tagLesbian SexFreyja Inc. Ch. 06

Freyja Inc. Ch. 06


Chapter Six

The Awakening

The morning came much too early for Shea, she was mixed between two very hot wet dreams. In one she was with Trish following her sexual desires and in the other she was the object of desire being had by all three of the women that were controlling this circus. The hand on her shoulder shaking her genteelly was that of Wesley, usually he would pull back the curtain and allow the bright morning light to wake Shea but today it was overcast and without some coaxing Shea would sleep the morning away.

With a small grin across her face Shea finally began to return from her dream state and open her eyes. "Good morning Ms. Egan." Wesley said as her eyes cracked open.

"Oh, good morning to you too Wesley." She replied.

Sitting up Shea was happy she no longer had the plug in her ass; she was able to sit up in bed and take in the morning without being so uncomfortable. As before Shea had made quit a mess of her self during the night; there was a large wet spot on the sheets, her hands were slick and smelled of sex, and the dark auburn hair covering her mound was matted down with her own cum.

While Shea sat there for a moment Wesley began pulling the comforter off the bed. "Ms. Egan if you would please, I need to remove the linens and place fresh ones on."

Shea slowly rolled out of bed standing in front of the window and started to stretch.

"My Ms. Egan you sure have a knack for sullying the bed." Wesley said as he pulled the sheets back.

Shea looked over at the massive spot on the bed; she must have squirted during the night while masturbating. There was no other explanation for the vast size of the wet spot, unless she pissed the bed and she hasn't done that since she was four.

"I do believe you have even surpassed Ms. Danielle for having the most nocturnal emissions in one week. I remember when she was making her way through; she would have sex dreams that caused issues like this at least twice, no three times a week. Unfortunately for the linen service they were no where near this messy." Wesley mused on.

Shea blushed as Wesley continued to discuss the fact that she was having wet dreams at night. It didn't make things any better with her standing there with sticky wet hands and a soaking wet pussy.

Shea made her way to the shower to clean up. While she was cleaning up Tess walked in greeting her with a morning grunt. Tess wasn't a morning person and the fact that she was forced to go to bed early still didn't help. After soaking in the warm water for a moment Tess lowered the spray and took a seat on the ledge next to her in the corner.

Shea, busy washing her hair paid no attention to Tess until she caught a glimpse of her soaping up her pussy. As Shea watched; Tess lathered up her crotch and slowly, carefully started to shave her pubic region. From what Shea could see there wasn't anything there to begin with but she was too curious to not ask.

"Tess what are you doing?" she said.

"I'm shaving the little kitty. It was starting to get prickly." Tess replied.

Shea was more curious than shocked at this point so she continued to watch Tess clear the stubble from her mound. As she watched on Shea slowly drew her fingers across the area just above her pussy feeling the curly hair decorating her womanly region. As her fingers moved across she could feel the stubble of the hair Trish trimmed away then a nice thick soft patched followed by more stubble. Exploring more Shea reached down further to find more prickly hairs on either side of her opening and in the cress next to her legs. The new hair growth was actually starting to itch and annoy Shea but she was unaware of what was causing it until now.

Shea watched as Tess finished her grooming and realized she needed to do some of her own or there would be a growing problem so to speak. At that moment it hit her, that was how she was going to get Trish near her pussy. The grooming was the perfect excuse to contact and visit Trish; it would even get her down there close to her pussy. Shea knew that if she could get her close the moment would lead to an opportunity for either Trish to take the lead or Shea her self could force the issue.

Hurrying back to her room Shea wasted no time chatting with Tess. As Shea entered the room Wesley was there finishing the bed, "Ah, Ms. Egan I see you have hurried this morning. I take it you are in a rush to do something today."

"Wesley, did you contact the person I told you about last night?" Shea asked.

Wesley responded with a quick "No Madame." As he finished his work tucking in the last corner of the sheet.

"Well I think I know a way to get myself invited over so we could take care of that little situation if it is OK with the bosses." Shea said with a glee in her voice.

"I do believe that may be a possibility Ms. Egan, but first you must go and eat breakfast." Wesley replied.

