tagLoving WivesFriday Night With An Old Friend

Friday Night With An Old Friend


Last Friday night, one of our close friends stopped after work by for a beer or two. We hadn't seen Gary in a while, and as you may know from our other stories, my wife Donna and Gary are very close. We have had the opportunity to include Gary in our sex lives frequently; he is one of our closest friends. I opened some beers and Gary and I visited on the patio, waiting for my wife to arrive. One bottle of beer led to two and then two bottles to three, and soon we were in the hot tub drinking from plastic glasses, pretty near drunk, when my wife Donna came in from work. Donna was working part-time after her regular job with Gary as a sex surrogate and sometimes worked late in the evening to accommodate her clients. Tonight, she encountered two semi-drunk naked men when she entered the patio, and in true 'HotWife' spirit, shed her clothes while directing one of us to get her a Jack Daniels.

As I entered the kitchen, I watched my tanned lean blonde wife slip into the hot tub with Gary, her nipples erect in the cool night air. Returning with my wife's drink, I found them laughing at each other from opposite sides of the hot tub. Evidently, Donna was trying to be sexy when she entered the hot tub, only to fall headlong into Gary's lap as she slipped on the redwood steps. They had both jumped to opposite corners out of reflex and were laughing about it as I joined them. As we talked, Donna would rise out of the water to cool off. The hot water dripping from her huge erect nipples gave me an erection. Thinking about fucking my naughty wife and knowing Gary was thinking the same thing, I found myself pumping my cock under the hot water. I asked Donna to get us another bottle of beer, and helping her from the hot tub, she made a showing of her naked body to both of us horny old men.

As she stood at the steps, she bent at the waist, her sweet little vulva tight between her legs. As the hot water ran from her body, Donna crossed the patio, her cute naked ass moving with each step. When my wife returned with the beer, she had slipped on a gauze robe that was clinging to her still hot and wet body. Donna had the cell phone in her hand, and as she handed us our drinks, said she was going to call Gary's girlfriend, Denise, and let her know he was too drunk to drive. Denise can be a real pain sometimes, and we weren't sure whether she was going to be pissed-off or not. As my wife dialed the number and sat down, she let her robe fall open, revealing her large 36 DD breasts and large erect nipples. Sitting facing the spa, she crossed her legs as she began talking to Denise, slowly running her hand up and down the outside of her thigh as she talked.

Her robe was loose on her shoulders, breasts mostly exposed and long legs uncovered as she talked on the phone. My cock was hard as I listened to my wife tell how drunk Gary was and how she was worried about him driving home. Donna was now tracing her nipple with her fingertip while telling Denise that he was going to be okay in the guest room and it would not be an inconvenience. My wife motioned for Gary to come to the phone, and as he stepped from the hot tub, his hard cock gave away his thoughts of watching her. He didn't attempt to cover up. Gary was standing next to my wife as he took the phone to talk with Denise, his cock standing out in front of him, bobbing in front of my wife's face. As Gary talked with his Denise, Donna slid her little hands around his cock and fed it into her warm sexy mouth, slowly licking the head before sliding it down her throat.

Gary was telling Denise he was too drunk to drive and needed to lie down as Donna cupped his balls and licked the length of his shaft, looking up into his eyes as he was watching her suck his cock as he talked. I stepped from the hot tub to take a seat closer to where my wife was sucking our friend's cock, watching her slide her lips over his shaft as her cheeks engulfed him. Gary began saying goodbye as my wife leaned back in her seat, legs slightly parted, neatly shaved pussy just in view, her fingers tracing her thighs up to her nipples and then to her lips. Gary set the phone on the table and looked down at my nearly naked wife. Donna looked up at Gary and told him she was trying to be a good wife, although it wasn't easy, and that we should all go to bed. She slowly pulled her robe over her breasts and looked coyly up at the two of us. I am sure both Gary and I thought the same thing, but my wife had different ideas as she told me to show Gary to the guest room.

