tagLoving WivesFriday Night Surprise

Friday Night Surprise


Hello there! My name's Andy and I have a story to share with you. It's about my wonderfully loving wife, Mandy, who has made me the happiest man in the entire world. You see she has been cuckolding me since we were married sixteen years ago.

At first, I found her Bulls on cuckold sites and we found some really good men that gave her so very much pleasure. We had a standing Wednesday night date with a beautiful black guy, Jason, that made her scream with lust and beg for more every time his thick dick forced its way into her already large pussy.

I found a white guy Steve, who did a fairly good job. But he also wanted to suck my dick after he had done Caroline. She didn't like sharing her boys with me, so she kicked him out after about six months of his gifts. I sort of miss him because his mouth was almost the only action my tiny prick got to enjoy.

Mmmmm, just remembering him makes me hard and wishful. But anyway, he's in the past. Maybe one day, I'll let go of those memories... sigh.

When we felt we had exhausted all of the cuckold sites for studs for my Mistress, Mistress decided that she wanted to visit a new Sex Club that was opening up not far from our home.

I was a bit reluctant and pleaded for her not to go, but then what did I have to voice my opinion. She is my goddess and I will do anything for her.

I called and made the reservation to a club called Wet Nights. It was a sex club for members only and the membership is five hundred a year, but well worth it. Believe me, my little dick is hard the entire time we are at the club.

Soon after we began our visits to the club we began meeting the other Gold Members. Mandy had accumulated a following of male suitors. They knew she was available because she always led me in the club with a collar on a diamond-studded chain.

Some nights I was allowed to enter on my feet, scantly clothed, others, depending on her mood, I may have to enter on my hands and knees, totally nude so others could see my short-comings.

After a while, I stopped feeling embarrassed. There were other cucks there and when allowed to mingle, we talked amongst ourselves as our Mistresses' were engaged in unions where our services were not immediately required.

I enjoy that part of the Club, because, I got to give and receive sexual favors without my Mistress being aware of my pleasures. But, again, I'm not writing about myself, I'm telling you about Mandy's adventures.

Upon arriving at the club, my Mistress is now greeted at the door by all the male suitors vying for her affections.

You need to understand why my Mistress is so popular. First, she is as beautiful as any goddess. Her long black hair falls loosely down her back. It's always shiny and full. Her laughter is that of an angel singing. Everyone turns and smiles when she laughs.

Secondly, she has a body that any woman would kill for. She has full luscious breasts with hard nipples that are always erect and begging for attention.

Mistress is not afraid to strut her stuff... as a matter of fact, she parades around the Club, stripping piece by piece of her clothing looking for the studs she desires fort that night. Most nights she gets as far as bra and panties before she has chosen all of her mates.

This means she has five to seven suitors to please before she drags me home. Most nights she finds a private room and sit her lovers outside the door to guard her while she plays with her current choice.

She only plays with one at a time. Once she has taken her Man into her private room, she sends for me. If I'm nude, I quickly dress, if she's allowed me clothes and run to her side.

"Yes, Mistress, I've come to assist you in any way," I grovel on knees beside the bed.

If she is already in the throes of passion, I sit quietly until she notices that I've arrived and is need of my services. I don't speak a word until I'm spoken to. When she needs me she commands me to her bed and clean both her and her lover or lovers.

So now that you have a little background on how all of what is about to be revealed came about, I'll continue on with my story.

Today, My Mistress, Mandy, told me that I had to be chaste for the entire day because we had a busy night tonight.

"I have a challenge that I must complete. I'm putting on a show for all to see. I have committed to fucking all of the males in the club. Your job is also a bit arduous as well. You see, you are to travel threw the throng of gentlemen there, comparing their genitals and putting them in order by prick size, smallest to largest. So go get your box so I can put it on." She smiled and motioned that I should leave.

I was thrilled because I was going to get to touch every prick in the club tonight.

"Oh, and by the way we will be performing in the main room tonight. No privacy." Mistress Mandy flashed her voluptuous breast at me then turned to go.

I prayed she would take me nude tonight. So when I touched the dicks of all of the "Real Men" in the club, I would see how many also would like to have a prick to suck on or to have theirs sucked. Again, I'm sorry for thinking of my needs while telling my Mistress' story.

Assisting my Mistress bathe and get dressed after fixing dinner, my prick was anxious. It kept pressing against the bars of my cage. It was painfully pleasant.

