tagLoving WivesFriday Night Surprise Ch. 02

Friday Night Surprise Ch. 02


Hello, my name is Mandy, Mistress Mandy to my wimpy husband Andy. I just found out that he shared my story of my gangbang last Friday night with the whole world. Believe me he's going to be in chastity for a long time!

Stupid little man, always thinking about himself. He knows his job is taking care of men so that I have everything I want and need.

Well, we'll see how long he likes being in the basement. It gets cold down there this time of year and he has nothing to wear but that little silk teddy of mine. I gave him a sheet for that old musty mattress down there.

Too bad he won't be able to share in tonight's little romp. But that's not what I'm here to complain about. I'm here to set the story straight about last weekend's party at the Wet Nights Club.

I had instructed him to line up all of the guys that had come to fuck me in order of prick size. I wanted to get the wimpy ones out first so that I could enjoy those with really delicious massive cocks.

Well, he just rushed through that job because I promised him he could have the smallest dick suck him while I played. That was my mistake.

Let me tell you; he missed cleaning up at least five of my studs. Too busy sucking and being sucked by that snidely Chester instead of watching for my needs!

Believe me, he paid for it.

Anyway, I've taken care of that problem and now I'm here to tell you about the fabulous sex I had that night!

I found out that it was sixty-nine men that I fucked that night. I was sore for two weeks afterwards. It was a terrible time because I was so horny and too sore to have a really good man. I had to have Andy lick me every night just to go to sleep.

I really didn't want to do that because he was punished. I didn't want to give him the pleasures of my silky garden of love. But I was so horny and any dick, even his puny one was painful.

I couldn't even use my dildos.

But back to that night; sixty-nine, I wonder if that's a worlds record for the number of fucks in one night... hmmm.

As you know, I started out with Chester; mousy little man. I was glad to get him over with. His wife must masturbate every night or with a husband like him. No wonder they joined the club.

My second suitor was little better than Chester. Tom was his name. He maybe had seven inches. Barely enough to find my erogenous zone; on and off in six minutes. What kind of fuck is that?

I had to call Andy over because he was so interested in Chester's mouth on his prick he couldn't pull away. I had to call him three times. Slapped him across the face when he finally got there. "Your job is to tend to me, little man. Now do it!" I screamed at him when he finally made his way back to me.

I made him suck my lover for five minutes just because he took so long. Then I told Tom, to spew all over his face for taking so long to tend to him.

I laughed so much at Andy drowning in Tom's thick offering. "You wipe that off and I'll chain you to the fender of the car on the way home!" I threatened him.

He didn't tell you about that now did he? No, all he wanted to tell you about was Chester's mouth on his cock.

After that, Andy was attentive for the next four Real Men. The cock size had jumped from six or seven inches to the eight to nine inch variety. I decide to take on two lovers at once. One in my mouth and the other filling my cunt full of his warm seed horse style.

Jacob straddled me and had to force his wide head into my pussy. I like them thick. There was an audible pop as he forced his way in. Now he had staying power! Twenty minutes was the time on that one.

Robert was in my Mouth, sweet dick he has. Filled my throat and was so erotic and gentle. I sucked hard on that hunk of man.

When the two of them finished, I called over wimpy-poo and had held his dick tightly in my hand as he cleaned them up. His balls grew tight and red as he sucked and the redder they got the tighter I squeezed.

Bet he didn't tell you that either, did he?

Bishop wanted to do sixty-nine. He has the best tongue in town. And a ten-inch prick. Nearly choked me. But oh what a tongue! I really envy Natalie; she gets him every night.

Sucking him in his head lodged in my throat and I could barely breathe. For twenty minutes we sucked and fucked until I could no longer breathe with his tool down my throat.

When he shot his load my mouth couldn't contain it all. He overflowed onto my breast and I, again, had to call wimp boy over to clean my lover and me up.

Upon arrival by my side, he was smiling like a monkey; he had not paid a bit of attention to the pleasures I was enjoying. I grabbed his useless balls and squeezed them tight. I motioned for him to lean over so I could talk with him.

