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Friend Cums Inside AM


You should think about reading "Friend Cums Inside" before reading this section of the story. It is a separate story but some details you may like to know exist in that story.

A special thanks to all the wonderful comments on the last story. I enjoy hearing your opinions it makes it worth the time it takes to type out the story. I also enjoy replying to each who allows me to do so. I respect the many requests offered as ideas to incorporate into the story. Only problem is that is not the way it happened Ladies and Gents. This story has been completed I only need to type it out in order to share with you. My personal journal has the ending already as it occurred.

This moment in time I am going to share with you is going back about 7 years. Jenny and I have been married about two years. We were in the Process of moving into our new home we just purchased.

The apartment / condo belonged to her farther, (one of many) though it was rent free for us. We were looking foreword to a little privacy in Our new neighborhood.

We knew too many people, and her dad could just show up anytime. How can you have sexual games and various other things in these conditions? Besides I wanted a pool and hot tub of my own.

We did have many friends and several helped us with the five mile move.

One friend in particular Todd, Jenny would always comment about. Tease Me about him in our pre sex discussions.


The night seemed short. I may have blinked my eyes and it was over. My eyes were cloudy as they opened and I looked around the room. Like a flash of light the Sun suddenly streaked into my eyes. It was Jenny opening the heavy drapes on the window. Glancing over I see Todd still sleeping on his stomach. Just covered from his waist down with a single sheet. The clock read 11:24.

I looked up at my wife she was so cute. Dressed in a tank top with minute straps blue in color. The shirt was tight to her chest mainly white with little flowers on it. Her chest poked firmly at the material. She was wearing a matching brief panty. Her hair was tossed about. The nicest smile, causing her dimples to glow. A slight bounce in her step. She was on cloud nine very happy.

Jenny moved toward the bed pulled back my covers and crawled up on top of me. Straddling my waist she snuggled her nose into my neck. Tracing my cheek with her nose, then to my nose. Looking into my eyes with the world’s biggest grin kissed my lips.

Jenny whispered, "Thank you! Good morning Hun. In case you can't tell I am in a wonderful mood this morning."

Jenny ground her vulva into my morning wood. I could feel the warmth of her crotch as my member sank into the crevice in her panties.

I said, "I am thrilled to see you so bubbly. You must have had a good night?"

Jenny, "The best I feel so loved. You are the best husband. Thank you."

I said, "I should be thanking you for the unbelievable sex last night and for sitting on my hard on now."

Jenny, "I know last night we, I did some things that shouldn't have happened."

I said, "I was right there and was not saying no." My erection was growing under her."

Jenny, "I know that was not what I mean. I mean about the stuff inside me you know?"

I said, "Oh yeah that. Well, what can we do?"

Jenny, "I'm not sure but I will talk to my doctor on Monday. And also get on the pill."

Jenny Leaned forward on one hand sliding her panties to the side. She placed my penis into her and slid back all in one motion.

I feel the warm wet hole as I slide in with ease. Noticing the elasticity is not as tight as normal. Thinking to my self she is trying to distract me from what she just said. Doing a good job at it too.

I place my hands on her tight ass cheeks feeling her rock slowly on my cock.

Jenny kissed my lips in lust. Probing my mouth with her tongue.

I broke the kiss gently I asked, "Why she needed to go on the pill now?"

Jenny grinning, looks at Todd sleeping and says, "You wouldn't want me to get pregnant now do you?" Smiling almost laughing kissing my lips.

My heart raced as I became more excited. I asked timidly scared, "So you want to um have intercourse with Todd more than last night?"

Jenny squeezing her lips together in a grin nodded her head yes. Just above my face looking into my eyes, as her hair ticked my forehead.

I asked, "And you want him to be able to fill your body with his sperm?" Picking up my pace with my hips.

Jenny, "You can too then. I just can't say no to have him deep inside and feeling his warm seamen squirt it is so wonderful feeling. It may be just a phase But I want it bad from him. And I don't want to get pregnant right now by anyone."

I was growing closer to orgasm asked, "Where do you want it?"

Jenny responded, "Pull it out for now till I can see my doctor OK?"

I threw her hips up, "moaning stifled quietly" and came on her ass crack and panties.

Looking over we noticed we awoke Todd. He was on his side watching us. His Prick was stiff and standing up toward his navel.

I said, "Good morning. Sleep well? Hope we didn't wake you?" laughing a little.

