tagGroup SexFreyja Inc. Ch. 10

Freyja Inc. Ch. 10


Chapter Ten: Corporate Fun

Today was going to be a great day, as Shea made her way back to her room she felt a sense of belonging. Entering the door she was greeted with a room full of flowers; in all there was at least ten different arrangements of beautiful tropical and domestics flowers. Looking at the cards see found six from Mr. von Mises thanking her for the fantasy and expressing his fondness of her; there was one from each of the girls and the last one she read was from Wesley.

Shea was overwhelmed by the generous thoughts and blushed a little as she realized the importance of being the one to fulfill the fantasy. As she sniffed the flowers Wesley came into the room carrying three large suitcases.

"What are those for?" she asked as he placed them on the bed.

"You will be moving to the mansion today joining the rest of the girls." He replied.

Shea jumped up and down with glee as the news registered; it was a funny sight as the naked flesh of the young beauty jiggled about in front of the elderly man. Shea had become so accustom to being naked in front of him that she didn't think twice about covering up in his presence.

As Wesley packed the bags he laid out a casual outfit for Shea to wear for the trip. Dressing quickly Shea went about helping him remove all of the garments from the wardrobe and drawers.

With her bags packed Shea and Wesley waited for Alex to come up and help transport the luggage to the limo.

On the ride out to the mansion Wesley informed Shea that her new room would be on the second floor of the mansion next to Danielle; he also warned her of the sometimes loud noises that came from her room during the night. He told her not to be alarmed by them it was just Danielle enjoying her self while she dreams. Like Shea, Danielle had been known to have sexual dreams quit often and she was very vocal during the nocturnal escapades.

Shea laughed as he told her this and asked if she had ever made any loud noises at night. Wesley informed her that on more than one occasion he had come to checked on her during the night because he heard moaning and shrieks coming from her room there at the gallery compound.

Red faced with embarrassment Shea questioned him if all of the girls did this. He replied that only Danielle and her self were the loud ones and that is while Yanna and Katrina were on the other side of the mansion away from them so they could sleep without being disturbed.

Wesley informed her that the noises had become a small joke in the group and Danielle was glad to have someone on her side of the building so she wouldn't feel alone at night. Once the decision had been made about were Shea would room Danielle dubbed their hall the Screamers wing and told the other two to kiss off because they were going to miss all of the fun.

The trip out to the country went by faster then before, maybe the nervousness of the first trip or the unknowing caused it to feel longer but today they pulled into the grounds in record time.

Shea was greeted at the door by all three girls each hugging and kissing her as she made her way in. Once all of the emotional welcomes passed the girls whisked her away up stairs to show her the room.

As they opened the door Shea was speechless seeing the size and décor of her new home. A massive king size bed with a four post canopy was centered in the room; large bedroom furnishings lined the walls along with a sofa and large chair and ottoman. On the back wall three floor to ceiling windows overlooked a resort style pool and garden making her feel like she was a queen. As she looked around more she found pictures from her old apartment set into new frames perched upon the dresser and all of her favorite things she had left behind in her old place were now positioned around the room making it feel like home.

The girls chatted away as Shea looked around realizing that they had taken her in as if she was a sister. She was emotional to the point tears started to roll down her cheeks as she found a picture of her family honorably positioned in the center of the large dresser.

All of the girls along with Wesley came over and gave her a group hug letting her know that she was definitely home now and welcome.

Hershel, Alex, and another butler walked in carrying the three large bags as the huddled mass comforted Shea. Yanna spoke up as the men made their way to the bed. "Hey lets quit all this tearful stuff and go have some fun. I think we all need to go out to the pool and have a little welcome home party. What do you think?"

Every one cheered at the idea and moved towards the door. Wesley stayed behind to unpack his new Madame as the girls made their way down stairs towards the back grounds.

Outside all of the girls headed towards a pool house off to the side. Inside they all went to a large cubical and started removing their clothes. Shea looked around to see if there was a bathing suit for her to wear; not finding one she asked where they might be. Katrina answered her with a giggle, "Honey we don't wear bathing suits when there are no guest on grounds. We just go all natural and enjoy the sun."

