tagErotic CouplingsFriend with Benefits Ch. 03

Friend with Benefits Ch. 03


I am not sure if it was the booze or the sex from the night before that made me fall so asleep, I was more than a little surprised to open my eyes and see the sun was already coming up. I had been in the middle of a dream that had Kara giving me one of the best blow-jobs I could remember soon I realized that it wasn't a dream and that Kara was feverishly sucking my cock while massaging my balls. Reaching down I gently started to massage the back of her head this must have startled her because she gagged and started to cough but like a trooper quickly returned to the job at hand.

Fully awake by now I started to grind my hips in tune with her sucking almost as if I was fucking her mouth. Unable to control myself any longer I soon shot my load filling her mouth. After milking me dry Kara started to edger her way so that we were face to face. Giving me a small peck she questioned "I hope you are not mad at me for waking you up?"

"Are you kidding me? You give new meaning to the words Rise and Shine"

She went on to explain "I was coming back from the bathroom when I noticed you semi-erect. Before I knew it after a little playing you were totally stiff and I was taking you in my mouth!"

She continued by telling me "I can't believe you didn't wake up"

"Well to be honest I was dreaming of you sucking me off and I didn't want the dream to end!"

Kissing me again she asked "What are your plans for the day? Let me guess you are running away to go golfing again?"

"Surprisingly enough no! I thought I would spend the day around here with you and maybe do a little swimming in the pool!"

The smile on Kara's face showed her approval of my plans. After a quick shower I retired t o the couch to watch SportsCenter while Kara made some breakfast. After devouring my bacon and eggs I headed down the street to get us some iced coffee. Upon returning and being a little sleep deprived I decided to make an early day of it and try to catch a quick nap out by the pool. I was thinking that I was having trouble falling asleep and was shocked to find out that I had actually dozed off for about an hour.

Opening my eyes I could see Kara hovering over me with a shit-eaten grin on her face. Before I could figure out what was going on she was ducking a bucket of water over me and then running away laughing. Getting up as I quick as I could I managed to catch up to her and wrap my arms around her waist, lift her up and once she was close enough toss into the pool to exact my revenge. It was obvious that Kara had nothing on under her t-shirt by the shirt pressed against her round breasts with her nipples begging for attention. Jumping into the pool to try to work a little action Kara was quick to tell me that her roommate was still home and she didn't plan on putting on a peep show for her.

Still the same I embraced her and started to kiss her figuring this would be innocent enough. The more we kissed the stiffer I became, and as I became stiffer I kept pulling Kara closer to give her a hint to the affect she had on me. Being close to the edge of the pool, I gently pressed her along the edge to make my grinding that much easier. Pushing me a way playfully Kara started to get out of the pool and looked back at me saying "If you can control yourself for another half-hour I will make it up to you!"

Horny beyond control I followed Kara out of the pool. After toweling off quickly I made my way into the house. After taking a quick squirt I poked my head into Kara's room and much to my surprise she was sprawled out on her bed in all her glory. She may not have known I was there at first because her fingers were probing the vagina. With one hand on my cock I made my way to the edge of the bed. Once there I gently pushed her legs apart and slowly eased my face down between her legs. In no time at all Kara was trying to pull me up by the shoulders telling me she wanted to fuck me. Not wanting to disappoint, I eased my way up her body. As Kara grabbed my cock she guided and assisted in the penetration. Feeling the heat and moisture of her pussy was an incredible feeling. Lifting both her legs in the air I began to pump this little vixen. As I began to shoot my load Kara reached around me and started to dig her nails into my back, dragging along the way.

With the day still being fairly early I could only imagine what would be in store. Since it was such a nice day outside we decided grab some beers and go hang out by the pool. Lying there with sun beating down I looked over at Kara and see the small balls of sweat that were accumulating on her cleavage. After getting a couple of more beers I decided to be cute by dropping an ice cube down her top, jumping up she was not as amused as I was. In an attempt to get away I decided to jump in the pool and was happy to see that Kara followed me in. Relenting to let her catch me I tried to diffuse the situation by starting to kiss her. Kara must have liked my surrender technique because she had her arms and legs wrapped around me.

With no one being home and no neighbors to speak of we figured no sense keeping our clothes on. In record time we were both naked and once again Kara had her arms and legs around me with my dick comfortably deep inside of her. Just like earlier I worked my way over the edge of the pool but this time I decided to add a twist by directing her ass so that it would be right against the water jets. With me plunging Kara from the front and the water jet taking her from behind Kara dug her nails deep into my back and as she neared climax she let out a groan that would have scared off any wildlife that was in the area.

Dragging ourselves out of the pool we headed in for a quick bite to eat and then take a well deserved nap. As I started to drift off to sleep I started to wonder if this was going to be more than a fuck buddy relationship or not. Not wanting to make any rash decisions I decided to hold off on my answer.

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