Todd in a deep voice, "No it is fine I am amazed to see it is not just a dream." Gazing at my wife's body. "I always wanted to do Jenny you know this is just like unreal."

Jenny reached over and held his hand. Leaning up a little as my limp cock fell from between her ass cheeks.

Todd says, "This is like many fantasies in one. I Fuck a friend, I fuck a friend’s wife, Screwing the neighbor chick."

Jenny removes her panties standing on the bed, awkwardly. Then uses them to wipe my mess off her ass. Moving over to Todd and straddles him saying, "Good morning my stud." Kissing him on the lips and rocking her hips on his prick. Leaning back Jenny grasps the bottom of her miniscule shirt and peels it off her, tossing it aside.

I Roll out of bed and make my way to the Kitchen. I set up to make some coffee and light a cigarette inhaling deeply. Shaking my head in a moment of disbelief.

I enter the bathroom. I stand on the cold tile. I hold my wet dick and squinted my eyes from the smoke. Barely making visible my target to piss in. I shake the remainder, toss the butt into the toilet and flush. Making my way to the sink I brush my teeth. Looking into the mirror I ask myself. "What are you nuts, what are you doing?"

I return to the bedroom door. Looking in I see my wife's little ass hurdled over Todd's big legs like a frog. I move to view them Kissing passionate. My stomach twines from a pinch of jealousy. The same time my balls twitch with excitement as I leave the room.

I pour a cup of coffee and light another cigarette. I sit in a cold chair at the counter bar bare ass. Looking out the glass doors for about five minutes. Putting out my cigarette.

I walk back to the bedroom and see my wife riding his shaft. Blatantly evident as I view them from behind. His shaft thick and glistening sliding into Jen. Then out to the point her pussy lips are embossed with the impression of Todd's cock head. My heart jumps as I deeply swallow in my throat.

For the next moments I watch her muscles flex in her legs and ass as she rose up and down. I just watch for a moment quietly being mesmerized by the erotic view before me. As I continued to watch my internal pangs of jealousy are over whelmed by erotic lust.

Todd has his hands on her cheeks pulling them apart. Meeting her movement with his own.

I admire the view of her anus and her well parted lips around his cock.

I felt the stir of my own dick, fondling it as I watched. My cock was dribbling pre-cum making the head of my penis slippery still in a flaccid state.

Jenny was "grunting" and slamming Todd's body hard. Jen paused and shook a slight shivering shake, before resuming her assault.

I never witnessed a woman working a cock so hard to induce a climax.

Jenny's ass was clenched tight, leaning forward. She pounded Todd's body with a vitality that brought a sheen of sweat upon her back.

Todd exclaimed, "I'm __ going __ to ___ cum!" making a last shove up into Jen.

Jenny leaned further forward allowing, causing Todd to pop out of her womb. She pushed back her pussy against his cock squeezing his cock between her ass cheeks. Todd began to spurt cum high onto her ass and between her cheeks. Still trying to re-enter Jenny's quim. Squealing like a school girl high pitched, "uh, uh, uh, oouuu..." as he released.

Jenny just groaned deeply, "Mmmm" as she moved her ass up and down slowly. I could see her smiling as she told Todd how great that felt. Falling onto his chest.

I stood for a moment like a pervert at a peep show watching as Todd's cock deflated. The cum he had just ejected was traveling down my wife's ass crack over her opened twat. Every so often she would clench it closed as the cum squished about it. Then her fuck hole would re-open to that stretched state giving a view inside her orifice.

Jenny rolled off Todd onto her back, in a stiff robotic motion. She looked like a cowboy who just dismounted, her hips locked in a riding stance. Jenny's knees in the air with her feet just above the bed.

She looked beautiful smiling from ear to ear. Brushing her hair and sweat out of her face. Her pussy was puffy and glistened different shades of red.

Jenny giggling said, "Wow, that was fucking unbelievable,' sniffling catching her breath ' oh my fucking God was that good!"

Todd mentions, "Glad to help any time, no charge!"

I move onto the bed and kiss Jenny gently on the cheek placing my hand around her waist. Say, "Ok my turn?" Jokingly.

Jenny quickly covers her well fucked twat and exclaims, "No no nooo, not right now I need to cool it down a bit Hun. Every body listen up Jenny's Box is closed until further notice."

