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"I'll tell you what the problem is, he's small! Like really really small!" claimed Jess in a hushed voice over her coffee.

"Didn't you see him before you got married?" I asked.

"Well yeah, but I thought he was flaccid! I didn't think that was it!"

Jess had just come back from her honeymoon. We'd met at Starbucks for a catch up and the conversation had soon turned into her ranting about her new husband's penis.

"Well he's a good man, you can't just leave him over that."

"It's alright for you!" she says spitefully, "with your before marriage sex..."

"Hey don't come bringing my sex life into this" I snapped at her, "I told you I thought it was dumb but you wanted it to be special and all that..."

"I know... I know... but I've heard your stories. I thought it was going to be amazing and then is was just...it's just..." sighs Jess.

She looks hurt, I feel bad for telling her about my sex life, thinking I might have heightened her expectations more than I should have. I try to think of something to say, failing and just looking into my own half-full cup of mocha --

"How big is he anyway?" she suddenly asks.

"What?" I reply, off guard, not expecting such a question.

"Well you've said he's big, but never how big. So come on -- spill the beans! I want to know what I'm missing."

I feel bad for her boyfriend, but her turn of questioning is so unexpected, I fail to defend him and simply spurt out "He's around 8 inches."

"8 inches!" she says far too loudly for my comfort, "My god how can you even know what I'm on about. Steve is 2 inches. 2 god damn inches!"

Her sudden excitement shocks me, "Sorry" I mutter -- not really knowing what to say.

"Show it me."


"Show me his cock. I know he's sent you pictures of it to your phone. Come on, I want to see it."

"What about Steve, won't he be mad?" I ask.

"He won't know. Come on, what harm is a bit of eye candy?"

Her excitement about my man's endowment shocks me and excites me at the same time. Jess didn't know about the more adventurous things in our sex-life, I kept our group activities secret from her; she was shocked enough when I told her about my love of anal -- this just wasn't like her at all.

I pulled out my phone, unlocked it and got the latest picture he had sent me up. It was a good photo, taken so the under side of his shaft was facing the camera. He looked incredibly hard in it, his large head shining brilliantly. I knew he'd love the idea of Jess looking at it, but I had never imagined she would ever see it. I passed my phone to her shyly over the table, scared of her reaction. Frightened that boundaries may be broken, I'd made sure to keep my "real-life" friends and "sex" friends separate.

She took it from me, a wicked smirk spread across her face; I couldn't help but feel that she had planned this all along.

"Jesus-fucking-Christ" she slowly whispered, "Goey... that thing is huge."

I blushed deeply staring into my cup; I could feel the heat in my cheeks. A lot of women had seen his cock before, but never a close friend, the whole idea excited and terrified me.

"Holy hell, look how stuffed you are!"

I looked up quickly, froze, realised she had browsed further into my photos and quickly snatched my phone from her. The photo was of me riding him reverse cow-girl.

"That's not funny"

"Oh calm down Goey. I'm the victim here! You lucky cow." She joked.

"Sorry... just wasn't expecting it I guess... Not like you to be like this."

"Hey a girl has needs. Now come on let me have another look!" asks Jess.

I declined; I was thinking it had got a bit weird.

The conversation drifted off onto other topics. I left to go to the bathroom leaving my phone on the table -- thinking nothing of it. We ordered another round of Starbucks and talked about work, me filling her in on the latest gossip she had missed, before saying goodbye and heading off home. While walking home I realised my phone was on the table when I went to the toilet, I unlocked it, and there on my screen was the photo of his cock with the message "Transfer Complete." I shuck my head in disbelieve, pocketed my phone and walked home.


I was pottering around the market, British strawberries were apparently in season and I wanted to pick some up to surprise my boyfriend, Tom, as he loves them. Seeing nothing but strawberries from other countries I soon gave up and was going to return home when I heard someone shout me from behind.

"Hey Goey!" bellowed the voice.

It was Steve. After my talk with Jess on Monday he was the last person I wanted to see -- I felt as if I had betrayed him in some way. He ran over to greet me.

"Goey! Haven't seen you for ages! Come one, let's grab a pint -- I'm off 'til 2"

And then before I know it I was sipping a pint having one of the oddest conversations of my life.

"Look Goey, I know I'm small"

I look blankly at him; this was completely out of the blue.

