tagLoving WivesFriend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed


Episode eight of the erotic photo journals of an English Teacher in Thailand.


Noi held me tight. I felt her warm body press against my back. I counted myself very lucky indeed to have settled down with this particular girl. Noi is always very attentive, loving, and obedient. Thai women are very shy and prude in public, and make up for repressing their emotions in bed where they like to fuck like rabbits. Like most other Thai girls, Noi has a very high sex drive and she likes to get her tiny pussy filled with every inch of my big white dick whenever she can. Why, she practically worships my white cock, touching, licking and holding it all the time. She actually fucked me my brains out on our first date, and I am proud to say, she has repeated this performance twice a day for the last year. Why else do you think Thailand is full of expats?

Noi has a lovely sweet oval face, light olive brown skin, thick lips good for kissing and sucking cock, and long dark brown hair which she sometimes colours brown-red. At 5ft1 and 48kg, her body is petite with girlish hips and perky little breasts just built for sex. Noi is very docile, and does whatever I want her too. When instructed, she cuckolded me obediently, without the slightest hesitation or inhibition; Thai women know no guilt. Since then however, she has developed a quite taste for other men's cocks. She has come to enjoy our promiscuous lifestyle, and she always comes without fail because she Thai and fucking is in her nature.

The scooter slowed down, and we turned into the side road leading towards our private estate. We always passed the English pub in Hang Dong on our way home and as usual, there were half a dozen scooters parked in front and a dozen expats drinking beer, watching the football and chatting together before hitting the bars in Chiang Mai. I slowed down and stopped, pulling up for a quick beer with Noi. To my surprise, I found Danny at the bar. Danny is a big stocky Irishman from Dublin. At fifty-three years old, he had been teaching mathematics in Chiang Mai for eight years. Danny is the kind of person who is always the first to volunteer and give a helping hand. He is usually quick to smile and his Irish sense of humour suits his rugged face and curly blond hair. Today, I was quite surprised to discover him there in my local bar, drinking a pint of Guinness alone, and surprisingly distraught. After a warm greeting, I sat down beside him, and asked:

"What's up, Danny?"

He shook his head sadly.

"It's the Misses. She walked out on me," he said.

"No way!" I said, with sympathy and surprise.

I mean, Danny was a legend at the University. Apart from his gift in mathematics and his skills with Gaelic football, Danny had totalled the highest number of Thai women, or "kills", of anyone I knew, a true Ace of Aces.

"She left you for another man, did she?" I asked.

"Nah," he replied. "Actually, it's a Ladyboy." He managed a smile, always the sense of humour.

"Seriously, she said it was because of my cock. She says it's just too big for her, and she hurts so much from fucking me." I looked at Noi, and she blushed. I could see she was troubled.

"Well, you can't drink alone, can he Noi? We will stay with you for a while and keep you company," I said and tapped him on the back.

"Thank-you, Tony. A friend in need is a friend indeed," he replied.

We stayed with him drinking and chatting for a while, and then as it was getting late, so Noi proposed he come and stay the night at our place for the night. He agreed and thanked us for our kind offer. We drove home on our bikes and settled down for a final beer.

"You have a good woman there," he remarked, nodding at Noi. "So pretty, and mighty hot in bed."

She blushed at the compliment. I caught him leering at her, but she did not seem to object.

"You're right. She has a lovely body and likes to fuck like a rabbit," I replied with a big grin.

He laughed out aloud, and Noi protested, embarrassed and punched me playfully, her face was red.

"It's time to be getting to bed now. We'll see you in the morning," I said.

We said our goodnights, and I proposed that he use the bathroom first. The only access to the bathroom is through our bedroom, so we had to take turns to use it. He accepted, and we waited for Danny to shower before retiring and washing too.

"Is he in bed now?" asked Noi, after a while.

"I think so. I cannot hear anything. He's probably crashed out," I replied.

Noi was brushing her hair, standing naked in front of the wardrobe mirror. We never wore any clothes in bed because they got in the way of fucking.

"Come to bed now," I said, impatient.

"I need to get ready, Honey," she said.

I saw her get her make-up out, and then apply powder to her face. I smiled. She was getting sexy for me. She liked to do that and she knew that I liked her to look sluttish. I watched as she used the mascara, applied black eyeliner, and then red lipstick onto her luscious lips. She looked smoking hot, and my cock was looking forward to some sizzling action.

