Friend or Foe


I felt her reach for my breasts, her delicate fingers touching, tentatively, exploring. I stood up, breaking my kiss, looked her in the eye, and smiled. Her arms, hands circled me, pulling her self into me, our breasts touching; nipples rubbing against nipples.

"So what made you desire me, Shauna?"

"Well, I've always had this special feeling about you, Miranda. Our friendship was always special, and I thought it was the age difference, looking to you as an older, wiser sister. But... I just didn't know how to put it into words."

I just nodded, moving my hands to cup her cheeks, her chin, lightly caressing as she spoke, our eyes still locked together. Shauna closed her eyes, parted her lips slightly, in anticipation for a kiss I guess. But it did not come.

"Kiss me." I whispered. "Find the courage, Shauna."

I heard a slight sigh, felt her soft tender lips on mine. We kissed, softly, lightly, delicately; as Shauna found her confidence, I let her go at her own speed. We stood there, kissed for ages, soft, passionate, butterfly kisses.

I gasped, my body shuddered. Her tongue tentatively passed my lips entering my mouth as her grasp on me tightened. I accepted her tongue, sucking on it,

Finally, she broke the kiss, and what an intense, passionate kiss it was, too! Her lips moved to my neck, as she kissed, lightly, tentatively at first. I threw my head back, exposing my neck to her advances. I felt her tongue tentatively touch my neck, licking, leaving a soft trail, as she kissed, licked my neck, exposed to her, for her.

Knowing this was her first time, I let her set the pace, as she kissed me. My hands held her, caressed her. I moaned, intensely as our friendship took on a new meaning, a new intensity, and intimacy. Finally, she broke away, gasping, breathing heavily.

"Oh God M, Oh God." Was all she could manage.

I led her to the bed, asking her to sit. I knelt before her, and looked up at her, and her beauty. I remember sighing, licking my lips, thinking how her skin looked soft, tight, taught over her breasts in particular, her nipples clearly aroused, and hard. I looked down at her, seeing her mound close up for the first time, wisps of hair matted from her arousal earlier. But the folds of her labia were glistening again with her new arousal, her scent overpowering.

I brought my lips to bear, starting on her neck. I took the lead, wanting to pleasure her, and I did. I have no recollection how long I took, but not a part of her young body was missed, I kissed, licked, nuzzled her entire body, no curve untouched. She gasped, moaned, and whispered those words we women love to hear. Those little compliments, that make us feel good, confident, aroused.

Finally, my lips, tongue arrived at her mound, her sex, pushing her legs open wider. I stared, again, before I finally leaned in, touching her with the tip of my tongue, gently breathing over her engorged clit. I felt her shudder, gasp.

"Oh god Miranda, Oh god."

I touched her labia with the tip of my tongue, running along the length, tasting her, feeling her softness, her wetness. *she laid fully back on the bed, letting go of all control, one hand on her breast, the other stroking my hair, pulling my mouth closer to her mound, to her sex.

My mouth licked, kissed, finding her soft thigh, my teeth biting deep into her flesh, feeling her yelp. I continued a combination of biting, kissing, sucking leaving a mark on her, for her. My gift so she could remember this every time she looked at herself, but private enough for no one else to see.

Finally, my mouth found the top of he labia, her clit, hard prominent. As I flicked it with my tongue I felt her shudder, her hand pressing me into her, her body involuntarily gyrating, pressing her hip onto me. I continued, a combination of licking, kissing tugging her clit, my hands keeping her knees apart, stroking her inner thigh gently, and one hand moving slowly inwards towards her. I pulled away, replaced my tongue with my thumb, as I caressed her clit, slowly inserting two fingers past her labia.

Instinctively she tensed, her muscles contracting around my fingers as I penetrated, hearing a gasp.

"Oh God, Oh fuck."

My fingers continued, searching for the spot, and knowing when I found it as she shuddered deeply, hearing her gasp. I teased, massaged that spot, my tongue returning to her clit; pressing against her, hearing her breathing quicken.

Finally her second orgasm took control of her young tender body. She shouted, cried out, as her body convulsed, shuddered, her hips, muscles in spasm against my fingers, as I fucked her with them, sliding them in, and out prolonging her orgasm. Before I withdrew, looked at her as she lay there, spent. I breathed deeply, inhaling her scent. She looked beautiful.

Slowly, she opened her eyes, smiled and looked at me. I knew our friendship had turned a new corner, and for us both it was un-chartered territory.



As a result of my first piece of fiction, I had been persuaded to write another, and this is it. If you have read my other stories, and my essay, you will be aware that I find coercion; the coercing of a straight girl is another topic that I find highly erotic and arousing. This story is based on that theme.

Please remember this is not a true account but rather a piece of fiction, fantasy. The girl in question does exist, and some of the background information is pretty accurate. But the names, and other details are less so, to help maintain both her anonymity as well as mine. Please read and enjoy it for what it is, a piece of fiction.

Please leave me any feed back, in fact I thrive on it, especially if it is constructive. If it is positive, constructive, I will reply back


March 06

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