Some what crushed by the lack of excitement on Wesley's part Shea dressed in the cotton bra and thong and headed off to breakfast. As she sat there with Tess Shea asked question after question about grooming the lower regions. Shea wanted to know how long Tess had been doing it, did she always shave or sometimes wax, how long did it take to grow back, had anyone else done it for her, why she like being hairless, and finally did Tess think she would like having hers shaved for a while.

Tess answered all of her questions, some with a look of "Where have you been for the last five years", but none the less she gave Shea a full description of what to expect, how it felt, did it itch, was it safe, and what she thought Shea would look like clean shaven.

Shea went to the exercise room after breakfast to go through the yoga stretches by her self so she could maintain her new workout program. Tess was headed back to her room with intent on going back to sleep. Sunday was their only true day off so both planned on get things done they missed out on this week. As one could guess Shea was more interested in making up the yoga workout she missed yesterday and Tess was all about sleeping the day away.

About two thirds of the way through the yoga progression Katrina entered the room. "Do you mind if I join you." She asked.

Shea knew that question was rhetorical but she answered anyway, "No, it would be nice to have a partner for some of the stretches."

"Good but there is one thing that we need to fix before we begin." Katrina said.

"What would that be Madame?" Shea replied

"I only do yoga in the nude, and if you're going to be my partner you will need to be nude also." She said with a stern look in her eye waiting for Shea to refuses.

Shea carefully examined the trap Katrina laid out and then with a cheerful voice she replied, "If you say so, I have never exercised in the nude. I would imagine it makes you feel completely free."

Shea and Katrina both started removing their clothes as they eyeballed each other waiting for the other to give. Shea having less on to begin with was out of her sports bra and thong in no time. Finished disrobing she stood near Katrina examining her figure as she removed her clothes. Watching her like she was gave Shea a little since of power as Katrina was under her microscope. Katrina was no weak ninny; she understood the emotional and mental feelings of power one gets when watching someone undress before them. She was going to allow Shea this small victory for now because she understood the need for such a confidence booster today.

With both girls naked they began to go through the positions starting from the easiest to the hardest. During the progression Katrina would give Shea advice on life, friends, business, and eventually sex. It was here that Shea started to become slightly aroused; the fact that she was next too, stretching, or holding another naked woman through most of the exercise program never seemed to affect her until now. As Katrina talked about sex Shea became more aware of the sexual nature of the female body.

Shea examined every inch of Katrina's glorious figure from her large firm breast to the S curved patch of hair above her pussy. The more she looked on the more she realized she was attracted to this strong confident woman. Facing each other as they sat on the floor Katrina spread her legs wide as if she was going into the splits. "Place your feet together with mine." She instructed Shea.

Stretching out Shea was only able to meet Katrina's legs at the ankle; Katrina's legs were way longer than hers. As she sat there allowing the stretch to work itself out Katrina held out her hands, "Take my arms and lean back as far as you can. It helps me stretch further."

Doing as instructed Shea leaned back pulling Katrina towards her. With her back flat on the floor Shea could feel the stretch her self and also there was something soft and fleshy rubbing along the inside of her thighs. Looking down she saw Katrina's mounds dangling down swaying back and forth against the inner part of her legs. Without thinking Shea closed her eyes and imagined what it would feel like to have Katrina lick her pussy.

As she held the stretch she asked, "What does it feel like?"

"What does what feel like?" Katrina replied.

"You know, to be with a woman. What does it feel like when they touch you down there?" Shea asked with eyes still closed.

Katrina paused for a second then explained the tactile feeling of another woman's touch. She went into great detail between the difference in a man's touch and a woman's touch. The latter being more sensuous and tender, as she continued she also spoke of the different types of orgasms a woman would have being with another female.

When Katrina finished her explanation she pulled her self up and leaned back drawing Shea foreword until she was leaning over Katrina. Shea moved without resistance stretching as far foreword as she could. The pull in her muscles was strong but not painful. Reaching the depth of her stretch Shea felt a heat radiating up towards her face. Opening her eyes she found her self just inches from Katrina's luscious pussy. The heat coming off of it was telling Shea just how much Katrina wanted her.