"How do I look?" She asked innocently, giving me a cheeky little smile.

"Wow," I said. "Come into bed now, Noi. My dick needs a home."

She slipped into bed, reached under the pillow and withdrew her well-worn red lipstick vibrator. Noi is crazy about hers. Generally, Thai women have not seen these before. The small vibrators drive them wild, and it makes them cum like hard if you use it while fucking or going down on them.

Noi reached down between her legs and applied the lipstick shaped vibrator to her clit. It hummed in my ear as she stroked her cunt with the toy.

"Honey, prepare my pussy, please," she asked. An offer you cannot refuse...

I licked at her lovely pussy as she continued to work her pussy. I was so engrossed in my careful work, that I did not hear the bedroom door open slightly. Noi, jerked unexpectedly. I looked up at her from between her legs, and she whispered:

"I think he's watching..."

"What, you mean..." I stuttered.

My eyes open wide. I realised that she was fingering her horny pussy with the vibrator in preparation for fucking. I could see by the way she tensed, bit her lip and gripped my hand that she was tremendously aroused.

"I think Danny needs some company for tonight," she declared.

"What, you mean, you..." I began, but she cut me off reproachfully:

"We need to take care of our guest, Honey, don't we?"

"I really want to be with you tonight," I said. I was really horny and wanted her to stay with me that night.

She squeezed my hand gently, looked at me in the eyes. I could tell how aroused she was from her dilated pupils.

"Please, Honey, understand me. I really want and need his big cock in my pussy again. I have not had sex with him since we met. Please, do this for me, Honey..." she insisted.

I felt as if he were going to be physically sick. How could I tell her that I wanted her all to myself after all that we had done together? The thought of my little brown Noi getting Danny's cock in her that night left me feeling tremendously upset, yet my cock was so hard thinking of my Noi's tight little slit being fucked hard by the big Irishman.

Seeing my expression, she added:

"It's only sex, animal pleasure, so do not worry. It is you that I love and no one else."

"Okay..." I managed, swallowing my pride.

I kissed her tenderly with contradictory and mixed emotions. She responded hungrily, sending her pointed little tongue into my mouth. I could feel the lust and desire burning inside of her. She slipped into her black polka dot panties with ribbons and gave me a quick wave and a brief smile, before gliding quietly into the next room.

I waited anxiously. After what seemed like an eternity, I heard the Irishman's voice in the other room with Noi. Unable to contain my morbid curiosity, I walked up to the bedroom door and listened carefully.

The room was quiet for a moment, and then I heard the Irishman moan loudly. It was unbearable. I knew that Noi was sexually servicing our guest. It was only to be expected, after all, she was Thai and taking a guy up her pussy was in her nature. I had no rights on her, yet it drove me crazy with frustration and arousal. I wanted it to stop right away but my cock was growing harder in my pants now. I felt overcome with a morbid curiosity to see Danny boning my petite and slutty Thai girlfriend. I suddenly wanted to see him fucking her pussy, making it loose, then fucking her asshole and filling it with cum. I wanted to fuck her pussy and to feel the other man's semen squishing around in it.

I crept forward and slowly opened the other bedroom door, peeping in. The Irishman sat naked on the bed with Noi between his legs, sucking at his legs a ten-inch dick in appreciation. Her tight little brown ass was sticking out towards me and she was making a series of muffled noises as her hand worked itself up and down his chunky cock, masturbating him and licking his shaft and balls. His cock totally filled her mouth.

My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. I could not believe that she could manage to take that huge knob into her mouth. Her lips were stretched to their fullest and still she had not taken the entire cock inside her throat. I had never seen anything so shocking or so erotic. My sexy girlfriend was letting out little whimpers of pleasure as her head bobbed up and down Danny's cock. My heart pounded hard and I kept telling myself that I should break it up before it went any further, but somehow I just could not make myself do it. On the contrary, my own cock had sprung to life as I looked on in awe. I noticed that Noi had one hand between her legs, and that she was rubbing her clit as she sucked the man. Danny began to fuck his cock back and forth at her head, and I watched as her cheeks bulge out with cock. She licked his cock and balls as he fucked her mouth. Her hand barely could close around the girth of the cock as her head bobbed up and down. I stroked my cock while I enjoyed this incredible sight.

