Friend or Foe


I was fortunate when I was younger, and as a result, I never had to worry about money. When my uncle died, he left me and my siblings a sizeable sum, but nothing that was suddenly life changing, for example compared to winning multi millions in a lottery.

I still have to work, but will never have to worry about money, either, as long I am sensible. I never brag that I have it. Sure, I have some nice clothes, and a new car every 3-4 years, but I've still developed a career in sales, a career in which I am pretty successful, earning a sensible salary. My mortgage payments are also relatively small. Neither do I squander my money. I keep it in secure financial institutions, which return a reasonable yearly interest payment despite the tax man's share. But once, however I did use my wealth, both to help a friend out, but also to fulfil my sexual desires, my wanton urge.

I had known Shauna for quite a few years, being a neighbour of hers. I had watched her grow up, develop into the girl she became, the young woman she was, is. I had helped her with her homework, especially maths and the sciences, and she finally got a placement at Cambridge University, where she worked hard and got a good degree. But Shauna had also played hard. Having parents who were ministers for an English church (Methodist), her upbringing, whilst not strict, had its constraints. And so when she had escaped her parent's clutches, she had enjoyed herself, going out, going on holidays and generally building up her debts.

Fortunately, she did not have to worry about tuition fees. In the UK attending university, college is free to students, at least to tuition fees, though this is about to change. During her final year however, after Christmas, it dawned on Shauna that she was financially struggling. Every major payment was a worry, a concern-- especially her accommodation, rental charges. At times her emails to me were quite frank about her financial position. Her parents did not know, and if they had known, were not in a position to help her.

During the Easter Holidays, in between working for her finals, I employed Shauna as a domestic consultant, someone to help with my washing, ironing, and other domestic chores, to give her some money. And one day as she was working at my home, she again confessed to me about the severity of her debts, and the effect it was having on her studies. She told me she was unable to concentrate due to the constant worry. It was then that I used my money for my own personal gain.

Shauna is slender girl, about 5'4 or 5'5. She is taller then me, but much slimmer, barely an A cup. Generally I prefer my girls to be slightly curvy, meaty, but Shauna was the opposite, the exception.

I guess it was partly because we were friends; my attraction to her was as a result of our friendship. When we hugged, I wanted to hug her tighter, feel her bosom against mine, stroke her young, firm body, to kiss her cheeks, her lips, and her body. I had fantasized about doing these things . . . and more . . . many times.

During the next few days my plan evolved in my head. I was very nervous about the whole thing, but I wanted to help her, I knew I could help her financially. I also wanted to let her know how I felt for her. I loved my long term boyfriend, Adrian, but I also loved Shauna; obviously in a different sense. But still I wanted to hold Shauna, to show her, to express how much more she meant to me.

It was a Sunday that I put my plan into effect. Shauna had come round to listen to my suggestions for some chapters she had written as part of her final year project. I sensed she was not really concentrating.

"Shauna? What's the matter, you're not really listening to what I'm saying."

"It's Mother, she is aware that I'm not telling the whole truth about my finances, how much I'm in debt."

"Oh god... How much?"

"Please don't tell anyone, please. I need to sort this out myself, when I can. But if I was given £10,000, there would not be much change...."

"Oh my god Shauna, £10,000?" instinctively holding her hand. "That's a lot..."

"Yes, I know" she whimpered quietly, a tear running down her cheek.

I gulped, removing her tear with a finger, sampling the salty taste with my tongue.

"Shauna?" my voice trembling, full of apprehension.

"What is it Miranda?"

"I want to help you... with your financial situation, and I can afford it."

"Please no M, I need to sort this out myself. I need to work, pay it off."

"I know, I was not meaning to insult you as a gift, but . . .," I paused deeply, heavily. "Well it's unorthodox, but I have three tasks for you, Shauna."

"Three tasks? What sort of tasks?"

"I would rather not say at the moment, but each task, if you complete it, will earn you £3,000. So if you complete all three you will get £9,000,

"But, but..."

"Please let me finish, Shauna. But if you fail to do one task, then you will receive nothing."

"Oh My God, Miranda. You're serious aren't you??"

I simply nodded.

She just sat there, looking at me, at the floor, biting her bottom lip. I could see the thoughts racing through her mind, her face changing expressions...