This was the first time Shea had ever been that close to another woman's pussy. From this vantage point she could make out every little fold of flesh and see just how moist it becomes with arousal. With her face so close to a honey pot Shea couldn't help but get a nostril full of the sweet musky aroma of a female vagina when it is fully aroused. The smell was intoxicating, Shea struggled to maintain control because she was about to give in and attempt to taste Katrina right there.

Katrina released the stretch and slowly raised her self back up to a sitting position. Looking over Shea monitoring her signs of peaked interest Katrina said, "I take it you liked what you saw? Well to let you in on a little secret, IT likes you too."

With that she hopped up and ordered Shea to get up and follow her to the showers. Both women strolled through the building completely nude as they made their way down stairs to the showers.

Katrina was just like Yanna, standing firm and defiant as the first blast of cold water arched across her firm breast drawing her skin tight and snapping her nipples to full attention. As the two ladies washed off the sweat from their workout Shea asked Katrina a point blank question, "Do you and the other two ladies ever.......You know have sex with each other?"

"Well, there have been occasions where we have engaged in sexual acts with each other. It is not a common thing for us to just break out in a Lesfest but we all enjoy the comfort of each other if the desire arises." Katrina responded.

"Were you nervous the first time you did it with another girl?" Shea meekly asked.

"I think everyone has some doubt the first time they try it but if you go into it with an open mind and don't expect the earth to move most women find it more pleasurable and passionate than being with a man." She answered.

"I think I'm ready to try, I just hope that my friend will go slowly so I won't be scared." Shea said

"Well if you think you are ready I will have Wesley arrange to have her come here and meet you." Katrina replied with a business like tone in her voice.

"No, I think it would be better if maybe I went to her place. I know she likes me in that kind of way but it would be weird to just bring her here to have sex. I think it would make me feel better if I tested the water a little before...... You understand don't you?" Shea said.

Katrina thought for a moment then said, "I will speak with the other ladies and confirm with Wesley on her background check. You will have you answer in an hour." With that Katrina turned off the water and walked out of the shower. As Shea rinsed off she too followed Katrina out of the shower and toweled off.

Waiting in her room by the window wrapped in her robe Shea stared out at the park day dreaming of what it would be like to be with Trish. The smell of Katrina's pussy was faintly dancing in her nose as she thought back to the night Trish shaved her pubic region. She could remember the female musky scent of Trish when they were in the bathroom; the olfactory similarity was flooding her mind with mental images of the night on the couch as they played with the toys. The longer Shea sat there viewing the scene in her mind the more she became excited about seeing Trish once again.

Wesley entered the room at exactly one hour carrying a garment folded with a golden sash along with a pair of high heel sandals.

"I have been instructed to take you into town for a rendezvous with Ms. Allen. You will need to prepare for your trip outside of the compound." He said as he laid the items on the end of the bed.

Shea stood up and walked over to the bed to inspect the items. As she approached Wesley reached out and took her hands examining her nails. "I do believe we will need to start with the fingers and work our way down to the toes."

Wesley arranged the chair next to the bed then quickly left the room. Less than a minute later he was back with a small shoe box size case.

"Ms. Egan please take a seat so I can give you a manicure." He said.

Shea followed Wesley's orders with a smile; she was all about getting a free manicure. After a short time Wesley had finished off her left hand and started on the right. Checking his handy work Shea found that he was very talented in French tips. She always loved the way they looked and thought a woman with French tips was classy.

"Now for the toes." He spouted as he reached for her feet.

Shea was in heaven; the firm massaging grip on the arch of her foot felt wonderful. Wesley was gentle with the file but very quick. As Shea leaned back allowing Wesley to continue his work she sunk deep into the cushions on the chair relaxing. Shea's robe fell open as Wesley moved her feet around during the pedicure exposing her sex pot and the inner edges of her breast.

With toes adorned with matching French tips Wesley looked up catching the sight of Shea's now bushy crotch. "Oh no that just will not do!" He verbalized with a disappointment in his voice.

