Friday Night Ch. 04


"Wow, that was close" Lisa exclaimed. "I'm going to have to let you cool down a bit between each time, I see." As she said that, she poured some more lube on my cock to reduce the friction even more. The next three were much like the first, but increasingly it was harder for me to lie still. Yet so far I was managing. I could sense that Lisa was actually a bit frustrated. It was even more obvious now that she was getting off on the entire situation as much because of my frustration and her control over it than she was over the plentiful orgasms she was having. She clearly wanted to see me lose my opportunity to cum at the end of the night. Number six was her increased attempt to make me lose. She started as before, but after the squeezes, she started to rotate her hips. This didn't produce any stroking motion, but had the effect of rubbing around the head of my cock much like her doorknob hand trick. She continued the rotation as she slowly withdrew.

The urge to thrust grew much stronger. I knew that two or three thrusts and I would explode. It was only clinging to the knowledge that one thrust and the whole thing would end with me still throbbing, that allowed me to keep still. Since the first few had gone quickly there was nearly a half hour left before 8 (Lisa had made it very clear the final hour would start at 8 sharp). So Lisa took longer between the next ones, and used lube every time. Each time she increased the number of squeezes and the amount of hip rotation. I was barely hanging on. Sweat was pouring off my whole body. My muscles were getting cramped from the tension. But I had survived the first nine times. I couldn't give in now.

On the tenth time Lisa was really trying to make me cave in. She must have given seven or eight squeezes and was rotating her hips as she squeezed. I was going crazy. Finally she slowly pulled off. "Well, just one more to go" she said with that smile again.

"What! That was already 10" I yelled. "Peter, you must have lost count in all the excitement." I started to argue, but Lisa simply said "Peter" very sharply. I knew it had already been ten, but I also knew it was pointless to argue.

After the longest rest between times yet, Lisa started to lower herself on to my just lubed cock again. Only this was different, she had laid her face against mine, and her tits were laying on my chest. Her knees were below my hips rather than along side of them as they had been. And she was lowering herself faster than before albeit still quite slowly. This time when I was fully inside her she didn't squeeze or rotate or anything she just started back up. Just as my cock head was about to pop out she started back down, even slower. My God, she was very slowly fucking me! Had I won, did she need this too. I had no idea what was going on. After about four strokes I was ready to explode, this time as she reached the top of her stroke she stopped. My cock was just barely held in her cunt. She whispered in my ear, "Don't you want to cum now? Just a few more strokes and I know you'll erupt inside me. Doesn't my baby want to finish fucking me?" She went on in her sexiest bedroom voice. How I stayed still, I don't know. But I did. Finally she let me slide all the way out and she flopped on her back next to me on the bed.

"I can't believe you made it" was all she said. Obviously Lisa was getting a bit exhausted herself. "But you did" she went on, "so after this final hour, you are going to get to cum if you want. I won't go back on my word." I could tell she meant it. I didn't even notice at the time how she had added "... if you want."

"I'm going to get a damp cloth and refresh you before we start. I need to get a couple of other things too. Do you want a drink of water?" she asked.

"Yes, please" I responded weakly, as she walked out of the room.

When she returned she had a damp cloth, a glass of water and some other things which she set where I couldn't really see them. She gave me sips of water and gently wiped off my forehead, then the rest of my face and continued in a non-sensual way to give me an efficient yet pleasant sponge bath. Lisa had also slipped on one of my dress shirts and while still quite sexy, it momentarily took away the added stimulation of looking at her gorgeous bod. After a few minutes, I was at least more comfortable and calmed down somewhat. My cock was no longer rock hard, but still a long ways from being soft.

"Okay, back to work." quipped Lisa. "Almost time for our final hour, then if you still want, I'll untie you and you can finally cum." It still wasn't making any sense to me, what would make Lisa think I wouldn't want to cum at the end of the next hour. I was sure that I'd need to cum even more after whatever she had in mind for this finale. Lisa picked up one of the items she'd laid down out of my sight and then leaned over my stomach so I couldn't see what was going on. Soon I felt her attaching something around the top of my sack and at the base of my slightly soft cock. I'd never seen one in person, nor worn one, but I was pretty sure I knew what she was up to.

Soon I was able to view her handiwork and I was right. It was a short(only about a half inch) ball stretcher and a cock ring. It pushed my balls down further into my scrotum, which as full as they were, swelled my ball sac even tighter and also put an effective clamp around the top of my sac. It also put a tight ring at the base of my cock, which quickly made my cock even bigger, harder and more purple!

"In your condition this won't keep you from cumming, but it will slow you down. It means I can push you even more than I have without you being able to get off" Lisa said, with the biggest grin I'd seen so far. "Let me demonstrate." With that she turned on a 60 minute timer, informing me it was exactly eight o'clock and for the next solid hour she was going to show me what cock torture really felt like.

She began to prove her point by sucking on my cock while she caressed my balls. She gave me the kind of blowjob that would have had me shooting in seconds if it weren't for the cock ring, but she was able to slowly suck my cock over and over without me cumming. It felt like each suck would do it, and my balls got tighter and tighter, but no matter how hard I tried to cum that damn ring kept it from happening. She kept this up for a while and when it felt like the skin on my cock was about to split and I was certain that ring or not I was going to cum, she stopped.