"What sort of tasks?" she asked hesitantly.

"I'd rather not say at this point. But well..." I hesitated, gulped. "Let's say it's best kept between us."

Shauna looked down, nodding quietly.

"I'd rather not let Mom and Dad find out how much in debt I am."

We, the room fell into silence, a heavy silence.

Shauna was the first to speak again. "£9,000? What are you wanting me to do?" she giggled nervously, "sleep with Adrian...?"

"Well," Gulping,"let's say it involves no one else..."

She turned at looked at me, and again hesitated.

"£9000 in total?"

I just nodded, my tongue playing softly over my suddenly-dry lips. Was she going to accept, I wondered.

"I have no choice, but I trust you Miranda.... That it won't be too bizarre... but well, I guess I deserve it. Should have had more discipline, worked more...." Her voice trailed off.

I stood, offering her a hug, she gladly accepted as we held each other softly...

"So what is this first task that you're prepared to pay me £3,000 for?"

"Remember it's unorthodox... and it's our little secret."

She nodded, looking at me, staring at me, her eyes intense, penetrating.

"Your first task consists of two parts, Shauna. Firstly, I would like you to do something for me, and then, truthfully answer some questions for me."

"So?" as he looked at me inquisitively.

"Shauna. The first part of today's task is to undress for me... completely."

"Miranda, Oh my God! Oh Miranda, Oh god!"

I offered her my hands, sensing her hesitation.

"You're serious aren't you Miranda, you are serious? Oh God, Oh MY god!"

I just nodded, emphasising my hands... "Let's go somewhere more appropriate Shauna?"

"Oh god" she muttered again, but I felt her hands take mine, as I led her to my bedroom. The room was dominated by the king size wrought iron bed, silk restraints, together with a collection of my lace lingerie, bras those that are in use, all hanging from the corner posts. Erotic pencil sketches of men, and women looked back at her from the walls of the room.

I left Shauna standing there, her eyes darting from one erotic image to another, before her gaze met mine. I had seated myself in my leather armchair to savour the emotions I could read on her face.

"You want me to undress here, now in front of you?"

"Yes please my lovely Shauna."


"No buts, you agreed to the deal, £3,000 could be yours today." I remember pausing, before I continued, "I have seen girls nude before Shauna, it is nothing to be frightened of, ashamed of."

She stood before me, wearing a loose v neck top and a denim skirt, sensible clothing for a cool spring afternoon. She shifted her weight from one foot, then the other, as if unsure, before finally mumbling, "Oh my god... I can't believe M is asking me this, but neither can I believe I am going to comply. I have to. I need the money."

She looked at me, as if she was pleading. Her lips went to move; hesitated, went to move again, before she let out a soft sigh.

"You win M." she stated tersely, the anger obvious in her voice; "I thought you were my friend. No friend would humiliate another such as this."

I shuddered, as I looked up on her, wondering if this whole scheme might backfire. It was something I worried about all along, but suddenly it seemed a possibility, a strong possibility. I remember gulping nervously.

I was about to speak, to say something to reassure her, to comfort her, but I was dumbfounded, lost for words. My lips moved but no sound escaped. I guess I had thrown down the gauntlet, there was no turning point. I had over stepped the mark of decency, and would have to suffer the consequences, whatever they may be.

Shauna looked at me, gazed into my eyes, her hands moving to the hem of her top, slowly raising it above her head, exposing a camisole. Static electricity crackled between her jumper and her long hair as her top cleared her head. As she threw it into the corner, her face was angry, her actions, rather than sexual were from a stroppy teenager.

Suddenly I felt strange, almost wanting to call the whole thing off. But, I guessed our friendship would never be the same, anyway. So I encouraged her to continue, speaking softly, letting her know how pretty I thought she was, how attractive she is.

Shauna slowly began to unfasten the buttons down the front of her denim skirt, tugging them free from the denim, until, she was able to slide her skirt down, exposing a plain sensible thong. The skirt joined the growing pile of clothes in the corner.

She looked at me questioningly; again I spoke, encouraged her; my head nodding. She reached for the hem of her camisole, lifting it above her head, her small yet pert breasts suddenly exposed. My eyes played over the gentle curve of her breasts . . . the outline . . . her nipples apparent, not necessarily boldly erect, but they were clearly defined. Then, slowly, she reached for the waistband of her thong, sliding it down, exposing her mound, as she bent towards me.