Todd lifts my wife's hand off her muff, moving his head upwards and says, "I beg to differ but it looks quite open to me." I laughed.

Jenny closes her legs, scoots from between us to the bottom of the bed. Stands grabs her thin robe, placing it on says, "Pigs, you are all pigs now I am going to go get some coffee if you will excuse me and my open hole!"

Todd asks, "So now what? Are you sure this is alright? You still OK with this?"

I respond, "Well, ' shrugging my shoulders ' It's cool so far. Let's just take it slow and see where things progress too? Keep in mind she is my wife. But as long as it is comfortable and she continues to have this insatiable desire to be fucked. I rather it is with someone I know and can trust. As far as you and I as long as it is to please her, I am not squeamish, but certainly not looking for a deliberate gay encounter."

Todd nodding his head in approval says, "I can deal with that, I was caught up in the moment last night. ' moving his hands to an I don't know position ' I get a little freaked to think about it, but it is not like it is going to kill me. I know, just I am not gay either, _____ I don't know it was...?"

I think for a second and say, "I don't think we need to explain anything more to each other. That moment of being caught up in erotic lust does not make you think strait and all "rules" don't exist until you come down from that emotional high."

Todd nods ponders then with a smirk says, "So do you feel like going clothes shopping today for pink frilly clothes together? Or is it still the car show and burn-outs tonight in the city?"

I sack his head with the pillow retorting, "You FUCK HEAD go get your pink frilly pom-poms without me. ' laughing hitting Todd with the pillow ‘ You are all ___ pigs, __ pigs I say! Now I am going to go get some coffee___ 'still laughing’ if you will excuse me and my pole." Both laughing hysterically.

We moved about. Showered, had a bite to eat. Talked normal topics as we cleaned the mess from the night before. Straitened out some items and did a little unpacking. Around four o-clock we decided to skip the car show. We were going to go to the burn-outs tonight at 6, and that was the best part any how. Jumped in the Pool for a while with a few light drinks. Todd left for home about at 5 to get some clothes and we were going to pick him up on the way into the city.

Jenny surprised me as she finally exited the bed room. She was wearing these blue shorts she had bought from Venus Swimwear. They were a very light silky fabric and basically were two attached at the crotch loose floating flaps of material in the front and back. The side cut on each side contoured up to a slit that went all the way to her waistband. Jenny had on a matching tube top covered by a thin mesh see through button down shirt she had left open and sneakers.

I was wearing Khaki shorts and a polo shirt, with sandals. I moved in her walking path and held her in my arms. Running my fingers on the lower of her back. This allowed me to know she had a thong on by the slight ridges I felt.

Jenny giving me a peck on the lips, then wiping my lips with her finger says, "Oh I didn't want to mess my lipstick."

I look at her standing back and say, "You look absolutely edible ' moving into her kneeling in front and biting at her Petite crotch. ' Grrrhhh, Mmmm ' I want to eat you right now!"

Jenny responds, "No I think we are running a bit late as it is, come on get up you can do that later I promise. Right now we got to go. And the Box is still closed remember, ...______ And it is!"

We drove taking Jenny's vehicle. Picked up Todd whom was wearing a polo shirt and cut-jeans along with sneakers. I parked a modest distance away.

When Jenny and Todd exited the vehicle I could see Todd devouring Jenny's outfit with his eyes. She was a stunning sight I must admit.

Walking down toward the crowd of people Jenny and Todd noticed a group of their old friends. Who had a fairly good viewing location along the fence. So it was decided we would stay with them. They were mainly a mixed group of couples. I really only knew of them not who they are.

I enjoyed the show the loud engines and clouds of blue/white smoke. It was a great spectator sport. A little too crowded but fun. It was too noisy though to talk unless you screamed.

I stood next to Jenny and Todd was slightly behind her to her right. With the amount of people gathered around it was common to be bumped often. This also made it easy to feel my wife's ass with being discrete.

My hand was caressing Jenny's ass, my fingers in her crack when I felt Todd's hand slide into mine from below. I was not aware of him before this and looked at Jen in a bit of surprise.

Jenny squeezed her cheeks tight holding my touch firm in its tracks. Evidently, Todd also. Jenny looked at me and kissed me passionately still holding her grasp on my fingers. Then Jenny turned and Kissed Todd with a little tongue quickly not to be noticed. She gazed into Todd's eyes and then with a loving smile blew him a kiss. Turning back to me Jenny smiled lifting her eye brows swiftly then lowering them. At the same time pulsing the squeeze on her ass and then finally releasing. Jenny leaning over to my ear loudly says, "I want to get fucked! I think we should leave!"