I asked Donna if everything was okay as she headed toward our bathroom and she said yes, that she thought it was better if Gary slept in the guest room tonight. Gary looked at me and then at my wife as she turned the corner. I was as confused as he was! I showed Gary to the guest room, and to be honest, we were both pretty drunk and laughed the whole thing off as he plunked down on the bed, dropping his towel to the floor. I told him I would wake him up for breakfast and coffee in the morning before shutting the door and the light. As I entered the bedroom, there stood my wife in front of me, looking ready to fuck in a very short black baby-doll negligee, her nipples pressed against the net material that fell just short of her sweet pussy. Her long legs were supported by high heeled black slippers and her hair was pulled up, revealing her beautiful long neck. My wife's right hand was moving slowly around her pussy as her fingers played with her clit.

"Scott...I am feeling really slutty right now, you know it's hard for me to be a good girl!"

She walked toward my towel clad body and ran her hand down to my hard cock. My hands went to her fine ass as she pressed against my body. Pulling her toward me, I asked how slutty she felt.

Breaking our embrace, my wife continued, "Honey, I think it is time for you to go to bed now," as she pinched my cockhead with her fingertips. In a soft voice she whispered as she slipped by me, "Your horny little wife will be back in a while!"

The hallway light was on dim as I watched my wife turn the handle of the guest room, her long tanned legs and firm ass stepped forward as she gave me a wink before slipping behind the door, closing it behind her. I lay in bed for what seemed like hours, my cock in my hand, my brain racing with images of my wife fucking our friend Gary in the guest room. It was sometime after midnight when I woke up, my wife was sliding on top of me as she climbed on the bed. I could feel her hot wet pussy as she sat on my stomach and pinched my nipples sharply. My eyes adjusted to the dim light, I could see she was smiling that sexy smile of hers. The one that proclaims loudly that she has just been royally fucked. Her hair was a mess, and she looked nasty and sexy at the same time. My wife leaned over my body and turned on the bedside lamp. Her nipples were red and hard as they brushed my chest.

Sitting up, I could now see her cum filled pussy as she leaned back on her spread legs. "Scott, I have been a very naughty wife! I fucked our friend! Would you like to hear about it?"

My cock was hard as she slid off my body and lay on her back. "Honey, finger my pussy! I want you to rib my pussy while I tell you about helping Gary get to sleep!"

My wife's fingers were tracing her wet clit as I slid three fingers into her well fucked pussy lips. I could feel the fucking she had just received and swirled my fingers around in Gary's semen.

Then Donna began: "Gary was stroking his cock when I entered the room. He turned the light on as I stood above him."

My wife was fondling her breasts as she continued.

"He asked me to finger my pussy while he played with his cock. I had two fingers in my pussy as I watched him jacking-off."

My cock was so hard I was fucking the bed as I continued fingering my wife's freshly fucked pussy.

"I couldn't wait to feel his cock in my pussy and I slid onto him while he was still trying to pump his cock!"

My wife's hips were moving in rhythm with my finger fucking her juicy pussy.

"His cock felt so good in my pussy again. It has been so long since we've seen him. I wanted to grind down on him until he came!"

My fist was buried in my wife's pussy.

"Honey, he started pinching my nipples roughly as he fucked me. He pulled my nipples as I came all over his cock for the first time in a long time. I could feel him cumming inside my pussy as I squirted on his cock. My pussy was gushing with cum Babe."

I raised my fist from my wife's pussy, and moving up, slid my cock into her well fucked pussy. Looking down at her sweaty body, I asked her if she liked fucking Gary tonight, my cock slowly moving in and out of her pussy. Donna smiled as she ground her pussy against my cock, her hands reaching out to pinch my nipples.

"Honey, do you still like me fucking Gary? I think you like your wife being a naughty little slut, don't you? I think you were jacking off thinking about me fucking our friend tonight."

Donna knew she was right on every point. "I know you love fucking my well fucked pussy; your little wife's well fucked pussy!"

That was the point of no return for me, as I began shooting my cum into my horny wife's pussy, her legs wrapped around me as we fucked. As I sat back on my legs looking at my naughty wife, legs spread, her pussy covered with our cum.

"Honey, you know I've fucked a lot of cocks, but this pussy will always belong to you. You own it!"

There was no point in talking as I slid my cock back down into her pussy. I love the feel of her fucked pussy, and she knew she owned me.