Every time Mistress Mandy's back was turned, I stuck my fingers in the bars and rubbed its head then tasted the precum there.

My dick jerked and wanted more. But alas, it was packed in tight. The key lay around Mistress Mandy's beautiful neck.

After her shower and dinner, my Mistress knelt before me, unlocked the box and slipped my limp cock into her mouth. She looked up at me and smiled. She sucked it deep and hard pulling all the seed from my balls making sure that I wouldn't leak tonight.

It felt so good and painful. But tonight I wanted to be able to cum for real!

I dressed her in a skin tight, black, silk dress that had slits from her knee to her hip. She is think and shapely so it made her look all the more beautiful. She wore only a thong for underwear.

"Easier for you to take off, with your teeth when you present me with the man with the smallest dick. And by the way my gift to you is that when I'm finished with him, you can make him suck your dick for only five minutes."

My cock pressed harder against the cage and my heart pounded hard against my chest. I had a man to suck me in-between Mistress Mandy's fucks. I tried not to smile too big as I kissed her hand.

I found her black stilettos and mesh stockings. As she posed before me my prick again pressed against its irons.

I spritzed her with her favorite perfume and she patted my butt as she left the room.

I quickly dressed and knew she would redress me before we left. When I walked out of the bedroom, she was coming in. She had a pair of shorts in her hand. The crouch didn't have a zipper.

"I want you to wear these tonight," she smiled, unzipped my jeans and pulled them off me. Then she put the shorts over my feet and looked at me. I took that as a signal that I should pull them up and see if they fit.

They were short-shorts. My cage showed at the bottom. I smiled and thanked her. Tonight would be one of total derogation. She would probably make me do sixty-nine with the guy with the smallest dick too.

Finally, dressed and ready to go, Mistress Mandy placed my dog collar on my neck and commanded I get on my knees. She put me in the back seat of the car and drove us to the club.

The crowd was larger than normal. I guess the word got out or maybe it was a new rush night where non-members could vie for a membership.

Mistress found her way to the front of the line with me chasing after her on bended knees and hands. Rocks cut my legs as I tried to keep up with her pace. Just before she walked through the door, she turned to me and said, "Tonight you will come to me when I call to you, Hey studly!"

I flicked out my tongue and panted like a dog and even jumped up and down like an excited one. The collar choked me as I pranced.

Once we made it through the door, we saw the crowd in the main room. Many more than had ever been there on any particular night. The word had gotten out.

When Mistress Mandy entered the main room, it erupted in a clap of thunder from all of the men and women applauding her. She pulled tight on my leash and I stopped dead.

She glanced down at me then separated the collar from the chain. "Go find him puppy, find the man with the smallest dick and work up from there!" She cried loud enough for all to hear and see.

As I traveled around the room looking at all of the men's tools, my own pressed hard against my cage.

The women had all found chairs around the wall to watch as their cucks, boyfriends and husbands lined up to be examined and sorted.

I didn't count the participants, but I know it had to be at least sixty to seventy-five men. I was going to have a busy night.

My first idea was to take them by height. I figured that taller men would have bigger dicks. So I first found men in the five-foot range. I put them together in a row; next was the taller men, again in a row and finally the giants. Some men were over six-foot-nine inches.

I thought my Mistress going to enjoy these cocks. But to my amazement, upon inspection, some of them didn't have much more than I did.

I was glad that I was chased because I would have blown my wad more than once had I not been. I could fluids tickling my wound up prick.

Thank goodness, Mistress Mandy had given me permission to judge each man's cock with my mouth as well as my eye. It took me one hour and forty minutes to eye, suck and estimate each of the sixty-nine men there that night.

The Club officials brought out a king sized poster bed with silk sheets and a down comforter for Mistress Mandy to recline. Before climbing onto the bed, my Mistress stripped her clothes and handed them to me.

Looking at the row of men, awaiting her thrills, I noticed not one was soft. And hard, even the smallest was larger than me.

Mistress looked at me and nodded her head; my sign to invite the first Bull to her bed.

The short guy approached slowly, his prick growing as he advanced. He stopped at the side of the bed and awaited her invitation.

She licked her lips with the tip of her tongue then smiled at him and nodded.

As he climbed onto the silk sheets, his prick seemed to grow even larger.

"What is your pleasure, Chester?" she whispered so that only he and I could hear.

I kneeled on the side of the bed, no cushion to soften the hard floor and awaited my Mistress' next command.

