tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFreyja Inc. Ch. 08

Freyja Inc. Ch. 08


Chapter Eight A New Life

Six thirty came early as Wesley pried open the curtains flooding the room with the bright morning light. Shea grumbled to her self as she painfully opened her eyes taking in the sight of Wesley smiling down at her as she awoke.

"What are you so happy about this morning? She asked.

"Why Ms. Shea today is the first day of a wonderful exciting new adventure." He proclaimed.

It didn't occur to her until latter that Wesley called her Ms. Shea, from the first time she meet him back at the mansion he had always referred to her as Ms. Egan.

Moving slowly Shea made her way out of the bed. Stark naked and covered in dry cum Shea's mind flashed back to the party the night before, "God what a night." She thought. Wesley came up behind her and shooed her along smacking her bare bottom with both of his hand.

"You need to hurry up, shower, breakfast, and dressed before 8:00AM. That is what we do now." Wesley chimed in with almost musical tones in his voice.

Making her way down the hall towards the shower Shea passed the room that once belonged to Tess; she wondered to herself if she was still there or had she been whisked away in the dead of night.

As she rounded the corned into the shower room her heart leaped for joy, there in the room hanging her robe up was Tess. She looked like she had been run over by a train, eyes puffy and swollen from the lack of good sleep, hair matted to her head from the mixture of saliva and cum, white flakey streaks across her large breast from dried cum, and a very noticeable dark bruising between her legs covering all of her female parts. She may have looked like shit but Shea still loved the form and beauty of her body.

Without words Shea quickly ran up to her and hugged her for all she was worth. Tess whence at the force of her embrace, her body was broken and sore from the overwhelming amount of sexual torture she endured less than ten hours ago. With weak and shaky limbs Tess returned the hug as she realized this would be the last encounter they would have.

Shea quickly started in with the questions as if she reunited with a long lost friend, "What are you still doing here? How do you feel? Where are you going? What time are you leaving? Can you stay for breakfast?"

Tess still physically and mentally bruised and numb from last night replied, "Slow down, I just woke up and it feels like my pussy was turned inside out. Let me soak in the hot water while you play twenty questions."

Shea understood and realized Tess was still unaware of just what happened last night, she took it upon her self to help fill in the blanks. As the two showered Shea would give Tess details of the events going on in the room while she was blindfolded. Tess would ask questions as to what happened with her once her mind went blank and Shea gave her the dirty, naughty truth.

As they went through the events of the night Shea finally stopped to think about how the party became what it was. Then she asked Tess a very personal point blank question.

"Tess, last night I had asked the Ladies to set up your deepest darkest fantasy. I understand the reason for the men being big and black but, why were you restrained and why were there six of the biggest dicks I have ever seen before in my life?" Shea asked as Tess sat on the ledge with the water running over her aching muscles.

"To be honest with you it is what I have always wanted. You see I keep having this dream were I'm trapped in this room tied up and can't move. Then somehow a large group of black men are standing around me. When I notice them looking down at me I realize I am naked and opened up for them. All I can see from that point are visions of large dark cocks circling around in my head. When I wake up my hands are usually buried between my legs fingering my wet horny pussy and I am on the verge of an orgasm." She replied.

"Well was it as good as your dream?" Shea asked.

"I would have to say the moments I can remember were better than my dream. I just wish I wasn't so sore this morning or I would masturbate to the images all over again." Tess replied.

"Honey the size of those cocks last night will haunt you in your dreams. I swear that the last one you took was as big around as a soda can, and the way they were taking you from both ends looked like you had one giant long cock running through the entire length of your body. It was so amazing and wickedly naughty I couldn't control myself. I had to fuck some of them too." Shea said as she held her hands up at various widths describing the sizes of the monstrous cocks they shared last night.

Just as Shea finished her statement she heard a voice in her head from the ear pieces they wore, "Ms. Marino your ride will be arriving in thirty minutes, you will need to return to your room so Hershel may collect the property that belongs to the organization."