As Shea heard that Yanna smacked her on the bum playfully and said, "Yeah and why would you want to cover up that smoking body anyway?"

Racing out to the pool all of the girls jumped in splashing around playfully touching each other and coping quick feels of each others naked flesh. If one didn't know better they would think this was the Playboy Bunny Mansion with all of the gorgeous naked women running around.

Approximately an hour had passed since the girls had left the house, now they splashed about playing a friendly game of titty tag. The innocent little game of touch progressed into a more competitive game of squeeze and fondle as nipples became erect and every once in a while someone would bend down and lick. Wesley and Hershel appeared along the path from the back door to the pool carrying trays of refreshments and drinks. When the two men neared the pool all they could see were naked girls frolicking about in the shallow end. Shea thought it was weird that she and the girls were so comfortable around the male staff but all her thoughts were tossed into a flash of bright white light as a sharp pain emanated from her left breast. Seconds latter the sound of flesh being slapped echoed in her ear.

Katrina, Danielle, and Yanna were making a mad dash for the edge of the pool as Shea cupped her burning breast crying out in shocked pain. The giggle coming from the girls told her that the smack was in good fun but the pain was still real.

"What the hell did you do that for?" Shea yelled out at Katrina.

Spinning on her heels as she ran for a deck chair Katrina lifted her leg up and out exposing her pink little pussy and a dark bruise adjacent, "For the hickey you gave me. It still has teeth marks on it."

As the girls settled down in the pillow top cushioned lounge chairs everything returned to a more relaxed atmosphere. The men distributed the chilled drinks and snacks as the girls lay back sunning themselves. Yanna of course chose the chair in the shade, too much sun for her would leave her skin burned and red. Katrina, Danielle, and Shea all turned towards the sun and enjoyed the warmth of its midmorning glow.

Wesley and Hershel gathered up the clothes from the pool house and started back towards the mansion. Looking over at the girls both men could see the glistening tanning flesh of the four most beautiful women around. The flat stomachs, long tone golden legs, and the large round mounds resembling ripe melons perched high up on their chest called out to all red blooded males raising there blood pressure and arousal.

Half way up the walk Hershel suggested to Wesley that they send out the pool boys in a few minutes to see if the ladies needed lotion rubbed in. Wesley looked back at him with a big smile and said, "I think that would be most appropriate. The ladies do need to be careful and not get burned. How many pool boys do you think they will need?"

Hershel laughed at Wesley's question and replied, "If their mood is anything like last time we might need to call in re-enforcements." Both men laughed as they made their way up the final few step and disappeared into the house.

Shea loved the feel of the warm sun on her flesh, it relaxed her and she was really in the need of rest. Her body and mind had been so worked up during the tickle fantasy she felt like a steel rod all tensed up everywhere. The tightness and soreness wasn't from being scared or nervous but from her body being in a constant state of muscle contraction as she reacted to the tickling touch.

Loving every second of her sexual torment, Shea reveled in her orgasmic response but the build up was so intense that she wouldn't recommend the act be used on a regular bases.

Peeking out from under her sunglasses Shea could see all of the other girls enjoying the sun too. Even Yanna had venture out from under the shade for a few moments. A breeze danced across the back grounds of the mansion wafting the aroma of the new blooms filling the air with a sweet soft smell. The same breeze also traced along the warm flesh like little cooling fingers drying up the water droplets that had desperately clung to the delicious curves of the four ladies.

Shea was very aware of the tightening of the skin around her nipples, soon the little buds started to rise and point due north. This reaction was more from the cooling effect of the breeze than sexual arousal but shortly after the start her mind wondered to what the little love buds of her friends were doing. Again peeking out from under the glasses Shea scanned the flesh of first one then another and finally the last of her three companions; all having the same response as her to the wind.

A few sips from the frozen concoction had already started to take effect; all of the girls became a like giddy as they chatted about how nice it was to have Shea there now. As the four girls made ideal conversation Danielle noticed the four young men approaching from the mansion. Rising up unto her elbows she alerted the rest of the girls to the parade of men heading their direction.