When he got the message I whispered in his ear, "Have your fun, puppy, because tonight is the last of it you will have for a long time!" And I smiled sweetly.

He'll learn his place this week and if not, he'll stay down there another week. As long as it takes.

I'll let him out to come cook my dinner and clean the house, then back to his little cold room with no clothes, no shower and he has to go out in the back yard like a dog to do his business.

Forest was a true lumberman. He lifted me off the bed and lay in my place. Then he lifted me off the floor and lay me on top of his massive chest. Then he moved me, like I was a rag doll onto his face and slipped his tongue deep in my pussy.

If only all men used their tongues as adeptly as Forest, no woman would ever produce a child. We would live our lives on men's faces.

And he had stamina. He licked and licked and licked until my body quivered with the excitement of being on a roller coaster.

When he released me, I pulled his thick, ten-inch prick into my lips and sucked out that thick, hot cum and swallowed as much of it as I could. My body shook with such pleasure I thought I would fall of the bed and wondered where money boy was then.

I whispered in Forest's ear, "Call Andy over here, please!"

His voice boomed across the room and Andy ran to our side.

I pulled him within an inch of my face and spoke as softly as I could trying to restrain my anger, "Why are you here?" I said between clinched teeth.

"To tend to you my Lady!" he whispered.

"Then do your job you useless wimp!"

He bent over Forest's prick and sucked it into this mouth. I got off the bed, cum slid out of my pussy and ran down my legs. I went around the bed and took a paddle out of my purse and slapped him hard on the ass until I saw the red whelps rising there.

"Now you can go back to you friend!" I yelled.

Chester seemed to coddle him and he curled up beside him.

Johnson is a big beautiful black and I have always wanted to have him inside of me. He carries an eleven-inch prick. I had heard a lot of wonderful things about what he can do with it too.

Its heart shaped head was a dark pink. Precum had formed on its surface and I wanted to lick it off. My tongue crossed my lips preparing for the taste of his seed. At first he just straddled my chest and let the prick bounce up and down before my eyes.

My tongue repeatedly ran the length of my lips, preparing them to take in such a heavy load. Then I opened wide.

He stretched my mouth open as much as it would go. My jaws hurt from his size.

"I'll go slow," he promised. "If it hurts, I'll pull out."

I smiled, "After I suck you, I want you to fuck me, will you do that?"

"It'll be my pleasure Missy," his deep words boomed across the room.

The lights seemed to go out as I took his massive tool into my lips. He slipped deep into my throat and out again. I had to adjust my breathing to my nose so that I wouldn't aspirate.

Too soon, his seed spewed into my throat and overflowed my mouth. Then I felt a tongue in my pussy. I knew it wasn't Johnson. He was still in my mouth.

I tried to see around his massive body but couldn't really see who was pleasuring me but was unable to get past his mass.

Finally he rolled off and there, between my legs was Whyet. He is a big attorney in town. He and his wife Jessica have some really good and wild parties.

Once he saw me watching him fuck me, he smiled real big. Jessica walked over to the bed and she climbed onto it. She took off her panties and she straddled my face.

My tongue darted into her wet pussy. The salty tasted caused my cunt of fill with fluids which really pleased Whyet. He fucked me faster and I could feel his hand in Jessica's ass as he pushed in and out with his fingers pleasing both of us at once.

She suckled my breast and her mouth covered mine on and off in deep, wet kisses. When Whyet's body convulsed with pleasure and his seed filled my cunt , she reversed her body and her pussy covered my lips as she kissed her husband.

I was surprised at how erotic that was to me. My orgasm was doubled by the experience.

But again, I had to call Monkey boy over to clean me up.

This time, I took the collar and leash and put it around his neck. I put the handhold around the post of the bed so that he would remain available for the rest of the night. He bent over me and started sucking and lapping at the seed that had accumulated there.

After Whyet, most of the rest of the evening became a blur. I can't remember any names or even faces. But when monkey boy had to carry me to the car because I was hurting a little.

I will never do it again, but I did find a few new studs that will be permanent from now on.

~ Lady Dora

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