Tess looked up and told Shea she had to leave right then. Shea looked at her with sad eyes and said, "I know, I heard them call for you. I will miss you very much you know that don't you?"

Tess responded with a big hug pressing their naked wet bodies together for one last time. Each enjoying and relishing the soft warm body clutched in their respective arms.

Shea watched as Tess gingerly made her way out of the shower, her gait resembled an old lady hunched over and bow legged. Thinking to her self as Tess disappeared around the corner, "That was a big ass cock!"

Finished with her shower Shea strolled down the hall back to her room thinking about how Wesley called her Ms. Shea and how she heard Tess's message in her head sets. It dawned on her at that moment she was the one, the one that made it through training, she was now part of the organization. She was MS SHEA.

Entering her room Shea found Wesley standing over by the wardrobe waiting impatiently. "Ms. Shea you must hurry, there is little time to waste."

She looked at him with a puzzled look, "What do you mean? Class doesn't start for another hour."

"Your schedule has changed, you will be meeting with Ms. Yanna to go over employment contracts and then start your first day as the apprentice down in the gallery." He said.

Shea stunned by the news panicked, "What! I have nothing to wear and I don't even know where the gallery is."

"Oh, I neglected to mention you have a complete wardrobe here and your undergarments are still in the dresser as before." Wesley said as he opened the doors exposing a full rack of skirts, blouses, pants, and jackets.

Looking over the garments Shea realized that all of the items were name brand high end designer outfits. There had to be close to thirty thousand dollars worth of clothes hanging in the wardrobe for her to choose from.

"The matching shoes are shelved over here in this hidden rack." He said as he pressed a button that opened a panel on the wall. "You will find most anything you need but if there is something I have overlooked please inform me and I will rectify the matter immediately"

Peering in the panel Shea saw more styles and colors of shoes than a downtown shoe store could possibly carry. She was taken back by the volume of expensive clothing that was at her disposal.

"Hurry now we don't want to be late for our first day of work." He said snapping her out of the gawking gaze.

Selecting a modest gray skirt and jacket to match Shea laid them out on the bed. Next came a light beige blouse made of silk that had a scooping neck line. Searching through the undergarments Shea pulled out a nice black garter belt and stockings.

Glancing over at Wesley Shea had a look of confusion on her face. "What is it Ms. Shea?" he asked.

"Am I allowed to wear a bra and panties or am I to go without like before?" she questioned.

"There are no rules stating you can not wear panties but I know that most of the time the rest of the ladies go without unless they are in jeans. As for a bra they wear them when they don't have a jacket other wise they go without." He stated as he pulled out a few pairs of shoes matching them with the skirt.

With nervous hand Shea quickly put on the garter belt and stockings, aware that she was now going to be out in public she panicked over her makeup and hair. "There is no way I'm going to make it on time; I don't even have any makeup."

Wesley always there to save the day pointed over to the same case that he used the day she visited Trish. Pulling the chair out for her he gestured for her to sit as he opened the case. Taking a seat Shea allowed Wesley to work his magic. As she sat there she thought to herself just how odd this must look; a twenty something young lady sitting naked, breast exposed crotch uncovered only wearing garters and stockings allowing a man in his sixties to paint her face and fashion her hair.

Finished Wesley quickly held the blouse up letting Shea slip her arms through. As she buttoned the front he positioned the skirt in front of her as she step into it. Once she had tucked the blouse in he zipped up the back and retrieved the jacket. Holding it over his arm Wesley made a few suggestions as to which shoes would go best as Shea tried them on.

Dressed and ready to start the day Wesley handed her the jacket gave her a peck on the cheek and said, "Now go make us proud."

Again as she started for the door he gave her a friendly fatherly smack on the bum causing her to dance and giggle at his friendliness. Rushing up to the dinning room Shea choked down a bagel and glass of juice. Mindful of the time she ran back down the stairs were Wesley and Hershel were busy moving the furniture around in the living area. With a hurried expression Shea blurted out, "Gallery?"

Both Wesley and Hershel pointed back down the hall way towards the elevator. "Select floor number 1 and take a right once you get off." They both said in unison.