Finally she stood tall, her hands hiding her mound. She tried to look dignified but her nerves, her anger came across.

"Please kneel Shauna," I asked, wanting to put her at ease, but with hindsight making her kneel was probably making her submit to me. However she agreed, and knelt on the floor before me, her hands still covering her mound, as she leant back onto her legs, rested her bum on her ankles.

"S, it wasn't that difficult was it?"

"Guess not," she mumbled, shrugging her shoulders, in an apparent act of defiance.

"Ready for your questions? Then you will have made a significant inroad to clearing your debts, Shauna."

"Guess so."

I stood, and walked towards her, stroked her hair, again letting her know that I think she is a very pretty girl.

"Question one. When did you become aware of your sexuality, Shauna, your feelings, your body?"

"Huh? "She looked at me in surprise.

"When did you become aware of the pleasures that your body can offer you, when your breasts can harden, your mound, your pussy become moist because of someone you like, or something you see?"

She paused briefly before replying "Seven, maybe eight years ago or so, I guess."

I remember smiling, sensing a slight easing of her attitude.

I nodded in agreement. "I was about that age, becoming aware of my own sexuality, those feelings when you saw someone or something arousing. My breasts, nipples would harden, parts of my body sending tingling sensations, my pussy becoming slightly moist; unsure how to react to it, should I fight it. "

"Miranda!" she yelped, as if to cut me off. She was looking at me in surprise at the graphic way I had described my own feelings.

"Ready for your second question, Shauna?"

She just nodded.

"When did you start to masturbate, realise that those feelings could cause you pleasure, if you stroked your clit, your breasts, your body?"

She blushed crimson, startled at what I was saying, the words, terminology. I was deliberately brutal with my words, my words blunt, provocative.

She took a deep breath before she answered "About two, maybe three months later I guess... those feelings would last longer: and become more irritating. I suddenly discovered one day that if I stroked myself as you said, I could enhance those feelings. Before they reached a climax, and left me, able to sleep more easily. But I had to share my room, with Kirsty, so I had to keep quiet."

I grinned reassuringly. Somehow the questions were easing the tension. Shauna was smiling, too, as she remembered her childhood. And the memories seemed to be bringing her some joy.

"Guess I was similar to you Shauna." I sat on the edge of my chair watching her, studying her face for reactions, emotions. "I remember watching a French film on BBC 2. This boy went to the cinema with two girls; and he put his arm around them both, and during the film tried to kiss one. She declined but the other girl accepted. I went to bed feeling aroused after that film, and I had to relieve myself, masturbate, play with myself to cum so I could sleep."

She looked at me intently as she listened. Again there were signs of her relaxing further as we shared our stories.

"Question 3, when did you lose your virginity, Shauna?"

I heard her gasp, looking at me in surprise, so I continued... "I was 18, later compared to my friends. He was a few years older, we had been seeing each other, going out for a while with friends and one day we just ended up kissing. It seemed so natural. A couple of weeks later, we slept together. It hurt. But he was caring, understanding. We drifted apart eventually. But" as I smiled, "it was fun, and I am glad I waited."

She looked at me as I told her about my first time, asking me some minor details, to which I replied truthfully. I saw her smile, relaxing visibly, even though she was in front of me, still naked. Her hands though still covered up her mound.

"Seventeen," she replied with a giggle. "With Stephen. It was at home. Mom, Dad and sisters were at church, and I, we were meant to be working revising for exams. But we ended up kissing."

Her eyes closed as if to better visualize the scene. "I felt him get hard; I became aware of my own arousal. And we fucked. It hurt, and he was gentle. But compared to others, it was fucking rather than making love, but it was fun, and I did cum, with some." she hesitated. "Before I had to aid myself", seeing her face blush as she opened up to me.

"Oh, my." I gasped, as I knelt before her, with a smile on my lips. She looked at me, bursting out into the giggles.

"At the time it was serious, we kissed, our clothes came off and he entered me. It seemed so natural, it was fun."

"You are almost there Shauna, final question, ready?"

She nodded a smile upon her lips.

"When did you masturbate last, and what was on your mind, what were you thinking of?"

There was a momentary pause, not due to the openness of the question, but rather as if she was toying with the answer.