"I hope they brought some oil this time." Katrina said without lifting her head to look.

Puzzled Shea asked what she meant by that only to get a laugh from Yanna and Katrina.

The four handsome men descended upon the naked girls spreading out as if they had orders; looking them up and down as they moved around to the girls Shea noticed each one was only wearing baggy linen pants that tied at the waist.

Danielle broke the silence that hung heavy as the men lighted at the foot of each woman, "They are here to give us a massage hon, just lay back and let their magic hand work their wonder."

At this point Shea was past shyness and fear when it came to being naked around strangers so she dropped her head back onto the pillow of the lounger and smiled at the fact she was about to receive a good rub down.

The oil trickled up and down the length of her legs as strong firm hands began squeezing and kneading her sore legs. The feeling was fabulous and Shea told her self she could get use to this kind of pampering.

A mix of alcohol and pleasant sensual massage began heating up the atmosphere around the pool. Shea could hear off to the side the faint moans of joy and the unmistakable sound of slurping. Rolling her head to the side she opened her eyes to see Katrina being fingered by the nameless tanned muscle man seated next to her on the lounger. Past her she observed Danielle with her head hanging over the edge of her lounger sucking on the ridged cock of the man as he stroked up and down the length of her torso ending with his hand squeezing the large fleshy mounds of golden breast resting high upon her chest.

The sight before her was mesmerizing and lost as she was in the visual she felt a warmth begin to rise between her thighs. The oil dripped slowly over her mon and trailed down coating her lips just before two thumbs pressed together trapping her clit between them. The sound of a deep breath being sucked in filled her ears before she realized it was her breath she heard. Genteelly the rolling of her pussy lips between the firm thumbs ignited a fire deep within her abdomen that forced her to move her attention away from the other girls and down towards the man manipulating her womanly folds.

He was strikingly handsome with a strong muscular chest and a face that resembled a movie star. Looking past his hands she could see the fabric of his linen pants tenting up with impressive height. His cock was straining to be released from its cage as he pressed the situation foreword.

A quick glance over her shoulder re-enforced her mindset as she saw Danielle preparing to mount the young stallion attending to her and Katrina holding the long golden locks of her masseuse as he dined on her wet aching pussy.

Shea tossed her head to the other side as a finger slipped deep inside her slick opening, on her right Yanna was receiving a tongue bath around her puckered backdoor as her ass was lifted high in the air.

This was like a dream laying there watching her new friends being pleasured as she her self was about to take a ride on the pleasure train.

Slowly tugging at the tie holding up his pants Shea's boy toy presented her with a glorious long hard plaything. Her eyes fixated on the object and her mind whirled with delight at the thought of finally having someone fuck her. It had been almost a month since she was truly fucked and the little feather thing the night before only added more angst to her animal desires.

With his pants pooled on the ground next to them the gentleman maneuvered between her legs as he lifted them high and wide. Bouncing his tool a few time allowing it to strike her clit he lowered his hips and brushed the head of his rod up and down the length of her open hungry hole.

A girlish squeak of joy slipped from Shea's lips as he dipped the tip of his cock into her. Shea could feel her lips part as he stretched her open slightly. With short slow thrusts he began sliding more and more of his meat into her as she arched her head back in anticipation of the joys to come. First an inch, then two, then a third, then half his length dove down into her twitching tunnel. Shea could feel the convulsions of her inner muscles grip his hard rod as he methodically penetrated the velvet flesh of her pussy.

A slow drawn out rhythm finally ended with the full eight inches of cock nestled deep inside her. Gyrating his hips in a circle he stirred the wet juices of Shea's pussy around until she could hear a squishing sound emanating from her fiery pink lips down below. Once he teased her for a few seconds he leisurely pumped in and out making sure to grind his pelvis against her clit as he sank the entire distance of his organ into the depths of Shea's rippling walls.