The doors opened to a small lobby area; on each side was a hall way leading away from the elevator. Taking their advice Shea made her way to the right. Four offices lined the hall each with the name of one of the ladies that owned and operated the organization. Shea found Yanna's office next to the one with her name on it; Yanna's door was open and she could see her sitting behind a large mahogany desk sorting through a stack of papers. Knocking, she timidly entered the office as Yanna looked up from her desk at the clock.

"I must say you do cut it close when it comes to time management." Yanna proclaimed as she motioned to an empty chair.

Taking a seat Shea eagerly listened to Yanna as she proceeded through countless forms and contracts entering her into the company. W-4, I-9, health and dental, hold harmless, confidentiality clauses, non compete clauses, and various other legal papers all detailing the obligations she would have to the company made for a whirlwind of information swimming around in her head. Once all of the employment papers were complete Yanna sat back in her large leather chair and began an explanation of who and what the company was, a history of its beginnings, and defining exactly what Shea would be doing.

From what Shea could piece together the company was more of an art dealer and they made sales to obscenely rich individuals that most of the time wished to remain nameless. What Shea couldn't understand was all of the sexual undercurrent during the training. Yanna explained to her that there was more than one branch of the company, all ten were located in a major city that has a large cultural community. Just some of the location she mentioned was Paris, Sydney, Los Angeles, Rome, Buenos Aries, and St. Petersburg. Yanna gave Shea the complete rundown on how many members there are in the company and also the number of support staff. The little group she thought she was joining was quickly growing to more than 150 employees.

Still somewhat confused as to how and what they sold Shea asked if she would be a buyer or a seller of the artwork. Yanna laughed and explained that they were both buyer and seller. The trick was to get the items for far less than their value and sell them for far greater. Again with confusion Shea asked, "What kind of fool would do something like that?"

Yanna replied, "A very horny one!"

"What we have here is a perfect situation, each of use has our own special talent. Danielle loves art and is very keen when examining a piece, she can spot a forged painting or sculpture a mile away. We let her take the lead when it comes to buying new items from dealers and collectors we have not done business with before. Katrina is a financial wizard, she can forecast almost any change in the local market and in foreign markets so we let her handle our investments and also the currency exchange when it comes to pricing. Me, I love contract law so I handle all of the negotiations and wording of the buyer/seller contracts." Yanna explained.

"Is that all you specialize in?" Shea asked with a raised brow.

With a smug snicker as if she was caught reaching into the cookie jar Yanna spilled the dirty little details about each of the girls. "I can see you have some knowledge of our little secrets, well you should know so you don't get caught in a situation you don't like. As stated each of us has our own special skill but it doesn't only pertain to business. Each of us has a talent for a certain sexual situation which I imagine you could guess if you thought about it. I myself have ventured down the path of a Submissive when it comes to sex. I don't do it all of the time but when it is needed I am the one that best suits that role. Katrina on the other hand works best as a Dominatrix, she has the skill and command to control a situation allowing only what she feels is needed for her lovers. Danielle is the one that still shocks me with her talent, you witnessed it last night during Tess's little party. I still can't believe she can fit something that big inside her. She truly is a gorge, not only in her mouth which she can fit her fist in by the way but in both holes down below. The one you saw last night was not the biggest she has ever taken. I saw her stuff one that big in her ass last year, she couldn't sit down for a week after that." Yanna laughed as she reminisced about Danielle's discomfort following that incident.

"What is it that I am supposed to do? Sounds like you have everything covered?" Shea asked with a worried tone in her voice.

"Well we hope that you and Danielle can work together to increase our ability to find rare pieces of art and culture. You seem to have a knack for research so I would imagine most of your day would be in the library or on-line, but not distracting you from your floor duty. That is when you have the gallery for clients to see some of the items we have on display. I will show you that area next." Yanna answered.

"I hope you don't think I'm going to help Danielle in all of her specialties?" Shea said with a defensive posture.