"But I love Jess, and I want her to be happy..."

"She is happy." I interrupted.

"You know what I mean, I've seen him."


"Your boyfriend, Tom."

I froze

"Jess had a picture of him on her phone, she showed it me... We'd had a bit of an argument and it ended up with her shoving her phone with that photo on it in my face..."

"Oh my god Steve, I'm so sorry I..."

"It's okay" he interrupted, "Look, this is going to sound odd but well... I want him to fuck her"

I couldn't believe what I just heard, "What?!" I asked in disbelief.

Steve shuffled uncomfortably, "I'm sorry, it's just I know I'm small. And well I like the idea, of watching her, you know -- with someone big. And then I saw that photo and I just... I had to ask... I'm sorry, just forget about it..."

He got up to leave; I grabbed his arm, my lips spoke before I could even think about what I was saying.

"Okay" I said. Steve looked at me.

"Really?" he asked

I nodded. The idea of seeing Tom take Jess excited me, the idea of her husband Steve watching got my heart racing. I simply couldn't resist.

"Oh wow cool, I'll let Jess know. Thanks Goey you're a star"

I never thought anything would come of it, the fantasy excited me, but it just wasn't like Jess -- it would never happen.

That night in bed I got a text from Jess, "Tomorrow 7pm-ish?"

"Ok" I replied. I still hadn't told Tom...

I rolled over to face him, "Tom honey, you awake?"

"Yeah..." he replied half a sleep.

"You up for another girl joining us tomorrow?"

"Sure" he said rather enthusiastically.

"It's a cuckold thing, so her husband will be watching."

"As long as he knows not too touch you know I'm game" he gave me kiss, and drifted off to sleep. I lay awake for a while... wondering what to do...


I'd decided I wouldn't tell Tom who it was. He didn't ask so I didn't have to lie. I told him they wanted something different, for him to be blindfolded. After removing his doubts that it was a man or an ugly woman (promising him he'd see her soon enough) he was game. So at around quarter to 7, there he was, sat naked on a wooden chair in the middle of our living room floor blindfolded, with his cock pointing hard up at the ceiling, glistening with my spit, when I heard a knock at there door.

I open it, and they walk in.

"Well" spoke Jess, "He is a big boy isn't he?"

"Jess?" asks Tom in disbelief.

"Oh Goey! You didn't tell him! And yeah, it's me babe."

She walks over to him, wrapping her hand around his cock while removing the blindfold with the other, "Hey stud, we're going to have some fun."

I sit next to Steve on the sofa as Jess lowers herself to her knees in front of my man. She reaches out with her tongue and slowly licks his left ball before taking it into her mouth, her hand slowly stroking his shaft.

Licking his balls teasingly as she rubs his length I could see his precum bubbling out and leaking over her hand. She looks up into his eyes, and rubs his cock over her face, "Oh boy, the things I'm going to do with this cock!"

I look at Steve; he's fixated on the site before him, barely moving. "You ok hun?" I ask him.

He nods, "Yes, it's awesome." Just as Jess opens her mouth, and begins lowering her head onto Tom's shaft.

"Ummm" she grunts in pleasure as she greedily fills her mouth with his cock. As she withdraws his penis from her she looks back at Steve "Look babe, I can't even fit him all in!" A huge smile spreads across both their faces.

Jess continues to bob her head up and down on Tom's cock, gagging slightly as she fails to deepthroat him. I watch her try enthusiastically, spluttering on his cock as she attempts to force him into her throat. She turns to face Steve, "I guess I'm just not used to having something so big!" and laughs before fixing her gaze upon me, "Come on Goey, I know you can do it, get your butt over her!"

I look at Steve, he nods, and I get up off the sofa and drop to my knees before Tom's cock. Jess's eyes fix on me as I bring his cock to my mouth and lower my lips towards his balls. She watches in amazement as I gasp a little, before taking all of him into my mouth. Tom lets out a large side of pleasure as he tenses in my throat.

"My god girl, you are gooooood!" exclaims Jess. I smile as I remove his cock from my throat. I hear a rustle behind me and look back to see Steve pulling his jeans down, his cock is tiny, barely visible in his hands as he begins to stroke it.