Saturday morning came and I could feel that Donna was already out of bed. I could hear the shower running as I slid from bed. Hitting the kitchen, I found a fresh pot of coffee and a waiting cup. As I finished pouring my coffee, in walked Donna, a towel wrapped around her waist, her large naked breasts swaying as she walked toward me. Pouring a cup of coffee, my topless wife gave me a lingering kiss while squeezing my cock through my pajama bottoms. Donna poured the third cup of coffee, added some creamer, and taking that cup and hers, told me to follow her. As we got to the guest room door, she directed me to open the door and take a seat in the stuffed chair facing the bed. The door swung open as my wife stepped into the room. Topless and holding two cups of coffee, she approached the bed. Gary sat up and smiled, looked at me and grinned and then at Donna as he took a cup from her.

As my wife stood in front of our friend, she let the towel slip from her hips as she slid one knee onto the bed and then the other, kneeling naked on the bed. I watched as Gary's hand found her pussy as the other rested on her hip, pulling her toward him. My hand was on my hard cock as she set her coffee cup down on the table, leaning to him and kissing him, her breasts hanging firmly beneath her. Gary set his cup on the table as my wife slid into bed next to him, wrapping her legs around his naked body. As they kissed, his hands found her fine ass, slowly sliding his fingers over her tanned cheeks. Donna slid down Gary's chest, licking his nipples as she made her way down to his hard cock. I watched as my wife slid his cock into her mouth. She was sideways on the bed looking me in the eyes as she began sucking our friend's cock.

I watched as Donna slowly licked his shaft, running her tongue around his cockhead and then taking his cock back into her throat. Her ass was high in the air as she was on her elbows, deep-throating Gary's cock. This position allowed our friend to slide his hand to my wife's spread legs, pressing against her pussy and rubbing her clit. Donna began rotating her hips as Gary was slipping a finger into her pussy as she pushed back against his hand. Donna smiled and blew me a kiss as I was jacking off watching her with our best friend. As I pumped my cock, I could hear Gary finger-fucking my wife's wet pussy. The harder he fingered my wife's pussy, the more she sucked on his cock. Gary's cock was rock hard as my wife positioned herself over him, sliding her wet labia onto him. Slowly, I watched as my wife's pussy completely engulfed Gary's cock. It easily slid into her as she worked herself down his entire length.

Donna was riding Gary's cock slowly, rotating her hips on his as she took all of his cock. I knew exactly what my friend was feeling, as this is Donna's favorite position, and we have done it many times. Donna's hips met Gary's as he reached up and began twisting on my wife's erect nipples. My wife was panting as she fucked our friend, her fingers buried in his hairy chest.

Donna looked over her shoulder, "Honey, come fuck me with Gary! Come fuck your naughty wife!" her voice broke off as she continued fucking Gary.

I slid my fingers between my wife's pussy and Gary's cock, spreading her pussy juice over my rigid cock as I moved in behind her with my cock in my hand. Slowly sliding one finger into the top my wife's pussy, I leaned forward and spoke in her ear, "You are one fucking nasty wife Honey! We're going to fuck your pussy fully."

Moving my finger, I slid my cock into my wife's pussy. She pressed tightly against Gary as I continued slowly sliding my cock in and out of her, allowing me more room to slip against Gary's member and allow us both to stretch her wide. It was only moments before the three of us were fucking together, vaginally double fucking her expanded pussy. Donna was making short panting sounds as my cock pumped and Gary was fucking her pussy. Donna was panting, "Oh Fuck!" over and over as we fucked. I had a grip on her hips and was fucking her roughly. I could feel Gary's cock in my wife's pussy, rubbing against mine, as I began shooting my cum in her cervix, holding her rigidly in my hands as I ground my cock in her, not wanting to stop. Donna was thrashing her head around as Gary was fucking from underneath, letting his cum deep in her pussy. Donna was panting, pressed between two men fucking her hard.

Leaning back, my cock slid from my wife's pussy, leaving a thick rope of cum between us. Donna rolled off Gary, turning on her back, her legs partly spread, and she looked very satisfied! Gary's semi-hard cock was covered with our cum as he softly brushed my wife's skin as she lay next to him. I parted Donna's trembling legs and looked at her pussy, white and juicy, mixed cum from being fucked. Leaning forward, I began slowly fingering my wife's pussy, her very tender and now swollen pussy. Gary was rolling her nipples between his fingers as she began bucking in a gentle orgasm, her clit between my fingers as rubbed. My wife's warm body was twisted between two men as we relaxed, sipping our coffee and considering the next move.