"No, No, girl there is only one Danielle. I don't think the guys would be able to handle two of her. You, your special, we all love our little corner of the sexual world but you seem to thrive on finding new and exciting paths to venture down. As your sexual desires change and morph we will watch to see just what you truly thrive at the most. For now though you will be the one that squirts." Yanna replied.

"SQUIRTS! What the hell do you mean by that?" Shea barked out.

"There have been times when a client wanted to watch a woman cum so hard she actually squirted out her orgasm. During your exam at the Physicians office you were the only one who erupted in a fountain as you reached orgasm. I know it sounds strange but some people find it extremely erotic." Yanna explained.

"You mean we have sex for money and some guy is going to pay me to pee when I cum?" Shea asked with a disgusted look on her face.

"No, nothing like that. We don't have sex for money. Well we do but not in that way. Hell every woman has sexy for money, it may not be in cold hard cash but we all do it. How many people do you know jumped into the sack because their significant other bought them some form of jewelry or a car. Anyway back to what we do; sometimes money doesn't matter to our clients. There are some that are so wealthy they don't care about how much things cost, all they care about is fulfilling a fantasy or dream. That is where the sexual encounters come into play." Yanna replied.

"You see there are four types of personalities that help create wealthy people. First is the arrogant cocky individual. If they are male more than likely they have a large penis and have always been the stud of the stable. In women it usually comes from large breast. They are the type of people Danielle's little talent finds itself useful with. The second is the controlling micro-manager type. They usually want to be involved in every aspect of their business. Fantasy wise they tend to lean towards controlling their sexual partner as well. As you can tell I work well with those clients. Third is the person that is forced to control their business and when given the chance wants to be relieved of their control. Katrina always gives them what they want, to be controlled. And last there is the forth personality that creates wealthy people, the enigma. These people are always hard to figure out and change who they are on a constant basis, one day they want to be controlled, the next they want to control, then out of the blue they have fetishes that elude our expertise. Most of the ones find a woman that orgasms often and hard to be a turn on so it would be safe to say you fit their desire. From what I have seen over the last month you have a rather growing sexual appetite and when you explode honey you really explode. Wesley has been working overtime just to keep your sheets dry and clean. What I wouldn't give to be inside that head of yours one night. I bet it is a real sexual frenzy in there." Yanna went on.

Shea sat there slack jawed as she took in all of the information, she wasn't sure she could go through with some of the things Yanna just explained. As she sat there Yanna came around from behind the desk and whispered in her ear, "I now you're scared, I was too but after a few days you will truly understand the scope of the business and start to feel right at home."

Then in a booming voice, "Come on, I will show you the rest of the gallery."

Shea stood and followed her down the hall. As they walked Shea's mind drifted of to the odd feeling of having clothes on. It had been almost one full month since she worn a complete outfit. The constraint of the garments was not tight but she felt as if she was being squeezed. As she walked she become more thankful that she chose not to wear anything underneath; at least that gave her a slight since of freedom.

All the while as they walked down the hall Yanna was explaining what each room was, Shea again was not paying attention as she felt the belts of her garter graze across the firm round cheeks of her ass. It tickled slightly making her body respond with a shiver of guilty pleasure.

Maybe Yanna was right when she said she thrived on new sexual experiences.

Snapping out of the little self monologue running in her head Shea followed Yanna into the main room of the gallery. The space was decorated with various styles ranging from Classical Hellenistic periods to some stuff a recent as Andy Warhol.

Yanna gave estimated values to most of the pieces but never a hard number. As they continued to walk around Shea started to drift again as she felt her breast bounce up and down with each stride. The fabric of her blouse was so soft and smooth it actually caused her nipples to become aroused pressing out increasing the friction which in turn increased the arousal.

When they stopped in front of one large painting she quickly opened and closed her jacket adjusting it to help relieve the pressure on her breast. Yanna caught a glimpse of her actions out of the corner of her eye and commented, "I know, when I walk around for a long period of time with out a bra on I get a little aroused myself." With that she turned to Shea and opened up her jacket revealing two hard knobs jutting off the ends of her breast. "The silk top does it every time." Yanna added as she gave Shea a wink.

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