Our good by consisted of a wave basically and we were off toward the vehicle. We were almost back to the vehicle when a few intoxicated males. Made some rather rude comments about Jenny and the slut clothes she wore. I did not feel threatened and passed calmly.

Todd on the other hand over reacted he was pissed. I was in shock at his defense of Jenny yet it was a turn on to see how much he cared about her. I turned and waited a moment as the men shot back at Todd. Todd looked at me.

I silently shook my head no back to Todd. I knew Jenny and the verbal abuse form an uneducated drunk was not pleasant. I also knew she was not going to be a happy camper if I go pummel some defenseless jerk and ruin her night. I do not know if Todd felt overly confident because I was standing behind him. None the less it was nice to see he honored my wife.

We entered the vehicle and Jenny turning toward the back smirking says to Todd, "You were jealous over me when they said that?"

Todd tried to explain some chivalry thing bull shit for the next five minutes.

Jenny laughs and with her pointer finger calls Todd forward. Kissing him open mouthed for about five minutes stops. Sits back and says, "You were jealous. ' wiping her lips with a tissue ' Yep somebody is in love with me Hun besides you. You know Todd I am a married woman ' looking in the visor mirror ' as long as my husband is good with it I am flattered?"

I ask, "So Todd how long have you had a crush on my wife? peering back, holding Jenny's hand.

Todd squirming answers, "Geese you two are not making this easy for me. Well, 'clearing his throat' since high school. I always loved Jen we were just too good of friends, so I was her friend first."

Jenny responds, "So you must have just died last night. When, when. ____ Well, when I let you have your way with me?" Jenny casually feeling the erection growing in my shorts smiles at me.

Todd says, "Uh yeah!"

Jenny looking at me asks Todd, "So you want to be my boy friend... my lover?" Continues to lightly feel the erection I am developing from her conversation.

Todd says meekly, "That would be nice. But....." looking at me for my acceptance.

Jenny says, "Don't worry I am getting all the approval I need trust me he doesn’t have to say a word right now. You just tell me what I want to hear without any BS! So?" Undoing the front of my shorts with her one hand.

Todd pauses and says, "Yes, I would like to be your lover."

Jenny says, "Are you willing to share me and I mean all of me. Yet I don't need you to be thinking I will leave my husband someday for you either." Jenny grasping the hard on between my legs. Rolling her thumb through the pre-cum and spreading it upon the head making it slippery and it tingles.

I enter into the driveway of our house and park. I looking back at Todd ask, "Well, Together?"

That was all Todd needed as he said looking at Jen, "I'm yours. And all three of us are together?" All seriously like leaned forward and Kissed Jenny softly on the lips touching her face gently. Backing up a bit looking at me watching turned to me and with his other hand placed behind my neck. Uncertain, Todd making eye contact with me slowly moved and softly kissed my lips. Backing up he said, "Together the three of us."

My chest felt heavy I had not anticipated this. At the same time I almost wanted to cry from the emotion of love. It was not a sexual kiss. It was a kiss of a seal bond between us. I knew what Todd felt and smiled at his openness’ to drop his guard as a man toward another man. I have never felt such a genuine love not lust, from another male.

I told Todd he could take this car home tonight when he left. That I needed to empty the pool screen and I would be right in. Jenny and Todd scurried into the house.

I zipped my shorts, lit a cigarette as I chuckled at them and headed to the filter. I thought about what is going to happen and what is happening. I know I was not in control of the situation as much as I would have wanted to be. I was a little frightened, but still secure in my self. It just feels good to have people who love you and are willing to protect your interests.

Todd and Jenny were kissing heavily as I entered the bedroom standing at the foot of the bed. Almost naked as the removed the remainder of clothing.

Jenny came over to me to assist me as I stripped down. Removing my shorts I sat down on the edge of the bed. Jenny hungrily swallowed my cock. I removed my shirt tossing it and kicking the remainder of my shorts off my foot.

Todd moved behind Jenny and knelt placing his face into her ass area. I knew what he was going to do as I eased back. Moments later.

Jenny's legs gave out a little as she leaned into me supporting her weight. Jenny moaned, "Uuhh, Aaaw, Yeess just like that." between her sucking.

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