Noi's tongue licked up and around as she worked Danny's long pole expertly, until he groaned and came a first time in her lovely mouth. Grabbing his balls, her head went down fully, taking the long cock deep into her throat, and squeezing it. She made a little choking sound, and then pulled up again.

I saw her stand up, and to his horror, walk towards door. In horror, I raced back and slipped into my bedroom.

'Hurry up!' barked Danny, impatiently. 'I need your little pussy now. '

She stepped inside our bedroom, closed the door and switched on the light. I stood there like a deer in headlights, at a loss for words. She beamed at me, and threw her arms around me passionately. She pasted her lips against mine and as we kissed mouth to mouth. I he felt her gooey small pointed tongue dart out of her mouth and into mine like a little sticky snake, spitting the nasty bitter sticky cum directly into my mouth like poison. I jerked back in disgust. She smiled sluttishly, went into the bathroom and she quickly washed out her mouth and took a quick pee on the toilet, naked in front of me.

"Come and watch, Honey. I love you," she said, slipping back out of the bedroom after one last peck on the cheeks.

Danny was on the bed, waiting. He smiled at the sight of my lovely Thai flower. She climbed onto the bed and, opening her legs, she straddled the Irishman's head between her thighs. He licked at her musky wet pussy, making her shiver with pleasure. I had regained my observation position and now I watched as she threw her head back in pleasure while he licked up and down her slit.

"Oh!!! I'm so horny..." she groaned, pulling his head into her groin.

She was groaning as Danny licked away her wet little slit, the tip of his tongue playing with her vaginal labia. She let out a series of little cries and used two fingers to part her pussy lips for her lover's licking tongue. Her whole body was shaking, and her loins were thrusting at her lover's face while she rubbed her pussy to increase the sexual pleasure to the maximum. She let out a series of little high-pitched cries. Her eyes were wide, staring towards where I was hiding. I could clearly see her pupils dilated, as she stared towards me in malicious carnal enjoyment.

"Lick it! Lick my pussy!" she directed. "Ah! Kiss me, worship my pussy," she said grabbing his cock firmly and pumping it hard.

Danny licked at her slit, tasting the musky lusty lubrication and the juices of her promiscuous second mouth. She held his head down against her groin, and she made him lick her pussy while she pumped her girlish hips hard.

"I want to feel that big cock of yours inside me," she panted, as his tongue continued to pleasure her.

Totally aroused, she climbed off and pulled the Irishman on top of her sexy slim body soaked in perspiration. Grabbing her by the hips with both hands, Danny pushed his big cock into her hot sleeve. I watched as Danny's heavy cock sunk fully into her repeatedly. He began fucking her hot tight pussy right before my very eyes.

I watched as the big tool went in and out of her soaked sleeve. She was letting out a series of little groans, her mouth open and her eyes half closed. She squirmed, bit her lower lip and held onto the bed board behind her as the man worked his cock in and out of her pussy. I just gritted his teeth tight as I stood still and watched her fucking. I felt jealous, frustrated, angry and morbid fascinated as the Irishman took his pleasure with Noi. My manhood was rock hard taking pleasure purely in the physical.

Danny placed his hands on her waist to regulate the motion of her wet cunt on his hard cock. I could see that his shaft was glistening with their juices. Noticing my head out of the corner of her eye, Noi turned to face me so that she could watch me and ensure I had a better view of her hot fucking. The Irishman glanced back and saw me standing there at the doorway, watching. He grinned, and said in a friendly inviting manner:

"Come closer and watch me fuck your Thai slut the way she likes it... "

Reluctantly, I approached the fornicating couple until I was standing next to the bed, in full view of the two lovers.

"Look at me while he fucks me..." Noi commanded, staring at me, her face radiating passion and lust.

I leaned forward so that I could see her pussy entrance being fucked by the fat cock.

"Yeah. . . Doesn't that cock look sexy inside me, Honey? His cock is so big."

She reached out to grab my leg holding me very tightly in her desire. It was so tight that it hurt. She was getting my attention, letting me know the intensity of her enjoyment. Her eyes were fixed, staring ahead, blurred in haze of adulterous and wanton ecstasy. She moaned, then reached up and threw her arms around my head, pulling my face down towards hers. She kissed m hard, pasting her lips to mine. The taste of cum lingered on her lips.