It wasn't the alarm; it was Gary's cell phone that brought our morning to an end. Denise was wondering when he would be home. He was telling her we were just finishing up with breakfast and he would be leaving soon as Donna began licking his nipples and squeezing his still semi-erect cock. I lay sideways on the bed as I watched my wife bring our friend back to hardness, between sucking him and jacking him with her little hands. Gary's cock was hard as he moved up to my wife's chest and straddled her, taking each of her large breasts in his hands and slipping his cock between them. As Gary began tittie-fucking my wife, he was telling her what a naughty wife she was and that she needed to be fucked often. My wife was telling him to come fuck her in the mouth when he started squirting his semen over her throat and face, his cock held tightly between her tits. Donna continued her dirty talk telling him to bring a friend to fuck her as he finished off by pumping his cock with his hand, covering my wife's tits with more of his cum.



Donna's Aftermath

When Gary got ready to leave Saturday morning, I was still horny and glowing from all the orgasms I had received. I know we could have been seen at that time of the morning, but I was desperate and we wanted each other so badly, this was something that could not wait! I pulled his hand and we slipped into the front porch cove behind the big citrus tree like a couple of kids. We found a heavily flowered blossomed tree. With the big green leaves and sculpted branches on the tree and our naked bodies, I was hoping that the long branches would hide our partially naked bodies. I wasted no time and pushed him against the retaining wall and grabbed his crotch. His bulge was growing hard in my hands. We were passionately and furiously kissing, two wanton bodies pressed hard against each other. Our kissing turned hungrily, his lips and tongue were exploring my mouth it was like tasting fresh water. I had never known passion like this for quite some time and it was urgent and needy. I didn't bother un-doing his shirt, I just pushed it up and squeezed his nipples hard till they were erect. I sucked and bit his nipples until he let out a cry!

"Shhhhhhh, you want someone to hear us?" I said to him.

"No, I'm sorry! I will try to be quiet."

I carried on biting and pinching his nipples; his muffled cries let me know I was doing good. I stopped biting his nipples and held his face in my hands and kissed him again. In my head I was thinking, never let my hands leave a man's body, because that's when he placed both hands onto my hips and un-zipped my skirt, it fell fast to the front walkway, and I stepped out of the skirt and slipped my sandals. He lifted me up with his strong hands on my butt cheeks and slid me down his body, my breast and stomach skimming over his groin, and it felt hard and long. He kissed me again and my head spun as he slipped a hand in-between my thighs and parted my legs. He slipped a finger inside my wet pussy and pushed two fingers up inside me and starting turning me on. Not that I needed it! I was panting, but also very aware that someone might see us! I pushed his hands out of the way to get a feel of that huge bulge underneath his tight briefs and he let out a groan. That gave me the signal to pull down his briefs, not that I needed any green light to go!


He deeply groaned when his cock sprung out into the fresh air, his cock feeling so good in my hands. I knelt down and looked up at him with such a filthy look and a half cocked grin that I knew would please him. I licked my lip gloss off with my tongue. I let the tip of my tongue touch the tip of his cock. I caressed the tip in circles and kissed and nibbled his cock until I reached his balls. I gave them a gentle squeeze then reached further and massaged his scrotum while his cock was still in my mouth, humming a gentle tune that vibrated on his cock! I pried my lips from his wet hard cock, my face flushed. We caught each others gaze and that was that! He turned me around and pushed me over the retaining wall and pulled down my wet thong. I could feel a gentle breeze blowing over my buttocks. He shoved my thong into his pocket and grabbed my thigh's and lifted me up on his cock.

I placed my hands on the top of the four-foot wall; his cock was so hard it need no guiding inside and I felt so wet, I just pushed back on his cock and he fucked me with such urgency .He thrust his cock, hard and slow and like a piston. I squealed and he shoved his fingers in my mouth, and he fucked me until he spewed hot molten jizz right up inside me. He came so hard inside of me! I closed my eyes with the sweat slowly trickling down my face. My hair was all strewn around and all over my face. I must have looked exhausted! After we finished, he placed my dizzy feet back onto the walkway, my legs buckling in his arms, so he took off his shirt and laid it on the porch chair and told me to sit down a while. He put his arms around me and I lay my head on his chest, overcome with passion. I casually draped my legs over his as he stroked my hair off my face and kissed my warm and hot forehead.

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