"The TRUTH," I reminded her, softly.

"Friday night" she started,"watching a film on TV, it had George Clooney, god he's so lovely!" She burst out into a giggle, a cheesy, girly giggle.

"Well, thank you Shauna, you completed that task well."

She looked at me, and suddenly became aware of her nudity again, and covered her self up slightly.

"When would you like to complete the second task, Shauna? You are well on to resolving your financial crisis."

She looked at me hesitantly, "Tomorrow? Any time? The sooner I have the cash, the sooner I will be able to concentrate on working." I thought she was going to say something else, but she didn't, it transpired that she was, but rather than worrying about her debt, it would be our friendship.

"I have a meeting in the morning but I'll be home by lunchtime. See you then." I turned, and walked out, before leaving her to her thoughts, looking over my shoulder, facing her, and asked a simple question, "What is meant by Sapphic love?"

Before she had chance to answer I walked out, leaving her to herself, her own thoughts, and me to mine. It was not long before I heard the front door close.

I went back to my bedroom, and stood where she had, and slowly undressed myself. I closed my eyes, and I saw her perfect form kneeling on the floor before me, as I removed my clothing, piece by delicious piece.

My hands reached for my jacket, unfastened the two buttons. The jacket ended up in a pile on the floor. Next was the camisole, lifting it up over my head, exposing my breasts, as that, too, ended up on the floor. In my mind, I felt Shauna's gaze upon my breasts, realising I had her full attention.

Slowly, provocatively, I unfastened my skirt, as I stood in front of my beautiful young friend, only in my thong and boots. I felt my state of arousal, knew that the cotton thong would clearly have a visible damp patch. I knelt before her, reaching her cheeks, as I kissed her.

I remember dreaming about holding her as we kissed, reaching for her hands, placing them on my breasts, holding them, as I felt her squirm, shiver to the feel of my breasts, my nipples hard, taught.* As we kissed, I became bolder, holding her, stroking her young firm form, sliding up and down her side, tracing the outline of her curves, her nipples.

As I dreamt, fantasised about Shauna, my hands treated my body as if it were Shauna's. I cupped my breasts, stroked them, and pinched my nipples. My finger nails traced slowly down to my aching mound, my wet fanny. My fingers stroked my labia, from the clit down to the anus, and back, in a large circular motion, as I sighed loudly.

My body thrashed on the bed, my legs moving, my feet, in unison with the strokes of my fingers. Finally, I thrust my hands inside, reaching past my labia, heading for my magical spot, moaning loudly, the fingers of my other hand on my clit wantonly stroking it. I forced more fingers inside me, as they arched upwards, reaching the magical spot. Finally I came, as I almost fisted myself with one hand, the other on my clit, my body shuddering, convulsing as every nerve seemed to be alive.

I woke up on my bed sometime later. I had to shake my head, try to remember what had happened, to sort out fact from fantasy. I touched myself, feeling my trimmed hairs all matted, smelt my fingers, finding the stale aroma of old arousal.

Shauna did not react to my suggestion; she had knelt passively in front of me. She had not given me the little hint that I had so much hoped for, wanted. This was going to be a lot harder then I had anticipated.

"Oh fuck." I mumbled, to no one.

That night I slept badly. I was aroused still; incredibly aroused, having seen her pure form, her curves, the soft contours, the wisps of hair from her mound. But I was scared, as I knew I would be, on the final outcome of this scheme of mine. How far would we get, and our friendship beyond?

But it was too late to worry about that, I had already started. But hadn't Shauna relaxed as I questioned her? Hadn't she answered the questions that I put to her, as well?

The morning's meeting was a blur. Despite my best effort, I was thinking of the afternoon, hoping it would all come to a head, a climax, in whatever direction. Finally I was home as I prepared the room, and myself.

I closed the blinds, and lit scented candles in the room, ensuring the heating was on high, as I dressed. I pondered what to wear, but I opted for a maroon red/teal printed wrap over dress from Monsoon, with a deep plunging neckline, and a pair of burgundy knee highs. My neck was decorated with a simple pendant style necklace.

I heard the doorbell ring, before the door opened; I had given Shauna a set of keys for her cleaning activities. I greeted her, and she was warm--friendly but reserved. I guess she was unsure what the afternoon would bring for her. I had no idea, either.

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