Throwing open her robe Wesley adjusted Shea's legs spreading them wider giving him a more revealing view of her fuzzy pussy. "Ms. Egan when was the last time you manicure you quim?"

Shea was taken back slightly by his actions and then straight foreword question. "Ah, it was a week ago Thursday." She said in a please forgive me kind of tone.

"Well that must be tended too. Shave or wax?" He said as he looked her in the eye.

"What do you mean?" she replied.

"Do you want me to shave you crotch or wax it?" he returned as if it was perfectly normal for him to groom her pussy.

"Ah, I don't want you to do either." Shea said as she folded her robe back over her nakedness.

"Well Ms. Egan I think that is poor form for someone to leave their pubic hair so over grown especially if they intend to have another person intimately close to the area." Wesley said in a rather put off manner.

"First off I find it rude that you speak to me that way, and second I have a plan on how to get Trish to make love to me by having her groom my crotch instead of you." She shot back with an angry tone.

"Oh, my apologies Ms. Egan; if you would in the future keep me abreast of any plans you have so I do not over step my boundaries if you please." He replied.

"If you will allow me Madame, I will apply you makeup while your nails dry to expedite the process."

Shea nodded her consent which sent Wesley off to fetch his makeup kit. During his absence Shea marveled at how good her finger and toe nails looked, that Wesley was a man of many talents. The French tips on her toes was something new to her and she found them to be more than classy, they were down right perfection.

Wesley returned with another kit and without any formality her tilted Shea's head back and went to work. Base, eyes, cheeks, and lips all attended to and none overlooked. Wesley made short work of the makeup and without asking started to brush and fashion Shea's auburn locks. Curling iron and brush moved with masterful precision followed by a quick spray. Before Shea could really understand what was going on Wesley had given her the works, manicure, pedicure, makeup, and hair were complete now all she had to do was dress.

As she stood up to put on the outfit Wesley brought her she couldn't tell who was more excited about the future events, her or Wesley. Taking the dress from the bed Wesley held it up so Shea could see what it looked like. To her disappointment the dress looked like a square white sheet with golden trim around the edge. There was a hole in the middle that was also trimmed with the gold edge. Shea didn't know exactly what it was but it wasn't a dress.

"Here place you head through this opening please." He said as he held the dress up higher to give her access to the hole. With her head through the opening Wesley let the fabric fall down over her back. When she stood upright the front and back of her body was covered by the dress but both sides were exposed to anyone beside her. Adjusting the fit across her shoulders and fluffing her hair Wesley went about completing the outfit. Wrapping the golden sash around her waist he knotted it just off to the side allowing the ends to dangle down her right leg. With the sash in place the fabric of the dress drew tighter across her chest closing the wide gap on each side but still leaving it open. The sides of her breast were very visible along with the flesh all the way down past her hips. Wesley proceeded to slip the high heel sandals elevating Shea another four inches.

"Let us take a look in the mirror and see just how stunning you are." Wesley said after her stood up and inspected his work.

Walking over to the mirror Shea could feel the light weight fabric float up and down as she stepped. The material tickled a little across her ass as it swayed back and forth. Turning to look Shea was speechless when she saw a Goddess staring back at her in the mirror. The simple dress now looked like an ancient tunic one would see worn by a mythological goddess in a painting by De Vince or Michael Angelo. Her auburn locks flowed down around her head and over her shoulders framing the features of her face with astounding effect. The makeup Wesley applied was simple yet highlighted her green eyes and Native American bone structure.

Shea turned to take in the view from behind; the speed of her turn lifted the light fabric enough so she was able to get a full view of her naked buttocks and then the auburn patch of hair between her legs. "Oh my, that could be embarrassing in public." She said as her hands lowered the dress to cover her pussy.

Facing the mirror again Shea scanned down the image and noticed her dark red nipples and dark auburn muff were slightly visible through the white fabric. "Ah, Wesley this dress is almost see through, it looks pretty dark out like it might rain. What will I do if it gets wet and everyone can see right through it?"

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