"I need more cock in me," she whimpered.

The Irishman looked at me. My cock was rock hard and enormous.

"Why don't you fuck his cock?" he proposed.

She looked at Danny, her eyes full of lust and said sweetly:

"Are you sure that's okay with you, Danny?"

My cock was so hard.

She took hold of my cock and she stroked it while I held her face and stroked her hair gently. My cock was jumping in her hand as she pumped it. She was moaning and groaning with loud pleasure the whole time the Irishman pumped her horny pussy, making their flesh slap hard against him.

She looked at me provocatively, saying:

"I want to fuck you like when I screw other men. "

She directed me to lie down on the bed beside her, on his back. Slipping away from the Irishman, she straddled her me. Reaching beneath her body, she placed my cock head at her pussy entrance. She lowered her sticky cunt lips around it, impaling the cock into her sopping wet pussy, dripping with the Irishman's juices. It slipped in quite easily. She let out a little cry and continued to finger her pussy as she began to hump me. I gripped her by the hips and thrust upwards into her. 9 She slid up and down on my cock, burying it up to the hilt with each thrust. She rode me, her vaginal muscles clutching at my slippery cock and holding her dripping cunt lips open with her middle and forefinger as she rode me. I looked on mesmerized as my beautiful Thai girlfriend fucked my hard cock.

The Irishman positioned himself behind her and entered her pussy where my cock already was. Danny had his hands around her, grabbing her tits and as he moved inside her hole. I could feel the other man's cock pressing against me. She grunted, enjoying the sensation of the her lover's and her boyfriend's cocks both buried deep inside her pussy together, moving in and out of her as one. I knew that having the other man's massive cock in her as well, stretched her pussy to the absolute limit, but I could tell by the lustful expression upon her face that she was enjoying every single moment. She bucked backwards, pushing her bottom up against my pubic bone, impaling herself fully on both cocks. I could feel the pressure of the other man's big penis pushing against me for the first time in the tightness of her pussy, sliding his full length, and slipping deeper past my cock.

Danny was pumping her, adding to the sensations of a tight double fuck. Her pussy squeezed his cock with passion. Danny was still in her pussy as I began to move, thrusting my own cock slowly in and out of her too. We fucked into her in unison, our cocks rubbing against each other inside her slutty sleeve.

Noi basked in this marvellous double vaginal penetration, enjoying the intense and wild pleasure it brought her. She seemed to give her entire body over to this blissful sensation of being screwed by two men at once. Her pussy felt fuller than she ever had been before. It felt so incredibly tight and wonderful that she never wanted the wicked and delightful sensation to end. Danny furiously slammed his big rod deep into her pussy. He was fucking my wife very hard and fast. She bucked her hips onto his cock, letting out squeals of delight and yelps each time he shoved it up her cunt. The whole room smelt of sex, sperm and pussy juice now.

Her eyes had glazed over as we pumped our cocks together as one massive organ ever harder between her loins, reducing her to a helpless sex slave. She was moaning and groaning incoherently as she copulated, frantically pumping her loins. Danny began fucking her even harder and telling her that he was coming. She was rubbing her clit and crying out now. She screamed out in Thai then covered her mouth with the bed sheets to muffle the sound. Noi's body stiffened as wave after incredible wave of intense pleasure rippled through her small Thai brown body. She came hard, and screamed in a tremendous orgasm. Her eyes were rolling back into her head and I felt her pussy squirt as she came, overwhelmed with perverse enjoyment. With a grunt, Danny shot an enormous quantity of vigorous baby juice into her slutty pussy. He seemed to cum for ages in her, flooding her womb with his spunk deeper than she had ever known before in her life. She was whimpering in her continued orgasm, clamping her sleeve tight around the two cocks. She kissed me hard, pasting her lips against mine desperately, fighting for breath, but holding me inside her until Danny had emptied himself in her loins. I was unable to hold back any longer. I shot my seed deep into her belly, adding to the spunk already filling her womb.

Danny slowly pulled out, goo still dripping from his big glistening dick. I pulled her by the arm and said:

"Let's go to bed now, so our guest can get some sleep..."


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