Cries and groans of sexual fulfillment filled Shea's ears from all sides as the other girls raced towards their much needed orgasms. A flash of white light blinded her as an explosion went off sending shockwaves up her spine. The first of many orgasms hit her and it was if the bottom fell out of the clouds during a thunderstorm. Clamping down hard around the rod sliding in and out of her pussy Shea could feel every vein and ridge of his glorious cock move inside her. As each orgasm claimed her body for its own she could feel the intensity of her desire climb higher and higher.

A loud cry echoed from her lungs as she crested over the top of yet another blinding orgasm. A pounding in her ears resonated as the blood coursed through her veins with each heart beat. Hands clinched with white knuckles, back arched forcing her head deeper into the pillow, Shea's muscles locked up in a full body contraction squeezing the thick long obelisk thrusting in and out of her.

The pulsating grip of her inner walls finally overcame the patient control of her lover. Scrotum drawing up tight and twitching of the bulbous head of his cock was the first and only sign that he was about to release his orgasm deep into her womb. A grunt then a flood of scolding hot white oil bathed her inside and out; the force of his eruption was so great that Shea could fill the hot liquid spraying out along side of his throbbing shaft covering her thighs and running down between her ass cheeks.

In a warm after glow of orgasmic heaven Shea could feel the object lodged between her legs slowly diminish in size. A slurping pop announced the departure of his member from her pulsating pussy as he gingerly lowered her legs and retreated from the end of the lounger. Looking upon his face through glazed over eyes as he pull up his pants Shea could see that he was grateful for the opportunity to serve.

The four men slowly made their way back up the path towards the mansion as the four girls lay there recovering from their pleasant little afternoon stress relief.

The ripping sound of paper snapped the silent glow of post sexual bliss, "Girls we've got a job. Hope you're up for a little more fun." Yanna said as she read over the letter left for her by her servant.

As Danielle and Katrina cheered Yanna grabbed the house phone off of the pool bar near her and instructed a man named Bentley to obtain a guest list and auction list. Further instructions were given to inform Wesley and Hershel to prepare for a Prop operation for tonight.

Shea sat there confused as Yanna calmly gave orders over the phone, how could she be so work oriented at this moment? Shea her self was still having a difficult time concentrating on reality after the fuck she had just received.

Gleefully Danielle and Katrina yanked Shea up from her lounger pulling her towards the mansion as Yanna finished up on the phone.

"Just what we need to cap off a great week." Danielle said as she turned up the path bouncing with each step.

Katrina was in step behind her gliding on air as she looked over her shoulder smiling at Shea. Not wanting to be left behind Shea moved as quick as she could on shaky legs. The sight of both girls ass' swaying back and forth reminded Shea exactly why they were so blissful; a trail of white sticky liquid was slowly making its' way down the inner thigh of both girls. They were still sex drunk and nothing at that point was going to bring down their mood.

As they neared the house Yanna came rushing by smacking Shea's golden ass telling her to hurry. As she approached Katrina she smacked her good and hard also but was never able to catch up with Danielle. After the first resounding smack alerted her to Yanna's mission she took off running like a deer being chased by a lioness.

The girls ran through the house to their respective bedroom to clean up and ready themselves for the job. Shea still lost to the procedure asked a gentleman that by chance pasted her way in the hall.

"Excuse me but by chance would you know anything about what I am supposed to be doing?" she said.

"Ah, Ms. Shea please allow me to assist you. My name is Carlton for future reference, you need to wash up and be down stairs in one hour so you and the other ladies can be briefed on the assignment." He replied with the hint of a South African accent.

Going with the flow Shea just nodded her head and headed for the shower in her bathroom.

After her shower and quick change Shea ventured down to the main hall to meet the other girls. As she listened to Bentley and Carlton, Heather's butler and the one she formally meet today naked in the hallway with cum running down her leg, Shea found out the assignment was to attend a charity ball and auction tonight to help out a previous member of Freyja Inc.

The guest list was full of wealthy members of the social scene but most of them were known to be tight with their money. The girls' job was to get the money bags to loosen up the strings and spend. Photo profiles and files were passed around to each girl giving them information about each person attending. Likes and dislikes, marital status, affairs, fetishes, monetary value, and countless other pieces of information were listed in each persons file.

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