anticipation. She wanted it to be touched just like the other one. As she looked into the sales lady's eyes she saw a deep longing in her stare. A BOLT hit her again just as her finger reached her hard wanting nipple. Shea was stunned at how hard the jolt was and how much she wanted it to happen. She had never been with a woman before and certainly had never had one feel her up before.

Sliding her hand out completely the sales lady softly, seductively whispered, "You feel so warm and soft, I could hold on to you forever."

As soon as the moment happened the sales lady stepped back and changed tone. "Now that dress is just the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. You make it work dear."

Returning to the sofa, she sat back down and waved her hand it a circle giving Shea instructions to turn around and look at herself in the mirror.

Looking in the mirror and focusing on herself for the first time Shea could see why the sales lady loved that dress. It saw stunning. The way the dress fit through the hips showed off her firm buttocks and the length allowed her legs to be framed just right. The open back gave it a feel of sexy yet elegant and the front panel covered everything up front to make you imagine what was behind it. Well imagine was what Shea thought but in reality the golden fabric clung to her body like a second skin. . The shape and outline of her breast were very obvious. It looked as if some one painted her tits gold and let her walk out in public. Her nipples jutted out to their full extension looking like little golden nuggets waiting for a minor to come by and find. As she turned to her side she could see the soft golden flesh of her breast visible to anyone beside her. The front panel only covered about half of the side of her breasts and if you stood at just the right angle you could see all the way through from one side to the other just under her ample breast exposing the underside of them to the viewer.

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