Me and Jess continue to lick Tom's cock and balls, taking it in turns to suck him as the other sucks his balls, licking up both sides of his shaft at the same time, rubbing our faces against his manhood -- doing everything to please him. His cock has grown to an exceptionally large size; our faces are shimmering with his precum and each other's spit when Steve speaks out from the background.

"Ok" he says, "I want to see her have sex with him, I'm not going to be able to last much longer..."

"Oh Steve" sighs Jess playfully, "You can't even outlast him with your own hand while he's got 2 women on their knees pleasing him, you really are pathetic!"

I notice Steve's cock stiffen at the insult.

We move upstairs to the bedroom; Tom lies on his back -- allowing himself to be used by us, saying nothing, as he has done all night. I roll the condom down over his cock.

"Really?" Jess asks me while shooting me a look.

"Maybe without next time..." I answer. I trust her completely, but I still wanted to play it safe this time.

She pulls down her jeans, her knickers are soaked with her wetness, and as she pulls her knickers down I can see just how horny she is. Her whole pussy shines with her juices, visible lines of it clearly running down her legs.

I hold Tom's cock firmly at the base as she stands over him, "You okay with this Goey?" she asks me.

"Of course", I answer -- "Enjoy it hun."

She turns to Steve, "Come here babe" she motions with her head for him to come closer, "I want you to see this real close."

Steve crouches at the side of the bed, his face only inches away from Tom's cock as Jess lowers herself onto him.

She goes breathless as the first 4 inches sinks into her, her wetness splashes from her, soaking my hand as Tom's cock disappears into her. She stops, looking exhausted.

"You've came haven't you?" I ask her shocked.

"Yeah... sorry" she gasps, "I'll be okay -- just give me a second, I need this..."

I see Steve masturbating, his eyes fixed on Jess's stretched pussy.

"Look Steve" she laughs, "He's made me cum just penetrating me! You'll never be able to make me cum with your cock Steve, it's pathetic!"

I give Steve a look to make sure he's ok; her words have made him begin to furiously masturbate. Humiliation was obviously his thing.

"Okay big boy" whispers Jess, "Let's get this meat all the way in." as she lowers her body against Tom's. I move my hand from the base of his shaft and watch as she takes him fully. As his cock stiffens inside her she squirts, her fluid drenching his balls and creating a large wet patch on the bed.

"You could never make me feel this good Steve, ever!" Jess screams out as she fills herself with my man's penis.

She begins to bounce on him, her face almost an expression on anger as she begins to ride him furiously. I'm amazed at the sheer enthusiasm she has to fuck him.

"He's damn big, he's so fucking big!" she bellows as she frantically rides him. She slams her body hard onto him, forcing every inch of him inside her with each bounce. She screams in ecstasy as her back drips with sweat, insulting Steve's endowment while praising the one currently buried inside her.

She bites her lip, tenses against my man's body before screaming out in orgasmic bliss as she orgasms around his cock, "Fuuuuuuuuuuck yes" she screams before collapsing on top of him. I hear Steve grunt in the background as he reaches his own orgasm.

Jess sits up panting, still caught in her own orgasm, "Okay stud, let's finish you off."

She climbs off Tom's cock, guiding him to the edge of the bed. He sits on the edge as she crouches in front of him on the floor, sliding the condom off his dick, precum splashing out as his endowment springs from it.

"Okay Goey, finish him off on me hun."

I sit behind Tom kissing him deeply before taking his cock in my hand, pointing it directly at her face and begin to stroke.

"Wait, your not going to let him cum on your face are you?" Steve asks panicky.

"Of course I am, he deserves to" Jess answers him, while using her hands to put her hair behind her ears, making her intent clear.

"But you've never let me do that!"

"And I never will Steve, your cock simply doesn't deserve to!"

I feel Tom's cock tense in my hand as a large white rope of cum spurts out of him, it hits Jess's face just under left her eye, and she flinches slightly, the force of his ejaculate shocking her. She moves her head back in position and gives out a pleasurable hum as I empty Tom's balls onto her.

Her face is covered in large strings of his ejaculate, her right eye flooded so she cannot open it. Steve kneels down besides her and kisses her deeply before turning to face me and Tom, "Thank you!" he says "Thank you so much!"

Jess pants deeply, smiling, as Tom's cum settles on her face.

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