She reached under the bed and pulled out something I didn't even know she'd put there. A feather. A very long, fully plumed feather. She started with my nipples, but quickly moved to my balls. Around and around and around. She worked the tip up near my asshole, while constantly tickling the back of my balls. Soon she was stroking my cock with it. Up and down the underside of the shaft. Then tortuously around the head. She even touched the very bottom end of it to my pee hole, then slowly dragged the whole length of it through that very sensitive slit.

Her next trick was to put on a very soft fur mitten of some kind and rub it all over my cock and balls. She never stroked me, but just ran it around my balls and up and down my cock and swirled it around and around my knob. The continuously changing stimuli were really getting to me.

I was once again sobbing and begging. And the more I did the wilder it made her. She did everything she'd already done and more. She poured oil on me and massaged my balls while playing doorknob with my cock head. She raked her nails from my ass to my pee hole, repeatedly. She had been right about one thing, the ball stretcher and cock ring allowed her to push me much further. Many times it felt like I was going to cum, but it never quite happened. I would actually feel the very beginning of an orgasm, but she would instantly stop and the cock ring was enough to keep me from going over the edge. It was, as Lisa had promised, by far the most maddening yet. Soon I was in a complete daze.

When finally I realized the timer had gone off and Lisa had stopped, I didn't know how long I'd been incoherent. Lisa was just smiling at me and that was all. Many minutes went by. My breathing began to approach normal. My cock had softened just enough for Lisa to remove the ring and stretcher, which she did.

Neither of us spoke of move for quite a while. Finally Lisa said, "Its over. You made it through the 24 hours. Peter, I loved it. It turned me on more than my wildest dreams. I'm so glad I found out about this fantasy side of you. Now do you know the difference between wanting to cum and needing to?"

"Oh yes!" was all I could reply.

"And do you need to cum now."

"You know I do!"

"Answer me directly, do you NEED to? Can you wait any longer?"

"Lisa I need to cum now, I can't wait any more. Please untie me and let me fuck you!"

"Okay, if that's what you want, then I'll untie you now. Is that what you want?"

"YES!" I yelled. "Untie me now, I NEED to cum!"

"Okay, but before I do, there is something you need to know about the choice you are making. If I untie you now..." Lisa paused, finally she continued "and the choice is yours, but if I untie you now, this will never happen again. Peter, I've loved this and I don't want it to end, so.." I tried to interrupt her, but she told me to be quiet and listen and she'd explain everything.

"I did this in the first place because I knew it was your fantasy, but I never imagined how much I was going to love it. Now I want to do more of it, and I think you probably want me to. But, if you chose to be untied now and fuck me, this will be a one time shot. However, if you agree to wait until morning to cum, I'll accommodate your fantasy often. You have to admit, your cock hasn't ever seen this much attention before, and from the way its getting harder again, I'd say it likes it!" she giggled.

It was true, Lisa talking about future teasing was making me hard again. My mind was mush one more time. Did I want to go through this ever again? It had been so unbelievably frustrating, but at the same time I'd never been so turned on! But I needed to cum so bad. Could I wait any longer?

While this was all running through my mind, Lisa upped the ante "And, if you agree to wait until morning, you can have your way with me all day. I'll do anything you want. You can have all the blowjobs you ask for. You can even do it up my ass if you want." This last comment was really something. Lisa really doesn't like to be fucked in the ass, but she knows it turns me on a lot. "Peter, please do this for me, do this for us. I know we'll both be glad, and I'm sure we'll have sex far more than we used to." Lisa was really pouring it on. She really wanted to get me to wait one more night, but I also knew she wanted to tease my cock all the more in the future. One thing I was sure of, Lisa is so stubborn, that if she said she would never do it again unless I was willing to wait until morning, she would stick to it.

Suddenly I heard myself saying "Okay, I'll wait if that's what you want, but only on one condition." Lisa asked what the condition was. "No more teasing tonight, I can't take any more." And I meant it, I could wait until morning, but I really had reached my limit for now.

Lisa bounced on the bed and squealed "Peter, I really do love you. You've made me so happy! And I'm almost exhausted myself, so no more teasing tonight. It's a deal. But I'm so turned on by this that I've got to cum one more time or I'll never get to sleep." And with that Lisa spun around and lowered herself on to my face once again. I attacked her clit with all my might. Soon she was shuddering in yet another orgasm. Slowly she slid down on the bed beside me and kissed my cheek.

Lisa pulled the covers over us and cuddled up again. Her hand was gently holding my balls. "Lisa, you promised no teasing" "Shh," was all she said, "that's not teasing, this is." And she started to slowly stroke my cock. Before I could say anything else, she shifted her hand back to my balls and held them softly. The message was clear and I said nothing further.

For the second night in a row, here I was; tied to the bed, more horny than I'd ever been in my whole life, with my naked sexy wife laying beside me thoroughly sated with more orgasms in one day than in a normal month. I was so exhausted that in spite of everything I was starting to drift off when Lisa whispered one last thing in my ear. "Earlier this evening you said you needed to cum and you couldn't wait any longer. Obviously that wasn't true. You're going to have to pay for that you know." And with that she relaxed into a deep sleep.

The End

Look for the sequel, "The Next Day" to be posted soon!

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