"My Lady, I would like to fuck you in the ass, if I may!" he whispered.

The guys asked permission time after time to couple with my Mistress and each time I was told to grant it.

"Mmmm, I think I would like that, my champion," she smiled and rolled over.

Chester slipped the silk up and over her voluptuous derrière then slipped his hand around the base of his prick.

I saw precum there and licked my lips.

He spread her cheeks wide and I saw the target there for his arrow to penetrate. He took some oil and sprayed it there. Mistress shivered slightly at the coolness of it. Chester took aim and his prick slid swiftly and deeply into my Mistress' ass.

She cooed as he grabbed the girth of her ass and slowly seesawed in and out of the tight hole. Chester face smiled the entire time and I noticed that he had reached around her and found her smooth cunt and was playing with her clit as he spewed his seed deep inside her.

Mistress cried out in deep breaths, "Oh yeah, do it baby, make me yours! Fuck me good! Oh yes!"

On that word he had permission to fill her hole and his cum shot all over his pubic hair as her ass tightened.

Chester's prick swiveled and slipped out of the now wet hole and he rolled off of the bed. I climbed onto the bed and lapped the hot cum out of her filled pussy and my dick pressed against the bonds of my cage.

Before I rolled off the bed I asked her permission to suck Chester's cock while she fucked the next man. To my surprise she aloud me that pleasure.

I motioned for him to join me. He followed my direction and when he arrived, I explained that I had permission from my mistress to let him suck my cock.

He smiled, and I handed him the key that my Mistress had given me. He unlocked me and pulled out my throbbing rod. It felt so good to be free.

Chester bent over my now hard penis, then he sat up again and looked me in the eye. He licked his lips and then slowly ran his tongue across it once again, more seductively.

I spread my legs wide and he bent over my lap, his hand on my knees and his tongue slowly wrapped around the head of my dick, which had already started leaking precum.

At first I watched as Chester's head bobbed up and down on my hard shaft, then I heard my Mistress cry out in ecstasy.

After Mistress finished with the next man, she called to me and I cleaned her up and he said he would wait his turn.

I thanked him and cared for my Mistress. She was full of thick tasty cum and my cock shot out its seed in return of the hot seed I had just received.

The assembly line of men moved smoothly, but keeping up was difficult. Especially since I was anxious to get back to Chester.

Five men were waiting for me to clean them. I told Chester that I would be back and crawled to my Mistress. I cleaned her first then like an assembly line personnel, I slipped my mouth over each of the guys cocks.

They were so sweet and my Mistress' flavor was on all of them.

When I looked up she was on number six and he was eating her out. She was sucking him off. Most beautiful sixty-nine I'd ever seen.

"Suck me good baby, your tongue is like a snake go deeper," she cried as she slipped her face off his prick to take a breath. Then quickly swallowed it deep in her throat again.

Chester had lay on the floor and pulled his dick out so I could return the favor that he had given me. Its head was red and I knew it would taste of my Mistresses' ass. I licked my lips and bowed over him slurping it into my mouth.

My prick jerked with excitement and spewed my seed allover my shorts. My head bobbed up and down trying to pull him deeper and deeper into my throat. When he came my body quaked with an explosion of my seed spilling out of the cage.

Chester laid back on the floor, his dong shrinking and his chest pumping up and down, a smile on his face. His fingers diddled with the oozing cum as it overflowed its head.

I wanted to lick it up, but my Mistress called to me for a cleanup. I hurried to her side; the Bull pulled out his long dong and shoved it into my mouth. "Do me first!" he demanded.

Mistress nodded and I slurped him into my mouth. He tasted of her and the others she had bed. My seed ran down my leg as I suckled his prick.

For hours I raced back and forth between my Mistress and Chester, who was enjoying the pleasure of slurping my cock in and then spitting it out. Then I went down on him.

Each time I cleaned my Mistress and her mate, my prick became stiffer. It felt like it was growing. Of course I knew it wasn't.

It was after three a.m. when Mistress had pleased the last suitor. Her hair was damp, matted and tangled. Her makeup gone completely and she was still the most beautiful woman there.

To my surprise, all of the females applauded her accomplishment. We discovered upon leaving that there had been sixty-nine male guest there that night, which excluded me.

Mistress smiled and kissed the messenger, clipped the leash onto my collar, commanded me down on all fours and walked me to the car.

I'll never forget that night.

Thank you for writing my story,

Lady Dora

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